Kamenuka! Hon Jaguar leaves fans curious after he posted Hamisa’s son on his social media

Starehe MP Hon. Jaguar has left his followers in question after he posted Hamisa Mobeto’s son on his Instagram page.

Jaguar has been rumoured to be the father of Dylan, (Diamond and Hamisa’s) son because of the striking resemblance.

Jaguar wished Dylan a happy birthday but Kenyans could not keep calm with many congratulating him for finally coming out clean that he is the dad.


In a past interview, Hamisa denied knowing the member of parliament.

“I have never met Jaguar in my life, I have been to Kenya many times but I have never met him. I don’t know him. And so it surprises me when people claim that Jaguar is the father but fame comes at its price,” she said.

She further disclosed that it pains her as a mother when people talk about her children. She said she is the only person who knows the father of her child as it was her who was impregnated.

“When they say Dylan belongs to Jaguar I get annoyed because I know who the father is. Because I was the one who had sex so I know who the father is and I am not the kind to cheat in a relationship. I will be faithful until we break up. But I cannot mix when I’m with you, that’s my nature. A lot of girls can but I can’t,” she added.

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Happy Birthday @deedaylan @hamisamobetto

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Check out some comments ;

Ntongoj: Thanks baba daylan 🔥🔥🔥
topafrican_celebs: 😂😂😂 honourable thank u for coming out and loving ur son it was high time. The boy resembles u too much.
kawumahawa: Who did this? He is for Diamond platinumz Not Jaguar’s Kenya 🇰🇪 please, he’s still ababy

Jaguars’s baby mama excites Kenyans as she shows off her valentines gift

As women around the World received flowers, chocolates and dinner dates for valentines day, Jaguar’s baby mama Magda Ngima chose a different path.

She shared a photo holding a bundle of cash with the caption below;

“This is now valentines, maua peleka huko, the kikuyu in me.”

Angels of Love: Check out Zubeida Kananu’s beautiful family (Photos)

Magda Ngima

The photo  elicited excitement with a majority of Kenyans asking for as share given that mwezi iko corner.

beckykemunto: Mama bless me with 5k I will appreciate

kanana_janet@magda_ngima Naomba Moja tu!

aliciaahawo: Maua ni ya nyuki 😹😹😹

papuchulo_nurdeen@magda_ngima : na sisi ambao hatupa wapenzi wala pesa tu coment wapi?

While some celebs were just indoors, others opted to surprise their better halves. Nameless surprised his wife Wahu with a beautiful package as he attended the men’s conference.

‘He used to call me whinny Wahu…. Becoz he thought I whined a lot (I didn’t😁😁 ) 
I used to call him moody Monski, because…Well mostly because he was just a moody dude! 😁😁
I love you babe. I have for the last 20 odd years. (Where did the time go!!) Thank you for the roses and chocolates! See you later on! Ama bado uko men’s conference? 😁😁😁 #trulymyrideordie.”

Tanasha Donna on the other hand received a surprise package from Diamond Platnumz while still at work and it got her emotional.

Below is a video

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Here are the most fashionable celebrity kids in the Kenyan scene

Smart fashion statement is a norm among adults, but when you see a stylish kid, it’s quite uncertain whom the credit goes to.

Is it the parent who dresses the kid or the kid who beyond doubt slays the outfits.

Not just well dressed kids but well and stylish kids are running these Kenyan streets for a while now.

Below are our top stylish Kenyan Kids;

Ladasha ( The Muraya’s)



Heaven Bahati


Kenyan kids minting millions as brand ambassadors for local and international brands

Jaguar’s son & Daughters

MP Jaguar's son
MP Jaguar’s son


Jaguar with his daughters Tamara and Toria

Eko Dydda’s sons



Octopizzo’s Children


Drama in Baringo as crocodile shows up at police station where its owner was allegedly beaten to death

Pierra Makena’s Daughter



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This is how the Terminal Weekend Concert went down over the weekend

Nairobian’s were treated to a fan filled weekend at the KICC during the terminal music weekend concert which full of electrifying performance .

The much anticipated concert brought together local and international artistes together something that is very rare in Kenya.

Among  those in attendance include Nana Gecaga,Jaguar Member of Parliament Starehe, Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja,Elani ,Phy and Olive Karmen.

