‘I panicked on learning people had ‘killed’ me on social media’ – Mwakazi

Johnson Mwakazi  recalls the day a friend of his called him when he was driving. What was alarming however was the excitement on his friends voice.

The pal was very happy to hear Mwakazi’s voice and the former TV host could not understand what was going on.

People had spread word that he was dead.

 I was driving and someone calls me saying, ‘ooh Johnstone ooh ooh. it’s good to hear your voice!’ I asked what’s happening?

He tells me, ‘Johnson, there is this particular message online…’ so quickly I had to call my wife because I realized if someone called her first it would be a different ball game.

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In the past Mwakazi had addressed the rumors clarifying to Kenyans that he was indeed alive.

All is well! I give thanks to God! Kindly, note that rumors that I am dead are not true. I am alive.

Recently Mwakazi opened up on how his life was growing up in Kibra and how his step dad took him in after his parents.

I  am the last born in the family of seven. My mum passed away in 2007.

My mum was married before and after my mum passed away my step dad took me in and started bringing me up since 2006.

I am named after my mum’s brother.

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‘ My step dad took me in when my parents died’ – Johnson Mwakazi

Johnson Mwakazi has spoken about his childhood in Kibra and how his step dad came through for him after he lost his parents at an early age.

Mwakazi who is a former TV host with Citizen TV in an exclusive interview heard by Classic 105 says that his step dad was God sent.

When you are born in Kibra you see nothing odd about such a life given that every one else is like you.

But once you start going out is when you realize that such a life is not proper for human beings.

You go out and see other people/kids speaking a language you cannot even understand,they have cars, proper washrooms.

That is when you think to yourself ‘This is not the life I want for myself.’

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Mwakazi goes on to add that his mum passed away his step dad was gracious enough to take him in.

I  am the last born in the family of seven. My mum passed away in 2007.

My mum was married before and after my mum passed away my step dad took me in and started bringing me up since 2006.

I am named after my mum’s brother.

He adds

I have been married for 9 years and I can say marriage is beautiful considering how I was living as a single man.

I am more responsible given that I have two kids to take care of.

During my single days I did not think of such, the main challenge is how to handle financial issues.

I am from Kibra and I want to use the cash in a certain way and she is from a different background and she wants the cash to be used in a certain way.

Every Sunday we sit and agree on the goals we have as a family. It is important to set a good example.

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Handsome Kenyan actors who have made women addicted to TV screens

There are a few TV men and women who make us stay glued to our screens, it may be to watch news, to follow a TV program or to just ogle.

Willingly or not we even develop crushes and have imaginary weddings and babies with the hunks and hot lasses on our screens.

Well, I am sure the ladies will agree with me when I say, these are the men who make us go home early to make sure we don’t miss a minute of them on screen.

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Here is a list of a few of those men:

  1. Pascal Tokodi (Actor)

Pascal Tokodi


2. Mark Masai (Journalist)

Mark Masai

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3. Nick Mutuma (Actor)


4. Lenana Kariba (Actor)

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5. Johnson Mwakazi (Journalist)

John Mwakazi
Johnson Mwakazi

6. John Allan Namu (Journalist)

7. Bernard Ndong (Journalist)

8. Trevor Ombija (Journalist)

9. Jessie Rodgers (Journalist)

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Check Out These Hot TV Anchors Who Will Make You Ditch Your Guy

Journalists grace our screens to deliver news, but some are an eye candy and we can never fail to notice and appreciate ‘ Work On their good looks.

Even though news is meant to be a serious affair, it can sometimes turn boring and their good looks is the only motivation that keeps us going when watching boring news. Even with fame and money, some of this journalists have managed to maintain their good looks.

Even with most of them either being married or engaged, that does not stop ladies from wanting a piece of them. After all, no one hates nice toys.

Check them out some of the anchors and presenters below. But remember. You can look, but can’t touch.

1.Jamal Gaddafi

The sexy eye candy is the host of a local programme called Mzuka which airs on KTN. He is married and is a dad to a handsome boy. So ladies, he is taken.


2.Mark Maasai

The hot news anchor at NTV is so humble yet so handsome. He is among the few people in the media who manage to keep away from bad publicity.

He is married to his longtime sweetheart Fiona Nduta.


3.John Allan Namu

The hot investigative journalist has a body to die for despite being a father of three. He shows young men the real meaning of ageing gracefully. He is married to Sheena Makena.


4.Dennis Okari

The hot eye candy is the ex husband of Betty Kyallo with whom they have a daughter. Apart from his good eye for news, he catches women’s attention for his good looks.


5.Johnson Mwakazi

Former Citizen TV journalist, is an eye candy for his good look, a deal breaking smile and a deep inviting voice. Even though he isn’t much in the public anymore, only a fool can deny his good looks.


7. Hussein Mohammed KTN

KTN news journalist Hussein is a hunk even with his small body frame. His smile is infectious and we can’t deny he is an eye candy.


8.Eric Njoka

He is undeniably good looking. He is both beauty and brains. The K24 anchor joins the battle of the most handsome journalists in the media fraternity.

eric njoka

9.Waihiga Mwaura

The talented Waihiga has a smile to die for and good looks to go with . He is married to the beautiful gospel musician Joyce Omondi.