“I wonder if my missing brother joined Al Shabaab” Jacob Ghost Mulee says

Harambee Stars head coach Jacob Ghost Mulee was last week interviewed by his radio colleague, Jalang’o and had a lot of intimate details to reveal.

One thing that he spoke about was that he suspected that his kid brother who has been missing for some time might have joined the Al-Shabaab militant group.

During his interview on ‘Bonga na Jalas’, Ghost Mulee said his brother, Sammy, had been living with their sister before he mysteriously disappeared.

The 53-year-old Mulee explained that Sammy is the lastborn in a family of 11 siblings, with the family being raised by a single mother in Jericho, Nairobi.

“Five (of my siblings) have passed on, five are alive and one is missing. We have no idea where he is. Our last born one day said he will disappear and we will never find him,” he said.

“My doctor told me I should thank God I am alive!” Kenyan coach Ghost Mulee reveals

He said that the reason for his theory for Sammy joining the terrorist organization was because he converted to Islam before he disappeared.

“I have asked the police in Mombasa to check if he joined Al Shabaab because he converted from a Christian to a Muslim and also changed his name. After that, we started noticing changes and that is when he said that when he leaves we will never find him. Up to now, we have no idea where he is,” he said.

But that doesn’t mean Mulee isn’t hopeful that Sammy will resurface one day.

“I pray to God every day that he will come back to us. You know those stories you hear that some came back home after missing for decades? That is my hope that Sammy will one day show up.”

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The accuracy in the statement that there are no stingy men

Comedian Felix is one of the few comedians who can give a serious take concerning the social issues affecting the country. The man does it consistently and recently delivered one of his most brilliant takes on relationships.

In a recent back and forth, he stated that men aren’t stingy but just invest in women they see value in.

”There is no man who is stingy. There is nothing like a stingy man… Men will always spend when they see value, or they spend where there’s value… What value can he see on you to spend on you? Case closed.

Women together

This advice comes at a time when the prevailing trope among many female influencers is that men are stingy and that no woman should spend time with a man who doesn’t spend money on her.

Felix’s advice is not only accurate it is true and I say that as a man who has been in relationships and seen his brothers be in relationships.

And let me clarify what true worthwhile investment from a man in a woman is; It normally consists of himself, his time(non-s3xual), money and leadership-all can best be summed up as commitment.

Most men place women in two levels; women they will only have s3xual dalliances with and the ones they term as ‘wife material’.

The women who are termed as s3xual conquests aren’t seen as fit to invest in as they are there for the short term. The caveat here is that these women will get some of the men’s time and money but they will not get their precious non-s3xual timewomen(3)

‘Wife material’ women are given the best a man can give; Himself. This constitutes of his money, his time and leadership.

And the investment isn’t just limited to the areas I have mentioned, the man will most likely put his life on the line for the woman he has invested in.

This can be borne out with many celeb relationships where the male celeb will only sleep with many women but will never commit to them.

Their commitment only happens for the women they deem fit for purpose. Just look at Jay Z and Beyonce. Before he met Beyonce, the rapper was an undercover player with many women in different area codes.

But after her, he invested his everything into her and one can see how far they have come.


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DP Ruto reveals favourite musician and food to Jalang’o

Deputy President William Ruto was interviewed yesterday by comedian Jalang’o. The second in command was as charming as he usually is giving the funny man a lot to think and laugh about.

One of the things that surprised many was his admission that gospel singer Solomon Mkubwa is his favorite artiste.

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A post shared by JALANG’O (@jalangoo)

Speaking on Bonga na Jalas, DP Ruto disclosed this information after being asked to name his favorite artiste and favorite food.

“What is your favorite song…Najua haupendi reggae” said Jalang’o hilariously alluding to the recent BBI political debate.

DP Ruto replied, “My Best Artiste ni Solomon Mkubwa (Mungu mwenye Nguvu) …and favorite food is nyama choma and Mahindi Choma pia hapo niko kabisa.”

