Congratulations! Harmonize’s ex girlfriend Wolper gives birth

Jacqueline Wolper, ex-girlfriend to singer Harmonize has given birth. And no, it’s not Harmonize’s! The actress has been dating businessman and designer Rich Mitindo.

Wolper has managed to keep her pregnancy on the down-low until recently when she decided to reveal her baby shower photos.

Speaking about their new bundle of joy, Mitindo, the baby’s dad wrote;

“Mimba miezi 9 kutolala usiku kwa kukosa usingizi halafu kujifungua kwa uchungu kukatisha starehe zote kwa ajili ya mtoto niamini mimi ukisikia mtu anaitwa mama mpe heshima yake..nakupenda Mama P❤️”

In response, Wolper wrote;

“Tunakupenda Baba p 😍hakika wewe ni Baba Bora 🙌Mungu azidi kukufungulia katika kazi zako upate Baraka Nyingi kupitia sisi 😍😍🙏”


Wolper’s longest public relationship was with Harmonize but the two later broke up when the singer was accused of being unfaithful.

Diamond was why I broke up with Wolper – Harmonize reveals details

‘We fought alot because of my pride’ Harmonizes ex shares


Harmonize has just dropped his album, Afro East and Jacqueline Wolper confessed that she is proud of the step he has taken because he is finally living his dream.

The two broke up in such a dramatic way and so they parted ways in bad blood but Wolper took this opportunity to try and mend fences.


“I take this opportunity to wish you all the best as you launch your new album. I remember it was your dream and you are finally living it. We have come from so far and we have gone through a lot. We have fought a lot all because of my pride but in all honesty, I am still really happy for you and the growth of your career. there is no relationship between you and I but I know we are suffering in different ways now that we do not talk.” Wolper posted

Wolper added that she reached out to Harmonize with no aim of trying to get Harmonize back or destroy his marriage with Sarah.

“I dare confess that I am in pain and I can not hide it anymore no matter how much I have tried to hide it. Only you Rajab and I know. On Instagram, they are out here trolling me on what I have posted. When I go behind closed doors, I am the one hurting and there is no one to help me😭🙏. In this message, I have no intention to interfere with your marriage with Sarah nor mine. I am just using my right of speech to address the issue that I wanted to address with you but I couldn’t because I was traveling.” She added

Over the weekend, Konde Boy launched his first Album dubbed #AFROEAST in an event that was graced by former Tanzania President Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete as the guest of honor.

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Ringtone’s new song ‘Natafuta Bibi’ savaged by Kenyans

Ringtone seems to have gone far and wide in his search for a wife. The gospel musician is in the news after he featured Harmonize’s ex, Jacqueline Wolper in his new music video.

He posted a series of videos and pictures on his Instagram page showing Wolper and himself on the set of his new song, ‘Natafuta Bibi’.


He captioned the video with some horrible English grammar that is below;

Am cried the whole time am record this song and am cry everyday trusting God for a Wife or girlfriend as you all continue to dismiss me😢😢😢😢 FULL LINK ON MY BIO.

And added later on;

Don’t let me cry too much @wolperstylish 

The singer is a well-known attention-seeker and the antics he has been pulling the last month all make sense now that he has dropped his new song. He was chased from JCC church on Sunday after he took his wife search to the church premises.

Ringtone at JCC
Ringtone at JCC

The comments section filled up with a lot of negativity. Some of it is below;

peterspitter; Enyewe Ringtone Hananga talent.. Ni favor tu ya mungu the song sounds shitty and boring
judyngereso; Kiki zote kumbe ni za kuimba
ms_omukitsa; U really should consider therapy. Mental health is a real problem. N it’s okay to need help
douggie_oginda: Uko na ufala sana Apoko….umechomea wakisii picha
mercyscarol: Is it a gospel music. Man of God? Asking for wili poze
triza380: 😂😂😂 lakini ww uko na kasoro mahali hawa warembo wote wenye wamejaa Kenya Kwn akuna mwenye anakupenda

I don’t think the less than stellar reviews of his music or his antics will perturb the singer. He recently told Betty Kyallo that he knew he wasn’t talented, he was just hardworking.


Ringtone knows his limits and what he brings to the market; controversy. And it sells. Ever since he started his many stunts early this year, his Instagram page has gained over 30 thousand followers! Who is winning? His critics or him?

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Bongo singer Harmonize’s ex-girlfriend Jacqueline Wolpers stunning birthday photos as she turns a year older

Ex-girlfriend to Bongo star Harmonize has hit 30. Jacqueline Wolper a fashion icon cum actress hit the headlines after she and the Show Me hitmaker were seen exchanging saliva at a public event.

The two dated for months after which Harmonize, real name, Rajab Abdul, ditched the yellow-yellow slay queen for a rich mzungu.

Wolper later came out to expose the singer saying he was cheating on him with the Italiano girl whose name is Sarah. Wolper added that Sarah had been sending her naked photos of the two (Sarah and Harmonize) even while Harmonize was still her boyfriend.

She told Millard Ayo;

“That woman bought him a phone, gold chains and told him if he wanted to be with her to first break up with Jackline. She even told him to delete all my photos.”

She added;

“Akaona naenda kushoot video South Africa na Harmonize, akanitumia picha za uchi za kitandani.”

Days later, Harmonize released a track titled Nishachoka, one that is said to be dissing Wolper.

The two have since moved on. Harmonize is dating the mzungu chick while Wolper is in love with another ben 10 by the name Brown.

Well, the actress has hit 30 and is still slaying. Check out her photos;

Cheers to life




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Drama After Drama!!! Did This Popular Artiste DUMP Ancestor Girlfriend For Mzungu?

News has it that Tanzanian singer Harmonize and  girlfriend Jacqueline Wolper are done!

Harmonize and actress Wolper have been in an on and off relationship but its seems the two have decide to call it quits.

The Bado hit maker shocked many fans when he confessed that he was very single, days after he showered love to Wolper on national radio.

‘Thank You For Blessing Me With Your Gift’ Maina Kageni Tells Bongo Singer Harmonize (AUDIO)


Talking to Maina Kageni, Harmonize admitted;

“I’m single by the way.

He further revealed that he was searching for a lady who would warm his heart. It was then that fans new Harmonize had left his long time celebrity girlfriend but who was he going for? You ask?

Dr Ofweneke Kwisha! Look At The Conversations His Ex Wife Nicah Is Having With Bongo Star Harmonize

Harmonize is now rumoured to be dating a mzungu, something that he has kept a secret since he parted ways with Wolper. Rumour has it that the mzungu is heavily pregnant. When called to confirm the rumours, Harmonize’s manager did not want to say a thing.

“Tuzungumze biashara, utakapopata Harmonize utazungumzia tuhuma ambazo umezisikia…Mimi simanage mapenzi ya wasanii wangu namanage biashara na kazi zao.”