Thitimaaaa! Here Are The 8 Most Annoying Behaviours That DJs Have In Common

The local industry is flooded with millions of celebrities and DJs are part of them. We have several young men and women who have ventured into the djing career and every day we see academies mushrooming from every corner of the country to nurture raw talent into superstars.

Despite the notion that the deejaying profession is not for the so bright minds, there are many learned DJs who have come out to disprove this notion among them is DJ Creme Dela Creme, DJ Juan, JD Sadiq and DJ Mo… just to mention but a few.

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Well, we appreciate these DJs but most of them have annoying behaviours and here are are some of them.

  1. Self marketing

Most of the local delays spend most of the time marketing themselves by advertising their social media accounts. “Follow me on Snapchat, Instagram and twitter @DJ Mscute..” Boss hire a PR manager!

2. Spend time kubig-up mpango wa kandos and girlfriends

Kenyan DJs like sending greetings and every time they are on the decks, they use 80% to biging up their girlfriends and side dishes. Utaskia, “Shiro was Githu 44, umesalimiwa” or “A gyal dem, Beyonce wa Ungwaro niaje?”. It’s high time they understand that clubs are not radio stations where people send their loved ones greetings. Mnabore!

3. Sound effects

We have all heard this —> ‘This is your mama’s favourite DJ’, ‘Mr x the baddest DJ in town’, ‘you’re chilling with best DJ in Kenya’, ‘come back selecta’,  ‘mbrrrrrcha, awuoooh, thitima’ and ‘your girlfriend’s favourite DJ’. They are just a few of the sound effects these DJs use. They are soooooooooooo annoying and revellers hate DJs with such behaviours. Some also have drops that are not as creative. Why can’t Kenyan DJs up their game?

4. Singing along to the music

Nothing irritates the ear than a DJ singing along to the music. Your work is to strictly entertain party animals by playing great music and not singing. In case one wants to listen to a live band, they will go to Kosewe or a concert where there is a headlining act just so they avoid bad singing from a DJ in the club. It’s time our local DJs shun away from this.

5. Talking in between the mix

When we go to a club, we are there to listen, dance and enjoy good music. No one is ready to listen to you talk. You will find that after every two mins, some DJs talk announcing about their new moves, advertising their brands without knowing that revellers hate that. Badilikeni priss!

6. Playing gospel songs

If you can’t play reggae or secular music join the likes of DJ Sadic and DJ MO in the gospel industry. Some of the Kenyan DJs break the rules and go beyond borders to drag gospel music into ‘sin’. Unless you’re emceeing at a wedding, please learn how to differentiate your gigs.

7. Using pseudo names

Please if you’re called Timothy Wamagata, Henry Shimalavandu, Eunice Waitherero or Zedekiah Wamatangi, please stick to your original name. Why call yourself ‘The Baddest DJ, Brayo Mhunk?’ Your mother is busy praying for you yet you changed you name. Calling yourself some sweet names won’t change kama uko chini, uko down. Kubali yaishe!

8. ..And of course scratching inappropriately