Jacque Maribe explains why she is an over protective parent to son Zahari


Co parents Jacque Maribe and Eric Omondi gushed over their son on Sunday in a cute Instagram moment.

Jacque recalled the difficult pregnancy she had with son Zahari admitting it’s the reason she is an over protective mum.

She tagged Eric in the comment and asked him to organize a family vacation because they need it.

“One day, while in South Africa, a good friend of mine @brianbaraka told me “uko na mood swings kama za mtu ako na mimba.” We laughed but to be honest it was the hardest trip I did, I was throwing up literally all the time. But I didn’t think I could have been pregnant. Because baby’s daddy @ericomondi had said we wait a while.

Then I came back home on my birthday. @wamboshiks my childhood bff had organised rieng pale Rafikiz Langata. Even included my mother who came for me and took me to the spa for nini nini.

Kina @ericomondi
Were there busy throwing raos. @catewamaribe
@njeripriscathy were busy dancing and showing love. Then May 2014. See, I had gone through miscarriages. During this pregnancy every single day was a blessing. I chose 14th, and boom, this cute child of mine came.

I am very particular about my son. I am so invested in his well being. I am his mother not for the name but for his life. So many times I would have lost him during that pregnancy. So when you see me being an overly protective mum, you know. And anyone who harms my child is the devil reincarnated.”


Jacque asked Eric if another vacation was possible like the last one they took as a family “another vacation loading, no?”

Dad Eric Omondi responded with a heart emoji captioning “MY PEOPLE” assuring Jacque.

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Jacque Maribe named ambassador in campaign tackling cyber bullying


Political Journalist Jacque Maribe is no stranger to cyber bullying.

She has been attacked severally on her relationship with ex fiancée Jowie Irungu and the subsequent fall out.

The Kuwa Wema campaign has been launched by ECBA – end cyber bullying association- that is encouraging and mobilizing everyone in taking efforts to end Cyberbullying.

Jacque shared the exciting news on her social media with pictures of the event.

Others who have joined are former KFCB boss Ezekiel Mutua who was over joyed and noted ”

Dedicated an afternoon to the ‘Kuwa Mwema’ campaign championed by

. I was privileged to admit the new Ambassador of the campaign

and to share great insights with the Director of the campaign Marjoline Kirima on how to take the campaign to the next level.”

Meanwhile catchup with Jacque on her youtube and Facebook where she interviews movers and shakers about all things politics.
Go Jacque, we are proud of you in all endeavors.

Jacque Maribe rejoins Twitter. Here is her real account


Media personality Jacque Maribe has officially returned to the blue bird, announcing she has opened a legit Twitter account and warned against fakes.


 This is her real account below.

She encouraged her fans to follow the real account saying others are parodies.

 “Twitter!!! New and only account, any other is not mine, is not me, and is not us. Happy Saturday folks”
Jacque has been working on her online show hosting politicians, analysts and others telling their untold stories.
We can’t to see what the future holds for this Journalist.

Jacque Maribe’s former fiancé Jowie Irungu is now a chicken farmer (video)

Joseph Irungu, commonly known as Jowie became a media darling when he sensationally proposed to former Citizen TV journalist Jacque Maribe.

Little was known about the man who had captured the heart of one of the fast-rising media personalities in the TV landscape.

Despite that many were enthralled and captivated by him but that feeling was to end soon after. Why? He was implicated in the death of Monica Kimani a few months later, a fact that tore away at his near-perfect image and visgae.

After spending nearly two years in remand, the man was released in 2020 and again shocked Kenyans with the news that he was married to a certain model called Eleanor Musangi.

Jowie Irungu with Ella in the past
Jowie Irungu with Ella in the past

That wasn’t all he unleashed a gospel song called “Nishikilie” that tried to showcase a different Jowie from the person we had come to know.

Why would a beautiful model like Micabel Ella lie and perjure herself for a man like Jowie Irungu?

But again the new Jowie couldn’t hold up to scrutiny as Miss Musangi confessed earlier in the year that she had lied about being married to Jowie.

So what new hustle is Jowie up to know? The former security expert is now raising chicken. Jowie recently, via an Instagram video, shared with his followers what he claimed was his chicken farm.

In the video, one can see smiling Mr Irungu walking through the farm that has a couple of goats and what appears to be hundreds of hens.

He also shares more videos of fresh vegetables with his audience.

“This is my new hustle. A try (of eggs) is going for Sh300, if you are outside Nakuru, we can discuss how they will be delivered. I am not a conman.”

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I used to get angry…Eric Omondi on being mentioned in stories about Chantal and Maribe

Eric Omondi might be a brilliant comedian, with a lot of fresh content that gets Kenyans excited but it seems that Kenyans will bring him up more for issues surrounding his personal life than that fact.

The man who has a son with Jacque and also dated model Chantal Graziano, features more in the news about his exes than for his career, something that he has resigned himself to.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Eric Omondi (@ericomondi)

In an interview I did with the comic recently Eric explained that this fact used to surprise him at first.

