Rafiki wa dhati! Alikiba praises governor Joho as one of his friends

Ali Kiba has praised Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho who have been friends for a long time now.
Most of the time Kiba has been spotted hanging out with Joho in Mombasa.

Speaking to Willis Raburu on 10/10 the Tanzanian singer says that Joho has been of great importance to his life and music career

“We are good and we talk, he is one of my favourite friends that encourage me in life. he is very wise and teaches me about business. Joho likes people to be successful ,” he said.

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During Ali Kiba’s wedding in April 2018, the governor hit the headlines after he stepped out looking all dapper and attractive.
In 2017, Kiba was spotted accompanying Joho to monitor the tallying of votes for the gubernatorial seat.

Apart from Kiba, governor 001 is also a good friend to Ommy Dimpoz, Willy Paul, Nandy among other East African artistes.

Check out Kenyans whose cars can fund your whole life budget – List

Today, we take a look at some of the most expensive cars that have hit our Kenyan roads thanks to our classy celebrities.

Chris Kirubi

The Kenyan billionaire owns a collection of cars, one of them being a Bentley worth about Ksh 30 million after it was customized exclusively to his desires.

Image result for chris kirubi cars

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Ben Kangangi

The young millionaire flaunts his Porshe by having his name emblazoned as the number plate. The car is worth an estimated Ksh 29 million.

Related image



Image result for akothee mercedes

The female musician flaunts one of her cars Mercedes SLS (AMG, GT) worth approximately Ksh 30 million

Evans Kidero

The former Nairobi county Governor was spotted in the streets with his Phantom Rolls Royce worth Ksh 40million.

Governor Kidero's car
Governor Kidero’s Phantom Rolls Royce worth Ksh 40million.

Hassan Joho

Related image

Mombasa Governor flaunts his Ksh 40 million Ferrari in the streets as he poses for a photo from a fan.

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Samia Barry

Image result for samia barry expensive car

The billionaire owns a car yard full of luxurious cars like the green Lamborghini, Bugatti among others.


Image result for musician jaguar cars

Jaguar owns a couple of nice cars like his Range Rover and the Jaguar XJ, approximately worth Ksh 7 million each.

Barry Ndengeye

Barry Ndengeye is a known entrepreneur and the owner of a popular nightclub.

He is also the owner of a lime green Rolls Royce Phantom worth Ksh 36 million after tax.

He boasts of an expensive car collection including a Maserati, Hummer, Range Rover, Ferrari, and Mercedes among other monster machines.

Image result for Barry Ndengeye cars
Barry Ndengeye’s car collection
 Jaguar F Coupe

Former Governor for Kiambu county, William Kabogo, is known not only for his vocality but for his great  love for classy cars and motor bikes.

He has on several occasions been spotted riding in them but among his collection, the Jaguar F Coupe, wins the prize.

The car is said to have made him cough Sh 9 million plus. The vehicle is known for its comfort and its luxury interior. Among the car’s noticeable special features are the sports seats. The vehicle is estimated to cost Sh9 million.

William Kabogo's Jaguar F Coupe
William Kabogo’s Jaguar F Coupe

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Governor Joho kick starts his singing career in Ommy Dimpoz’ latest jam

Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho has made his debut as a musician in Ommy Dimpoz’ latest jam ‘Ni Wewe’ to the dismay of many.

The song is Ommy Dimpoz’ way of thanking his fans, family and friends but most of all “Our almighty Lord” who has protected him throughout his sickness.

Joho and Ommy Dimpoz are bossom buddies and it is easy to understand why he was willing to let his voice be used in the song.

In the introduction, Joho is heard introducing the song with the words

“Sultan 001”

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Ommy Dimpoz

Ommy Dimpoz releases a gospel song after surviving three surgeries (Video)

Tanzanian damsel Nandy also recently released a jam ‘Hazipo’ and in the video she is seen wearing a cap branded with Joho’s name, something that left many speculating whether the two were dating.

She denied being in a relationship with the Sultan adding that

“All this rumor was because I wore a cap and even used a chopper written 001 in my new video.”

Nandy-and-Joho-696x387 (1)

Nandy revealed that she will be working closely with the Mombasa county boss on other upcoming projects.

“He is a person who loves bongo music and the he loves Tanzanian artistes and so we are there to support him as he supports us.”



