‘A delayed salon appointment saved my life from the Dusit attack ‘ – Mercy Masika

When Mercy Masika sang the song ‘Mwema’ she never in her life imagined that those words would ring true one day, but now they have and in a big way.

Mercy is among those who were lucky enough to survive the Dusit attack, as she was to be there for a meeting but God had other plans for her.


Migori man jumps inside coffin ready to die than live with wife

She together with Jalang’o had a meeting with a client, but since Jalang’o was in another meeting he got to the next meeting a bit late and couldn’t find a parking space so he double parked.

It took some time before his car was moved and a few minutes after Mercy left, news broke that Dusit was under attack.

Speaking about the issue, Mercy stated that in as much as she felt that she was being delayed for her salon appointment, the delay was more of a blessing.

“I’m grateful. It looked like a delay but it was a blessing. And also the people in the salon were ok, so it’s really a good thing. It was more like hurry up but then there were a lot of people to socialize with hapo. Of course I was feeling the delay but then I was kinda chatting with people. Later I was like haiya we delayed there, but we felt like it was God who protected us.”

Together forever: Lilian Muli reunites with her ‘Community hubby’ (Photo)

mercy masika


As for those affected by the attack, Mercy prayed that God will comfort them and their families.

“We pray for comfort especially for those who’ve lost family members. It’s really painful and we pray that God will comfort them.”

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Money Talks!! Check Out Some Of The Top Earning Comedians In Town

Comedy as a career has been on the rise in Kenya. More and more people are coming out to try their luck in comedy and the society has been welcoming.

While some are still trying their luck, there are those that are already making it big; living lavish lifestyles, driving good cars all thanks to comedy.

Check out some of the comedians in Kenya who are making it big just by cracking our ribs:

1. Churchill


He has been in the fore front in promoting local talent through his comedy program Churchill Show which airs every Sunday on NTV. The funny comedian who started his career years ago, is living life to the fullest.

‘Raped as a three year old and as a teenager I knew i would inspire someone somewhere someday’Confesses Jamatah,Mrs Kenya Tourism Queen International 2018

2.Eric Omondi


He is one of the best comedians in the country and he goes to great lengths to be funny even if it means thinking outside the box.

Eric Omondi is largely popular from his appearance on Churchill show, although he is now doing his own comedy based on doing renditions for songs and everyday life events.

He is clearly not shy to show that he enjoys the best the things life has to offer.



The comedian whose real name is Felix Oduor, seems to be eating life with a golden spoon.

He came into the limelight after acting in a local program “Papa Shirandula” on citizen TV. His star has shone brighter with each day and he is a jack of all trades as he has many titles to his name.

It was painful but i forgave her.”Dan Makataya speaks up after surviving an acid attack by his wife leaving him blind

4.Mc Jessy


The witty down to earth comedian hosts Churchill Raw on NTV. Known by many for his funny dance moves while on stage, this comedian has created a name for himself and thanks to his wit, he is now living large and is among the top earning comedians in Kenya.

5.David The Student


He is the famous Churchill show comedian famed for his Kalenjin accent jokes. Away from comedy, he is a model and an MC.

Thanks to his comic side, he is able to enjoy the best life has to offer. He owns a Subaru and a range rover sport. Pesa Otas!!

He recently came under public attack after being accused by people of conning them using his ‘celebrity’ status as a camouflage.

Top Kenyan female celebrities slaying after losing weight



He is a witty comedian known for his Kamba accent, where he tells tales from his Kamba relatives when he joined the Churchill show family. His comical nature did not go unnoticed as he is now doing his own shows on you tube.

He now runs a show on Ebru TV alongside being Director of NACADA.

7.Oga Obinna


Obinna is a local comedian largely known for his Nigerian accent. He has been on Churchill Show but is currently running his own show on Ebru Tv. He is among the best comedians in Kenya who are raking it big.



Famously known as Shirandula’s wife, Wilbroda is arguably the only female comedian and actress standing today as the most successful in this industry.

She has been in the show Papa Shirandula for years now, where she plays a crucial role.

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You don’t have to sing “Mahaga imeiva kama ndondo” for your song to sell pastor Robert Burale blasts local artistes

Pastor Burale is known for his straight forward attitude and this time its no different after writing an open letter to both gospel and secular artistes.

Local artistes have been accused of lacking plot and poor content when it comes to music creativity and Burale’s letter will leave them weeping with shame.


Robert Burale wrote, “Today, allow me to talk to the Kenyan artists both gospel and secular. You have complained for too long that the public supports international acts at your expense.

Jail me even for a 100 years ,but release Anne Ngirita,Meru man pleads

Well sit down and let’s talk.”

