Kenyan celebrities dads bringing up children single handedly after losing their spouses

Single dads and widowers bringing up their children single handedly rarely get recognition.

These men have been thrown into the single father and widow department not by choice but by circumstances but instead of them crying wolf about it they are using the lemons life threw at them to make lemonade.

1. Tedd Josiah

When Reginah Katar breathed her last music producer Tedd Josiah had not imagined what life would be without her. With a daughter looking up to him for love and guidance, Tedd has had to take up the role of being a dad and a mum to his beautiful daughter Jay.

Tedd Josiah who is a music producer  is a true definition of a real gentleman. He has proved that when men put their mind into something they can actually do it.

Tedd Josiah with his daughter Jay
Tedd Josiah with his daughter Jay

2. Robert Burale

The stylish pastor Robert Burale is a single dad and he is not ashamed of that fact. He has his daughter to share all the love and affection.

Burale, who got divorced from his wife 6 years ago, is a role model as to what fathers should be in an age where dead beat dads are the order of the day.

Even though Burale did not lose his wife, he is still doing a good job and it is worth commending.

Robert Burale

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3. George Ikua

When the late Janet Kanini Ikua lost her life after a brave battle with cancer, the world came tumbling down for her hubby George Ikua and since then he has hard to adjust by bringing up his kids on his own.

He is a brave man who is still mourning his departed wife but still taking care of his kids as a single man only with the help of relatives and close friends.

The late Janet and husband George Ikua during a photo shoot

4. Dan Sonko

Dan lost his wife after she developed complications after delivery, leaving behind a son who never got to know his mum. Dan Sonko, who is based in Mombasa, has taken charge of bringing up his two sons and he is doing so well.

His young son is now all grown up and their late mum Dru Sonko would be so proud to see how much of a good job her husband has done.

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5. Abel Amunga

Abel, who is an actor and  father to  gospel artiste Ruth Matete, has managed to bring up her daughter single handedly for years after the death of his wife.

The father of one has on several occasions  stated that his daughter’s well being is what matters to him first and even when he is choosing roles to play, he has to ask for her opinion.

He is among fathers who do a good job and rarely get recognized by the society which is full of praise for single mothers.


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Celebrities open up on how they coped with the death of their kids and spouses

Dealing with the death of a loved one is never easy. It is a wound that never heals and a void that can never be filled no matter how much time passes.

Losing a child or a parent is even worse given that children and parents create a connection immediately after conception thus severing those ties is almost impossible.

Norman Cousin once said ” Death is not the greatest losing life, the greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live.”

I miss Regina everyday she was my anchor mourns producer – Tedd Josiah

Couple cry


On April 2014, the gospel fraternity lost a talented artiste Peter Kabere after he was electrocuted while washing his car.

At the time of his death, Kaberere’s wife Njeri was expectant with their second child and the shock of of his death is something she will never be able to put in words.

“Kabbz, I Will Always LOVE You” Kaberere’s Wife Writes a Tear-Jerking Tribute To Her Late Husband

The late Peter Kaberere with his wife Njeri

Unlike many people who let depression get the best of them, Njeri has come up with creative ways to fight her grief.

Speaking to The Nairobian she said

 “I have found ways of coping with grief that are positive.  I let my body go through such emotions as crying and feeling sad. I talk about what I feel and express myself. I try not to numb my pain but release it eventually.

Njeri Kaberere with her kids

I have found that reading does help one to cope with grief. I read books that help me. I love reading books about heaven and I find courage in the knowledge that my husband is with God. I also rest well and do the things I love.”

Given that her kids are also in mourning, she includes them in the healing process.

“I do a lot of writing and journaling, which helps, besides celebrating what her husband was when alive. She talks it out with her kids as they jam to his songs,once in a while, we visit the grave and pray together,”

This is what the late Janet Kanini’s husband is doing to keep her memory alive

TV presenter Isabella Kiturui lost her spouse after battling colon cancer when she was only 25-years-old with a three-month-old baby boy.

She says

“I mourned for eight years between 2005 and 2013. It was a shock, like a never-ending nightmare. I had been married for just one year,” 

The TV girl revealed how her pastor, counseled her asking her to move on and she did so though it took a while.

From that day, Isabella Kituri decided to try and forget what had happened and she said:

“I decided to remove my wedding band seven years later after a talk with my pastor who encouraged me to move on.”

Isabella with her son

Adding that:

“I had a meeting with myself. I had to stop behaving as if the world owed me for the loss and pain I suffered. I began to train myself to see the world as a stage of opportunities. I stopped feeling that people around me should give me their shoulder.”

Instead, I started sharing my experience, empowering others in similar situations. I became more useful to the universe,” she says. “I called myself ‘Blessed Bella’ as a mantra to remind me I can be happy again.”

