Does Janet Mbugua son know that he is getting a sibling? She reveals

Janet Mbugua’s son (Huru) is a treasure to the family.

The boy is three years now and his wisdom is inevitable with the way he communicate with his parents.

On his first birthday, the enviable couple got Baby Huru a doting baby elephant.

When Janet’s friends asked to know what they bought him for his first birthday, Janet wrote;


“Some of you have asked me what we got #BabyHuru as a birthday gift? We adopted an elephant for him named Ambo, from the @dswt in Nairobi. I hope one day he understands the importance of #ElephantConservation.”

Janet Mbugua reveals she has been losing her close friends after she became pregnant

Janet is pregnant with her second child and in her vlog, she reveled that her son knows he is getting a sibling. Meaning he is going to be the first born and of course big brother.


“Huru has totally changed especially at the beginning after we explained to him about it, I noticed that there is a difference and he constantly wanted to be with me. I tried and explained to him so that he does not get too shocked. Although I was told that the transition would be a bit tricky and that at the first few months there may be a little bit of jealousy so what I should do is include him in washing the baby and even changing her diapers.”

Janet Mbugua

The couple want their son to be knowledgeable and this is how they go about it.

“We speak to him like an adult and he has really become independent which is helping him a lot. We have also made sure that when he ask a question we try as much as possible to explain to him about that.”


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‘I wish someone told me you could really get sick’, Janet Mbugua on pregnancy

The moment you get pregnant, the advice – unsolicited or not – pours in. But htis wasn’t the case for former Citizen Tv presenter Janet Mbugua.
Janet is pregnant with her second child. Janet is in her first trimester and yes she is not shy to speak about her pregnancy.
Taking to her Youtube Channel, Janet wondered why no one tells you the truth about getting pregnant and motherhood.
Janet Mbugua
“Someone did not tell me that  when you are pregnant, you could really get so damn sick, I could hear about morning sickness, I could hear about morning sickness but I don’t really know why I could not co-relate the two because some people have it for the entire nine months while others just the first  trimester. I wish someone could have told me that, because in my first pregnancy, I was really sick, in this pregnancy. It is a good thing to be pregnant but I wish someone, could have told me ‘congratulations’ but you could really get sick.
janet mbugua
Janet also says that pregnancy has slowed her down and she is not able to travel, another challenging thing
“Another thing I wish I could have been told about pregnancy is that it can really slow you down. This may sound different with some people because they have tonnes of energy throughout their pregnancy and that is so amazing. Some could be very tired and sick for the entire journey, which is very unfortunate. I have really slowed down in what I used to do coz right now I can not do the projects I wanted to do, or even execute a lot of them, I can’t go out as much as I want to which has made realize that pregnancy can really slow someone especially those who are in business. You have no option because you have to respect your body when it comes to pregnancy. I will have to push some of the things i wanted to do this year but i don’t complain because maybe that is a heads up.”

This is why Janet Mbugua rarely shares sweet family moments

Is there such a thing as oversharing one’s personal life? You be the judge.

This seems to be one of the concerns expressed by former TV girl Janet Mbugua in a message she penned down recently.

The stunning beauty is a mother to cute son Ethan Huru and she is also a wife to hunk hubby Eddie Ndichu. The family always light up social media when they are spotted together.


Unlike her counterparts who flood social media with photos of family moments, Janet holds back with what she calls a very good reason.


Family is very important to Janet and her fans are always left wanting to know more about them. The Inua Dada Founder and handwashing campaigner is now letting us in on a big secret.



She has finally opened up why she is always reluctant on sharing her family photos online.

She said, “I’m not huge on sharing family photos, not all the time at least. I may occasionally do so on my Inta Stories. But this here is a real moment. Shared laughter, in between moments of fatigue, being cranky, not always being sure of what I’m really doing, or my methods, when it comes to raising a new family! I’m learning that this life, balancing all things, is far from easy. It can consume you and sometimes you just need a moment, away from people and projects, to conquer the everyday good and bad. Seasons and phases, which not everyone will understand. But ultimately, it’s a most fulfilling life, abounding with lessons that will certainly better me. Hands up if you feel me!