1: Try and put some more effort In shooting your videos ..Avoid cheap graphics that look like a kindergarten “video thesis”..People appreciate where effort is EVIDENT…(Of course not all Artists fall here ..Some are very very good and we know them )

2: LYRICS …you don’t have to use words like “pupu” in your songs to sell…You can do love songs without necessarily using demeaning words like “Mahaga zimeiva kama ndondo” .. And you wonder why majority prefer love songs by Tanzanian, Nigerian artists and few Kenyan acts like Sauti Sol…

Robert Burale
Robert Burale

3: Gospel Artists/Ministers….If your song excites the flesh more than the spirit …please regroup..

4: We don’t need to hear your name 75 times before we hear the name of Jesus …Bible says IF I BE LIFTED UP …

5. Lastly to the so called VIDEO VIXENS ..did someone tell you that to qualify to appear in a music video you must be almost NAKED…if you want to be NAKED go the the SAUNA

Kenyans reacted to the post. Here are is their take on the situation.

Maina Robert: Of late I’ve noted Kenyan content is getting more airplay unlike a couple of years ago when Nigerian music ruled our radios. The problem though is differentiating the gospel and secular.

Jalang’o wrong to judge whole industry – Size 8

Chepkoech Ann: Ukweli kapsaa. Sema yote…most Kenyan music bores me to the core. It is a high time these artists considered the content and the importance of developing content that cuts across. That is if they want us to listen to their music, watch their videos many times over and for a long time.

Esther Kariithi: This is nothing but pure truth,we go international coz our local artists have failed us kabisa, content hawana…

Robert Burale

Robert Burale

Deno Wajo: We are lacking content in gospel songs,secular songs nowadays nakedness carries the order of the day, Kenyan musicians should not complain when we support international artists.

Ng’endo Irene: God help our music industry… otherwise we r dancing our way to Lucifer
We forget the devil never sleeps and he will try all ways to make this industry looks so cheap n the word will not reach to the right person… esp our young generation (children ) they are addicted to tv n radio what kind of generation are we raising.

Burale’s letter comes a few weeks after radio presenter Jalang’o blasted gospel artistes for singing songs without content and no particular message.

Radio presenter Jalango slams gospel artistes for songs without content

While speaking to Word Is by The Star ,gospel artiste Size8 reborn has come out to defend other gospel  artistes saying “Jalang’o should not judge people with a few songs because ours is the biggest music industry ,and i believe  every song has a message

She adds”Everyone sings differently thus it would be wrong to judge them with their content.”

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Meet The Kenyan Men Who Are Thriving After Parting Ways With Their Wives

The local showbiz industry is flooded with many celebrities but most of the times we talk much about the successful and influential women forgetting about men, especially those behind these women.

Well, we have married men, single, divorced and bachelors who also play a major role in our showbiz industry.

After doing an article about women who are thriving after parting ways with their husbands, I thought it would be interesting to do a list of the men who have made it after separating from their wives.

Well, from Dennis Okari to JBlessing, here are the Kenyan men who are thriving after parting ways with their wives.

1. Dennis Okari

He married Betty Kyallo in a colourful wedding ceremony back in 2015. It was termed the wedding of the year but six months later, they broke up. Betty moved on with life and apart from being a top presenter at KTN, she is also the CEO of a highly rated salon in the city. Okari, on the other hand, has been busy with his career at NTV and besides that, he is a preacher and motivational speaker. He preaches in schools.

Dennis Okari


2. Pastor Eric  Omba

The estranged husband to award-winning singer Gloria Muliro. The two broke up in 2015 after staying together for sometime with Infidelity cited as the main reason for their breakup. Gloria’s career continues to flourish while Omba is a video director and pastor. He later married yet another Congolese gospel singer, Bel and they are blessed with an adorable daughter.

3. JBlessing

He is a video producer and director who was once married to secular singer-cum-actress Chantelle and were blessed with a son who sadly died. JBlessing is currently working with Blaze and he recently bought a new expensive machine, a clear indication that he is doing fine.

Whenever you find yourself doubting how far you can go, just remember how far you have come. Remember everything you have faced, all the battles you have won, and all the fears you have overcome!”


4. Daniel Ng’ang’a Heho aka Hey Z Da Brand

The gospel singer’s wife is said to have cheated on him with another man. His wife is heavily pregnant for her new man while Hey Z is still single. The gospel singer decided to focus on his career and his music has always dominated the local airwaves.

5. Victor  Kanyari

The controversial man of God was exposed in 2014 as a con pastor which saw him face a lot of criticism from the public but that has never deterred him from ‘spreading the gospel’.