Although she is not in a relationship, she goes out for ‘coffee’ a lot and here is her greatest lesson from her journey as a widow

“Be gentle with yourself, be happy with your space and seek peace from within yourself, never from others.”

George Ikua lost his wife Jane Kanini in April 2017, after she lost her battle with lung cancer leaving behind two kids.

Speaking  to the Nairobian about her death, George said

“Everything became surreal, it’s like she is still there, but she is gone.”

Ikua admits small blessing have helped him. He is tighter with the kids: “I guess we are a happy family,” but being a single dad and father to a daughter has created major adjustments, starting most mornings with them, dropping them off and running my biashara until 3pm when I pick them be-fore starting my life at 8pm when they sleep.”

George with his late wife Janet Kanini

George received a lot of help from his family in taking of the kids even as he made adjustments in both his social and financial life

 “My sister-in-law, sister and their godmother have been nothing short of angels for my little girl. But I realize I am the primary source of love and can’t delegate that. So, I can say I am a proud mummy and do most of the things with her, you should see me in the salon!”

Ikua admits that grieving never stops as “when you lose a loved one, it never goes away. The pain just dulls with some very dark days reappearing”

As a way of mourning and keeping Janet’s memories alive, George kept some of her stuff, his plan was to also share some of it with Janet’s siblings

He said
“I am still getting round to it, but I have picked a few pieces to pass to Jasmine because of their sentimental value and for the memories. The rest I will donate to her sisters and charity. Funny how when someone dies you realize it’s just stuff.” Ikua lost his wedding band before Janet died “and we never got round to replacing it.”

Music Producer Tedd Josiah had all his life planned out with his beautiful wife Regina Katar but fate had other plans for the couple.

Regina lost her life after suffering from a rare disease Thrombocytopenia that saw her blood platelet count fall below normal after childbirth.

Tedd Josiah with his daughter Jay
Tedd Josiah with his daughter Jay

According to Tedd Josiah Regina’s platelets were so diluted, leading to a significantly reduced count. Sadly, all through she had an internal bleeding, which had not been detected, nor stopped, because of her low platelet count.

Speaking on her death he said

“Imagine calling someone your everything – home, safe place, your all – and watching them slowly fade away on their deathbed in less than an hour. I was left on a free fall and lost. In many ways, Regina was my anchor.

Tedd Josiah with his beautiful daughter Jay

I have to make a lot of adjustments; I am more hands-on with my baby. I have to wash her, clean, cook, feed and be always there for her,” explains Josiah. “I am lucky my office is in my home so I can spend all the time I need with her,”

Painful Details Of How Tedd Josiah’s Wife Lost Her Life Emerge

Though it is hard for him to raise his daughter alone, he is thankful that the in-laws have been supportive.

He hasn’t forgotten his wife as he is still grieving and misses the good times he shared with Regina. The scar of that loss is quite obvious, proof that there is such a thing as true love.

“Losing someone you love isn’t easy, especially if it was real love. They say that love never dies, so imagine the confusion in my mind on some days. The loss in my mind. The heaviness in my heart just thinking about the fun times and wishing she’d pop out from behind the door and scream ‘boo!’ and scare me. That’s what we used to do to each other… and listening to a beautiful song and wishing I could share that with her. But she’s not here.”

Tedd Josiah with his late wife Reginah Katar
Tedd Josiah with his late wife Reginah Katar

Ted says that to keep his wife’s memories alive he chose to keep all her stuff so that he can pass them over to their daughter Jay.

“I kept it all. Some precious stuff will stay with me until my daughter is old enough to inherit it all…to let my little Jay know that her mom was loved, her memory was kept safe, but so were her valuable things.”

Uganda’s female artiste Julianna Kanyomozi, lost her son Keron who had been admitted at Agha Khan hospital in Nairobi after a severe Asthmatic attack.

During an interview with The Nairobian, Juliana opened up on how she was dealing with her sons death  confessing that she had at one point been angry with God, but she was taking baby steps to heal.

“I’ve been through a lot. I’ve always been extremely strong. But this was beyond it. There are things that happen to you and you cannot find the perfect vocabulary to explain them. It’s that pain that leaves you helpless and no one else but God can help!” Juliana opened up a while back.”

Juliana with her son Keron

She goes on to add

“I was very angry with God. He had just taken away the most important thing I had in life. Then again, there’s always a reason for everything single thing. He does,” she said adding that she was not really in touch with the world at that moment.”

Juliana went on to open up on how she deals with her grief given that their is no standard way of mourning when a calamity such as death strikes.

She says

“I have my bad days where I sit with a box of tissue and let the tears flow. I don’t know how long it will take me to move on. It is something that will always be a part of me. I’m only being a strong woman.

“It is all part of the healing process. I’m taking baby steps. I’m not yet there emotionally. When you’ve gone through something like this, you have to find the strength first.”

