Gospel singer Jane Muthoni reveals how met her a new lover after divorce

Gospel singer Jane Muthoni has revealed how she met her husband.

Speaking in a Youtube interview, the ‘Materetha’ hitmaker who held her wedding in August 2019 said she met her man in a funeral where she was invited for work.

Muthoni was initially married but divorced her first husband due to unreconcilable situations.

‘It was not a good scenario for me. Before you agree with your mind and soul that this is what has happened, it is always a struggle. You are in dilemma what you will tell the public.’

Having been a mentor to some couples whose marriages worked, she said she used to feel so bad and therefore avoided the public after her marriage failed.

‘It is hard to even explain yourself to all people but if you pray and accept that it has happened then you will win and come out strong again. When I came out I realised that people still loved me.’

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Muthoni remained single and she says life as a single mother was not a walk in the path as some married women started avoiding her maybe fearing that she would snatch their men.

‘Some even stopped being my friends. My message is that no one wants to live single, it just happens under tough circumstances that we might not be in a position to prevent. I tried my best to save my marriage but it couldn’t work.’

After healing and deciding to move on, she said that she prayed to God to give her another home.

‘It was my desire but He answered. God can use any means to give you what is yours. I met my husband in a funeral where I had gone to perform and I was even paid. I sang and when I sat down, I heard a voice from inside telling me, ‘your husband is here’ I was paid via Mpesa and I did not even know the guy. I disagreed so much with that voice. I left before the burial was over because the voice kept talking to me.

The man who had invited her for the performance turned out to become her husband.

She has since relocated to America after holding a lavish wedding here in Kenya.

‘He was not living in Kenya so we had to relocate. I am still singing and my advice to those who are looking for a loved one is that their time will come but be sure to go out and meet people.’


‘I was a house girl before fame’, popular Kikuyu musician Jane Muthoni admits

Jane Muthoni is a popular Kikuyu musician known for hits such as ‘Materetha’ (Tribulation)  and ‘twarana nanii’ (walk with me).

Like many stars in the world, Jane Muthoni did not have a smooth life while growing up.

“When growing up, I always wanted to be an artist. “I was born into biting poverty, burdened with no secure place to call home,” she says in interview conducted by Jeremy Damaris on a US-based TV Station (Kikuyu Diaspora),  as she starts the chronology of her life.
She was brought up by a single mother.  At the age of seven, she started formal education at Gachoka Primary School in Gatundu, Thika District. She later dropped out due to lack of school fees but joined another school after two years where she did not manage to complete high school.
“I came to Nairobi and I was employed as a house girl in Jogoo road, taking care of children and doing all house hold work.
My employee was not so bad, which I always thank God for. The most challenging thing is that those days house helps were paid so little. I was paid sh300 per month despite doing alot of work in that house. I did not lose my vision of becoming an artist so I kept trying.
When I asked my employee to increase my salary, she added me sh20, that added upto sh320 per month.
I also worked as a waitress in Gatundu where I was earning a thousand per month.”
Because she always wanted to be a musician, in 1996, Muthoni’s life inspired her to write music. Using her hard-earned money and topping it with borrowed money, she released her first album Giagai na Hinya (Be Strong), which became a hit and the album sold out.

She Said Yes: Ex-Kamiti prisoner proposes to campus girl with mutura

A couple in Kiambu have finally gotten married after the man, who is a an ex prisoner at Kamiti Maximum Prison proposed over a Ksh 30 bob mutura.

John Muroki, 29, and Jane Muthoni, 29,  met at rehab in Kiambu County where they had been placed by the County government in an effort to rehabilitate them.

They wedded a few days ago, and their wedding was funded by fellow recovering addicts plus a Sh100, 000 donation from Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu aka Baba Yao.

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 Muroki, a class eight drop out, narrates on how he met the love of his life ,adding that he went to see Muthoni’s parents with a two-kilo pack of maize, a loaf of bread and Sh150.

“We started chatting by the roadside where we were clearing bushes, but our relationship blossomed during rehab classes. One day, during lunch time, I told her that I was going to treat her.

She thought that I was joking! I took her to a mutura base, told the mutura guy to slice Sh30 worth of mutura for us and proposed.

She said “yes!” We celebrated with a cup of soup amid joy and laughter,”

John Muroki and Jane Muthoni

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The two lovebirds lived two separate lives before they met. Muroki spent time at Kamiti Prison twice in 2010 when he was nabbed for transporting chang’aa from Mathare to Githunguri.

“I started drinking alcohol and smoking bhang after primary school in 2003. I lost control of my life because of alcohol and drugs. I was a big-time bhang smoker in 2007.

I was arrested in 2010 when I was transporting chang’aa and later charged with robbery with violence after the person who ran the chang’aa business accused me of beating him and stealing his phone. I spent a whole year at Kamiti prison as a remandee.

The complainant withdrew the charges later at a time when cholera was a menace in prison. Luckily, I survived. My co-accused died while in prison,” Muroki told The Nairobian.

But his troubles did not end there, because a month after his release, he found himself again inside the walls of Kamiti Prison after they abducted a friend’s wife to extort money from the man’s in-laws.

“My friend came up with the idea of abducting his wife so that we can get some cash. I was to ambush them on their way to town, which I did, but after a short distance, she screamed for help and traffic police officers who were manning the road heard her cry and shot in the air. We were bundled out of the vehicle and beaten by a mob like crazy,”

Terming the beating as the second time he saw death, Muroki says that when he was released from prison, his life was already a mess and he resorted to drinking day and night to the extent of losing interest in women.


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Muthoni, on the other hand, left her Ngumba estate home in Nairobi in 2009 after dropping out of Christian University in Kampala, where she was pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree and became an alcoholic.

She would spend her nights in trenches in the streets of Nairobi until her aunt offered to take care of her. Muthoni, an alumnus of Aberdare Girls says

“I dropped out in my second semester after my father became polygamous and out of disappointment. My self-esteem was low and I ended up finding solace in alcohol. I used to sleep in trenches because I had given up on life. I met John at Kaa Sober and his comical character attracted me to him. Money is not everything. What I saw in him is a person I can live with.”

She hopes to get a job and start life fresh.

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