“I think I gave up on that. I think that it will happen forever. Initially, I used to get surprised and get angry but I realised that when Chantal is brought up Eric Omondi will always be brought up, same as Jacque Maribe.”

Jacque Maribe with Eric Omondi
Jacque Maribe with Eric Omondi in the past


“So when that happens nowadays, I just usually enjoy and say that is how blogs operate. Sometimes something happens that I didn’t even know about, until I get to know when I am mentioned. Pengine hata sikua najua ilihappen. It becomes news to me.”

Eric Omondi and Chantal Grazioli
Eric Omondi and Chantal Grazioli in the past

“It will always happen,” he maturely finished off. Listen to the star speaking below:

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Eric Omondi reveals the one trait he would want to pass on to his son (Exclusive)

I interviewed Eric Omondi last week and the comedian was a breath of fresh air as he answered some burning questions that I had for him.

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A post shared by Eric Omondi (@ericomondi)

One of them concerned Zahari, the son that he shares with Jacque Maribe. Eric normally likes to keep a lot about his relationship with his son on the DL. I asked him what trait he would love to pass on to his son? He said that would be his never give up nature.

“Persistence. I am very persistent. I never give up.  Whatever you are going for, go for it. Push and don’t stop.”

Eric was revealed to be the father of Zahari in October 2019, when Jacque Maribe shared a post of the family together.  The two had come together for their son’s graduation with Maribe referring to the comedian as her son’s father putting to rest rumours that have long been going round of the child’s paternity.

“Family first. Happy graduation day Zahari. We, mum and dad @ericomondi are proud of you!” wrote Ms Maribe alongside the cute family photo.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Eric Omondi (@ericomondi)

Eric on the other hand also posted the same picture on his Instagram page writing the word “family” as the caption of the photo.

The two dated back in 2014 but later parted ways under unclear circumstances. Maribe later flaunted her baby bump but was elusive in commenting about the father of her child.

Listen to the comedian speaking about his son below:

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I want Jacque Maribe, Nameless and Wahu to appear on Wife Material 2 – Eric Omondi

Eric Omondi has probably been the biggest thing in Kenyan comedy the past few months. The man who is Kenya’s most-followed person on Instagram has done that largely with his antics on social media where he debuted with a new more muscular body.

The second was his popular show, Wife Material which had tongues wagging during the period that it aired. Now the man wants to launch a second season and its all steam ahead for the comedian who made his name on Churchill Show.

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A post shared by Eric Omondi (@ericomondi)

Even though it has since become apparent that the first season was a publicity/ marketing gimmick, Omondi says he is approaching 40 years and needs to settle down.

“I can get a wife like this but this is how I want to meet my wife. This time I want contestants who are over 23 years and above from East Africa. I will have 15 ladies in a house,” he said.

Churchill didn’t pay me anything for 3 seasons! Eric Omondi reveals

He also haboured the dream of having his two ex-girlfriends, Jacque Maribe and Chantal Grazioli appear on the show, but the latter has since distanced herself from Wife Material 2.

Omondi, however, says he was misunderstood as Chantal was not supposed to be among the girls.

“She was not to be among the 15 girls, no. She was to come in as a pastor or an adviser. I explained to her that. However, she will not be in the country, so she will not make it,” he said.

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A post shared by Eric Omondi (@ericomondi)

The comedian further said his baby mama Jacque Maribe will play the role of adviser.

“The show has different parts, like now Jacque is coming in as an adviser,” he said, adding: “What I mean is that she will be the one talking to the girls, explaining to them what Eric likes and what he does not like. She will be giving them tips on how to win my heart.”

Adding, “There will be respected couples in the show. With that, I mean people like Wahu and Nameless. There will be a pastor.” The comedian has also been hinting at Betty Kyallo being in the show.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Eric Omondi (@ericomondi)

Maribe hasn’t still confirmed that she will appear on the show.

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K stands for Eric Omondi! Some say as Jacque Maribe asks Kenyans to chill about her love life

Jacque Maribe has been trending these past few days. The reason for that? A post that she made this week that alluded to the former Citizen TV journalist moving on to a new man.

The information that she posted has gotten her a lot of press, so much so that she has been receiving a lot of calls and messages from people and in a great number.

Her photo of a mug (now deleted) written Mrs. K, with words of affirmation that she is off the market has elicited so much discourse for the murder suspect

“I have never received so many calls and texts any January of my life 🤣🤣🤣 because of a mug written Mrs. K. Hahaha aki I now believe udaku haipendi uvivu. Still taken, hehehe 🥰” said Jacque yesterday.

But it seems that people haven’t gotten the memo and she has had to plead with fans and followers to relax on the news. A few hours ago the mother of one wrote,

“All jokes aside…peace people. Yaani even distant relatives are calling. Can we just have plenty of peace and not think too much into the letter K? Could be a guy and could be a show or wait, it could be both! Or different! Or more! 2021 jamani.”

Her post got a lot of attention just like the previous one with some joking that the K might stand for Erci Omondi. Read some of those comments below:

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 we need to know the lucky guy

Eric omondi just played with our minds recently and now it’s you… If I was the one to decide I would advice you and Eric to raise the child together as husband and wife. It’s my opinion.

