‘I Love You’ – Amina Abdi Receives A Phone Call From Her Husband Live On Air (Video)

Media personality Amina Abdi got the surprise of her life live on TV.

While interviewing popular boy band, Le Band, she received a call as it is a tradition for fans to call the studio to ask a guest or celebrity questions about them.

amina 3

She received a call and a guy picked up. She asked for the callers name, and guess what? The caller was her husband!

Amina looked surprised and actually thought someone was pulling a prank on her. She had to clarify before believing that it was actually her husband, DJ John (John Rabar) on the other end of the line.

amina 2

She confessed that she didn’t recognize his voice as she smiled her face from here to Timbuktu.

John’s main aim for calling was to tell her that he loves and appreciates her.

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That was a really romantic moment and even the guest in studio were happy for her and thought John was romantic.

amina 4

Well, that was really thoughtful of John and it shows that there are romantic men out there even though many people say men have changed over the years.

Watch the full video below;