Ruto also touched on the things that he misses doing by virtue of not being a private citizen anymore, saying that window-shopping was at the top of his list.

“Window-shopping- hii window shopping unajua pale tu hii kuangalia, iko kitu fulani pale, kuna new style hapo ya viatu, sijui nini pale. Hiyo window shopping ni kazi mzuri sana lakini sai haiwezekani. Watu wengi watazusha ama itabidii nivae miwani na sijui ni hapo.”

Ruto hugging his wife
Ruto hugging his wife

Mr. Ruto’s advice to the youth was for them to be patient and persevere saying that life was full of ups and down’s. “Maisha ni panda shuka, tia bidi, pole pole utafika, na vijana muache presha nyingi bana, stress itawamaliza,” he finished off.

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Churchill and Jalang’o to lead mediation committee between KFCB, DCI and Eric Omondi

Kenya Film Classification Board CEO Ezekiel Mutua flexed his muscles this week when he showed Eric Omondi who was boss this past week.

Ezekiel who has been branded the moral cop in Kenya, came out all guns blazing ensuring that Eric had arguably his toughest week in his career.

Eric Omondi looking great
Eric Omondi posing

The man was arrested and forced to eat humble pie, having to personally apologise to Ezekiel. But it seems that Mr. Mutua hasn’t still been fully mollified stating that Eric now has to pull down all the Wife Material content that is on his social media pages.

It is now emerging that a Mediation Committee will have a sit down with the Board and DCI, over the arrest of Eric Omondi.

Don’t ever use my name again!-Eric Omondi says as beef with Ezekiel Mutua escalates

In a tweet, Mutua said the committee which is set to meet on Monday will be led by Jalang’o and Churchill, and will also include other artistes.

Upon their release, Eric was given a 48 hours ultimatum, to have all explicit videos on his social media pages deleted.

“We received an apology and request from Eric Omondi for an out-of-court settlement of the case against him, but apparently the explicit videos are still circulating on his social media platforms. The pornographic videos MUST be taken down by 8am Mon 15th March 2021 otherwise….

Eric has agreed to our conditions for an out of court settlement. He has agreed to take down all explicit content from his social media platforms. I have appointed a Mediation Committee led by Jalang’o, Churchill and other top artistes to meet the KFCB team and DCI on Monday,” said Ezekiel Mutua in a series of tweets.

Eric Omondi and Shakilla
Eric Omondi and Shakilla

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Kenyans pledge more than Ksh 1 million in 24 hours for Omosh after Jalang’o initiative

Media personality Jalang’o has shown the power and influence that he has after celebs and Kenyans successfully raised upwards of  Sh1 million shillings for Ex-Tahidi High Actor Omosh.

This came a day after Jalang’o promised that he would seek to raise the amount for the struggling thespian. In an update, the Kiss 100 Presenter shared a detailed statement of all the pledges he had already received totaling to Sh1, 050, 000, plus Sh20K shopping voucher, free bed, seats and a TV.

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A post shared by JALANG’O (@jalangoo)

On Thursday this past week, Kenyans were moved to tears after Omosh revealed that he had been depending on his friends to provide for his family.

“Life has been so difficult. I cannot provide meals for my family. My children are even wondering what has become of me…There is nothing as hard as waking up every morning and there is nowhere I am going. You see people going to work and coming back and you have nowhere to go. It is very painful,” said Omosh.

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A post shared by JALANG’O (@jalangoo)

On Sunday, Gospel singer Guardian Angel and his wife Esther Musila added to the celebs helping the actor after they paid a courtesy call on the celebrated actor at his home.

Here is breakdown of the money raised by Jalang’o.

“Hii story ya Omosh Nataka tumalize mapema on Tuesday… I have a few friends that have promised me that all will be fine.

