Jane Ngoiri’s celebrates her son Amir as he turns five years

Former news anchor Jane Ngoiri has celebrated her son’s fifth birthday in a lovely post on social media.

The former NTV personality celebrated her son Amir for allowing her to be called a mother.

She wrote;

“Exactly five years ago, my life completely changed. God gifted me with the world’s greatest title, mummy. I thank God for the amazing journey it has been. My heartbeat turns five today. May the Almighty God bless you always, may you grow to be a God-fearing boy. I love you.”

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Check out birthday messages from her fans;

mary_wanjeri; Happy 5th remembrance day of his birthday. May he celebrate many more to come.

pauline_kungu; Best title ever I agree. Happy birthday to the young one. Showers of blessings on him.

mutanyi susan; Happiest birthday son God blessings upon your life.

realmwanga; A happiest birthday to the young man. Wishing him every blessing in everything !!!

Kambua to Rubadiri : Female celebrities whose natural hair is GOALS – List

Gone are the days when rocking natural hair was frowned upon, more and more women are embracing natural hair not only in Kenya but worldwide.

Below are  women who have managed to keep their hair natural.

  1. Kambua

Gospel artiste and TV host Kambua is among Kenyan female celebrities who have rocked natural hair for the longest time.

Once in a while, she does rock braids but her hair is still natural.


2. Wendy Kimani

Kenyan artiste Wendy Kimani has her hair all-natural and no it is not short, brittle and shrunk. It’s very healthy.

It adds some beauty to her already melanin skin tone.


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3. Maureen Kunga

Maureen is a member of Kenyan music group Elani, she has for the longest time rocked natural hair which proves a woman does not have to rock weaves to look good.


4. Jane Ngoiri

Jane Ngoiri is NTV’s Kiswahili news anchor and reporter. Jane Ngoiri has successfully managed to always wear her natural bob hair with much ease.

She not only looks stunning but also beautiful with that natural look.

Jane Ngoiri

6.  Victoria Rubadiri

The ever bubbly Citizen news anchor not only does an excellent job at anchoring, but she also likes to wear her natural crown once in a while.

This makes her glow more as we get to see her origins as an African lady.


7. Chiki Kuruka

The sassy lady is one to admire as she has on most occasions wore her natural hair and mahn! Is she breaking boundaries with this sassy look.


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8. Esther Chebet (Real Housewives of Kawangware)

Esther Chebet is a Kenyan actress and is among celebrities who rock natural hair year in year out.

Esther Chebet

9. Femi One

The Kenyan female artiste loves her hair all-natural, the only thing she adds is a bit of colour.

Femi One

10. Olive Karmen

She came to stardom during her first appearance of ‘Blaze Be Your Own Boss’.



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Jane Ngoiri opens up about ‘unplanned’ pregnancy

It would be easy to assume that every woman gets super excited about finding out she is pregnant, but that was not the case for TV presenter Jane Ngoiri.

She recounts how the pregnancy came as a shock, followed by doubts whether she would be a good mother. Sharing a throw back photo, she disclosed

“If it’s Wednesday…you know it’s #ParentingWednesday. Today I am throwing it back to when I learnt I am pregnant. I had not planned so I was shocked,I wondered if I would make a great Mum,how will I balance work and motherhood. Tell me how did you feel when you learnt you are pregnant?
#ParentingWednesday #FeelingAfterLearningYouAre”

Jane Ngoiri

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Below are some of the comments from her fans narrating how they received the news of their pregnancies

luckiekamande: I can say I had mixed feelings. Happy and scared but now I’m no longer scared. In March we turn 1.