Here are photos of how the event went down

Kaligraph Jones
Elani members Brian Chweya and Wambui Ngugi
June Gachui
Bobby Valentino
Starehe MP Jaguar and Chipukeezy
Horace Brown
Kagwe Mungai
Keri Hilson
Habida Monroe


Steph Kapela.JPG
Steph Kapela

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A look inside Diamond Platnumz’ album launch event (Photos)

The much-anticipated Diamond Platnumz’ album launch went down at the Kenya National Theatre last night.

Diamond Platnumz and Omarion
Diamond Platnumz and Omarion on stage

The invites only party was attended by local artistes, media personalities, Wasafi crew, Diamond Platnumz’ mother, sister Esma and American rapper Omarion.

In case you were not invited, here are the photos of those who attended, go through and vote for the best dressed


Diamond Platnumz' album launch
Diamond Platnumz’ mother during his album launch


Diamond Platnumz' album launch
Harmonize at Diamond Platnumz’ album launch


Maina Kageni on stage during Diamond Platnumz’ album launch


Diamond Platnumz' album launch
Starehe MP Jaguar


Diamond Platnumz' album launch
Classic 105’s Mike Mondo with a friend at Diamond Platnumz’ album launch


Diamond Platnumz' album launch
Local artistes


Diamond Platnumz' album launch
Diamond Platnumz on stage during his album launch


Diamond Platnumz' album launch
L-R: Kriss Darlin, Timmy Tdat and hair stylist Eric


Diamond Platnumz' album launch


Diamond Platnumz' album launch
Elani Kenya


Diamond Platnumz' album launch
DJ Sadiq


Diamond Platnumz' album launch


Diamond Platnumz' album launch


Diamond Platnumz' album launch
Wasafi crew with Diamond Platnumz’ family


Diamond Platnumz' album launch


Diamond Platnumz' album launch


Diamond Platnumz' album launch
Diamond Platnumz and his mother


Diamond Platnumz' album launch
Bahati with Eric

Rapper Jaguar Involved In Another Nasty Road Accident

Starehe MP Jaguar at the accident sceneStarehe MP Charles Kanyi aka Jaguar seems to be so unlucky. The lawmaker has been involved in yet another road accident barely a year after one of his cars killed pedestrians along the Makutano – Sagana highway.

Read more about the controversies surrounding Jaguar’s first road accident

Jaguar’s motorcade is said to have been involved in the accident at the Juja weigh bridge along the busy Thika superhighway.

According to witnesses, Jaguar’s car had already passed the accident scene and those who were involved in the accident were rushed to the hospital though they weren’t severely injured.

This caused a major traffic snarl up along the superhighway.

Here are photos from the incident


Starehe MP Jaguar at the accident scene



Starehe MP Jaguar at the accident scene

Meru governor Wahome Gakuru was also involved in an accident along the busy highway and he died on the spot.

Starehe MP Jaguar
Starehe MP Jaguar at the accident scene

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Mheshimiwa Anapenda Vita Sana! Octopizzo And Jaguar Attack Each Other Again Viciously

Octopizzo and Jaguar are back at it like a couple of twitter crazed ninjas. But I wouldn’t put it beyond Jaguar to try and put his hands on Octopizzo like he did to Babu Owino.

You see, the two – Jaguar and Octo – had thrown blows at each other on social media last week and it seems this new beef is not ending anytime soon.

Octo has come out to say he can’t stand “cry baby” Jaguar, which has stirred an exchange of words between the two on social media.

Jaguar responded saying, “Elections did not begin when I got into politics. I was playing my part mentoring our generation even before you realised you had a talent.”

Adding, “You seem to be seeking cheap publicity theatrics on matters of National importance. Play your role as @octopizzo. Leave my name out of it.”

Here is a post with Octopizzo’s savage response.

Jaguar and Octopizzo fighting

Here’s every little detail KOT are saying about the fight between Babu Owino and Jaguar

I’m sure you have all watched the video that’s making rounds online. If you haven’t, worry not, I will share with you.

So yesterday, Embakasi East constituency lawmaker Babu Owino who has been grabbing headlines of late, and his Starehe counterpart Charles Njagua Kanyi aka Jaguar decided to showcase their fighting skills at the parliament buildings but unfortunately, spoilers were swift to take action.

Babu Owino vs Jaguar
Past photo of Babu Owino and Jaguar before they were elected

They separated the two, but from the flurry of events in the video it seems that Babu Owino tried throwing punches – which would have hurt the Kigeugeu singer – and one can hear Jaguar in the background shouting ‘respect Uhuru..”

