6 Important things you need to know about working abroad

Have you ever been interested in working abroad? Well we have put a list on what you need to do when you take that new job in a foreign country.

Here are some of the things you might need to take into account when take that abroad role.

1. Laws

Understanding the laws of a foreign country is very important.

This helps you understand how to get your credit cards, your bank statements, how to file your returns, criminal offences not to commit and so forth.

It also helps you understand your rights as a foreigner in that country.

Understanding this helps  you to live  with no fear of if you are committing a crime or not.

2. Language barrier

Language barrier is simply not communicating the same language thus information being slow to process.

For instance if you go to a country like China, you get to understand that that most of the citizens there only speak Chinese.

This may be a language barrier as both parties may not understand each other.

Therefore when going to such countries, try to at least know the basic communications skills to ease communication.

3. Culture shock

I have seen people go to countries and come back sooner than expected due to culture shock.

Different countries have different cultures and beliefs and it is experienced mostly after leaving a familiar place or home.

Therefore to avoid this learn as much as you can about the new location before you go. This means the good, the bad, and the simply different.

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4. Understand your visa

This is very important and we will tell you why.

In cases where you are working in a different country it is important to understand your working visa operates

For instance if you decide to quit your job or worse get fired, it is important to know how your working visa works in such situations.

5. Create a bucket list

Don dull your moments when working in a new location or country.

Try out new things, go for road trips, try out new foods, network, make new friends and so on.

This will make your work more bearable in your new location.


6. If not now the then when?

If you get that new job in a foreign country, go for it.

If not now then when?


Everything you need to know to nail a job interview

According to leading Australian recruitment expert, Kara Atkinson, the first 60 seconds of any meeting between a manager and potential employee are crucial – so being in top form is all important.

‘Before you even walk into the room and sit down. Right or wrong, judgements are being formed quickly,’ Ms Atkinson said.

What top nine things should you do to impress at an interview?

1. Make sure your hair has been cut recently, and your nasal hair is non-existent.

2. Take your sunglasses off your head and remove any facial piercings.

3. Wear deodorant/aftershave/perfume, but not enough that your interviewer can smell it before they see you.

4. Wear industry appropriate clothing and closed-toe shoes.

5. Shake hands – firmly. And make some eye contact while you’re doing it. Then maintain eye contact.

6. Accept the water/tea/coffee when asked. You are attempting to build a relationship here.

7. Push the small talk as you walk towards the interview room – traffic, weather, something in reception that you noticed whilst waiting, anything to build rapport quickly.

8. Give specific and concise examples to each question. Don’t be vague or offer suggestions as to what you would do in a hypothetical situation.

 9.  Try to smile often, work some humour and commonality into the conversation.