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This is what the late Janet Kanini’s husband is doing to keep her memory alive

NTV presenter Janet Kanini’s husband George Ikua is yet to come to terms with her death but despite all that he is doing his best to ensure that he keeps his family together.

The late Janet prior to her death had set up a foundation dubbed, Kanini For Africa Foundation, something that was close to her heart, as she too was affected by the condition.

She succumbed to her illness after battling cancer for sometime but despite her absence her husband George Ikua is now doing something so sweet to help keep the memory alive.


Janet was diagnosed with cancer in 2015 which had developed from a complication of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT). The cancer lesions had spread to her liver, bones, abdomen, lymph nodes and lungs by the time she was going for treatment in India.

Sadly she succumbed in April 2017. Speaking for the first time since his wifes death George Ikua admitted that it has not been easy adjusting to things after the death of his wife.

“Kids are great, school helps, getting back into routine really helps, just keeping everything in form, having the same nanny for the last 7 years has really helped. Still dicy on the question and time is a healer so we are taking one day at a time. I am home every day for homework, and that’s new for me.”

Speaking during an interview on K24, George said that the main reason of starting up the Kanini For Africa Foundation is to kickstart the cancer initiative.

“We are in a very disinformed state as a country, we are where HIV was 20years ago, lots of myths, taboos, unknowns and as Janet used to say cancer is not a death sentence. When you go to India the survival rate is 40- 50% but here it’s only 1% if you are lucky. Understanding the various cancer treatments, the implications. For me the foundation is to actually get the conversation going.”

He further goes on to say that the main problem in fighting cancer is the diagnosis

“If you go to a hospital right now, they will only test you for breast cancer and prostrate cancer, because those are unique since you can feel them with your hands. There is a simple blood test called CA test which is rarely carried out for being pricey, and by the time it’s done the cancer is at stage 3 or stage 4”.

As a way of keeping his wifes memory going, Kanini For Africa  Foundation held a “Janet Stands With You” Concert whose main am was to get the conversation going on cancer, and to give people information on the treatment.

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She’s Still Winning: Janet Kanini Ikua Wins This Prestigious Award

The late Janet Kanini  won the Tom Arocho Award for Commitment to Excellence in Coverage of Lung Health Issues at the 4th International Scientific Lung Health Conference.

janet kanini

The international Scientific Lung Health Conference is held to draw attention to established and emerging lung health issues. This conference brings together medical practitioners, public health specialists, scientists, scholars, community activists, other health professionals and all stakeholders with a common agenda of promoting lung health.


Janet who  succumbed to lung cancer  early this year was a TV presenter with a local TV Station before illness took a toll on her. During her battle with Cancer, Janet started advocating for better cancer care and even opened a cancer Foundation.

This is what the late Janet Kanini’s husband is doing to keep her memory alive

Kanini For Africa foundation mainly focuses on disseminating information to the people on cancer, its treatment and effects of such treatments and how to tackle them. Janet’s husband George Ikua received the award on her behalf.


He took to his social media to announce the news of his wifes win to is followers saying, Today I was honored to receive on behalf of Janet the Tom Arocho Award for Commitment to Excellence in Coverage of Lung Health Issues at the 4th International Scientific Lung Health Conference. There are 250 types of Cancer and if you were to listen to our leaders narrative you would think there is only Prostrate and Breast…if you were to test for lung or pancreas cancer where would you go or start?Sadly they would only find it at Stage IV Where have a serious Diagnosis issue in our country and this conversation must begin …lest you find out too late.”

This is not the first time that Mr Ikua has lost a close person to Cancer as he had lost his father-in-law in 2008 two weeks into his marriage. He also lost his wife in April this year.

Fallen Cancer Warrior Janet Kanini Tops April Google Search Trends, As The Late Ayeiya Takes 7th Place

Former NTV news anchor and cancer warrior Janet Kanini’s death was the most searched, according to Google Search Trends for April in Kenya.

The renowned media personality passed away on the 1st of April 2017, after battling lung cancer for almost a year, leaving behind two children and a husband.

Coming second on the Google Search was IEBC jobs after thousands of jobs were advertised online as we near the election date on the 8th of August 2017.

janet kanini

Being the football season, the third search was about football. Real Madrid Vs. Barcelona was the trending search under Spanish La Liga while Chelsea Vs. Tottenham, Arsenal Vs. Manchester City, were some of the dominant searches under Barclays Premier and Champions Leagues.

Interestingly, Jubilee nominations where the fourth on the search list.

With May being the month of Burger Festival, top restaurants in Kenya took the fifth place with the culture of eating out becoming popular in the last few months.

Back in April, the government of Kenya launched a web portal, where they have documented all the projects they have launched since 2013;, which took the sixth place on Google Search.

