Take the 500k dollars! Jay Z responds to dinner or money debate

Would you turn down half a million dollars to have dinner with Jay Z?

A debate on Twitter has been asking people if they would take half a million dollars or forfeit that for dinner with Jay z.

Many said they would pick dinner with the billionaire in the hopes of being inspired to the journey to wealth.

And taking a jib at it, Tidal his music company has on his behalf told people to take the half a million.


Some argue that he will not give you any sound advise because that is for close friends while others said they would quickly take the half a million.

So ladies and gentlemen, the debate is over. Manz says take the cash and leave him alone.

Me? I would take the cash nipambane na hali yangu.

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Black excellence! Everyone’s excited about these other billionaires


On August 4th, Rihanna was officially named a billionaire last week in an article published by Forbes.

You can read it here.

Her success has prompted a discussion online about other blavk billionaires we should know about. Here is the list:

  1. Her beauty and fashion line helped propel her to her new status. She is reportedly worth 1.4 billion dollars.

Forbes estimates Fenty Beauty is worth $2.8 billion. Rihanna reportedly owns 50% of the company.

In addition to Fenty, Rihanna also oversees Savage X Fenty, a successful fashion and lingerie company.

Rihanna is now the second-richest female entertainer. Oprah still ranks first, according to Forbes.Rihannagucci

2. Oprah Winfrey:  She is worth 2.6 billion. From her talk show to weight watchers Apple Tv deals Oprah Winfrey posing with a book

3. Kanye West: He is worth 1.8 billion dollars. the rapper and fashipo entrepreneur
has a multi-year deal to design sneaker brand Yeezy for Adidas, is billionaire No. 1,750 with $1.8 billion. Kim Kardashian West, who parlayed reality TV stardom into a fortune with a mobile game, cosmetics and most recently shapewear, is No. 2,674 with $1 billion.kanye west black jacket

4. James Lebron

5. Jay Z:  1.4 billion dollars. Forbes cited the sale of half of his Armand de Brignac champagne to LVMH in a deal that valued the luxury liquor company at about $640 million. The two deals helped lift the fortune of hip-hop’s first billionaire. He was declared Hip hops first billionaire.jay z casual

6 Aliko Dangote:  The Nigerian according to Forbes Africa’s richest man  with 17 billion net worth and the 166th richest billionaire in the world. He has an 85.2 percent majority stake in Dangote Cement, which is the largest cement producer in sub-Saharan Africa.

First launched in 1981, the Dangote Group now owns and operates more than 18 subsidiaries across a range of industries, including Dangote Cement, Dangote Flour and Dangote Sugar.

Aliko Dangote
Aliko Dangote

7. Tyler Perry: He landed on the Forbes billionaires list for the first time, with $1 billion. The filmmaker behind the Madea franchise among others made it to billionaire No. 2,677. Tyler owns a 330-acre studio near Atlanta which is home to his creative projects. He is expanding his empire with other deals Tv  deals we are excited about.


8. James Lebron: Is the first NBA billionaire player.as listed by Forbes. He topped his billion dollar earnings from off and on the court. Sportico also name dhium a billionaire citing numerous endorsements AT&T, Beats, Blaze Pizza, GMC, Nike, PepsiCo, Rimowa and Walmart etc.


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Mariah Carey denies sensationally quitting Jay Zs’ Roc Nation

Music icon Mariah Carey has slammed rumors of tension with Jay Z and quitting his management company sensationally.
The Sun hsa reported that Mariah ended her music relationship with Roc Nation after an explosive meeting with Jay Z.
Mariah had signed with Roc Nation in 2017.
The tension according to the Sun was about her future with Mariah who is keen to produce a mostly RnB influenced album.
Mariah Carey has now signed with Range Media partner.
On her Twitter account Mariah denied tension saying the only situation she could get into would be “a creative tangent, such as our #1 song “Heartbreaker”.
Mariah also reminded people that of one of her and Jay-Z’s most popular records, “Heartbreaker,” topped the Billboard Hot 100 in 1999.”
She wrote the only ‘explosive’ situation I’d ever ‘get into’ with Hov is a creative tangent, such as our #1 song ‘Heartbreaker’!!” she wrote on her socials with a 45-second snippet of their music video. “To the people who make up these lies I say ‘Poof! –Vamoose, sonofa*****’!'”

