Kenyans Respond To Why Men Are Afraid Of Their Women Climbing The Corporate Ladder

Today’s conversation was based on an event that occurred recently. A certain club held their elections and a lady was chosen to be the chair of the club’s board. This would mean she would have to travel for work and her career is set to blossom. This got Maina wondering; how would Kenyans, namely the men react to their wives climbing the corporate ladder?

Kenyans on social media respond to women who plot to harm their husbands

Why are Kenyan men so backward that they cannot support their wives’ success all in the name of who is the head of the home? Some men felt that pride kicks in when a woman is at a higher position in the corporate world and it can only mean trouble.

This conversation caused quite the stir on social media as Kenyans candidly gave their opinions. Below are some of the comments;


Even After Being Sacked By Citizen TV, Terryanne Chebet Still Walking Tall

Former Citizen TV news anchor Terryanne Chebet proves she will not falter, or even stumble after losing her job at Citizen TV. She is obviously well connected and proves that a back-up plan never hurts.

This is after getting a job barely three days after being sacked.

The business news reporter was one of the employees whose contracts were terminated by Royal Media Services (RMS), a move which according to the company, was as a result of the changes witnessed in the broadcasting industry.

You’ll be pleased to know that Terryanne has landed another job (or something like that) less than a week after Kenyans poked fun at her.

In an Instagram post, the journalist who was poached from K24, said she was excited about getting an opportunity to speak to entrepreneurs at Cytonn Foundation.

Thanks to Keyara Organics,  a company she founded in 2014, Terryanne was able to secure a place as a guest speaker at the Cytonn’s training event to be held on Saturday, October 29.

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For those not in the know, the aforementioned company is one of the biggest investment management firms in the country.

A seemingly happy Terryanne also said that she had learnt that when God closes one door, he opens another. She concluded her post by asking her fans to get up and fight when life knocks them down.

This is what she posted:


She is the perfect example of how a strong woman can never be kept down…

Things You Don’t Need To Include In Your Resume

Writing a CV isn’t exactly the easiest thing for anyone, seeing as each time it has to be tailor made to fit into what the potential employer wants. Each job you apply for has different needs which means you have to tailor make it to fit. If you are drafting one, here is a list of things that should not be included:

Irrelevant jobs – When applying for a job, focus on the attributes or previous jobs that you have done before. Focus on what can put you in a competitive spot. No need to include your job as a shop attendant while applying for a human resource job, your potential employer won’t really care.

Extra contact information – Your name, number, email and an alternative number are enough on the CV. No one wants to know your ID, Passport, credit card, NSSF or NHIF number. That’s just too much info and a bit too sensitive for everyone to see.

Your fancy email address/names – “[email protected], [email protected] etc these are some of the things that put employers off because you don’t even sound serious. Change it to something more official, if anything you can use your real names.

References – It’s always advisable to have at least two referees, but unless it’s been asked for it’s not a must to include it. If they need it, they will ask for it.

Too much infoWrite information that is relevant. Including how you went for a mountain climb during team building and hurt your leg, isn’t going to help you. Stick to whatever achievements that are necessary for the position applied for.

UN-AU mission in Sudan’s Darfur cuts 770 jobs

The UN-AU mission in Sudan’s Darfur (UNAMID) will cut 770 civilian jobs, it said on Saturday, as it faces pressure from Khartoum to withdraw from the war-torn western region.

“The total number of posts cut in real terms is 770,” UNAMID said, adding that both Sudanese and international staff will be affected.

The decision was made after a strategic review of the mission, the statement said, and was unconnected to calls from Sudan’s government for the mission to leave.

UNAMID deployed in 2007 to protect civilians and secure humanitarian aid, four years after ethnic insurgents rebelled against Khartoum, complaining of marginalisation.

It currently employs 4,110 civilians and also has around 15,000 military and police peacekeepers in the region.

UNAMID’s relations with the government have deteriorated over its attempts to investigate a report that Sudanese troops raped more than 200 women and girls in a Darfur village last October.

The government slammed the mission as weak and demanded that it prepare an exit strategy.

A first round of talks on its departure ended on February 19, and more are scheduled for March.

Some 300,000 people have been killed and more than two million displaced by the fighting in Darfur, the UN says.

Photo Credits : AFP

Five tricks to get your job application noticed

Have you ever applied for a job online and never got a reply. Does sometimes sending the CVs feel like you are launching them into a black hole? Here are a few things you can do to improve the odds of your CV being noticed.

1. Practice quality over quantity
For starters you might be feeling desperate to land a job but be selective. Stop setting yourself up for dissappointment, focus on if you have the right skills and training for jobs you want.

2. Peppering doesn’t work
Many people make the mistake of simply peppering their CV or resume with keywords, thinking that will be enough to get them through. Therefore, your resume should not be a list of facts but rather a narrative that tells a story.

3. Do your homework
Edit your resume to reflect the needs of the organisation, or role requirements, especially when a comprehensive position description was available. Not taking the time to customize your resume gives a really bad first impression.

4. Name dropping
If you have experience at a well-known company, take advantage of it. And send your CV to all of the direct competitors of the company where you worked. Most companies have a tendency to want to hire people who have worked for competitors

5. Make contacts
No matter how well you craft your resume or CV, it still can’t beat a personal contact who can recommend you to a hiring manager or recruiter. Networking is still the number one way to find a new position.



Young employees ‘damage careers’ by remaining glued to smartphones

School-leavers are damaging their career chances by spending too long fiddling with their smartphones and making social calls at work, a survey of firms has revealed.

They are leaving bosses unimpressed because they often display poor attitudes to work including using their phones while on the job.

Employers in Britain are also concerned that new recruits are taking long lunch and coffee breaks and failing to turn up for work on time.

The poll is the latest in a spate of studies to question the skills and suitability of school-leavers to start work.

The CBI warned earlier this year that economic prosperity is being put at risk because large numbers of teenagers are leaving school and college ‘underequipped for life’.

The latest survey – covering 500 small and medium-sized businesses – showed that many employers believe youngsters have little idea how to behave appropriately at work.

More than four in 10 – 43 per cent – were worried about young recruits using their mobile phone while at work or taking too long on their breaks.

A similar proportion – 41 per cent – believed young people lacked time management and punctuality skills.

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Job hunting techniques

Once you graduate from college or university, you will most likely consider looking for some form of employment. However its not always an easy task especially when one is new  to the market. It can become easy or hard depending on how you approach the issue. There are ways in which one can make it easier to look for a job ;

 Network  – Use the people around you to get information about vacancies and to give you referrals. They can act as your insiders and feed you information about vacancies from their companies or those of their friends.

Sell Yourself  – Focus on what you are able to bring to the table of a potential employer. Look at what the company will gain by adding you to their team. Use your strengths as your selling point.

Know what you want – Its very easy to achieve something if you know what it is that you want. Don’t be undecided as you will lose opportunities while trying to figure out what you want.

Volunteer / Charity – Many people do not use this option because its free. Use such opportunities to gain experience and learn the tricks of the trade. In most cases you may work for at least three months, depending on how hard your input is you may be lucky enough to be employed or you may be considered in the future if a position comes up.