This Is What Uganda’s Juliana Kanyomozi Did To Jeniffer Lopez That Has Tongues Wagging (PHOTOS)

She is one of the most celebrated divas in East Africa.

I’m talking about Juliana Kanyamozi…. One of Uganda’s finest female singers.

Well, fans are drawing similarities between Juliana’s new video I’m Still Here to Jennifer Lopez’s video Ain’t Your Mama, citing that it was a matter of copy and paste.

With the criticism ride on social media, fans say she, Juliana took or rather copied almost everything that the American actor cum singer Jeniffer Lopez had done in her video.

Juliana Kanyamozi
Juliana Kanyamozi


Juliana’s new song I’m Still Here sounds religious although ‘enemies of progress’ still insist that she was not original in her works.

Kanyamozi has been in the industry for the longest time now.

At some point the Usiende Mbali hit maker was one of the judges at the Tusker Project fame (TPF) which proves that she is conversant with the industry.

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Jeniffer Lopez
Jeniffer Lopez

This comes after she vehemently shut down rumours that she was pregnant.

Rumours were stirred by a photo in which the Mpita Njia maker seemed to have been pregnant, Perhaps, it was a just a pot belly!

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Nevertheless here is the video;