Check out these drop dead gorgeous wives of your favorite celebrities

We take a look at some of celebrity with drop dead gorgeous wives and baby mama’s.They say chema cha jiuza kibaya cha jipendeza.

1. Naiboi


2. Jamal Gaddafi

He is loved my many for his good look but most importantly for his appearance on a local show Maisha Mzuka. He is married to Mayra Jamal and they have two kids.


Photos of the sassy and stunning wife to Sport Pesa CEO Ronald Karauri

3. Steve Mbogo 

Steve Mbogo is married to the gorgeous Sabrina Jamal.


4. Nick Mutuma

Nick’s baby mama Bridgit Shigadi and together they have a daughter.

Nick Mutuma,Bridgit Shigadi

5. Rayvanny

The Tanzanian star is engaged to mama Fahima.


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6. Karauri

Sport pesa boss is among Kenyan celebs with drop dead gorgeous wife. He is married to Ruth Karauri.

Ronald Karauri

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Jamal Gaddafi and wife welcome baby girl

KTN presenter Jamal Gaddafi and his wife Ahlam Feisal’s have welcomed their second born, a girl, born on the 22nd February at around 2:15am.

Gaddafi, who hosts the show dubbed Mzuqa, took to Instagram to share the exciting news, adding that both mother and child were in good health.

Allah has blessed me with a beautiful BABY GIRL👧 . Both the child and mother doing fantastically well.
22nd-2-2019 around 2:15Am
‎⁦‪#Alhamdulillah‬⁩ WELCOME 🙏🏼 MY LOVE 💕 ❤️
‎⁦‪@mayrajamal_ 👶 😍”

Jamal Gaddafi

Shock as woman is killed and her 3 granddaughters raped in Kericho

Jamal prefers keeping his family matters private and it is rare to see photos of his wife, but his son on the other hand is already famous as he has an instagram account.

Here are photos of Jaml’s first born son



Photos of this cute little boy show how fast he is growing and how cute he looks, just like his dad.

Below are comments from his fans congratulating him on his new bundle of joy.

bunus.bunu: Mabruk young cuzo, Allah Bariq 2 u nd u fam…big ❤ Cuz

rahmaadanjillo: MashaAllah congratulations bro

mishially00: Congrats 🙏

phydelice_shumila: Congratulations

nanjiranabaleka: Congratulations

barka_shahbilie: Mabrook 😘

eshe_salim: Mabrouk May Allah continue to bless your family InshaAllah. Kisses for her😘


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Here is a list of Kenyan celebrity hunks we wish were still single (photos)

Women are constantly under pressure on when they are getting married and their excuse is that all good men are taken, but how true is that statement?

The modern woman is more independent and more learned but that does not eliminate the factor that we all look forward to meeting our prince charming.


A man with good looks, fashionable, responsible, daring and most of all financially stable.

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Congratulations! Samburu West Mp Naisula Lesuuda walks down the isle! (PHOTOS)

Jammal Gaddafi

He is not only an eye candy but fashionable as well. To top it all he is outgoing but sadly he is taken. But if he was not he wouldn’t last a day because team mafislets would be here to welcome him with open arms.


Steve Mbogo

The father of two is every woman’s dream of what a knight in shinning amour should look like.

He is also fashionable and very well traveled. Who wouldn’t mind having such a husband, sadly he is taken and we can only kula kwa macho.


‘I am very fond of him, only time will tell what happens next’ Joey Muthengi on her dating Mariga

Allan Namu

The journalist has the looks, he is classy and as you might know by now his physique is something we can’t even start to describe.This is where we say if only wishes were horses then we would ride.


Rashid Abdalla

He is happily married to Lulu Hassan for years now. He is eloquent, classy, an eye candy and a responsible dad. He is among Kenyan celebrity couple who have remained relevant in the industry.

Believe it or not there are women who silently pray for a miracle and hope he will notice them but sadly he is off the market.  For the single ladies out there keep reciting the Novena maybe God will answer you this time round.



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Dennis Okari

Word has it that he recently tied the knot in a secret wedding in Ukambani, leaving many heartbroken. Some of us are still grappling with that fact and only wish he was still single.