I’m convinced that Jaguar has never watched a fight in his life. Real men fight ‘ngumi kwa ngumi’, while only women attack each other verbally.

Babu Owino

So please mheshimiwa Jaguar, next time try to watch what real men do, mdomo achia mama ploti.

Here are the reactions from Kenyans on social media

Sadique Shaban: Babu Owino and Jaguar should have fought over political ideology in parliament. Should have fought over contribution on the floor of parliament.

Queenveebosseet: Kifaranga ya kompyuta uligongwa aki na @babuowino next time jaguar shona mdomo wako mrefu wa wizi….haha waru na ugali zinaezana kweli….uhuru is ur god lol just a caretaker

Abou Jumah: Our elected MPs are really representing us to the fullest these are our mentors I love you guys keep it up.

Deric Kim: Shame on you Jaguar, I never knew if you are such a primitive guy,you should take cautions when playing around with Babu

Siladin Sikandar: Babu Its very so sad to see Member’s of Parliament whom are supposed to be good examples to the youth of this great Nation kenya are one’s behaving like Hooligans what a shame.

Vincent Kyalo: Dear boys learn from your elders,like hon mwai kibaki…very cool guy and ruled Kenya with wisdom na maendeleo

Dennis Kilonzo: Finally let the Mps fight…grassroot wamefight sana..please Moses Kuria and Mbadi make a date 😂😂😂😂😂

Kimathi: Ugandan parliament had a better fight,Babu owino and Jaguar were caressing each other

Meshack: Remember in primo ukiambia mtu mpatane nje ya gate after school? That’s the case of Babu Owino and Jaguar.

Zlatanmutuma: Jaguar ulichapwa na babu acha upuzi

Delaruvi: Hon Charles..that was a weak move. In chess we call it a ‘pawn move’. You can’t buy class. No political affiliation.

Franklin: That Babu Owino and Jaguar fight is what we need in Kenya. Let the politicians fight amongst themselves! Not raia fighting for them. Kudos

Mungai: Babu Owino and Jaguar are not equals. BABU OWINO is a graduate in actuarial science while Jaguar is a copy paste musician.

Check out the video:


Jaguar Opens Up About Wanting To Make His Mother Proud Before She Passed Away

It’s been exactly 23 years since Jaguar lost his mother. He has always been open to talk about his life struggles, because it wasn’t easy for him. All the fine things you see him flaunting on social media is all from his hardwork and determination.


He even disclosed a while back that he was a makanga (tout), because he had to make ends meet. Furthermore, these days being a tout is a good job, if only you are good to your clients.

Well, Jaguar is now a successful man and he recently won the Starehe Member of Parliament seat in the just concluded general election. He has had his fair share of struggles, but it’s now time for him to lead the people of Starehe.

I Don’t Want A Pay Rise, Pris – Mheshimiwa Jaguar And Moha Jocho Pevu Shouts

He took to social media to state how he wanted to make his mother proud as he had promised her, but she didn’t get to see it, but all in all she’s forever be in his heart.

Jaguar's mother's graveyard

He said, “When I was young n going through many hardships,I promised my mum that id make her proud one day….sadly 17 yrs down the line,she is not here to see how her little son turned out to be. Everything in God’s time….Forever in my heart mama.”


Comedian Turned Politican Begs Government To Cut His MP Salary Cut 15%

Newly elected MP John Kiarie has added his voice to the young MPs who have said they don’t want to over burden the tax payers by agitating for a pay rise.

Yesterday, former KTN investigative journalist Mohammed Ali and rapper Jaguar made it clear they do not want a pay hike either.

I Don’t Want A Pay Rise, Pris – Mheshimiwa Jaguar And Moha Jocho Pevu Shouts

Kiarie who is a former comedian, has penned a letter to the head of Salaries and Remuneration Commission asking that his pay is cut.

Check out the letter.