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Jay Z and Beyonce won’t pressure their 3 kids to pursue music career


Jay-Z has in a rare interview opened up about how he and Beyonce raise their three children.

While many famous parents want their kids to follow in their career, this is not the case with the billionaire dad.


View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Beyoncé (@beyonce)

In the interview he said he and Bey will let them follow whatever career path they choose. He told the The Sunday Times on Sunday, April 25, that “Feeling loved is the most important thing a child needs, you know?” he said. “Not ‘Here’s this business that I’m going to hand over to you, that I’m creating for you.’”

“What if my child doesn’t want to be in music or sports?” he said. “I have no idea, right? But as long as your child feels supported, and feels loved, I think anything is possible.”

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Beyoncé (@beyonce)

He continued, “[The goal is to] just make sure we provide a loving environment, be very attentive to who they want to be. It’s easy for us, as human beings, to want our children to do certain things, but we have no idea. We’re just guides.”

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Sio fourth Street! The Sh1.2million wine Beyonce drank for Valentines day

The regular price for a bottle of wine from this maker is Sh8,000, but the one Beyonce had for Valentines is Sh1.2million.

wine beyYes, she is rich and it’s not a big deal.

Her fans are stunned and madly googling what it contains that makes it cost that much. We hit the webs to find out too just what it is and according to wine-searcher.com.

Masseto is one of the most famous Super Tuscan wines, made entirely from Merlot. It is made by Tenuta dell’Ornellaia and is known for its aromatic complexity, opulent fruit and tannic structure, and is consistently regarded as one of the top wines in the world with auction prices to match. It is classified as IGT Toscana.

After grape selections before and after de-stemming, Masseto’s fermentation takes place in temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks. The base wines are then aged in medium-toast French oak barrels for about a year, with barrels unsuitable for the final blend discarded. After blending, the wine is aged for another year.

Do you understand any of it? No? Neither do I, but just indulge the incredible moment.

Jay Z and Beyonce went out for dinner on Valentine’s Day in Santa Monica. Screenshots of the glamorous candlelit dinner at Santa Monica eatery Giorgio Baldi with red wine have gone viral.

bey and jay z vale

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I wasn’t allowed to perform with Beyonce – Sean Paul says of Jay-Z


In 2003, Beyonce and Sean Paul collaborated on a massive hit dubbed ‘Baby Boy’.

That song is one that Beyonce constantly performs in all her concerts, and one thing to point out is that you will never see Sean Paul joining her on stage.

At the MTV VMA’s, Sean Paul was seated in the audience as Beyonce performed the song, and fans started a conspiracy theory that Jay Z never allows male artistes to physically join Beyonce because he is jealous.

The Jamaican and dancehall artiste revealed why he never gets to perform alongside Beyonce for this huge hit song.

During an interview on the Too Live Crew, Action & the Burgerman radio show in Jamaica recently, Sean Paul was asked how he felt after the shows host said he didn’t like the events abotu the collabo.

Sean’s commentary, courtesy of DanceHallMag.com, is in patois, a language difficult for many to understand.

“Yuh si weh you seh? You neva feel comfortable. Me neva feel comfortable needa, but mi jus use my diplomacy all di while an guh roun any likkle obstacle weh me have inna life,” he said.

Burgerman then told the dancehall star that he didn’t think Jay-Z wanted him around Beyoncé, which Sean did not exactly deny. He said there was some kind of tension, but he respected the partnership.

“Yes, to me that was something that was apparent at the time,” he replied. “Wi know that artistry is artistry suh a nuh everytime dem ting deh gwan.”

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Sooo Cuuuute: World gushes at Blue Ivy’s 8th birthday picture


Beyonce’s first born daughter Blue Ivy is celebrating her 8th birthday.

