From Michuki to Nkaissery, here are politicians whose work ethic we miss

As the year 2018 almost comes to an end we take a look at some politicians we have lost in the past few years and whose work and charm we miss.

They say you never know what you’ve got until you lose it and that’s the case especially for people like Michuki and Nkaissery. Below is the list

1 .George Muchai

He died in February 2015, after being shot dead early Saturday morning at the Kenyatta Avenue-Uhuru Highway roundabout in Nairobi.

Two of the MP’s bodyguards and his driver also died in the incident.

The occupants of the second vehicle said the MP stopped at the roundabout when four people with big guns approached his car and started shooting.


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A relative told detectives at the scene that

“They just started spraying it with bullets. When we saw that, our driver sped past the other car and when we came back to the scene a few minutes later, all the occupants of the vehicle were dead,”

He was Kabete Member of Parliament.

2. Nkaissery

He passed away in July 2017, at Karen Hospital, a few hours after he was admitted for check-up.

His death came hours after attending a prayer service organized by the Evangelical Alliance of Kenya under the leadership of Bishop Mark Kariuki.

‘People say that I sacrificed my children’ Isaac Mwaura sadly narrates

3. Nderitu Gachagua

He was Nyeri Governor before death struck while he was at a London Hospital receiving treatment. He died aged 64.

4. Wahome Gakuru

He came into power after the death of Nderitu Gachagua only to lose his life months later in a grisly road accident.

He breathed his last in November 2017,  following a serious road crash at Kabati along the Thika-Sagana highway in Murang’a County.

 He was rushed to Thika Level 5 Hospital for emergency treatment but succumbed to his injuries on arrival.

5. John Michuki

Although he breathed his last in 2012, his zeal and determination for a better Kenya is unmatched in the famouse ‘Michuki Rules’.

He died aged 80, only two days after arriving from the United Kingdom where he was undergoing treatment.

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Meet The Late John Michuki’s Smokiiiiiin’ Hot Teen Grand Daughter

She has that je ne ses quoi quality about her. Effortless.

Meet the late John Michuki’s grand daughter Stacy Michuki. She is the current title holder of the crown for Face of Nairobi Top Teen Model.

Her grandfather, Mzee michuki was a no nonsense man.

When he served as Internal Security Minister, he often declared to Central Kenya residents “you will only see graves” in reference to the war on Mungiki which had been blamed for massive killings and kidnappings.

Many people also remember him for streamlining the matatu madness, to date everyone of the nganya’s adhere to the Michuki rules.

As a Cabinet minister, the no-nonsense public servant had his fair share of criticism and will be remembered for his infamous quote “If you rattle a snake be prepared to be bitten by it” which he made when journalists asked him to comment about the Standard raid in March 2006.

Michuki was married to the late Josephine Watiri Michuki and they have six children.

Stacy has curved a niche for herself and cleared her own path as a Michuki.

“Being a model as been the best thing that as happened to me🍃🍃,” Adding, “It allows me to be someone I’m not everyday.”

You can now check out her photos below:

Stacy Michuki

Stacy Michuki

Stacy Michuki

Stacy Michuki

Stacy Michuki

Stacy Michuki

Stacy Michuki