1. My guys from @safvicfurnitureenterprises are giving me a bed, seats and a Tv table

2. My Guys from @quickmartkenya are giving me a 20k shopping voucher for him and his family

3. Incoming senator Tranzoia county @allanchesang is giving me 100K

4. My able chairman @jamal_rohosafi is also giving me 100k

5. Omosh ako na madeni rent yake watu wa @mwananchi_creditltd wamesema they will clear that is 100k

6. I called my brother @joho_001 akasema from that 1million for 1 million followers atatoa 100k

7. My team from Chandaria led by my boss @darshanchandaria amesema 100k yake nichukue kesho jioni

8. The real boss himself who made us who we are Ww…Waruru wachira! Boss himself has promised me another 100k

7. Team Miale @mialle72 have said that 50k will not be bad

8. #JengaNaAlexNaJalas @alex_na_jalas 50k

9. My guy called Titan from @jamexexpress has promised me 50k

10. The best sauce in town @kensauceofficial wamesema 100k is fine!

11. @trippygotours Nakujia 50k kesho

12. My guys from the best biscuit @yegobakers wamesema kesho nipitie nichukue 50k haraka saana




[email protected] …my brother is giving me 50k

14. SOMALI BAE @honalinur 50k”

Wow! So impressive!

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Knight in shining armour! Jalang’o promises to raise Sh 1 million for Omosh

This past Thursday, Kenyans woke up to the sad and heartbreaking news that popular comedian Peter Kinuthia alias Omosh was struggling financially in a major way.

The actor who came to prominence on Citizen Tahidi High TV show revealed that he had not only accumulated rent arrears of almost KSh 100,000 but also had no source of money to pay for his children’s school fees.

Omosh is very lucky that his generous landlord has allowed the father of five to occupy his premises for over a year without paying rent.

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A post shared by JALANG’O (@jalangoo)

The news went viral with Kenyans agitating for people in power to help the struggling thespian in his hour of need and it seems that fellow entertainer Jalang’o has had the clarion call.

Felix Odiwuor aka Jalang’o has offered to help raise KSh 1 million for the former actor. He made this pledge on his Instagram page, writing, “This hurts me soo much. I promise to raise him 1 million bob to restart his life again!” wrote Jalang’o.

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A post shared by JALANG’O (@jalangoo)

This, he hopes, will help Omosh clear his outstanding debts and invest in some income-generating project that will put him back on track.

While many were happy that Omosh can now see the light at the end of his tunnel, others pointed out that individuals in the limelight should learn from the many grace to grass cases and spend wisely while saving for a rainy day.

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Jalang’o brags to Maina Kageni about getting his sisters dowry

They say Ujaluo ni gharama.

Kiss Fm presenter Jalang’o walked in to the Classic 105 looking all sorts of swaggerific and had to brag to Maina why he was looking so dapper.

Jalang’o dropped by to give Maina Kageni the great news that his sister Effie is getting married in a traditional ceremony which the comedian is looking forward to for a good reason.

‘He told Maina that

‘You know us Luos must go for a wedding in style. That is why I am dressed like this today.’

It turns out that Maina is a good friend of Jalango’s sister and promised to tell all about her after the wedding.



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Easy Friday…… #KameneAndJalas @kiss100kenya @kamenegoro Let’s go!

A post shared by JALANG’O (@jalangoo) on

This man is so happy today, Maina said while complimenting Jalas on his style.

Jalango took the compliment like a Luo does and bragged that

‘My sister Effie si getting married, so I’m dressed like this because I’m flying out (laughing) and I don’t want to be disturbed by Airport security. I’m flying out in a matter of minutes. I have the A seat number A 1 on the plane, hapo mbele nyuma ya dereva aki tetemeka tuna tekemeka, akienda sana namwambia rudisha chini,’

So who is the lucky man to take his sister?

