Twins stalk Jimmy Gait, threaten him with dire consequences for rejection

Gospel singer Jimmy Gait has been receiving threats from two women (twins), who claim they are sent by God and that he should marry them.

The girls started by texting Jimmy and they have been tracking him ever since.

“The girls are twins and have been tracking me almost everywhere for a period of one year.

They started off by texting me but I did not respond . In January, I  found them at my office and talked to them to find out what they wanted.

They opened up to me, saying they have been loving me for the longest time and God has shown them that I’m their husband.

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Jimmy Gait
Jimmy Gait

In one of the conversations seen by Word Is, the ladies say,

Jimmy tunataka kuongea na wewe please give us a chance.” In another message, the girls say, “Anyway, any consequence you will face never ask us.

Jimmy says the threats have gone too far and they are now saying if the ‘Huratiti’ hitmaker does not marry them, they will implicate him.

He says people don’t understand how much it takes one to build a brand, and because they have nothing to lose, they may speak things that are false about him.

I have decided to come out and address the issue as I head to the police station to write a statement.

I would want to speak on behalf of other celebrities because I know this has happened to them as well.


Hustle ni lazima!!Kenyan celebrities who have side hustles. It should inspire you in these hard times

Kenyan celebrities are spreading their wings by joining the business world as a side hustle to keep their finances in check  given that the music industry is not paying as much as it should.

Despite some of this artistes being in the game for more than a decade they still chose to test their entrepreneurial strength by starting up this ventures which are worth millions

1. Wahu

Apart from being a performing artiste, Wahu runs her own Salon known as Afro Siri, which is located in Westlands, She joins other musicians who have ventured into other businesses in addition to the entertainment industry.


2. Betty Kyallo

Betty is not only a TV presenter, but she is also a business woman who runs her own salon Flair by Betty which is located in Kilimani.

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3. Akothee

The self proclaimed president of single mothers knows how to hustle hard, after all she loves only the finest things in life and to be able to have that then she must put in the effort.

She owns Akothee Safaris which is a tour and travel company, which she runs with the help of manager-cum boyfriend Nelly Oaks.

4. Susan Kaitany

Susan has created a name for herself in the fashion and beauty industry not only for being a model but also for being the founder of Posh Palace which offers high end services to clients.

It is located in Kilimani.

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5. Jimmy Gait

Jimmy is known for being a gospel artiste but he also runs his own businesses: the ‘“Make it or Make it” campaign which encourages top industry players to come through to motivate and encourage youngsters to be the best and push their limits because in this life one has to ‘make it’ by all means.

He recently launched ‘Hisia’ to fight against cyber bullying


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‘It was a dark season for me’ Jimmy Gait on being cyber bullied

Local gospel artiste Jimmy Gait left Kenyans in shock after he broke in tears during a live interview on The Trend.

The artiste found himself on the receiving end after releasing a parody of a secular song ‘Hello’ by Adelle, that saw him trolled and bullied online in 2017. This event saw him stay out of the music scene for a while.

The cyber bullying saw the laid back artiste go into depression after his song which he had posted on you tube got twisted to suit the attackers line of thinking.


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Speaking on the issue, Jimmy Gait says

“I was trending at number one on Twitter because of the song! To my surprise, I was inundated with insults and so much hate. I just didn’t understand why. I felt shattered and could not comprehend why people were being so unfair to me. I had done so many hit songs before, yet because they didn’t agree with this one, they forgot all the great music I had previously produced,”


He added:

“I felt like the whole world was against me. I felt alone and rejected. This had severe impact on me and led me to depression, loss of confidence and loss of appetite. I locked myself in the house for two weeks and could not face anyone because I felt like everyone disliked me.”

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The experience led to cancellation of performances, endorsements and friends, “mostly due to my dented public image.” Because he wasn’t earning, he incurred debts, further affecting him  emotionally, spiritually and socially.

“It was a dark season for me. When I was stable again, I reflected on the experience and decided to pay close attention to the issue of cyber bullying,” explained Gait.

Individuals and institutions are paying more attention to depression unlike back in the day when it was a personal struggle but more still needs to be done.

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They Crossed the Line: Pierra Makena gets emotional about battling depression after cyber bullying

Kenyans are savage. They’re keyboard warriors and of late they’ve been trolling celebrities. Body shaming has become the order of the day on social media and that’s why most celebs rarely post their pics or children’s for fear of being attacked.

Pierra Makena, Jimmy Gait, Akothee, Janet Mbugua and Willis Raburu are easy targets who’ve been trolled severally online. This has forced gospel singer Jimmy Gait to do something to save Kenyans from cyberbullying.

He recently started Hisia Campaign after he was cyberbullied and went into depression.  Hisia Campaign is an initiative that is against cyberbullying going by the motto Kabla u-click fikiria.

Well, Pierra Makena was among those who attended the Hisia Campaign and she broke down in tears while narrating what she has gone through in the hands of cyber bullies.

Pierra Makena

Pierra has been struggling with weight loss after giving birth and she has been cyberbullied over her looks with many insulting her.

