Papa and Mama loves you! Lilian Muli celebrates son’s birthday

Citizen TV news anchor Lillian Muli and her baby daddy  Shabana FC boss Jared Nevaton are happy parents.

The two welcomed a baby boy two years ago.

The two yesterday, came together to celebrate their son’s second birthday and in a social media post, Muli wrote;

“Our Baby is 2. Happy Birthday Liam Francis Ombongi. Papa and Mama Love you.”

She shared a photo of Jared giving a cake to their son Liam.

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Some men are not ready to become fathers-Lilian Muli’s advise to singles

Just like Tanasha Donna before her, Lillian Muli seems to be following the trend that many women who have come out of bad relationships follow-they become relationship counselors.

The mother of two has been a one-woman army the past few months as she has been advising her fans and followers on the ills of relationships.

Lillian Muli smiling
Lillian Muli smiling

In her latest post, Lillian quoted relationship coach Susan Nguttu. The general idea of the message was warning people about potential relationship partners and what they should watch out for.

The interesting message(when one considers Lillian’s past relationships) is below:

Some people are good wedding material but are terrible marriage material.
Some people are nice until they have finished with you.
Some are good caring and available as long as they can use you for themselves.
Some are ready for a glamourous wedding but unprepared for a blissful marriage.
Some men are biologically ready to be a father but not mentally or spiritually ready to be a husband.
Yet some ladies are biologically ready to be a mother but not mentally or spiritually ready to be a wife.
They work harder on the wedding plans, than they do on the marriage plans.
A wedding is for one day.
A marriage is for a life time.
Never you forget this.
If you promote a lady who is not ready to be a wife then you have to struggle to make her who she is not.
If you promote a man who is not ready to be a husband then you have to struggle to make him who he is not.

Lillian-Muli-with-her-sweetheart (1)

Her post is instructive considering that she and Shabana FC owner Jared Nevaton were linked romantically in the past with the two even getting a son together.

I am seriously very disturbed – Lillian Muli says after female stalker continues harassment

In late 2018 Lillian blasted a certain man online(whom we thought to be Jared) claiming that she would not tolerate a community husband.

Lillian Muli with Jared Nevaton
Lillian Muli with Jared Nevaton at their son’s birthday party

But 2019 looked to be a great year for the couple with Jared even publicly attending their son’s birthday.

But things seem to have taken a bad turn in 2020, with the Citizen TV presenter’s posts denoting a deep regret and dissatisfaction about the experiences that she has had in her past.

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Jinunulie maua! Lillian Muli tells women without Valentine’s dates

Lillian Muli has some interesting viewpoints for her female fans about becoming more independent.

How? Buy their own flowers! The mother of two who recently revealed she is in love again asked ladies to treat themselves better and practice some self-love.

Lillian Muli portrait
Lillian Muli portrait

The TV beauty shared a hilarious video of guys mocking women who had no Valentine’s dates or lovers to warm their beds and hearts. After having a laugh, she told women to get used to gifting themselves with chocolates and flowers.

Daddy Boss! Lillian Muli shares image of baby daddy, Jared Nevaton

Lillian told ladies that sulking is not an option during this Valentine’s period as any lady can easily spoil herself on the day of love-a message yours truly endorses fully!

“Ladies if these guys do not buy you flowers, chocolate or take you out do it for yourself,” she said.

The response from her fans to her message was mixed with some still wanting the princess treatment from the men in their lives, while other women fully agreed with her.

Lillian Muli at a restaurant
Lillian Muli at a restaurant

Her message comes a few days after the chocolate-skin journalist teased fans and followers by posting her man on social media. Some of her fans believed that the man she posted was a replacement of her baby daddy, Jared Nevaton.

Lillian Muli at a restaurant with her mystery man
Lillian Muli at a restaurant with her mystery man

They supported their claim by saying that the mystery man she had posted had a smaller build than Jared. I disagree with this analysis as Lillian has insisted the last few months that Jared was her baby daddy was her best friend, even insisting last month that she had been permanently assimilated into the Kisii culture!

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‘My bestfriend’ Lilian Muli describes baby daddy Jared in hearty post(photo)

Lillian Muli will always be a captivating study in character. The veteran Citizen TV news host has been on our T.V screens for a minute now and has always brought professionalism and candour to her field.

That is how we initially got to know her, through her career. But what drew more people to her was when she opened up her personal life using her Instagram page.

Lillian Muli interviewing Babu Owino
Lillian Muli interviewing Babu Owino

On her page, Lillian shows herself in an unvarnished way and shows how real she is. yesterday, she went further sharing an image of the man in her life and the baby daddy, Jared Nevaton.

The beauty shared a photo of herself walking besides Jared while clad in a cute purple gown.  The caption to her post read,

TATA. My Bestfriend. Through all the seasons.

Lillian Muli with Jared Nevaton
Lillian Muli with Jared Nevaton in the photo that she shared

Many of her followers were thrilled that the two are back together. Most of her fans were really jazzed that she was showing off her man while he was still alive, unlike the recently seen spectre where a man dies then-unknown wives(baby mamas) come out of the woodwork. For those of you who aren’t aware, Jared Nevaton is the Shabana FC boss.