Jalang’o said ‘we are dressed better than him ndio tuende kumweka pressure. We are going to pick the bahasha ya wanaume. I hope he is ready na hio bahasha ya wandugu as we call it in our tribe’


Congratulations to Effie from Classic 105.

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Kenyan entertainers who have thrived despite Covid-19 restrictions

Covid-19 has been a tough period for most Kenyans. While the health factor cannot be understated, the financial impact can be seen with many Kenyans losing their jobs in an economy that was already reeling from a terrible 2019.

But there are those entertainers who have not let the pandemic limit but have in fact grown them. By growth, it can either be financial or with their brand which can be leveraged when some of the restrictions the pandemic has caused are removed.

Let’s begin:

Willy Paul

The “Nikune” singer is not a happy man at the moment. Why? The news that a recently released audit report indicated that the Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK), Performers Rights Society of Kenya (PRISK) and Kenya Association of Music Producers (KAMP) could have been misappropriating funds meant for artists.

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Good night my people.. kura tunazo!!

A post shared by W.I.L.L.Y.P.O.Z.Z.E (@willy.paul.msafi) on

While Willy might not be making the money he rightly deserves, the musician has been hard at work releasing songs at a high rate with collabos with the likes of Bien and Nadia Mukami, resulting in an increase in his clout and fame.

And the proof is in the pudding with many streaming apps showing that his songs consistently top the airwaves.

Khaligraph Jones

This is another artiste whose clout and brand have increased this year. The “Mazishi” musician is one of the few “old-school” rappers who has maintained his brand of great lyrics, great beats during the gengetone revolution that has been taking over the country.

Khaligraph like Willy Paul has been hard at work releasing hit song after hit song with the rapper topping the charts with 3 bangers this year.

Had it not been for the Covid-19 restrictions, I believe that the rapper would be in a lot of demand for live music shows.|

Sauti Sol

The band who is arguably Africa’s biggest launched their hugely successful virtual album, Midnight Train last month. The concert set Kenyan records and showed the brand affinity and sway the group has.

The Afropop group curated a virtual experience with a record-breaking worth of 2 stadia viewers tuning in, with more than 95,000 fans watching the Livestream at the comforts of their homes, all around the world.

It is estimated that the group would have sold close to Sh. 100,000,000 worth of tickets had they done a live show with an average ticket price of Sh. 1000.


Probably the person who has had the best year so far. The comedian who was fired from his job at Milele FM bounced back quickly with a job lined at for him at Kiss FM.

But that still doesn’t take the cake, his YouTube show, BonganaJalas, has been a cash-cow for him with the celeb revealing that he had made millions in revenue from it.

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Good morning from @villa_ameera

A post shared by JALANG'O (@jalangoo) on

The channel is one of the fastest-growing Kenyan channels with over 200k followers. The impressive thing is that he started it off as a joke barely 3 months ago.

Betty Kyallo

Betty also resigned from her job at K24 in May 31st. While some might have thought that she was down and out, Betty had a surprise for them.

Not only did she re-launch her salon Flair by Betty at a cost of Sh. 4 million, she also bought herself a 2019 Porsche Cayenne and an apartment at what the 88, Nairobi’s premium 44-floor apartment in Upperhill.

The apartment will be the tallest residential building in Sub-Saharan Africa once it is completed in 3 years’ time.

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Celebrities who’ve expressed interest in running for the 2022 elections

The political waters are boiling over at the moment as Kenyans position themselves to run for political office in 2022. The elections herald an ending of Uhuru Kenyatta’s rule since he was sworn in in 2013.

And the 2022 general election looks like one that will define the hopes of many as it comes at a crossroads where ideals will intersect with pragmatism.

What is interesting however about the upcoming election is the interest that has been expressed by many entertainers/celebs who want to vie.

Why? Maybe Starehe Mp, Charles Njagua’s success during the 2017 election has paved a path and blueprint for many celebs who might have had political ambitions they had kept hidden.