Blue Ivy Carter as she is referred to by millions of fans has marked several milestones in her life.

In 2019, she won two awards for co-writing her mom’s hit “Brown Skin Girl,” in the Lion King album.

The awards were the Soul Train Music Awards: The Ashford & Simpson Songwriter’s Award.

The picture with the orange backdrop (above) has fans swooning, with many noting how cute she looks. See comments.
Happy Birthday 🎂 you beautiful young queen. Be blessed, be loved as well as love, and above all……continue to be you. Not only on this day (your special day) but every day. For you are BEAUTIFUL & AMAZING. Happy 8th Birthday Lil’ Miss Ivy. ❤🎉🎊🎈🍰🎂❤🎉🎊🎈🍰🎂❤🎉🎊🎈🍰🎂

blue ivy in pink
She’s beginning to look more and more like Beyoncé 😭❤️

Time flies bro
she’s really growing up right in front of us
Beautiful and I love how they dress her appropriately for her age.
She is very cute 😍 happy bday sweetie!

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Moët for who? Beyonce takes Jay Z’s favorite champagne to Golden Globes


The Golden Globes award ceremony usually flows with Champagne throughout dinner—thanks to Moët & Chandon, the official Champagne of the Golden Globes for over a quarter-century.

Beyonce turned up an hour late at the ceremony and in tow was her bodyguard Julius, carrying bottles of Ace of Spades, Jay Z’s brand of champagne.

beyonce julius carryign alcholh

Ace of Spades — the Champagne’s actual name is Armand de Brignac — was bought by Jay Z in 2014, and he quickly popularized it.

It retails at Sh30,000 a bottle.

According to vinepair.com, the popularity of the brand has skyrocketed.

Beyoncé is nominated for best original song for the track “Spirit” from The Lion King remake album, which earned her her fourth Golden Globe nomination.

beyonce andjay z golden globes

The A-list couple showed up at the ceremony held on January 5th, on Sunday night in Los Angeles.

Though they skipped the red carpet, Beyoncé and JAY-Z surely turned heads when they walked in.

Jay Z kept things classic with simple black and white tuxedo, while Beyoncé brought the drama by wearing a plunging black gown with enormous metallic gold puffy sleeves. Bey wore sleeked back hair and accessorized with circular-shaped diamond drop earrings.

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Kanye and Jay Z reunite after five year feud


Kanye West and Jay Z reconciled at Diddy’s 50th birthday party this past weekend.

It was a star studded event with Beyonce, Jay Z, Usher, Kanye, Kim Kardashian, and others gracing the party.

The two were seen together taking photos, shaking hands, and briefly speaking at the party, which was held Saturday night at Diddy’s mansion in Los Angeles.

The two fell out five years ago when Jay and Bey skipped Kanye and Kim’s wedding in 2014 and then later Kanye revealed that Jay Z ignored his wife Kim when she was robbed during her visit to Paris. In a series of rants, Kanye went on during his Saint Pablo Tour he told the audience alot.

Many blamed the fall out on Kim Kardashian.

jay z kanye and diddy cover

kanye and jay 3

kanye and jay 2

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Billionaire Jay Z flooded with warm birthday wishes as he turn 50


December 4th is Jay Z’s birthday and fans are elated.

Jay Z celebrates his 50th as a billionaire who has extended his brand into alcohol, clothing and internet firms, among other things.

Things to know about him as he turns 50:

  1. He started off selling his own music out the trunk with help of Dame Dash which led to a deal with PayDay records
  2. Jay’s first single ‘In My Lifetime’ & the B-Side ‘I Can’t Get Wid Dat’ were both distributed through Payday records
  3. Roc-a-fella records was formed shortly after alongside Dame & Biggs. Taking destiny into their own hands
  4. In 2006 a Nigerian politician built and commissioned a road in Ilorin, Kwara state. The road was named after #JAYZ, during which he was turbaned as Alhaji Jigga by the Emir of Ilorin, Alhaji Ibrahim Sulu Gambari.

