Local celebrities whose careers took a nose dive due to their battle with alcoholism

It Starts with a sip, then a glass and eventually a bottle.Teenage alcoholism is on the rise not only in Kenya but all over the world.

The earlier one starts drinking the higher the chances of early death or self ruin. According to a study, getting drunk before your 15th birthday nearly doubles your risk of an early death. those who start drinking early are 47 percent more likely to die prematurely.

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Many local celebrities have ruined their careers because of the bottle ,although some have transformed most have not been able to regain their sober lives.

Below are some who’s careers took a nose dive


Known by many for his song “Under 18” the soft spoken musician from Kikuyu has had his own struggles with alcoholism which which saw him fade away from the limelight.

His turning point came after he was involved in grisly accident along Thika Road.

Although  many keep their alcohol addiction a secret, Jimwat came out to admit publicly that alcohol almost ruined his life.

“I used to smile but deep down I was suffering, and that’s when I realised I did not have real friends around me, I had fake friends,” Jimwat said, speaking exclusively to Word Is.

“I had 1,000 friends before things went south. They all disappeared and ignored my phone calls. Soon as they start seeing my posters as I try to make a comeback, they have now started crawling back.”

Jimwat said he is working on a song that is based on his real-life experience. “The thing is, I used to spend a lot of cash in the bar compared to my monthly rent,” he said.

“Also, I used to spend more time in the bar than at my place. At times, I never even used to go home, since I would sleep on the bar counter. It was that bad,” added the father of one.

Alcoholism is a serious problem although people don’t see it a as such thus they do not prioritize it as they  should.



Born Dennis Kaggia but known to many as DNA. He came into the limelight for his song “Banjuka Tu” and with all the fame came more money and more alcohol.

The talented musician said that his drinking was mainly influenced by peer pressure and bad friends.

In 2016, he said this: click to read here

He speaks out regularly about it to inspire others that there is life after such a situation. Amen to that.


Hillary Omondi  aka Lefty

Lefty, as he is affectionately referred to in local football circles, is one of the finest left backs Kenya has ever produced but unfortunately he did not realize his full potential.

The Footballer, who’s star started shinning at Kariobangi Grounds, was kicked out for not paying rent in Kariobangi.

Suddenly. the friends that used to hang out with the star  deserted him. Depression crept in and cheap liquor became his best friend. It was always there to “help” him to forget the harsh reality that was his current situation.

He is now a tout to earn a living.


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Timonah Wanyonyi

Timonah Wanyonyi was a household name at Gor Mahia — and the fans, the famous Green Army had a soft spot for him. Then K’Ogalo coach, Bobby Williamson knew just how to get the best out of the diminutive player.

It was not long before before his name became a fixture in the national team Harambee Stars. He went on to become part of Gor Mahia’s history-making squad that ended the club’s 17-year-wait for a league title  in 2013.

With fame came money and more money, the talented player took to alcoholism after a career move that saw him change membership from a good club to a poor performing club


Caroline Kagia

Sister to secular artiste DNA, Caroline opened up about battling alcoholism in a candid narration on Engage.

She explained that the first time she drunk alcohol was when she was in form 5. She confessed ruefully on how a friend gave her some alcohol and promised her on how ‘high’ she would get after that.

“I was so disappointed But little did I know, that was a sign of a problem. (That she had not got high on 12% of alcohol) Little did I know that I had awoken a sleeping giant because in our family on our paternal side, we are genetically predisposed to alcoholism.”

When she later revealed to her friends in school that she had not got intoxicated, they were confused. She finished her A-levels and then she went to the popular Westlands club, Q’s to celebrate.

Her friend ordered for her a can of Redd’s. Caroline ended up drinking up-to 6 of the cans. The issue is that she did not feel intoxicated enough until she decided to walk. When she tried, she fell.

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The regret she felt after the incident made her decide not to drink again. She then left the country for a foreign country to study for two years. She says she did not like the country. Also, her drinking problem got worse.

She confesses:

“Beers did not work for me. I needed harder drinks to get high. I missed getting raped or dying several times while in this foreign country. I believe it is the prayers of my parents that kept me.”

After one year in the country, she went back home to parents who were very disappointed at her appearance. In 2005 after finishing her studies, she conceived a baby. She again started drinking heavily because she was in denial about having conceived.

She narrates how she started drinking second generation drinks even selling her house hold good just to sustain her habit

It was then that she recognized that she was now a full-blown alcoholic, a fact her dad had diagnosed back in 2007.

She got so low that she even started selling her household goods, including even her doors! Finally in early 2017 she decided to deal with her issue head-on:

She sought help  and is now a recovered alcoholic

Listen more on the video below

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