From building a multi-million shilling palatial home, to acquiring some of the most expensive machines around, the man of the cloth is indeed living like a king. His estranged wife Betty Bayo, continues to shine in the gospel industry. The two were blessed with a daughter and are co-parenting.


6. Phelix Oduor aka Jalang’o

The comedian-cum-presenter also parted ways with his baby mama Cheptoek Boyo though they are co-parenting. Boyo recently revealed that they are no longer an item.  Jalang’o married someone else and he is doing fine career-wise. Have you seen the kind of cars he drives?



7. Moses Njuguna Kanene

The estranged husband of sexy TV siren Lillian Muli is also doing well after they parted ways a while back. They have a son together and they are co-parenting.


8. David Makuyu

David Makuyu and Cynthia Nyamai married in 2007 when he was 31, after a year and half of dating. The two parted ways three years later. Cynthia Nyamai, a PR guru moved on and so did Makuyu who remarried in December 2015. He runs Kipawa Music Production.

David Makuyu

Akothee Publicly Thirsts For This Comedian: “He Is Popular, Rich And Famous’

Akothee  is a Kenyan musician known for her songs such as Baby Daddy  and Benefactor, a song that talks about sponsors. Her music has hit the air waves of Kenyan radio stations and even East Africa.

Her flamboyant lifestyle is what leaves many wondering where all her wealth comes from. She is a lady that does not care about what people say about her which is something that many should follow in order to prosper in this life.


The Sweet Love hit maker has been making news everywhere for her advice in social media posts that she keeps on updating daily. Akothee believes in working hard and getting what you want for yourself. To demonstrate this, she has been seen going to plough her farm and doing house chores for herself. Yes, that is Madam Boss for ya!

A post on her instagram caught  my attention with words  saying that if Jalango was not coming from Homa Bay then she would have married him.

Here is a photo she posted with this caption:



“My baby is at work by 6.00 am, and he is popular, rich and famous in his late 20s always chasing the next 💰💰💰 he is working on his second pack, soon he will have six pack and to be the hottest man in our town, sasa wewe utaniambia nini, aka mpesa pale ikikwama kama vile form 34A najua ataokoa jahazi, mpesa yake iko active 24/7. Just like I love money I love you for free my little Bro @jalangoo kama haungetoka homabay ningekuoa, lakini hautanilipia ndege? Utasema ni drive it’s 20 mins 😂😂😂😂😂,”

Here are some reactions from the post:

jalangoo: Hapo Kwa rich nimekuwachia 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Hapo Kwa mapenzi hata Mimi penda wewe kuliko misungu 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

rean_mwende: If @jalangoo is on his late 20’s then I am typing from my mother’s womb… Lol

keshi_eve_25: Haha @akotheekenya …utajitoa na nguvu hivyo ..nw posting his hardworking afta amejichuja kua shemeji ….ur dope boss lady

izelllwonder: Hapo sasa,achana na ufala imeniaribu maskio ati #Chilobae😂😂Chiloba my feet😂😂 😂unapendwa duddy @jalangoo 😂misungu Kando

frankshield1738: Hapo penye amekwita bro man hutoki friendzone😂😂😂

lluciouslucio: @akotheekenya i Agree!!! @jalangoo is a really kind hearted fella!!!! Never forget the 10K he handed me a few years ago…. Just like that? YEAH!! JUST LIKE THAT!!!!

rozzymarvelous: 😀😀😀😀 jalas in his late 20s ako na 2pac…. Wish you came from UK ukambani……..

shushywann: Uuuuuuiiiii mapenzi moto moto

frankline_teddy: Hii ni serious……mwoe tutembee hadi homabay kutoka rongo…..jalang’o i hope ni iyie gi wach mar akodhe ni


Ouch!!! Carol Mutoko Hits On Haters Who Criticise Others For Documenting Their Work

Celebrated media personality Caroline Mutoko has come out to hit at haters who get pissed off from seeing other people documented while working.

“A lot of us work and the fact that we are documenting work for some reason pisses some of you off. You need to ask yourself what’s wrong with you.”

Apart from being a renowned media personality, Caroline is an MC who has caught the eyes of the who’s who, something that seems to rub some people the wrong way.

Caroline adds: “If I was told to name the top ten emcee’s, moderators, facilitators in Nairobi, I can tell you myself, Julie Gichuru, Janet Mbugua, Anita Nderu, Terry Anne Chebet, Jalango, Maina Kageni, Dr Ofweneke, Eric Latif because he is low-key and he is not all about himself, he is all about work.”


Eric Latif
Radio Host Maina Kageni

Even though the people mentioned above are good at their work, haters will always try to find fault in their work. Carol adds, “However, what tends to happen is whenever you catch those people I have mentioned doing work, you notice some people going like ‘Kwani hakuna watu wengine hii Nairobi? It’s only them’ …Yes it is because we go to the job as a job.”