“After I gave birth I was going through depression and my weight was not adding up. My doctor insisted that I eat more because I needed to gain weight. I woke up one morning and I was 64 kilograms, you have no idea how that felt. So when somebody posts on social media how I looked terrible with my weight it broke me down,” said Makena

Not so long ago, a Kenyan woman by the name Saumu took to social media to insult Pierra claiming that ‘a fat DJ is a no no’.


This left the mother of one heartbroken and she says she felt like responding but then, she thought about the consequences.

“So for someone to wake up and say That I look terrible with my new weight, at first I took my phone and hurled insults. I picked all the F-words, N-words and all words that you would never want to use in front of a baby. Them I deleted them. I realized I need to think before I click and ever react to anything.”

Pierra Makena

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Did A Popular Gospel Singer’s Producer Wed? See The Photos Of The ‘Stunning’ Ceremony

Do you remember gospel singer Bahati’s song ‘Lover’? It was amazing wasn’t it? The producer behind the song is a talented guy by the name Patrick Saint P Mbaru. Lover was the first song that the two have done together.

He is known for his work in the gospel industry and has worked with musicians to produce songs such as Lover by Bahati, Sari Sari by DK Kwenye Beat featuring Anto Neo Soul. He is also behind Me and My House by Eko Dydda, I Live For You by BMF, Manyunyu by Jimmy Gait and Rufftone.

Dear mafisilets poleni, it seems that Patrick Mbaru Kazungu may be off the market if the photos on his social media are anything to go by.

The soft spoken music producers partner is Wangari Munyua. The handsome music producer took to his Instagram page to break the news with a loving post.

Love is colourful.

As much as it is in black n white.
And most of all like chemistry, it consists of elements and compounds that when put together, even in not obvious of places, it will still be seen.
I’m glad that I can testify, if truely it is Devine then…
I present to you the connection that has managed to unplug the comfort zone.
If this is the epitome of a love story only told in dreams and fairy tales… Then we live in the reality.

The red roses and candles in the photo below tell he is a romantic guy. So sweet.


Below are some photos of the couple







Is He A Sponsor? After Weeping On National TV Singer Jimmy Gait Does Something Sweet For City Women

He appeared to be on a meltdown after KOT trolled him for his recently released song ‘Yesu Ndiye Sponsor’, and made things worse when he went for a TV interview last Friday, where he wept saying Kenyans think he is trash for the same song.

The sad look on Anita Nderu’s face was enough to get some celebrities to come to his defense, saying cyber bullying is out of hand.

But that seems to be water under the bridge for the ‘Yesu Ni Sponsor’ singer, who is doing his best to recover from the shame by spreading some love.


”I was going through a period of being down I lost so much last year’, he clearly stated on the Trend interview, noting that he draws inspiration from life situations.

The ‘Huratete’ hit maker decided  to move and this time he treated a group of mums, whom he describes as his adoring fans, for lunch and shared a photo on his social media. How noble right?


With his latest  single dubbed love a musical response to those who have trolled him both positive and negative he is set to perform at the Mary Mary concert this coming weekend.He sure is clapping back to haters with love.

5 fashion lessons we can learn from Jimmy Gait, King Kaka and DJ Sadic

Here are three entertainers who know how to dress. Their impeccable fashion sense leaves many breathless as they have developed a style that manages to be individual and classic at the same time.

Here are five timely fashion lessons, we can all learn from the three fellas;

a. You can pull off a hat with a suit. Instead of making the hat the main focus of the look, they integrate it with the rest of the attire


b. Sunglasses are a must accessory, even as we all bear with this rainy season this easter


c. One of their tricks is to use a handkerchief on the suit to create a finished picture


d. They have nailed the casual but subtly tailored look, and have a unique take on choosing the right style

jimmyg     kingrabbitkaka

e. Neither of them is afraid of trying on some colorful suits. Whether it’s a double-breasted cardigan, or tweed vest, these three gentlemen are always o point with clothes that fit well




Top 5 Kenyan Gospel Artistes Who’ve Been Accused Of Not Paying Back Loans

Forget their hot videos that grace our TVs every time you mention the word gospel music.

These Kenyan gospel artists are the real thing, meaning, the real definition of ‘transaction is being processed‘…

Just when you thought all the drama is over after allegations of some artists not producing “real gospel” music, there is much more than their so-called “new generation” music. I must say, they are human just like you and me but if you want to minister to me, you have to pay your bills.

It is written, give to Ceasar what belongs to Ceasar. Well, let’s unveil the gospel artists who’re alleged by several Kenyans as individuals who’ve not paid back what they’ve borrowed. It’s important to note that it appears the accusations aren’t new some dating back a couple of years.You should also note that some of the celebrities have responded about the allegations to explain what happened while others haven’t.

Didi (Kelele Takatifu)

A friend of Kelele Takatifu’s, Didi, went ham on the Bamba Mbaya hit maker, citing that it has been 4 years now since Didi borrowed a loan from him, of which he has not yet seen payment. The friend identified by the name Kifaru went on to say that whenever he calls Didi, he gives different excuses.