Below is Ommy Dimpoz latest song and Nandy’s song


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Eight most stylish Kenyan male celebrities

The world has rapidly evolved in the fashion industry and we can’t overlook the fact that these men are not being left behind. They say that first impressions matter and dressing definitely is a plus one on looks.

These men stand out because of their fashion sense.

1. Sauti Sol

sauti sol The biggest boy band in Kenya, Sauti Sol have it going on. They always have something to show whenever they appear, but one thing is for sure, their outfits always have jaws dropping.

2. Ali Hassan Joho

stylish joho

He goes by the name Sultan. He is the governor of Mombasa county and he has been named the most stylish governor Kenya has.

3. Octopizzo

stylish octo

The Oliel hit maker never disappoints when it comes to fashion.

4. Guardian Angel

stylish guardisn angel

One of the best Gospel artists also has taste and likes to look sharp.


stylish nyash

A legend in the Kenyan music industry who has represented the country internationally but one thing is for sure, he does not forget to dress up fashionably.

6. Nick Mutuma

stlish mutuma

A successful actor, his fashion sense is also a success. He has featured in many local movies and was recently blessed with a baby girl together with his baby mama, Bridget Shighadi.

7.Willy Paul

stylish willy

Yes he is a controversial gospel artist, but we have to give credit to his amazing sense of style.


 8. Otile Brown

stylish brown

The baby love hit maker, who is also Vera Sidika’s ex-boyfriend cannot be left behind. His sense of style is on a whole different level.

Heaven on earth: Here are palatial homes politicians call ‘shagz’ (photos)

Here are the palatial mansions politicians including Uhuru Kenyatta call home when they are in ‘shags’ Or what the rich and mighty call holiday homes.

Uhuru Kenyatta – Gatundu

President Uhuru Kenyatta’s palatial home is Gatundu is said to be spacious and state of the art. Not much is known about it but a while back, the fourth president of Kenya refurbished his Sh 700 million house next to State House.

The first family’s stylish posh home which is located along Dennis Pritt road is highly secured and bulletproof residence, according to the Star.

“A concrete wall, high-tech electric fence, bulletproof windows and a state-of-the-art alarm system are among the security features. And 24-hour GSU protection.”

Uhuru’s new home which shares a fence with State House is said to be or rather will be the most expensive home in Kenya. The new palace ‘has a spacious basement/lower level for parking, offices and a kitchen.

Well, we have photos of satellite images from Google maps of the home and here is a breakdown of what it’s like;

Uhuru HouseThe ground floor features a living room and dining room, kitchenette and more offices.

The upper floor contains three spacious bedrooms and other rooms.

The wing on the right has a swimming pool, while the one on the left appears to have an unmarked helipad on the roof of the upper level.

Here is the satellite photo of President Uhuru’s new palatial home

President Uhuru Kenyatta
Satellite image of President Uhuru Kenyatta new mansion

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Raila Odinga – Bondo

Five years ago, it was reported that the former Prime Minister Raila Odinga was putting up a Sh1 billion hill-side palatial residence in Riat Kisumu.

raila home in riatConstruction of the palatial, almost stately 74 roomed residence begun nine years ago and was completed sometime in 2015.

The home is crested in Kanyakwar, Riat Hills overlooking Kisumu International Airport. It affords the former PM a near-aerial view of Kisumu City, the base of his political power.

“At some point, the PM was under pressure from family members to convert it into a hotel facility but he stuck his ground on the home idea. His will has prevailed to date,” a source close to Raila said yesterday.

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The residence has close to 10 bedrooms- including Raila’s master bedroom all upstairs. It has four expansive kitchens, two main conference rooms, two small conference rooms and many offices.

The main contractor is said to be a foreigner who subcontracted local contractors. Currently, the contractor is doing final touches on the facility and at the same time doing landscaping outside.

Other sources said the construction is behind schedule as it was intended to be finished last year.

The political icon also has another home in the leafy suburbs of Karen.

Here are photos from today’s event where he hosted the president in his Bondo home.

William Ruto – Mombasa

Lap of luxury doesn’t begin to describe the new mansion of Deputy President William Ruto.

Details have emerged of a Ksh 50m home that is set to be refurbished for Ruto a.k.a the hustler.

The government is in a bid to refurbish DP Ruto’s Mombasa-based second home at a cost of Sh46.5 million.

