Jamal Gaddafi Shuts Down Rumors On Leaving KTN

A day ago he took it to social media to announce he was quitting his hosting gig, and expressed his gratitude towards those who contributed to his career in the entertainment industry.

He indicated he was taking up a new role, that he felt was a good challenge for him and asked for continued support as he ventures in his new project.


This is what he wrote;

I Wanted To Take A Moment To THANK all my FANS for all the SUPPORT you’ve shown Me throughout MY Career. This has been one of the TOUGHEST Decisions I have had to make. It’s time for me to take on a new CHALLENGE and I hope that u will still support me in my next PROJECT. I would also like to express my deep gratitude to each and every one of my COLLEAGUES and FRIENDS in the ENTERTAINMENT Industry who have contributed to my GROWTH as a person and as a professional. I will always be indebted to YOU


Though his fans were heartbroken with the news, they went ahead to wish him well as he moves on. However many misunderstood him thinking he was quitting his KTN job.

He took it to social media to put the record straight saying

Seen some BLOGS And NEWSPAPER saying that I’m leaving KTN…I just stated that I have stopped being an MC for MUSIC CONCERTS! Nothing More Than That…YOU can now stop misleading the public I’m still working with KTN and catch Maisha Mzuqa every Wednesday to Friday 5-6pm & Saturday 10-11am

Jamal said he only stopped mcee-ing music concerts and asked blogs and newspapers to stop misleading the public. In an interview he said he was going to work for Mombasa governor Hassan Ali Joho.

The Mzuqa show host is known for his stylish fashion and his good looks that always leave the ladies drooling. He made his debut after being one of the finalists in a reality competition. Girls, feast your eyes on this hunk.