Her fans appreciated her remarks with the following responses;

elsie_essie: They grow up so fast!!just the other day he was so little…Good work mama🙌🙌it’s never easy raising kids…my lo is 6months #stillLearning

lynne_ngugi: I think my secret is just not to over think it, live one day at time, share moments and just live. My daughter is 2.3 and another miracle on the way by end of next month.. Ild go crazy if I gave things as much thought as I probably should. One day at time. You’ve got a great family.. And thanks for being a woman I can look up to!

idah_alisha: Aawww my love! I don’t know what’s more beautiful… that message or the people in the picture… you are doing good mammi! Keep it up I will need tips from you in the maybe near future! #ProudOfYou

mkawajombaagnes: Each day brings new joy. Never will you have a dull day. You shall never be a pro in raising a family

alex_cos_mas: Some women have five kids and they soldier on Janet. There is no formula just God’s grace.

bigfreddy45: Intentional parenting. Its very hard. But its got to be done.🖒






Grace Msalame’s Baby Daddy Ties The Knot (PHOTOS)

Paul Ndichu, Grace Msalame’s baby daddy (and twin brother to Eddie, Janet Mbugua’s husband) and the love of his life Evaline Momanyi finally said ‘I Do’  in a private colourful ceremony this afternoon that was held at Limuru Gardens.

aul Ndichu and Evaline Momanyi

Security was tight at the venue and only relatives and close friends were in attendance. Janet Mbugua, and her husband were in the lineup. Grace Msalame’s twins were the flower girls although she didn’t attend.

Paul Ndichu and Evaline Momanyi held their traditional wedding on April first this year and Msalame took to social media to congratulate them.

Here are the photos from Evaline Momanyi and Paul Ndichu’s wedding


aul Ndichu and Evaline Momanyi


aul Ndichu and Evaline Momanyi



WhatsApp Iaul Ndichu and Evaline Momanyi mage 2017-05-12 at 3.20.41 PM



aul Ndichu and Evaline Momanyi

Meet The Lucky Woman Janet Mbugua Cannot Have Enough Of. They Are SO INSEPARABLE (PHOTOS)

Janet Mbugua has been a very happy in the past few weeks. Ever since she called it a day at Citizen TV, the mother of one seems to be very free and has found a true friend who makes her happy.

She is none other than Ms. Momanyi her in-law’s wife (Her husband’s twin brother’s wife). Paul Ndichu and Mo tied a knot recently in an exclusive traditional wedding ceremony (Ruracio).


Well, Janet and Mo have been hanging out together and this has raised eyebrows. Was Janet Mbugua missing her social life while at Citizen TV?

Didn’t she have friends at the  Maalim Juma Road based media house? Because at times she appeared moody and depressed while on air. Or has Paul’s wife changed her completely after joining the Ndichu’s family?

Anyway, The former Vv girl is the only one to answer your many questions. All we know she is a happy soul.

Janet Mbugua and Mo are inseparable and below are photos to prove this


WhatsApp Image 2017-04-14 at 10.30.10 AM



Janet Mbugua
Janet Mbugua and Ms Momanyi


Janet Mbugua
Janet Mbugua and Ms Momanyi


Janet Mbugua
From L-R: Eddie Ndichu, Janet Mbugua, Paul Ndichu and Ms Momanyi

ELEGANCE AND BEAUTY! These 15 Photos Prove That Janet Mbugua Is The Most Fashionable News Anchor In Kenya

Most ladies nowadays think that dressing in short, revealing skirts or dresses will make them look better or hotter, but it’s not the case.

Top media personality Janet Mbugua is among the many women who have made us proud and we celebrate her.

Janet Mbugua & Her Brother Reveal What It’s Like To Be Twins

The mother of one who is always at the forefront of fighting for mothers, children, and young girls through her many campaigns and local adverts has won the hearts of many. She’s indeed a role model.


Janet Mbugua is not only known for her good command of English but also for her stylish and unique dress code. Have you ever seen her in a miniskirt? She doesn’t believe in showing too much skin, unlike her counterparts.

The sultry anchor always dresses in long skirts and knee length dresses that bring out her sultry shape and curves.

Happy Wife! Janet Mbugua Is Ecstatic After Hubby Eddie Ndichu Achieves This HUGE Milestone

She is a reserved woman. Unlike many of the local TV women who dress skimpily or in clothes that don’t fit them, Janet Mbugua has stuck to her formal dressing. She is never in controversies.

Janet always dresses to kill whenever she steps out even in a long skirt or dress and here are some of the photos to prove this. Dear Kenyan women and young girls, take lessons.












Courtesy: Caren Nyota