This is a far cry from the shack he used to live in.

Below is the ‘cheap-looking’ house where the Deputy President used to live in as a true hustler. This was way before the big mullah checked in.


According to Business Daily, the former Coast PC and a past Coast Regional Coordinator Samuel Kilele was the last occupant of the house.

 Cost details on refurbishing the home come days after it was revealed that taxpayers will pay Sh50 million to build a second office in Mombasa for the second most powerful man in the country.

During official working tours to the Coast, Mr Ruto is expected to put up at the new residence as opposed to staying at beach hotels like has been the case in the past, while President Uhuru Kenyatta spends time at State House in Mombasa.

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ruto eldoret home1
Ruto’s Eldoret home

Beside this, Ruto also owns a home in Nairobi’s leafy suburbs of Karen and Eldoret.

The palatial Karen property sits on a 10-acre piece of land.
He uses the Sh400 million Karen residence for official functions, especially when hosting delegations, besides his main office in Nairobi located on Harambee Avenue.
The Karen residence will be refurbished at Sh15.6 million.
His plush, multi-million-shilling residence in Eldoret town, was the talk of town when the aerial video of the estate went viral.

ruto eldoret home
Moving on, Ruto’s Sh450 million residence has spacious bedrooms, an office block, garage, swimming pool, gazebo, generator house, staff residence and a comptroller’s unit.

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Ali Hassan Joho – Mombasa

It’s no secret that Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho, popularly known as ‘Governor 001’ is filthy wealthy.

Joho is very rich and he recently confirmed this fact when he told off another politician – who is also known to have deep pockets – saying the latter can’t afford to buy him. Ouch!

According to reports, the 40-year-old has invested in diverse sectors including shipping and logistics, environmental management, healthcare, manufacturing, just to name a few.

He recently invited Citizen TV’s Kanze Dena for an interview at his lavish house and many of us could not help but admire its grandeur. Joho really does live like a King folks!

Here are the photos, be the judge.




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Aden Duale – Garissa

National Assembly Majority Leader Aden Duale hosted President Uhuru Kenyatta on Tuesday January, 24 at his Garissa home.

The president was on a tour of the county to urge more Kenyans to register as voters ahead of the upcoming General Elections.

During the visit, Uhuru together with other Jubilee officials dropped by Duale’s home where they shared a meal before taking a few photos which were later shared on social media.

Its so hard to ignore Duale’s palatial home which stands firmly behind them. Don’t even get me started on the immaculately lawned garden.





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Meet The Men Who Own Expensive Cars That Can Fund Your Village’s CDF Fund

It is said that the love between a man and his cars can only be felt by those who have experienced it, thus the thirst by these men to experience that specific machine love.

It is hard to separate a man from his car and that is the reason why these men have decided to show their love by going only for the best cars in the market.

The extremes that they go to, to get custom made features in their machines is amazing but we must agree that the cars are worth every penny.

Kenyan Celebrities Raking In Millions As Brand Ambassadors

Check out 5 Kenyans whose cars can fund your whole life budget, your villages CDF and still remain with some substantial pocket change.

 Jaguar F Coupe

Former Governor for Kiambu county, William Kabogo, is known not only for his vocality but for his great  love for classy cars and motor bikes. He has on several occassions been spotted riding in them but among his collection, the Jaguar F Coupe, wins the prize.

The car is said to have made him cough Sh 9 million plus. The vehicle is known for its comfort and its luxury interior. Among the car’s noticeable special features are the sports seats. The vehicle is estimated to cost Sh9 million.

Kenyan Celebrities Whose Fashion Sense You Should Emulate

2015 Ferrari 458 Italia Convertible

The Mombasa governor a.k.a 001 a.k.a Sultan a.k.a King of Beard Gang Joho is mostly known for his top notch sense of fashion. Ali Hassan Joho is not left behind when it comes to the cars department. The eye candy of a governor boasts of owning a 2015 Ferrari 458 Italia Convertible 26 Million worth machine.

This kind of cash is enough to fund a whole village for a few months.


Rolls Royce Ghost

Although quiet and very reserved Juma Maulid owns one of the most expensive cars in Kenya. Although he owns a fleet of other luxury machines, this particular one had him cough out a cool KSh 30.2m ( before tax and duty – meaning it is almost double that after tax). This is not even lanes my brothers and sisters, it is planes. As in P.L.A.N.E.S.