But all the same we wish him all the best in his marriage.


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Like Father Like Son! Adorable Photos Of Jamal Gaddafi’s Son Will Leave You Yearning For A Child

KTN presenter Jamal Gaddafi and his wife welcomed a baby boy last year. He hosts the show dubbed Mzuqa and has made a name for himself in the showbiz industry.

Jamal prefers keeping his family matters private and it is rare to see photos of his wife, but his son on the other hand is already famous as he has an instagram account.

Photos of this cute little boy show how fast he is growing and how cute he looks, just like his dad.

Check out the photos:













Jamal Gaddafi Quits Hosting Live Music Concerts And Announces What He Will Be Doing Next

You have been seeing him on your screen hosting the show Mzuqa, but hunk Jamal Gaddafi has decided to spread his wings for something bigger.

The handsome presenter came into the limelight after winning in KTN’s reality show ‘The Presenter’ in 2015 alongside Michelle Ngele. Since then his star has been rising fast.

In August last year, he announced that he and his beautiful wife had welcomed a cute son, who is his pride and joy.

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Well, Jamal has made an earth shattering announcement, revealing he is leaving his job to make some big moves elsewhere.

This is what he had to say concerning the issue:

“I Wanted To Take A Moment To THANK all my FANS for all the SUPPORT you’ve shown Me throughout MY Career. This has been one of the TOUGHEST Decisions I have had to make. It’s time for me to take on a new CHALLENGE and I hope that u will still support me in my next PROJECT. I would also like to express my deep gratitude to each and every one of my COLLEAGUES and FRIENDS in the ENTERTAINMENT Industry who have contributed to my GROWTH as a person and as a professional. I will always be indebted to YOU 👊🏼 @shaffieweru @jalangoo @mzaziwillytuva @amina_kenya SALUTE !!!!!! #END_OF_HOSTING_MUSIC_CONCERTS,” Jamal wrote in part.

He concludes by adding “So I close my eyes to old ends And open my heart to new beginnings. BUT MAISHA MZUQA STILL ALIVE wed to saturday 😊😉👊🏼”

We will be on the look out to see what the new project is.

Check Out These Hot TV Anchors Who Will Make You Ditch Your Guy

Journalists grace our screens to deliver news, but some are an eye candy and we can never fail to notice and appreciate ‘ Work On their good looks.

Even though news is meant to be a serious affair, it can sometimes turn boring and their good looks is the only motivation that keeps us going when watching boring news. Even with fame and money, some of this journalists have managed to maintain their good looks.

Even with most of them either being married or engaged, that does not stop ladies from wanting a piece of them. After all, no one hates nice toys.

Check them out some of the anchors and presenters below. But remember. You can look, but can’t touch.

1.Jamal Gaddafi

The sexy eye candy is the host of a local programme called Mzuka which airs on KTN. He is married and is a dad to a handsome boy. So ladies, he is taken.


2.Mark Maasai

The hot news anchor at NTV is so humble yet so handsome. He is among the few people in the media who manage to keep away from bad publicity.

He is married to his longtime sweetheart Fiona Nduta.


3.John Allan Namu

The hot investigative journalist has a body to die for despite being a father of three. He shows young men the real meaning of ageing gracefully. He is married to Sheena Makena.


4.Dennis Okari

The hot eye candy is the ex husband of Betty Kyallo with whom they have a daughter. Apart from his good eye for news, he catches women’s attention for his good looks.


5.Johnson Mwakazi

Former Citizen TV journalist, is an eye candy for his good look, a deal breaking smile and a deep inviting voice. Even though he isn’t much in the public anymore, only a fool can deny his good looks.


7. Hussein Mohammed KTN

KTN news journalist Hussein is a hunk even with his small body frame. His smile is infectious and we can’t deny he is an eye candy.


8.Eric Njoka

He is undeniably good looking. He is both beauty and brains. The K24 anchor joins the battle of the most handsome journalists in the media fraternity.

eric njoka

9.Waihiga Mwaura

The talented Waihiga has a smile to die for and good looks to go with . He is married to the beautiful gospel musician Joyce Omondi.