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A post shared by Hon. Jaguar (@jaguarkenya) on

Out of the woodwork they have emerged, expressing their desire to become political representatives and it seems that each and every day more are stating their intent to run.

So for you who have been begging for such a list, your desires have been answered, I am here at your service. Let’s begin:


The Kiss FM presenter revealed that his recent job would be his last on radio. Speaking in an interview with Billy Miya, the comic disclosed that he now wants to own his own media company, having already started Jalang’o TV on YouTube.

This is my final journey on radio because I have started my own things. I plan to have my media and I started Jalang’o TV on YouTube,” he said.

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On that @devine_collections vibe!

A post shared by JALANG'O (@jalangoo) on

Jalang’o also declared that he was the incoming Lang’ata MP and insisted politics would be his next move after Kiss 100.

”You are looking at Lang’ata MP, I am not incoming, When they mention MPs names, know that you will hear Jalang’o Jalang’o,” he affirmed.

Alex Mwakideu

The Milele Fm presenter told a local publication that he would want to vie for the Wundayi seat as an MP in 2022.

“Let me correct you, I’m not running for the MP seat, I am becoming Wundayi MP in 2022,” he stated with affirmation.

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I have been thinking…

A post shared by ALEX MWAKIDEU (@alex_mwakideu) on

“I want to give back to the Society, going back at home, nothing much has been done,” he stated.

Lillian Muli

While she might not have come out to confirm her interest in running for political office, the Citizen TV presenter has hinted that she is partial to the idea.

This past month, many of her fans and followers urged her to run for political office, something Lillian didn’t shut down the idea, instead praying that God might hear that prayer.


The Kenyan king of bling came out last year to express his interest to run for office after the Kibra constituency seat became vacant after Ken Okoth passed away after a long battle with cancer.

There were early indications that Prezzo who real names are Jackson Makini wanted to run for the seat under a Wiper Party seat but later on said that he wasn’t.

“Yes, I will be on the ballot. If God grants me life and good health, I don’t see why not. My goal is to bring the change that people always promise to bring but once they get there they don’t bring it.”

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Willis Raburu reveals if he is still a married man or dating

Willis Raburu was a guest on Jalango’s famous YouTube show. The 10 over 10 host and personable TV anchor delved into some serious topics during the interview that illuminated some light on what is going on in his life.

Jalang'o with Willis Raburu
Jalang’o with Willis Raburu

One of the tough questions that Mr. Raburu faced was whether he was dating someone new after the rumours he had gone separate ways with his wife Maryaprude.

I broke down completely sobbing while testing for Corona – Willis Raburu narrates

Jalang’o asked, “Are you dating?” His anwser however was a classic answer/non-answer that politicians normally give with the Citizen TV anchor refusing to elucidate on the state of his marriage to Marya.

“What do you mean, I’m dating? Everybody knows my situation. And the only way that will be fair to talk about it is if all parties are here. But when the opportunity arises I will talk about it because, I think that there are ups and downs in everything, there is nothing that is absolutely smooth. And the reason why I will talk about it eventually… when am ready…candid and raw.”

Marya Prude with Willis Raburu
Marya Prude with Willis Raburu

Willis also refuted rumours that he had had an affair with a Rwandese woman as claimed by some online-a reason for the alleged split between the couple.

One thing that is blatantly obvious for all to see, is that he no longer wears his wedding ring like before. The couple had started 2020 on the wrong foot losing what would have been their firstborn daughter on the January 1st.

Willis Raburu

Before that incident, they seemed to be having the Disney-style marriage but them losing Adana(the name of their baby girl) might have been too much for them to handle.

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‘She supported me, actually ‘alituma fare’ Murkomen says about lovely wife

Jalang’o recently interviewed popular Elgeyo Marakwet senator, Kipchumba Murkomen. The interview was a fascinating exposition of the charismatic politician’s life-private and public.