Here are fans wishing him the best:


Jay Z really put his entire discography on Spotify on his 50th birthday. Power move.

happy birthday shawn corey carter, jay z.

love u forever ❤

It’s Jay Z’s birthday 😍👑

For Jay Z’s 50th Birthday he put his music back on spotify for who knows how long

December 4th a legend was born. Happy birthday Jay Z.

Happy 50th, Jay Z 🎈

December 4th a legend was born. From Marcy to Madison Square. This boy would defy the odds to become a legend. Happy birthday to a man I’ve come to deeply admire and respect. Happy birthday Hov. Jay Z

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Jay Z sent Sh4million Rolexes as VIP passes for his charitable foundation gala


While the rest of us are being invited to parties by being added to Whatsapp groups, Jay Z is doing things different.

The billionaire has sent out Sh4million watches plus a Sh30,000 champagne bottle to friends for his gala to be held on November 15th.

Forbes – Jay Z is OFFICIALLY a billionaire and how he created his fortune

His pals Swiss Beatz and Meek Mill shared their invites on social media, making many envious not to be part of the event.jay z rolex 2             lifestyle of the rich and famous.


But remember Jay Z was declared the richest hip hop artiste to land the billionaire status so when you’re as rich as Jay Z, you do things differently.

Jay reportedly has a $70 million dollar art collection, $50 million dollar real estate holdings, $220 million in cash and investments, a music catalog worth $75 million dollars and his companies like Tidal and Roc Nation – which total $175 million
The Shawn Carter Foundation Gala is on the 15th and we wonder who else got those VIP invites/passes.

He turns 50 on December 4th. Below are reactions:

Ive never been called broke so loud in my life

if you don’t get one, you belong to the streets.
This just called me broke
*crys in broke*

These the type of blessings I’m getting ready to receive 🙌🏽🔮💡🤞🏽


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Blue Ivy walking towards Beyonce will give you goosebumps

The global icon debuts the epic visual for her Lion King-inspired anthem.

The majestic clip was shot against the gorgeous backdrop of Havasu Falls in the Havasupai Reservation in Arizona and features Queen Bey in all of nature’s glory.

She glows in a yellow dress in the desert, ravishes in red while wading in the river, and leads her dancers in a blue fringe jumpsuit.

Blue Ivy also makes a cameo in between scenes from the Jon Favreau-directed film.


“Spirit” is the first release off The Lion King: The Gift.

The soundtrack, a musical ode to the film, features new music from Beyoncé, plus collaborations with JAY-Z, Childish Gambino, WizKid, Pharrell, Tierra Whack, Jessie Reyez, Burna Boy, Mr. Eazi, 070 Shake, and Blue Ivy.

Watch below as Blue Ivy makes an appearance in the music video, while walking towards her mum.

Beyonces furious face as women leans over to talk to Jay Z goes viral


Beyonce and Jay-Z had pride of place at Wednesday evening’s NBA Finals game held at the Oracle Arena in Oakland, California.

The globally renowned celebrity power couple took front row seats to watch the Golden State Warriors play the Toronto Raptors.

Jay, 49, and Bey, 37, who share three children, looked to be in bright spirits as they watched the game in progress.

beyonce face 3

Beyonce slipped into a deep gold flowing blouse with a plunging V-neck that only barely offered a hint of her cleavage.

The Lemonade bombshell’s top matched her teeny-tiny shorts, which allowed her to put her enviably toned dancer’s legs on display.

She wrapped herself in a gold coat that was covered in navy metallic studs, complementing the blonde highlights in her hair.

beyonce faace 1

The former Destiny’s Child member and Austin Powers In Goldmember star accessorized with a lime green handbag.

Beyonce accentuated her screen siren features with makeup and balanced on a pair of open-toed high heels.

Meanwhile, her New York City-born husband was in a black sweater in a white print, matching his stylish pair of pants.

Jay rounded off the look with a pair of black sneakers, a monochrome baseball cap and a glittering watch on his left wrist.