phylomash: Hi Jane mine was a shock I had another 7 month old baby I was starting weaning when I learnt I was 2 month pg. In disbelief I called my husband to ascertain if it was true or the medical practitioner had got it wrong. Anyways I breastfed both

shikorono: When I learnt that I was expecting my second child, it was the biggest shock. I would call my mum crying telling her I didn’t want another child. At least not so soon. My first born was 4years old but I felt it was so soon. Then I went for a scan. I just fell in love there and then and couldn’t wait to meet my lil man😍😍otungatricia:Happiest moment and I thank God for the baby girl

suzzie.actress: I was very happy! I was waiting for it like wow! I loved it.🔥💕


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‘I never thought a day would come to say Goodbye’Jane Ngori pens to Nimrod Taabu as he leaves NTV

NTV presenter Jane Ngoiri is a heartbroken woman after learning that her friend and colleague Nimrod Taabu is leaving his job at the station .

Nimrod joins media personalities who have left media either completely or shifted to join other media house , including Larry Madowo, who joined BBC, Rashid Abdalla who moved to Citizen TV and Kanze Dena who moved to State House to start her job as a deputy spokesperson.

Jane Ngoiri and Nimrod Taabu

Lulu Hassan’s husband Rashid Abdalla message to Kanze Dena will move you

Nimrod and Jane Ngoiri have been presenting together for a long time and here is the heart breaking message Jane wrote;

“What an emotional day it has been. I can feel the void in my heart. I still have tears in my eyes…errr balancing tears is no joke. I never thought a day would come to say Goodbye. Nimrod Taabu has been more than a colleague;a BestFriend. “


She continues

“When I joined NTV in 2012, I was starstruck by this guy who I watched and always wanted to do News with…and when I met him…we just clicked. Our chemistry on TV attracted eyeballs, we connected with viewers and it has always been fun working with NT.
Nimrod Taabu; May the Almighty God Bless you in this New Chapter of your Life.”

Just like Jane Ngoiri, presenter Lulu Hassan was left in tears when bidding her friend and co-host Kanze Dena goodbye as she left for her new job.

Kanze Dena steps out looking sharp for her first day at work as deputy spokes person

In part this is what Lulu wrote to her co-host;

“I remember us sitting and giggling nervously when the news was broken to us, that we were the top anchors in the country, 4 years in a row. 4 years of holding our breath, perusing through news of the day before going on air, holding frantic conversations and arguing on random things. Nobody knows what it is like to be an anchor like those who have to go through the process, driven, often by a strong desire to deliver nothing but the best. It felt, strongly so, that our audience had done an audit of our job. And they had given us another reason to rise and be the best we can.”

She continues

“After working together for about 5 years and a few months …I say thank you God for you know what we have been through and how our past looked like .pairing with you has been a blessing just as you always rightfully put it ..it worked both ways and I for sure knew your time is coming and that you are headed for greatness.”

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NTV presenter Jane Ngoiri shares her parenting advice to women

NTV’s Swahili news anchor Jane Ngoiri was blessed with a bundle of joy, her firstborn son.

The present is not only a mother but also a wife to the love of her life Abdillahi Hussein.


                                                            Jane’s son

She uses her social media platform to share her experiences with other women and mothers on parenting.

Time after time, Jane has given advice and thoughts on how she thinks it is best to raise a child.

It is evident most women learn a thing or two in her #parentingwednesday as many comment on her posts.

Today, this is what she shared on social media


“If it’s Wednesday it’s all about #ParentingWednesday. There was so much feedback on last weeks topic: Weaning. So I have decided we breakdown this topic and continue discussing it in the coming weeks.
When I started Weaning at 6 months,I began with Porridge. My experience;I first did pure ugali flour then pure wimbi. I was advised not to mix flours as many do or mix wimbi with omena.
Reason being when you mix wimbi and sorghum they have different cooking temperatures so one will lose its nutrional value and secondly if baby reacts you will not be able to point out what exactly it is if you mix wimbi,omena and something else.
Up to date I give my Son either pure wimbi porridge or pure sorghum porridge. No mixing. Share your experience. #ParentingWednesday #Weaning #PorridgeManenos.”

Here are some of the comments.

Stella: Woow, very insightful,!