Image result for Jimmy Wanjigis car

Love Luxury Cars? Check Out The 5 Most Expensive Vehicles In The World

Bentley Bentayga 

This vehicle, sorry, this monster of a machine went viral days before people found out who has bought it. We all came to find out it is owned by none other than businessman Chris Kirubi. Guys, continue with your lanes for Vitz and subarus. This other lanes are for Bentleys.

The car is estimated to be worth Sh38 million, but given the fact that he wanted it custom made it cost him more than Ksh 40 million.

Barry Ndengeye

Barry Ndengeye is a known entrepreneur and the owner of a popular nightclub. He is also the owner of a lime green Rolls Royce Phantom worth Ksh 36 million after tax. He boast of an expensive car collection including a Maserati, Hummer, Range Rover, Ferrari, and Mercedes among other monster machines.

Image result for Barry Ndengeye cars

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Joho’s Brother Throws Lavish Ceremony For His Swahili Wedding (Photos)

Governor Hassan Joho’s brother Farouk has quit the bachelor’s club.

The soft-spoken lad and his longtime girlfriend Nahya said ‘Yes! I do’ to each to other in a colourful Islamic wedding.

Mombasa county boss took to social media to congratulate his brother and sister-in-law for their new step in life and he wrote;

“Congratulations my dear brother Farouk and your wife Nahya on your wedding. May the Almighty Allah (SWT) bless your union with love and understanding.”

Kenyans have wished the newly married all the best in life and here are some of their messages;

Mohammed: Mabruk to our brother Farouk and his wife may Allah guide you and your wife to the right path en protect you from evil eye I wish one day I will see sultan in my future i.a with the help of Allah s.w be blessed too

Juma: May thé almighty ALLAH be with them inshallah so that they cam live à happy life.AMIN

Daniel: Congratulations to my bro Farouk, May Allah guide you in every way.

Patricia: I speak Good morning to their marriage! May God bless them. Amen.

Emily: Congrats TO the couple may God protect your family

Carlos: Congratulations to the family may God bless n protect their marriage

Sophia: Congratulations to the family may God bless n protect their marriage

Here are photos…

DPP orders fresh probe on Joho

Director of Public Prosecutions Keriako Tobiko has ordered fresh investigations into allegations that Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho holds a forged degree.

Tobiko has urged Director of Criminal Investigations Ndegwa Muhoro to re-open investigations previously closed for lack of evidence.

In his letter to the CID boss, Tobiko said that he on Tuesday received fresh information which he thinks forms a basis for investigations.

Joho is accused of having used a forged degree from Kampala University to seek clearance from the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission ahead of the 2013 elections.

He has denied the claim, despite higher education regulators from both Uganda and Kenya having said that the degree was not recognised.

According to Tobiko, one Silas Otuke, a director at Youth Leadership for Democratic Governance and Guidance, went to his office with a letter and a dossier on the matter.

“Having perused the said letter and the accompanying dossier, I am satisfied and I do hereby direct that investigations into the above-captioned matter be re-opened and that a fresh, speedy and thorough inquiry is conducted,” Tobiko told Muhoro.

The DPP also asked Otuke to contact Muhoro’s office for the purpose of recording a statement and producing the evidence that he has in support of his allegations.

Last evening, the Star obtained a copy of the dossier that Otuke gave to the DPP and which has led to the fresh investigations.

The new evidence includes three reports by the Uganda Union of Lecturers, Uganda CID and Uganda National Commission for Higher Education.

All three reports concluded that the

the degree held by Joho had not been acquired in the right manner, with recommendations that it be withdrawn.

Joho’s line of defense, that he was admitted through credit transfers from Nairobi University, does not tally with what Kampala University told Ugandan investigators.

 Source: The Star 

Petititon challenging Joho’s degree struck out

A petition challenging Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho’s degree certificate has been dismissed  by Mombasa High Court.

The three judge bench which included  Justices Christine Meoli, Edward Muriithi and Martin Muya ruled that the petition was premature and did not exhaust mechanisms to determine if his degree was valid.

Silus Otuke, an activist had  filed the petition challenging the governor’s election over claims that his degree was fake. Kampala University had previously defended the authenticity of the degree.