We’re Smitten: Meet Mike Mondo’s hunky chef brother – Photos

Women love Mike Mondo for his husky and inviting voice, sadly he is off the market.

Many have always wondered if he has siblings and if they are single.

Well Mike has a brother, James Nzioka, who almost looks like his twin.

Going by his profile, Nzioka is a Chef at Royal International Caribbean.

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Here are photos of Mike and his brother Nzioka

Mike Mondo and his brother James
Mike Mondo and his brother James
James Maluki,Mike Mondo's brother
James Maluki,Mike Mondo’s brother

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Maluki James Nzioka
Classic 105’s Mike Mondo alongside his brother James Maluki
Chef James Maluki,Mike Mondo’s brother
Mike Mondo’s brother

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Below are some comments from Mike’s fans which suggest that the boys do look alike and that women are crazy about Mike Mondo’s voice.

simecore_016:twins ..right ?

nayomi_kui:Your twin?

wambuikariuki:Wow! Same same…

dimples_ke:Since you got waithera si unisambaze huyu 😜😜😜😜😜 looking good..