“Dear Sarah Serem.
By this post I authorize you to effect the new salary level for myself. I would even suggest you look for legal mechanism for cutting my salary by a further 15%. I also commend you for revoking all my sitting allowances, otherwise if you didn’t do so I would have been tempted to also claim for squatting allowances or sleeping allowances.
The Jubilee government will effect free day secondary education in January. I trust that with my reduced salary and no sitting allowances, we can now work towards subsidising fees in boarding schools or providing free meals for poor malnourished kids in primary schools. If we do that we will reduce the strain on our bursaries thus reducing my headache as Member of Parliament for Gatundu South.
Finally Sarah I will be looking forward to working with you in the 12th parliament to reduce the public wage bill and reduce the many political offices in this country. We must work together towards a target if no more than 35% of our budget going to recurrent expenditure and 65% going towards capital expenditure that will spur development, long term growth and prosperity.
It is tempting to ask you not to cut my salary or reduce my sitting allowances. But when I think of the kind of a country I will bequeath to my boys Brian and Dennis, I think twice. When I remember that there are families in this country who did not have something for dinner last night, not because they forgot to cook but because they did not have something to cook, I think twice. I hope that other non political public officers will take notice.
Ukiona mwenzako kichwa ikinyolewa, chako tia maji.”

I Don’t Want A Pay Rise, Pris – Mheshimiwa Jaguar And Moha Jocho Pevu Shouts

Newly elected MPs have vowed to reject pay cuts proposed by the Salaries and Remuneration Commission.

SRC on Monday announced a significant salary cut for state officers, including the President, Deputy President, MPs, CSs and other officials.

The slash by the Salaries and Remuneration Commission is meant to reduce the national wage bill.

According to the review, the President will earn Sh1,443,750 monthly down from Sh1.6 million while Deputy President will be paid Sh1,227,188 monthly.

Cabinet Secretaries will get a salary of Sh924,000 from Sh1,056 000 and Permanent Secretaries will be earning Sh765,000 from Sh874,000.

MPs will earn Sh621,000 from about Sh710,000.




Newly elected MP for Nyali Mohamed Ali is not going to join the bandwagon.

He posted on his Instagram, “I, Mohamed Ali Mohamed do not support any move to increase my salary and that of my fellow elected Members of Parliament. I have fought for equality and fairness all through my career and my first move as a Parliamentarian will not be to enrich myself. “

He continued, “40% of my countrymen live on an average of 10000 shillings or less. I do not see the purpose of an increment without ensuring that we create a legal framework for our countrymen to generate wealth FIRST. Count my vote against this.”

This was echoed by Jaguar – the Mp for Starehe who tweeted, “Just to categorically state; I am not in support of a pay rise. Count me out. #MPsPay #mwamkompya #starehe.”


jaguarcoverTheir pronouncements had various reactions. Check out some of them.

mwalimuwekesa: Ras moha….we have been seeing and hearing in tvs and radio maisha against many issues that were not well for common citizen’s. Now we Kenyans want to see your stand since you are now a legislature.

mutua_moreen: Now that’s my MP I like you already you are the best, pitia mara kwa mara utusalimie kama vyenye ulikuwa unaomba tukupigie kura, niko tu hapa Kadiria…

Kundgwen tweeted, “Unless you write to assembly clerk not to increase yours and show us the letter, this is PR.

Eunice Nyaga‏ added, “Good but do it on main stream media so that more people can hear you. Please remember to sing the “Kigeugeu song”.

‘They are LAZY,’ Ugandan Singer Bebe Cool Claims That Kenyan Artistes Are NOT Aggressive Enough When It Comes To Music

Moses Sali better known by his stage name Bebe Cool is one of the African artistes at this year’s Coke Studio Africa and there’s no doubt that his hard work in music has propelled him to new levels over the years.

How Sweet! Ugandan Singer Bebe Cool Says The Most Heart-Warming, Romantic Thing About His Wife

Bebe Cool recently worked on a new collaboration with Kenya’s top band Sauti Sol dubbed Mbozi Za Malwa, back in April 2017, though the music video hasn’t received many views on YouTube as anticipated, it received a lot of positive feedback when it was dropped.

This was the first time the reggae and ragga singer has worked with a Kenyan artiste, despite being in the industry for more than a century, but why did he take such a long time to make this move?

Well, in a recent interview, with Insyder, Bebe Cool was asked who his top 3 Kenyan artistes are, and the answer was not what anyone expected, at all.

‘My Wife Deserves Expensive Clothes And Shopping Trips,’ Shouts Bebe Cool After Wife’s Accused Of Wasting His Money


The African Gal hitmaker revealed that the only singers he can rate and recognise from Kenya are BET nominees, Sauti Sol, because it’s the only group that has been able to spread their wings both in East Africa and Africa as a whole.