Lillian Muli and Jared Nevaton
Lillian Muli and Jared Nevaton in the past

While her message is welcome, this year has seen an evolution of their relationship. Late last year, Lillian had a famous meltdown where she tore down her baby daddy in a post she later took down.

Lillian Muli admits she’s still with tycoon Jared Nevaton after sharing photo of black rose

She wrote at the time that he was a ‘community husband’ in a rant on social media after a sour period in their relationship. This year a mending of fences has been observed with the two been seen together at their son’s posh birthday party.

Jared Nevaton with his son, Liam
Jared Nevaton with his son, Liam

This is her second serious relationship after her first marriage to Moses Njuguna Kanene broke down after seven years. Although shortlived their marriage produced a son called Joshua.

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Daddy Boss! Lillian Muli shares image of baby daddy, Jared Nevaton Muli as I have said before seems to be on a different vibe this year. The screen queen did something yesterday that shows the power of forgiveness and positive thinking.

Lillian shared an image of Jared Nevaton, the Shabana FC boss and her baby daddy, something she has never ever done before! She released the image on her Instagram page.

Lillian Muli admits she’s still with tycoon Jared Nevaton after sharing photo of black rose

The image shows Jared playing with their toddler on Liam’s first birthday party.

She captioned it;

Daddy and Toto. Liam Francis…#BossBaby #Babyswag#DaddyBoss

Jared Nevaton with his son, Liam
Jared Nevaton with his son, Liam

This is a change from the nastiness that transpired late last year when Lillian went on a tirade accusing Jared of being a community husband.

Check out photos of Lillian Muli’s Ex-Husband in a new relationship

She wrote at the time;

Nobody should ever tag me in posts about Jared Ombongi who has previously been associated with me I disassociate myself from such links from today. As politicians say ‘I would rather die’ than be linked to a polygamist! Narcissism is real. Stay woke.

I speak out because no one will ever embarrass me again. People ask why put your stuff out there? Well it’s because next time you see Mr Community husband don’t go saying that’s Lillian’s man.

I am actually very blessed I have two wonderful men in my life Joshua Munene and Liam Francis and that’s all I need.

Lillian Muli
Lillian Muli

Her reconciling with Jared shows that time and effort can heal all wounds. Just like the way Diamond and Hamisa reconciled after their public spat last year when Diamond claimed that she had bewitched him.

Diamond and Hamisa
Diamond and Hamisa, one of his baby mamas

Or the way Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom are still great friends after the hell he put her through when they were married.

It shows you that people can change if the will and desire to do so is there.

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Lillian Muli admits she’s still with tycoon Jared Nevaton after sharing photo of black rose

Media personality Lillian Muli has revealed that all is well in paradise despite speculations that she had broken up with her lover.

The mother of two boys shared a black rose a few days ago and captioned it:


Lillian Muli

Well, she has shared a red rose accompanied by a long post responding to claims that she’s no longer with her baby daddy Jared Nevaton.

Red rose

Lillian Muli lashed out at those spreading rumours that she had parted ways with the father of her second born.

She wrote;


Lillian and the Shabana FC boss first appeared in public in 2014 while watching a match at the Machakos Stadium.

The two kept their relationship a secret until last year when Lillian finally gathered the courage to officially introduce him to the online community.

She shared photos of them posing together at different locations and captioned;


Check out reactions from Muli’s followers:

ndukua Well said mama!!👏👏
mercyaggy That’s the point girl..keep rocking you are highly favoured

sharonriziki Lilian you owe no one any explanation let not negative people get into you,…..😍😍😍

dominic_mayaka @lilmuli,we were worried because black rose only signifies bad omen but thanks for clarifying to us that you’re well,we do love you I being one of them,we don’t wish anything bad to happen to you,be safe In Jesus name 🙏

kinyanjuis_daughter I like how you don’t disclose your relationship neither your baby’s

cikumuchiri Unfortunately, when you post something in the public domain that is associated with doom and a black ending and not elaborate, your followers are bound to guess and guess until you say something. Perils of social media and putting things out there. Don’t know why anyone would expect different 🤔

rebb_mbele Wow….that’s so cool girl stay blessed with your family

Lillian Muli shows you how to dress your baby bump

Citizen TV’s news anchor Lillian Muli has proven that getting pregnant is not the time to look shoddy and unkempt.

She has kept her stylish ‘A’ game on flick, as she goes around upgrading her wardrobe, beating her face to perfection and getting the best wigs money can buy.

Shabana FC boss reacts savagely to questions that he is Lillian Muli’s baby daddy

City women, listen up. Getting pregnant is not a ticket to slacken on your fashion and self care.

It is a time to glow and look gorgeous.

Lillian Muli has had a hard time online with trolls attacking her left, right and centre.

She quotes popular author, Wale Akinyemi, “Everybody will call you a celebrity the day you see yourself as a celebrity you are on your way down. Don’t be deceived by what people call celebrity you need to have substance.” 


