Wako pamoja? Vera’s Tanzanian bae unsure that they are still an item

Vera Sidika and Jimmy Chansa have been exciting Kenyans and Tanzanians alike with their relationship, that they post a lot about online. But it seems like there might be trouble in paradise.

How now? Recently, an eager fan approached Jimmy on Instagram, asking if Vera had left him considering there were rumours of a rift. Jimmy replied with a simple “I heard that too” meaning he’s not even sure about where he stands in the relationship.

Jimmy Chansa together with Vera
Jimmy Chansa together with Vera

Does it mean it went left that quickly? And what might have been the reason for the rift? Well, it should be noted that the two were on a long vacation in Dubai for the 2019 festive season.

Otile Brown claims Vera Sidika made the first flirty move Vera to seduce him

There might be some truth to the claim that the couple might have split up as the last time Vera posted an image of the pair together was on December 11th, 2019.

Vera and her lover, Jimmy
The socialite and Jimmy in a file photo

The two seemed very much in love as they shared pictures while on tour in the desert and also on sunny beaches.  Meanwhile, the last time Jimmy posted was of a video of him and the socialite chilling together in a car.

Vera and Jimmy Chansa posing
The socialite with Jimmy Chansa posing

Since then, Nada! In modern relationships, post the advent of Instagram, one can judge a couple’s relationship strength based on how much they post about each other. NB-That last comment is based entirely on anecdote.

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Vera defends dark skin after being told she wouldn’t make cute babies

Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika unleashed an angry rant on her Instagram page. Vera was unhappy with fans on social media who claimed that she wouldn’t have cute babies.

Vera and her lover, Jimmy
Vera and her lover, Jimmy

This was in connection to a photo she had posted posing with her Tanzanian lover, Jimmy Chansa.

‘We definitely gonna make one hella cute baby,’ wrote Vera. But not all her fans and followers were in agreement saying that her sentiments were not true.

The socialite with her boyfriend
Vera with her Tanzanian man

According to some of the comments, most people reminded her of her colour saying she was dark because all she did was bleach her skin. Her rant is below;

‘Does this mean Dark skin is ugly? Cause I don’t understand why everyone coming at me as if I said “we gonna make hella white babies” smh. If y’all definition of beauty relies on color and complexion then y’all modafakaz are rotten hypocrites 🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽 FYI; I DIDN’T CHANGE MINE COZ I WASN’T BEAUTIFUL! I GOT FAME & MONEY AS DARK SKIN MEANING I WAS HELLA FINE!!! AND POPPING!!!! I CHANGED COZ I WANTED CHANGE. PERSONAL DECISION. IF I WANTED TO CHANGE COZ IM NOT BEAUTIFUL I WOULD FIX MY NOSE EARS EYES LIPS CHEECKBONES!!!! BEAUTY IS IN THE FEATURES NOT COLOR!’

Vera and Jimmy Chansa posing
Vera and Jimmy Chansa posing

An angry Miss Sidika also revealed that having money and being famous is what inspired her to change her colour to a lighter complexion.

Vera Sidika rant
Her rant.courtesy/Urbannews254

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Kitambi ama ball!? Kenyans curious about Vera Sidika’s stomach

Vera Sidika and her man Jimmy Chansa have been in Dubai for more than a week living the life many Kenyans would kill for ( I exaggerate, I know!).

While their stay has gone excellently, one video of the couple has raised eyebrows, especially as regards whether the socialite might be pregnant or just having a ‘healthy’ stomach?

Vera Sidika posing
Vera Sidika posing

The voluptuous businesswoman had posted a video of herself acting as a friend’s photographer on Instagram and immediately social media investigators pointed out an anomaly. The video is below;

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Vera wetu ako na kamtu kwa tumbo ama?

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According to a lot of netizens, the entrepreneur looked more bloated than usual.

‘I think I’m ready for kids’ Vera Sidika says as she talks up new man

While some thought that she could just have gained some weight (which is normal for anyone travelling a lot), others had more wondrous thoughts saying that Vera could have a bun in the oven.

The socialite in green

One of the comments is below;

iamkiariejames 😂😂😂😂…utafanya hyo tumbo ipigwe pasi usiku mzima

Me, I don’t think the video prooves her pregnancy. It just looks like a bloated stomach.
A while back, Vera was determined to get pregnant before clocking 29 but that didn’t happen as she didn’t feel that the man she was with at the time (Otile Brown) would make the cut.

The singer with Vera in the past

Will Jimmy be the man who finally gives the globe-trotting Vera the baby she so badly wanted? No idea.

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