Sarah: I was also advised to start with pure maize flour since its easily digested unlike starting with wimbi which takes longer to be digested.

Elizabeth: Pure maize flour ni gani? Ya packet ama ya poshomill? & why not infant weaning flour?

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2 MAJOR but relatable reasons why NTV swahili presenter Jane Ngoiri did not spot her trademark short hair in 2017

Do you like her rocking her trademark bob haircut or the weaves she has been wearing this year?

Fans of NTV swahili news presenter Jane Ngoiri may have noticed that her short haircut has been missing. The sexy swahili presenter is known for her mastery of the language and fans are always eager to tune in at 7Pm for the bulleting.

Jane Ngoiri this year welcomed her first baby after walking down the aisle. The yummy mummy has been juggling motherhood and her duties at the Nation media group, and as all mothers are known hardly have time for other things.

So this year Jane put aside rocking her trademark hair and instead opted for weaves.

She attributes this to the heavy load of motherhood and work, that is totally relatable with many Kenyan mothers who are working hard to make it in this life.

she apologized t her fans, explaining her look throughout 2017, and promising something new in 2018. Well, with the new year just a few days away, we can’t wait to see what she has in store.

#2017…It was a balancing act between Motherhood and my Career. I couldn’t afford to spend the many hours I did at the salon getting my signature bob cut,so I opted to explore the weaves in Nairobi. I believe it went well thanks to dedicated hairdressers I came across who made me realise,” Hairdresser holds a trusted place in a woman’s life.

Meanwhile check out the many looks she has rocked with her weaves while on air.






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Swahili News Reporter Jane Ngoiri Looks Stunning After Welcoming Her Baby Boy (Photos)

Becoming a first-time mother is the most amazing thing to happen to any woman and the joy overflows when she finally holds the infant in her arms.

Well, not many women manage to get their sexy back after giving birth and most admit that losing weight and baby fat is one of the hardest postpartum things to go through. And more so, keeping the beauty.

For one Jane Ngoiri, this is not so, if her photos after welcoming her baby boy is anything to go by. The stunning Swahili news anchor welcomed a bouncing baby boy on the 9th of July at an undisclosed hospital in Nairobi.

Jane Ngoiri

This was such a happy moment for the NTV Jioni news reporter who had constantly been sharing her amazing pregnancy journey to her fans on social media and viewers until the last month when she finally gave birth to her bundle of joy.

Jane Ngoiri has been on maternity leave and only resumed work about 2 weeks ago, where she received a warm welcome by her fellow workmates and viewers who had missed her presence on their TV screens.

One could not help but notice how the beautiful news anchor looked elegant and glowing despite having given birth just 3 months ago, and it’s hard to believe that she had a baby bump this year.

Finally! Glamorous NTV News Anchor Jane Ngoiri Welcomes A Baby Boy

Jane Ngoiri looks amazingly glamorous and graceful, flaunting a flat stomach and curvy, hot body with a warm smile and an exquisite charm on her face. Though she’s yet to reveal her son’s face, she has been sharing snippets of the little one social media once in a while.

Jane Ngoiri

The best moment of Jane’s pregnancy was when she graced the July edition of True Love magazine, where she talked about motherhood and losing her dad to cancer. She also admitted that her baby had given her a rare glow during those 9 months.

Jane Ngoiri is one of the most celebrated Swahili news anchors in Kenya, with a very impeccable and admirable yet humble personality. She joins other media celebrity moms in town like; Anne Kiguta, Lilian Muli, Victoria Rubadiri Janet Mbugua and Julie Gichuru.

The stunning anchor and journalist walked down the aisle in 2015, where she exchanged vows with the love of her life. This is their first child together. Congratulations are in order for Jane Ngoiri as she continues this motherhood journey.

Check out her latest post baby photos, looking dazzling and radiant!

Jane Ngoiri

Jane Ngoiri

Jane Ngoiri