‘Tafuta Huddah mwanze party ‘Fans to Maina Kageni during Monacco trip

Going by his Instagram radio presenter Maina Kageni seems to be having the time of his life in his tour to the beautiful Monacco

The presenter took to his social media platform to show his fans the great time he is having a good time,his followers who are never short of satire told him to look for Hudah Monroe the Kenyan socialite so that they could catch up.




On the other hand other fans were keen enough to notice the beauty of the country and went ahead to compliment it

@  kenneibobege Enjoy kabisaaaa

melanosancbes Enjoy

Sok! lagat2024This is the country where most billionaires live

its_eddie_nelson@mainawakageni Na utafute @Huddah ukifika huko,ako mama ngina ya huko#Monroe

 Josecharity salimia @buddablbebossechick  ukimuona

Jeffersonkip Tafuta huddahthebosschick  akusort ,ako hapo.

Lucymiringu Kwani mko na huddah?

@huddah_monroe254 Enjoy Maina and look for Huddah start the party already💃

Vicklenz@mainakageni Ukirudi make sure umekam na @ hudah_monroe naskia amekwama huko