To tell the truth there is Sauti Sol. I would definitely tell you I don’t think I can rate anybody else. Coz basically apart from the old legendary it’s only Sauti Sol that has made sure they have made a name in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Africa.

Bebe Cool revealed that he had only met mellow-voiced singer Dela recently, at Coke Studio and applauded her talent and amazing voice, but reiterated that he would not have known or heard of her if it wasn’t for Coke Studio.

I just met Dela recently and I haven’t even listened to her music (before) so that means Kenyan artistes are a little bit lazy, I usually say that and I’m never shy about it. Because I haven’t heard of Dela before Coke Studio, if Dela has management she has to think twice and move (market themselves internationally) because that is how I will know you. I won’t know when you are there, however good your music is. Success also comes with business and marketing.


According to the musician, Kenyan artistes are somehow lazy and need to work on their marketing and management if they want to be recognised in other countries in Africa and internationally.

TEAR-JERKING Moment As Bebe Cool And His Wife Zuena Comfort Zari During An EMOTIONAL Vigil For Late Hubby Ivan (PHOTOS)

He however appreciated and congratulated Sauti Sol on their resilience and how they have strived to get accolades all over African and globally, and their enterprising nature too.

This comes after Nigerian singer Iyanya revealed that singer Jaguar was reluctant after their One Centimeter remix, saying that he didn’t make an effort to market his song in Nigeria or introduce himself to the press, which he told him to do 2 years ago;

I don’t know if he was expecting me to do his job for him, he was just lounging around for over ten days. He did not even make any effort, not even a newspaper interview.


Jaguars Daughter Tamara Emerges Winner In Her School’s Sports Day

Kigeugeu hit maker Jaguar, is a proud father after his cute and adorable daughter Tamara, emerged top during her school sports day.

The musician posted photos of his daughter Tamara Njagua on his social media pages, with a caption “My Number 1.”

Jaguar is among local musicians who have not shied away from introducing their kids to the limelight.



Proof That Jaguar Is The Best Daddy In The World


Although the girl’s mother is very private, Jaguar has on several occasions been seen flaunting with the girls. The cute girl is simply her father’s jewel and with the way she is making her father proud in school, she will be her father’s favorite for a long time.

Jaguar is a doting father who never misses important functions where his kids are involved. The beautiful girl seems to be growing too fast and she is talented we must say.


Jaguars’ Right Hand Man Lugz Is Off The Market

Single ladies sorry but Lugz is off the market. Many people know him as Jaguars right hand man, but he has also played the role of Jaguars back up singer and the two are often spotted together.

What most people don’t know is that he has been dating Citizen TV’s Tabasamu beauty Minne Kariuki.The couple have been dating for almost 3 years. In 2015, the couple went to celebrate their relationship by taking a vacation in Nanyuki.

News of their dating came to the limelight after Minne posted on her social media: “Enjoying my holiday season with bae! Nanyuki, Serena Sweet Waters #olpajeta game reserve…Mount Kenya tomorrow! #safari #nocitylifehere #vacation #enjoyinglife.”


Lugz had taken her to Nanyuki for a surprise birthday treat during which he gifted her with a new iPhone 6.

Speaking to SDE Pulse on a night out with his girl at Kiza Lounge, he has finally revealed that he has settled down and that he is enjoying every bit of it. Although he’s jaguars right hand man, Lugz has created a name in the industry and rubs shoulders with the big fish.


The humble guy has remained behind the camera and keeps very private on matters touching on his life and that of his girlfriend.









‘Kama Kamanda Anasema Mimi Ni Mtoto Wake Basi Aniheshimu’, Jaguar Stands His Ground On Starehe Seat

Musician Charles Njagua, popularly known as Jaguar, has refused to negotiate with Maina Kamanda on the winner of the Starehe MP Jubilee polls.

Jubilee officials on Thursday declared Kamanda as winner with 10,374 votes, while Jaguar lost with 8,391 votes.

Party secretary general Raphael Tuju said the nominations will be repeated after Jaguar’s supporters protested at the headquarters.

But Jaguar has refused a repeat of the polls and staged a protest at the Jubilee headquarters on Saturday.

5 Reasons Why Jaguar Took The Blame For Killing Two Motorists

“We don’t want negotiations … I will not sit down with anyone and will not go back to the elections again. I am not ready to talk to him (Kamanda). Democracy is not about negotiation,” Jaguar said.

Kamanda had earlier said he was ready to dialogue with the musician.