Beyonce placed her BY FAR SS19 Ball Bag on the floor as she and her man sat down to enjoy the spectacle that unfolded in front of them that evening.

At one point, Jay could be spotted with a radiant smile on his face as he stretched both his arms forward in some sort of gesture.

Beyonce was also seen holding hands with Golden State Warriors owner Joe Lacob as the pair shared a chat on the court.


Jay Z makes in-roads to Uganda! This is what he is up to

Jay Z global music and video streaming platform, TIDAL is headed to Uganda.They have partnered with the leading communications operator in Uganda offering mobile & fixed telecommunications, MTN Uganda.

The partnership provides MTN Uganda customers a variety of options for a data-inclusive TIDAL membership as part of their mobile plan to gain access to exclusive high-quality streaming music, videos, concerts and more.

Africa is a continent that has long been an inspiration for music heard around the world and TIDAL is excited to highlight the vibrant musicians on our platform. TIDAL is also thrilled to bring a new wave of digital music to Uganda as part of this collaboration,” said Lior Tibon, COO TIDAL.

The partnership, launched in Uganda but set to be rolled out in other MTN operations across Africa comes with an array of membership options where customers can tap into one, three, seven and 30-day memberships, all of which include data and a free 30-day trial for all first-time members.

jay z
Beyonce and Jay Z

Beyonce and Jay Z spotted on luxury yatch with twins Rumi and Sir in Italy (Photos)

On the importance of MTN’s partnership with TIDAL artist-owner Damian Marley noted:

“I remember hearing stories about my father’s records being destroyed once they got to Africa. They didn’t want the people to hear the message in the music. What a beautiful day it is now when Africa will not only have access to my family’s music but to all music that exists.” 

Speaking about the launch of the partnership, Jason Kpana, SVP Artist & Label Relations, shared:

“I’m really looking forward to connecting with Uganda’s musicians and helping to bring the TIDAL music streaming experience to fans across the country. We know MTN customers will love the diverse playlists, livestreams, videos and original content available on TIDAL.”

The content on TIDAL offers a deeper look into not only the repertoire of artists, but the music that inspires the work they do. Editors across the globe showcase the hottest tracks across all genres and create soundtracks for key cultural moments – life, death, civil revolutions, works of literature, and movies that have caught the cultural zeitgeist.

OMG! See How This Woman Was Shocked When She Bumped Into Beyoncé And Jay Z During The Grammys

The Big Apple was full of big names this weekend as the Grammys returned to the city for the first time in 15 years.

But for one woman, bumping into an A-lister was just about everything.

The unidentified woman was caught on camera absolutely agog as she bumped into Beyonce and Jay-Z as they walked through their hotel Saturday evening.

beyonce and jay z at the grammys 2018
Courtesy Beyonce Instagram

The snap was one of a series posted to her Instagram by Beyonce.

Beyonce, Jay Z Celebrate His 45th Birthday in Iceland

Look at the shocked womans face below in a photo that has gone viral on social media.

woman in shiock after meeting beyonce
This woman had the best reaction after meeting Bey/ Courtesy Twitter

Beyonce, 36, was looking down as she walked past the bystander in her stunning black gown and fishnet tights with a jaunty beret on her head.

The pop superstar held hands with her rapper husband, 48, who is dressed in a velour tuxedo and is looking straight ahead.

In other photos Beyonce shared, she and the Tidal mogul are shown snuggled up together with Jay-Z standing behind his wife with one arm around her waist and planting a kiss on her shoulder.

More stories

Jay-Z Apologises To Beyonce As He Appears To ‘Admit To Cheating’

If Lemonade was the accusation album, 4:44 is the apology.

Jay-Z’s new record was released on Thursday night, with fans immediately delving into the lyrics to search for possible responses to wife Beyonce — and they did not come up empty-handed.

In at least three of the tracks, the 47-year-old appears to make a series of revelations that allude to his ‘infidelity’, his clash with Solange Knowles two-years ago, and that his newborn twins had been conceived ‘naturally’, despite speculation he and Beyonce had favoured IVF treatment.


