Jemutai reveals scary incident on how cops stopped her just to say Hi

Being a comedian comes with its fair share of fun and misery, but for Stella Bunei, alias Jemutai, it is all worth it as her fans love her.

The Churchill Show star says away from the screens, some of her fans do not even recognize her.

“In the streets, some people are shocked at the fact that I am a young woman and not an old mama,” she says.

Churchill show actress Jemutai

Jemutai was once stopped by two policemen, only to realize they wanted to say hi.

“There is a day I was coming out of a supermarket and two policemen kept following me, so I decided to stop and ask them why they were doing so.

People were even starting to wonder what is it that I had stolen.

When the policemen told me they only wanted to say hi because they had seen me on the screens, I breathed a sigh of relief.”

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Jemutai also gave her opinion on the sensitive topic of skin lightening, which has been rampant in Kenya.

“Women who lighten their skins have self-esteem issues. Their esteem iko down. If you work hard enough you don’t need to bleach, you will still be able to outshine others,” she said.

“Just work hard because at the end of the day, these things backfire. What will you do if it does?”

She urged women keen on joining comedy to do so, as there is never a right time.

“Come on board today. Do not wait for tomorrow. You never know, you might be the saviour the comedy world has been waiting for.”

Exclusive: Women who lighten their skin have low self-esteem – Jemutai

An increased number of dark Kenyan women are opting to  lightening their skin in a bid to keep up with the stiff competition from their lighter counterparts.

This is despite the fact that some of these creams contain substances that have been banned by the Kenya Bureau of Standards .

Speaking during an exclusive interview with Classic 105 Churchill comedian Stella Bunei alias Jemutai says

“I have never been told to lighten my skin despite the fact that I’m dark skinned.

women who lighten their skins have self esteem issues,their esteem iko down If you work hard you don’t need to bleach you will still be able to outshine others.

Just work  hard because at the end of the day this things backfire ,what will you do if it does?”

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Speaking about her career Jemutai says that she has been lucky enough not to have faced so many challenges unlike other comedians.

“I guess mimi niliangukia so sikupatana na all those challenges ,where for you to join a certain field you have to know someone.

If you are not funny your are not funny it doesn’t matter whether you know someone or not.”


To those ladies who want to join comedy but they do not know how Jemutai says

“Come on board today do not wait for tomorrow you never know you might be the savior that the comedy world had been waiting for.”

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‘Community husbands steal your heart crumble it on the 3rd week ‘Jemutai

Comedienne Jemutai whose real name is Stella Bunei Koitie, is known for her signature outfit, a headscarf, frumpy old fashioned dress and a gourd of mursik.

In a recent sketch on the Sunday night Churchill show, Jemutai talks about ‘community husbands’ and the effect they have on your general health.

The term gained prominence after Citizen TV news anchor Lillian Muli called out her baby daddy in December.

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She felt that he had been less than honest about their relationship and that is why she branded him a “community husband”.

“Did you hear about community husbands? They are the ones you love for two weeks and they love you back.On the third week, they take your heart, crumble it in their hands, throw it down to the floor and stomp on it. When you look at it after they are done, it looks like minced meat.”

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She continued:

“Talking of community husbands, I love those women who read news, a lot. They are pretty, but they have temporary memory loss, a small one.”


She explained,

“After news, they normally have a guest, let’s say it is the President of Kenya. They will do such a sterling job of introducing him and then, they will turn to him and ask him to introduce himself again.”

“What is the problem?” Jemutai said finishing that set.

The crowd roared in laughter.

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She is stylish! Comedian Jemutai proves that she has curves (Photos)

Jemutai is one of the most recognized female comediennes in town. She rose to fame after fans fell in love with her trademark jokes centering around Kibet and Korir.

Since then, Jemutai has been known as the most funniest female characters in town.


In recent photos, Jemutai – real name Stella Bunei Koitie – has ditched the long baggy, oversized skirts – look and seems to have embraced more form fitting designs.

Check out her latest trends:


jemutai 4