‘My Husband Just SLEEPS And Does Nothing The Whole Day’ Cries Out a Kenyan Lady Married To a JOBLESS Man For 7 Years (AUDIO)

Ladies, would agree to be the one footing the bills and waking up to go to work to fend for your husband and kids? And how long can you maintain a jobless man before you kick him to the curb?

This was the question Maina Kageni posed to listeners after a Kenyan lady revealed that her man has not had a job for 20 years and that she’s been footing all the bills, educating the kids and paying for insurance.

The conversation arose after women came out to defend themselves after men attacked and accused them of being ‘gold diggers’ and money lovers.

“I Left My Wife Because She Was OVERLY RELIGIOUS” Cries Out a Troubled Kenyan Man (AUDIO)

According to men, women make money and wealth a priority when it comes to relationships, and that when a man is broke, women don’t want anything to do with him, or when he runs out of money, she walks away from him.

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It was at this point that women decided to reveal that they also do support men who are jobless, refuting the claims that money comes first in a relationship and making it clear that it’s their duty to support their families.

One particular caller came out to confess that her husband doesn’t work nor does he even try to get a job, or support her in any way. She went on to add that she leaves him sleeping as she wakes up to go and toil.

“As we are talking, niko job and he is in the house, sleeping,” said the devastated woman, who revealed that he’s been jobless for the last 7 years and that he’s never given her even a coin.

Listen as she narrates her story in the audio below, as the Kenyan lady reveals how she’s the pillar of her family, but can’t leave the man, because of her son.





Kenyan Women Confess How They Stand By Their Jobless Husbands Who Don’t Appreciate Their Efforts

This week on the morning conversation with Maina and King’ang’i, women came out to reveal how their men do not connect with them emotionally, how some men abandon their kids then demand to be part of their lives later and then today, the issues of men who depend on women came up.

According to a certain caller, she has been working and putting food on the table because her husband is jobless. In yet another shocking revelation, two male callers revealed that their women have been breadwinners for years.

One guy revealed that he has been out of work for two years, and another one, a whopping seven years because the wife has a very well-paying job and provides but does not show love to him!

This prompted Maina Kageni to ask men, what is the limit of a woman standing by her man financially and should a man stay out of work for that long while depending on his woman’s income?

Find out the drama that went on in the audio below.