In Kill Jay-Z, addressing himself, he raps ‘You almost went Eric Benét / Let the baddest girl in the world get away.’

Eric Benét famously cheated on then wife Halle Berry.

‘I don’t even know what else to say / N***a, never go Eric Benét / I don’t even know what you woulda done / In the future, other n***s playin’ football with your son.’

Fans were quick to realise the last line referenced fellow rapper Future’s attack on footballer Russell Wilson for being a stepfather to his son, Future Jr.


In the same track, Jay-Z also appears to reference his infamous lift fight with his sister-in-law Solange Knowles at the Met Gala in 2014, admitting it was his fault.

Footage of the pair coming to blows had surfaced at the time, with Solange appearing to lash out at the Holy Grail rapper.

In his new song, Jay-Z raps: ‘You egged Solange on knowin’ all along / All you had to say you was wrong,’ he raps.


He then goes on to say in his track Family Feud: ‘Nobody wins when the family feuds,’ and has even appeared to name-check ‘Becky with the good hair’, whom many believed was Jay-Z’s mistress after Beyonce’s song Sorry that featured on her Lemonade album.

‘Yeah, I’ll f*ck up a good thing if you let me / Let me alone, Becky / A man that don’t take care his family can’t be rich,’ he raps.

Beyonce, meanwhile, provides backing vocals on the track.

Beyonce And Jay Z’s Twin Names Revealed As Couple File Trademarks

With a big sister named Blue Ivy, Beyonce and Jay Z’s new twins were always going to have unusual monikers.

And despite the couple’s silence on their new babies — they have yet to even officially confirm the birth — their names appear to have finally emerged.


The newborns were revealed to be named Rumi and Sir Carter, after their parents filed trademarks to protect the names.

According to the website TMZ, the company run by Jay Z (real name Shawn Carter) and Beyonce filed legal documents on Friday to secure the rights to the unusual monikers.

Jay Z Reveals His Mother Gloria Carter Is A Lesbian In Lyrics On New Album

While both names are distinctly unusual choices, Sir is the more uncommon of the two, with the name normally used as a title before a man’s first name.

Meanwhile, while Rumi is a Japanese girl’s name, it’s also the last name of the famed 13th century Persian poet Jelaluddin Rumi.


‘Sir’ also happens to be used in one of his most famous poems:

‘Bring the pure wine of

love and freedom.

But Sir, a tornado is coming.

More wine, we’ll teach this storm

A thing or two about whirling’.

Along with their boy-girl twins, the couple are also parents to five-year-old daughter Blue Ivy.

Jay Z Reveals His Mother Gloria Carter Is A Lesbian In Lyrics On New Album

Jay Z revealed his mother is a lesbian on his new album 4:44.

The superstar made the revelation about Gloria Carter in the lyrics to the soulful track Smile.

Mama had four kids but she’s a lesbian / Had to pretend so long, that she’s a thespian,’ raps Jay Z, who has spoken of how his father’s absence contributed to his troubled youth in public housing in Brooklyn.


Don’t matter to me if it’s a him or her / I just want to see you smile through all the hate,’ he raps.

In doing so, the husband of Beyonce confirms for the first time hushed rumors about his mother’s sexuality. He also explains how she turned to substances to cope with the stigma.

Smile opens with a snippet from Stevie Wonder and closes with a poem by Gloria herself, who recites: ‘The world is changing and they say it’s time to be free / But you live with the fear of just being me.’


Jay Z, like many rappers of his generation, employed homophobic slurs in his early music but was also one of the first prominent voices in hip hop to speak out in favour of gay rights.

Jay Z elsewhere throws veiled barbs at other rappers, including onetime protege Kanye West, who last year ranted against Jay Z and in support of then President-elect Donald Trump before entering a hospital.


The rapper has especially harsh words for the estate of pop icon Prince, a longtime rebel in the music industry, who had signed a deal with Tidal shortly before his death.

He denounces the ‘greedy bastards’ who have commercialized Prince with moves such as bringing his catalogue onto leading streaming service Spotify.