During their sit-down interview the candid politician revealed some intimate details about his wife, Gladys Wanjiru Kipchumba who has been with him during some of his toughest moments in life.

“Alinisupport sana, actually, ‘alituma fare’ mara kadhaa (she even sent me fare several times),” he stated before he burst into laughter alongside Jalas.

The senator disclosed that he and his wife had met while studying at the University of Nairobi (UoN) where they were actually classmates for 4 years as they pursued their law degrees.

Their fates were so intertwined that they both ended up in Pretoria, South Africa, where they successfully completed their Masters’s degrees.

Murkomen was the first person to call after I lost my job – Ken Mijungu reveals (exclusive)

The young Murkomen then moved to the US for further studies, with his future wide ending up in Egypt for the second part of her Masters.

Kipchumba Murkomen with his wife, Gladys
Kipchumba Murkomen with his wife, Gladys

The two would go on to date for close to a decade before they got married in December 2009. One interesting tidbit about the vocal Ruto ally was that he was the head of the Christian Union (CU) at the UoN.

The Senator went on to clear the current conundrum surrounding the ruling Jubilee Party, stating that despite going for a while without talking directly to the President, the two were still in good terms and he considered him a friend.

Kipchumba Murkomen with his wife, Gladys
Kipchumba Murkomen with his wife, Gladys

The interview went on so well that the Jalang’o even offered to gift Murkomen and his wife Gladys with a trip to an exotic location of their choosing.

The senator explained that he would choose between a getaway to the Masai Mara or a trip down to Diani Beach.

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Controversial comedian proudly declares he will be the next Lang’ata MP

Felix Odiwuor has declared he will be on the ballot box in 2022. Speaking on Mpasho Live this week, he said he will vie for Langata MP seat.

“You are speaking to the MP of Langata,” he said. “There are only three years to go and I will be the MP,” he said.

He is currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in Community Development at Daystar University.

Jalang'o smiling
Jalang’o smiling

He was set to graduate this year. He says he enrolled for the course to help him understand how to manage and interact with his constituents once elected.

“There is very little you can do to society if you are not influential. I want to go and make a difference in Langata and make them great again,” he said.

“I choose community development because as MP for Lang’ata constituency, I have to be able to take care of community matters.”

He said he wants to join politics because he is tired of crying for change yet he could make the change himself.

”It is hard for a common ‘Mwananchi’ to bring that change we are all looking for but not for a politician. It is easy to bring that change if you are in politics and not out,” he said.


Old friend Alex Mwakideu challenges Jalang’o to quit alcohol

He also said he wants to own his own media company, and he has already started Jalang’o TV on YouTube.

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Old friend Alex Mwakideu challenges Jalang’o to quit alcohol

Jalang’o has had a year that will most likely be a highlight reel in his memoir (if he does write them that is). The year has seen him have some very significant lows and some very remarkable highs.

The comedin is now having a transcendent moment as the month of July has seen him not only start a new job but also seen him dominate the entertainment headlines.

The multi-talented entertainer recently spoke to his friend Alex Mwakideu while on his online show. The two had a wonderful tête-à-tête with the conversation flowing freely.

The two spoke about their futures and the plans they had with both agreeing that 2022 was the year they would be leaving radio and joining politics.

Jalang'o smiling
Jalang’o smiling

”Yes I will be Wundanyi MP come 2022, that is a must. Taita people have requested me, who am I to deny. I was in Voi recently and people have even opened social media groups to drum support ahead of 2022,” he added.

What was interesting about their conversation was that Mwakideu’s challenge to his former colleague. He asked Jalang’o to quit drinking alcohol as he had done himself.

Who do you think becomes submissive between them? Willy Paul mocks Bahati’s marriage

Jalang’o acceded to the request saying that he had ditched alcohol already and that was his gift to Mwakideu for always having his back.


The two have a wonderful relationship having had a great partnership on the different radio stations that they have worked on. A clip of the conversation is below:

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