Top comedian Ayeiya real name, Emmanuel Makori, who passed away after a grisly car crush mid April, was also among the most searched, as people went online to find out more about him, taking the seventh spot on the searches.

ayeiya comedian

Other trending searches included the Kiambu Nominations where Ferdinand Waititu defeated the incumbent Governor William Kabogo and TSC Tpad (Teacher Performance Appraisal and Development) a performance appraisal programme for teachers and 30,000 school heads.

On the ‘Trending How to’ category, the most trending search was, “How to download music” while “How to buy Airtel airtime on Mpesa” came second.

Coming third was “How to make slime” which is a safer homemade plasticine-like material that can be made for use as a toy. “How to make Chapati” came fourth while “How to Kiss a Girl” and ‘How to Okoa Stima” took fifth and sixth positions respectively.

Check out the full list of the most searched trends on Google Search below.

Top Ten Trending Searches

Janet Kanini


Football Results (EPL-Arsenal, Man United, Chelsea, Leicester) (La-Liga: Real Madrid,

Jubilee Nominations

Top Restaurants nearby


Anthony Joshua

Karen Nyamu

David Mwiraria

Trending ‘How To’ Searches

How to download music

How to buy Airtel airtime from Mpesa

How to make slime

How to cook Chapati

How to kiss a Girl

How to Okoa Stima

How to write a cover letter

How to pray

She Will Be Missed! See Janet Kanini’s Last Social Media Posts Before Her Death

She was one of the most hardworking and passionate TV girls around. Known for her N-Soko Property show that aired on NTV, Janet Kanini was a down to earth lady.

Unlike many media personalities especially women who thrive on controversy, Kanini maintained a clean image. Her charming smile could not go unnoticed even at the time of sickness.

Well, we went through Janet’s social media posts and on 26th February this year on a Sunday, she shared a message thanking God for life and encouraged cancer patients to always believe in the Almighty.

Even when you don’t get a miracle you can be a miracle. Many patients continue to pass away from cancer. It’s heartbreaking and difficult to accept that it’s God’s best plan for our loved ones to die, especially after we’ve prayed and faster and believed in healing. I don’t have the answers. One day in Heaven we will get them.”

Gone Too Soon! Janet Kanini Ikua Is DEAD

Janet continued, “What I do know is that, being diagnosed is an opportunity to repent and live a holy life, better than you ever have, so that should your life end at any second, you’re ready for that glorious place where all pain disappears. 2 Corinthians 4:16 ‘So we do not lose heart. Though our outer self is wasting away, our inner self is being renewed day by day’ Even when you don’t get a miracle you can be a miracle….. As you prepare yourself for the Kingdom it’s an opportunity to inspire others and teach about the one and only way to eternal life – Jesus Christ our Lord. John 14:6 ‘Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.’ You’d be surprised how unsure attitudes/emotions are around cancer patients/warriors. Sometimes they feed off our attitudes/emotions so we end up being their encouragement that it is well, even though things don’t look like that. I’m not saying that you should deny your true feelings as a patient/warrior, just be aware that your moments of resilience help your loved ones too.

James 1:12 ‘Blessed is the man who remains steadfast under trial, for when he has stood the test he will receive the crown of life, which God has promised to those who love him.’ Don’t forget to crack those silly jokes about things you’ve done together, look at old photos, anything to make you all smile! Proverbs 17:22 ‘A joyful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.’ Don’t let cancer steal your joy. It doesn’t deserve to hold such power over you.

You are special and loved, no matter how your journey ends. James 1:2-8 ‘Count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet trials of various kinds, for you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness. And let steadfastness have its full effect, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing.

Celebrities React Following Former NTV Presenter, Janet Kanini’s Death

If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given him. But let him ask in faith, with no doubting, for the one who doubts is like a wave of the sea that is driven and tossed by the wind.’ Be still and know that God is God. Have a peaceful Sunday,” read Janet’s post.

Did Kanini predict that she was going to die in this post?

On 9th last month, during Women’s Day, Kanini also posted something appreciating women which was her last post on Facebook.


On Instagram, where she wasn’t that active, Janet Kanini posted a photo posing with celebrated local singer Wahu Kagwi after attending a dinner at their former high school; Precious Blood Riruta.

kanini 2

These were Janet Kanini’s last social media accounts.

Wahu, who has been affected by Kanini’s death, took to social media to eulogise her. Here is what she had to say;



Gone Too Soon! Janet Kanini Ikua Is DEAD

Former Nation presenter Janet Kanini is dead.

Janet was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2015 and went to India for treatment where she stayed for several months before coming back to Kenya last year. She was pronounced free from cancer.

In October Janet broke the sad news about her battling the disease and this touched many Kenyans who in turn held a fundraising to help her pay the medical bills.

Janet Kanini

 The former N-Soko Property has since then been working with cancer organisations where she gave talks to cancer victims and survivors.
Well, Nation, her former employer has just tweeted that Janet Kanini is no more.