“It’s not about me, it’s about starehe people. Kama Kamanda andhani nataka niwe nominated (if Kamanda thinks I want to be nominated), he is mistaken. It has been a very difficult time for me,” Jaguar said.

Jaguar said Kamanda should step down for him since he won fairly.

2 Kenyans Die Painfully After Jaguar’s Ranger Rover Crushed Them, Eye Witnesses Claim Lady Driver Was BEHIND The Wheel (PHOTOS)

“We are not stupid … Tangu lini wazee wakaanza kuwaibia watoto wao? Na kama anasema mimi ni mtoto wake basi aniheshimu,” he said.

(Since when did the old start stealing from their children. And if he says I am his child then he should respect me.)

-The Star

Is Singer Vivian’s Marriage Going To Work After Being Linked With These 5 Male Celebrities?

She is sizzling hot. She caught the limelight with her song Woman In love. Since then, Vivian has rocked  254 with her melodious voice and she is doing justice to it.

Last weekend, Vivian was proposed to by her long term manager Sam west live on national Tv;

“Vivian you have made my heart go Teren Teren. You are the woman in love but I’m the man in love. You’re my charm and today I want to give you my full attention and I want to ask, make my dream come true. I’m asking for your hand in marriage,” Sam said

Vivian who seemed to also be head over heels in love said YES to the flamboyant man and it seems she is walking down the aisle very soon. But hey! Is this man going to cop with the men this singer has been linked with?

Meet The Man Who Is Set To Marry Singer Vivian (PHOTOS)


After confessing that she crushes for the dancehall artiste, Redsan heard her cry and the two now have a hot jam dubbed Attention. Well, photos that went viral of the two having a good time in the beach, propelled rumours that they were seeing each other.


CAT OUT OF THE BAG! This Is What Redsan And Stunning Kenyan Singer Vivian Were Up To (VIDEO)

Timmy Tdat

Timmy Tdat has been linked to dating various lasses after his break up with fellow rapper Kush Tracy. The Inaweza hit maker was linked with an upcoming artiste identifies as Faith, melodious singer Dela and Vivian. The two were spotted going to several events together not to mention their romantic photos that went viral. Are fans to blame for the speculations or was this just a cheap publicity stunt?



We all know Jaguar is one of the richest artistes in this nation. The two did a collabo dubbed My dream which stirred rumours that they were dating.

Talking to Mpasho, Vivian shut down the rumours saying;

“Jaguar is a good friend of mine. He’s also my mentor – he tells me a lot of things about the do’s and donts in the industry. So, he’s really like my big brother and I think people must have misunderstood it especially because I did the first song with him and I was not known at all,” she said calmly.

What is Ragga Artiste Redsan Up To With This Stunning Kenyan Singer? (PHOTOS)


Gospel singer Bahati and secular lass Vivian were rumoured to have gone to a Valentine’s date thanks to Kiss Fm’s Adelle Onyango. Need I say more?


Singer Jaguar Refutes Claims That A Man Was Killed After Attending His Political Rally

Police are investigating an incident in which a man was killed by a mob after he grabbed money that had been given out by musician Charles Kanyi aka Jaguar, who has declared that he will vie for Starehe MP in the August 8 General Election.

According to a Star reporter, Jaguar was campaigning in Ziwani area on Saturday and gave out an unknown amount of money to a group of youths.

Police say one of the group members grabbed the money and ran away with others pursuing him. He was later found dead in the area after suspected beating. It is believed that Police intend to grill Jaguar as part of the probe.

However, speaking exclusively to Radiojambo.co.ke, the Popular musician turned politician, refuted the claims citing that he neither toured the Ziwani area nor did he offer money to any particular group of people.

Jaguar Makes The Dreams Of A Disabled Man Come True (Photos)

He claims that he was on a goodwill mission in Ziwani area in Nairobi through his Jaguar foundation where he donated a number of car washing machines, adding that he never at any time gave out cash to anyone.

“I was told that the man died at 7:30pm in an area where I never even set my foot in so there’s no way that story is related with me. What we did we went to give out car wash machines not money and I was out of the place by 5:30pm so you see these are mere propaganda because how can you grab the said money at 5:30PM then get killed two hours later?.

Said Jaguar, adding that if the alleged group would have been fighting over car wash ownership, then he would have been involved.

Listen to the exclusive phone interview with Jaguar below.