Anita Nderu

Caroline says that what differentiates her from other people is that she does not fraternise with her clients and disappears whenever she clears whatever she was contracted to do.”I am not gonna sit around and partake in my client’s food and drinks, I have gotten my cheque, it’s time for me to go home, and unless my client specifically asks me to remain behind for a specific reason, I go.”

According to Carol, the search for fame is what is ailing most people, the documentation of what people have on social media has no bearing on an individual’s capacity in terms of their work. People are constantly photographing their cars, food, and so on, and the fact that Carol does not do that makes people question her work.


Speaking about the controversial story on emceeing for the President, Carol says, “Other than Julie, no one asked did you get home OK? That was Friday night. I haven’t heard from nobody on Saturday, Sunday. Nobody asked, did you eat? Aawww you are being trolled on social media, I’m so sorry. I am a big girl and I know what comes with the job and I get on with it.”

In this technology era most people spend most time doing things that don’t add value to their lives. Carol advises, “While you are busy documenting nothing, why don’t you spend more time documenting yourself at work? It does not matter what event I do. Chances are you will see me in pictures while at work. I don’t have a tall relative, I don’t steal money, I don’t have tenders, I work, so deal with the fact you will see a lot of me because I don’t know know how else to get a meal, I have to work.”

Caroline goes on to add, “My favorite guy who documents himself working is DJ Joe Mfalme. I don’t know who your photographer is, but boss we need to sit down and talk. You inspire me because he is all about work. If Joe is not at a gig you don’t see him taking selfies.”


4 successful Kenyan male media personalities

Success comes from hard work, patience, commitment, determination and other things. Most successful people do what others are afraid to do and go the extra mile to get what they want.

Here is  a list of some of the successful men in the Kenyan entertainment scene.

larry mado
– Larry Madowo – Image from niaje.com

Larry Madowo is a broadcast journalist, writer, blogger, and describes himself as a technology evangelist.

He is currently Online and Technology Editor and News Anchor at NTV Kenya.  He hosts a popular Friday night show #theTrend and NTV Weekend Edition.

His journey to success started at his home Siaya Barding village, he wanted to become a priest initially, then later a lawyer. But he ended up a journalist instead.

At one time, he had to work as a sales man in a supermarket to help pay for his education.

After high school he joined Daystar University after which he joined KTN and worked for 3 years before he moved to NTV where he is currently.

Dj Adrian – Image from Zuqka

Adrian Wasika DJ Adrian began deejaying as a hobby in 1996 waiting his turn on the turntables when his deejay friend and business partner Pinye was playing.

A good friend of his had bought turn tables but then went out of the country for studies and entrusted his equipment with him. Adrian then used the opportunity to better his skills and start off what would be a budding career.

He started off playing at house parties for friends, birthdays and at local clubs and slowly built a reputation for himself. He later joined Capital FM in 2001 after winning a contest and landed his own show.

He is one of the most accomplished entertainers in Kenya with a career spanning over 13 years. He also owns a DJ academy that nurtures new  talent. He still has six shows on Capital FM

Jalango – Image from kahawatungu.com

Mzee Jalang’o Mwenyewe – Born Felix Odiwour but commonly known to the masses as Jalang’o is one man who is the perfect example of success from rags to riches. Born and raised in Kisumu, Jalang’o had his early primary education up until class 8, after which he dropped out due to lack of school fees.

If you have ever attended any of the events where he is the MC or seen interviews he has done, he acknowledges his humble beginnings and says that he is a graduate from the school of hard knocks. He has lived in various slums and has trecked to Nairobi’s industrial area to seek employment.

He fell in love with acting and would often visit the Kenya National Theatre to try out various roles. It is here that his talent was discovered and together with his friend Kazungu Matano were handed roles on Citizen TV’s Papa Shirandula.

His comic side seemed to open doors for him as he was later involved in various TV ads. With no college or university degree Jalang’o has become one of the highest paid MC /Event organisers in Kenya and is currently the C.E.O of Arena Media. He also hosts the show Jalango with the money on KTN.

Maina photo

Maina Kageni the king of radio has a career spanning over ten years. His first brush with the media life was while he was still a student at Laiser Hill Academy where he was called by Catherine Kasavuli to do a screen test for KTN. He didn’t get the opportunity to work on TV but lady luck seemed to be on his side.

His career on radio started off at Capital Fm in the late 90’s where he worked for three months.  He then moved on to Nation FM in 2000 where he worked for a year and a half before joining Kiss FM.

He then later moved on to Classic 105 where he still is years on. Besides radio he is an MC and  business man with interests in real estate.