Adding, “If you are going to succeed you must have deaf ears and thick Skin. There is a difference between feedback and criticism some people will criticize you as an attempt to feel better about their own insecurities. Don’t pay attention to them don’t let your vision be clouded by Noise.”

Check out photos of Lillian Muli dressing her baby bump.








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Shabana FC boss reacts savagely to questions that he is Lillian Muli’s baby daddy

So, you have all heard that Citizen TV news anchor, Lillian Muli is very pregnant for Shabana FC Boss, Jared Nevaton.

Lillan was first to flaunt their relationship on social media a while back.

She wrote:

“Look how he looks at me.”

Lillian Muli and Jared Nevaton

In another social media post, she wrote


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And posted a number of their photos looking all loved up.

Lillian Muli and Jared Nevaton
Now, their relationship seems to have advanced and the couple is now expecting a new born in a few months time.

The Nairobian caught up with Nevaton who is currently in London on business and asked if he is the father to Lillian’s tot.

“What sort of nonsense is that don’t ask me stupid questions. Why are you asking me questions about my life? We are very together. This is very personal information,” Nevaton told Nairobian.

This Valentine’s day letter will make you laugh and fall in love all over again

 Lillian Muli and Jared Nevaton

Nevaton added, “Yes, when your wife gets pregnant does one ask who the father is? We are very [much] together. I don’t think my personal life should be in the public domain.”

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After Unveiling Her Rich Boyfriend, This Is What Lilian Muli Thinks About TRUE LOVE And Why Nobody Is ‘Unlucky In Love’

Popular news anchor Lilian Muli recently made her first public appearance with her current lover, Nairobi businessman, and Shabana FC chairman Jared Nevato.

The Citizen TV queen moved on following her divorce from her ex-husband Moses Kanene after she confirmed their separation back in 2016, ending their seven year marriage. They have one child together.

Lilian cited adultery, cruelty, and desertion as the reasons why she left him. Lilian alleged Kanene didn’t fulfill his duties as a husband and would regularly cheat her on with other women.


Lilian Muli has been keeping her romance with the city businessman off the public radar until recently when she posted a photo with him perhaps making  it official during her 35th birthday party.

ONCE UPON A TIME! Remember When Lilian Muli Said “I Do” To Estranged Ex Hubby Moses Kanene? (Video)

According to sources who didn’t want to be named, the two seemed very happy and were spotted occasionally whispering into each other’s ears followed by giggles, with Lilian giving a warm smile the whole time.

Now that she has finally moved on and found love again, Lilian Muli seems content and recently, she gave her opinion on love and why sometimes it doesn’t work for other people.


She shared some lyrics from a song by American rapper Nicki Minaj, dubbed ‘Grand Piano’ which basically talks about men who cheat and from the post, it appears as if she could be referring to her failed marriage with Kanene, suggesting that nobody is unlucky in love, saying that we sometimes just make the wrong choices.


Here are the lyrics that she put up from the hit song;

Am I just a fool?Lil
Blind and stupid for loving you
Am I just a silly girl?
So young and naíve to think you were the one who came to take claim of this heart
Cold-hearted, shame you’ll remain just a frame in the dark
The people are talking, the people are saying
That you have been playing my heart like a grand piano
So play on, play on, play on
Am I queen of fools?
Wrapped up in lies and foolish jewels
What do I see in you?

Lillian Muli Isn’t Hiding Her Love Anymore. Meet Her ‘Bae’!

Sexy TV girl Lillian Muli has been rumoured to be dating city tycoon Jared Nevaton, the Shabana FC chairman. Rumour has for the longest time, had it that their relationship has been on and off but the Citizen TV screen siren has finally set the record straight.

The mother of one who has been sharing ‘savage’ messages on relationships leaving her followers confused wondering who she was directing the messages to. It is now clear that they were meant for her ex-husband Mr Kanene.

She wrote, “We stay in unfulfilling relationships because we are petrified of being alone. Breakups are hard because no one wants to start all over again. The worst pain though is to be in a relationship that makes you feel lonelier than you felt when you were single. My alone feels so good I’ll only have you if you’re sweeter than my solitude.”

Last year, Lillian Muli filed for a divorce citing “cheating” and high “temper” as some of the reasons she wanted to leave her baby daddy as reported by the Nairobian.

Well, Lillian Muli who has been hiding the man who enjoys her warmth for the longest time finally introduced him to her fans in style. She shared photos of them posing together at different locations and captioned;


In case you didn’t know, Bae is a person’s boyfriend or girlfriend (often as a form of address).

Lillian Muli is now a happy woman. She has buried her past and moved on.

Here are the photos of Lillian and her new bae, what do you think about them?

Rumours about Lillian and Jared’s relationship, started way back in 2015 after they attended a football match at Machakos Stadium together. They were watching a Football Kenya Federation (FKF) Premier League match between Shabana FC and Nakumatt FC (which was recently promoted to the Sportspesa Premier League).