“On February 6, 2014, Didi alinicall kuomba 60k alipe J Blessing arrears za video Yao ya Didimia alafu he said atalipa 6th march 2014. We were not close of friends so instead of loaning him 60k, I offered to loan 15,000ksh. Nilimjua Didi through his brother.
In Dec 2013 I had asked didi to help me with contacts to a video producer who would do videos for an artist I was helping (off YouTube) from Kibera slums to help start her career in gospel.
So, that is how I met him in Dec 2013 and the reason I offered to loan him this money. I also asked him to pay Up In April instead of March as he suggested ndio apate time enough to at least get his things together. In April I was planning to use this money on the Kibera lady I was helping to start her career,” Kifaru wrote.

Kifaru continues saying;

“2017 February now and Didi has not paid up. He has never bothered to even call at one point in the three years unless I call him. To add, his reasons as to why he hasn’t paid change every time because he is obviously lying.”


Jimmy Gait

Now, this is where all the drama lies. Soon after bragging of his new endorsement with a popular hotel in town, a service provider came out to say that Jimmy Gait had not paid for a job since 2015. Muhadhara imemshika!


“Hello, kindly help me expose a con gospel artist Jimmy Gait. I did an online marketing campaign for him in August 2015 on a local website, he was marketing a project where he was giving out motorcycles to his fans as a way of giving back to the society. The promotion was for one month and to date he hasn’t paid 20K of which we had agreed for the entire month campaign. Till to date he doesn’t pick up my calls or reply to texts with all sorts of excuses.”



Ringtone was accused of not honouring his promise of paying Ksh 200,000 a month for his house in Karen. News then came out that Ringtone was kicked out of his posh house. Alitenda wema, akaenda zake!

“Numerous requests by our client through his agent have been made for you to honour our obligations under the agreement in the last several weeks in vain and to date. You have not given any concrete proposals on how you intend to pay the said arrears and regularize the default” the letter reads in part.

L Jay Maasai

Forget his beef with fellow singer Bahati, L Jay Maasai is one guy who was accused of failing to keep him promises, and as is their nature, he denied the allegations stating;

“I am aware and with evidence that certain people including bloggers and writers have been paid to do anything to tarnish my name along with Willy Paul’s name. They will rest at no cost and will go to extents of forging information nd paying people to create false evidence against me.
That is why you will receive a new story and allegation each week for the next 2 months.. I even know there plan lay out.It is well… I will not fight back my battles will be fought by God Himself, He will reveal Himself. He that Got me this Far.My god is not worth any currency.”

l jay maasai

Mr Seed

The singer who discovered, gospel powerhouse, Bahati, is being accused of borrowing money from a friend and refusing to pay. According to the guy who’s called Benson, Mr.Seed apparently borrowed Ksh35,000 last year August and promised to pay after 60 days.  It is said that they even had an agreement in front of a lawyer and other witnesses.


Jimmy Gait Opens Up About Being Broke, Homeless And Heartbroken. “She Left Me For A Man Who Drives!”

Coming after a relative period of silence, Jimmy Gait’s new single is set to create waves in the industry. The controversy behind the title of the song is already making him a trending topic. His brand new hit single titled Cool Your Temper is an anthem of hope urging fans to patiently wait for their moments of triumph.

Having experienced many challenges in his life Cool Your Temper is a testimony of hope in the face of adversity.

Today he is a successful artiste with a string of hits but at one time he was kicked out of his house for failing to pay rent worth Kshs 150.

“I have been through a lot in my life, when I was an upcoming artist my girlfriend left me for a guy who was driving but I found a way to turn my mess into a message. The bible says in Isaiah 40:31 that those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength and they will soar like Eagles. is a fun track with a deep message; it is drawing people back to the peace that can only come from faith and hope”

His new song narrates all these experiences honestly and openly, showing a side of Jimmy Gait that fans have never seen before.

Over the last couple of months, he has been the subject of many social media trolls. Various memes and nasty comments have been thrown at him with many ridiculing his choice of song titles.

“People don’t know the real Jimmy Gait they rely on the image portrayed by social media. However, my friends know me as that guy who gives hope in times of trial. I am that guy who never gives up no matter how tough it gets no matter how long it takes; I’m still going to make it. Kenyans like to have fun and sometimes we do it at the expense of other people but I take it positively. I’m a specialist of hope and I lead by example showing people how to relate with God in times of difficulties,” Jimmy Gait said.

The song Cool Your Temper, is a classic Jimmy Gait experience with a mature touch that can only come from experience. It is more than just a song, more than just a cool jam, it is a story that we can all relate to. The song is a reminder to Cool Your Temper because everything will work out just fine. This release is the beginning of a whole new Jimmy Gait.

The hash tag #JimmyGaitTena is not just a trend but a statement of the new state of affairs. In the coming weeks and months fans can expect much more from the artiste they have come to love and cherish.

“I can’t go into details right now, but I am really excited about some of the things my management is working on,” he explains. “There is so much I have always wanted to do, and I thank God for the opportunities that are opening up.”

Watch the video below