Haha K for KENYA, KENYA wins finally🤣😂

It’s okay madam K

Eric Omondi starts with ‘K’…… 🤣

Watu hawajui jokes ata😂

Guys its poetry, chill😂😍

Lol… people love tea,you spilled tea 🍵 let us sip sip 😊

Nakupigia kesho twende lunch, lazima kieleweke 😂😂😂😂😂

I hope they used to call before You said K 😂😂

You have to come clean on this letter K. Our minds are racing with thoughts 😀

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I have never received so many calls/texts – Jacque Maribe after announcing she is taken

It seems that Jacque Maribe has discovered the way to get a lot of press – hint at a new love interest. The media personality stirred the pot this week when she posted an image on her Instagram page which read Mrs. K.

And Jacque is shocked, shocked I tell you! Shocked that she is receiving lots of calls and text messages after going public with information that she is taken.

On Thursday, the former Citizen TV news anchor put up a photo of a mug (now deleted) written Mrs. K, with words of affirmation that she is off the market. She also made sure to lock the comment section of the photo in question.

That post has elicited a lot of reactions from her fans and followers prompting the former Citizen TV journalist to come out with a new update.

“I have never received so many calls and texts any January of my life 🤣🤣🤣 because of a mug written Mrs. K. Hahaha aki I now believe udaku haipendi uvivu. Still taken, hehehe 🥰” said Jacque.

In an interview with True Love magazine last year, Jacque explained that she wouldn’t get back with baby daddy, Eric Omondi.

“No, that ship sailed. We will keep the friendship, but he doesn’t believe it though, to be honest. A few days ago, he made a joke and said You are single and I’m single, we were meant to be single so that one day we will get back together, but I was like No. that ship sailed.”

“I think I came to know another side of him and I keep telling him we kinder messed crossing the line because we were very good friends, from the beginning and I don’t know why we thought that maybe it could work. If we were able to collect ourselves again, I don’t think I will ever cross that line again” said Maribe.


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Deliriously happy Jacque Maribe hounded after hinting about new romance


Jacque Maribe may have inadvertently prompted a series of calls and texts after ‘a taken’ message.

Jacque shared a picture of a mug with a ‘Mrs K’ message on the cup that fans assumed to mean she is in a happy relationship finally.

She also wrote that she is ‘taken’ further igniting the new romance frenzy.

She has since returned to social media to say friends have been hounding her with calls and messages to find out if she really is in love and with whom.

But Jacque, in true style of a celebrity in a new romance, isn’t telling anyone anything.

She returned with the message that

‘You glow differently when you are happy” An inspirational quote people use when they have moved on from bad events that range from personal growth to career moves and are at a happier place in life.

She also added

I have never received so many calls and texts, any January of my life, because of a mug written Mrs K hahaha aki I now believe udaku haipendi uvivu. Still taken, hehehe


Her fans were happy and encouraged her to find happiness, keeping in mind the disastrous relationship with murder suspect Jowie Irungu.


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Jacque Maribe’s admission about Eric Omondi calls into question why she got a kid with him

Jacque Maribe recently had a deep interview with True Love magazine. She revealed some intimate information about her relationship with Eric Omondi.

She said that they had had a great relationship with each other for 5 years before they made the decision to start dating.

Jacque admitted that she got pregnant shortly after she began dating Eric but was unsure about what he would do/say.

“By the time we realized that we were expecting, I was very excited. I really wanted a baby and had gone through all the motions of trying to get one. I was at a space where this was what I wanted and was genuinely actively working towards it.”

According to Maribe, at the time Eric had been juggling his career and women – something Maribe was not ready to put up with. That wouldn’t be the worst of her troubles with the father of her son, Zahari.

Eric would later deny that he was the father of her child after one of his friends blurted it out after much speculation about the identity.

While many might empathise with Jacque here on this terrible situation she faced with Eric, I don’t. Why? Simple. She chose the father of her child.

The two had known each other for more than 5 years, plenty of time to vet a potential husband and father of your children.

Most men would sleep with anything ( a sad admission I must admit as a man) and the decision on which man’s seed will propagate (under normal circumstances) is left on the woman.

View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Eric Omondi (@ericomondi) on

A woman decides the man who will get to pass his genes. She can either not sleep with a man or abort the child if she doesn’t want the child.

In Jacque’s case, she knew what she was getting into when she started dating and sleeping with Eric-It didn’t come as a shock when he acted out who he was. A man who still wasn’t ready to be a father at that time, although that publicly changed last year (lucky for Jacque)

While I might sound harsh on Jacque my reason is simple-Women should choose their husbands and fathers to their kids with wisdom-Men who will not only participate in bedroom gymnastics but also provide, protect and stick around afterwards.

And why does this matter? Don’t deprive your child of a father because you chose poorly for a mate-A deadbeat who only knows how to pump and dump.


But what do I know?

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“My bosses did not want me to interview President Uhuru” Jacque Maribe narrates

Jacque Maribe made headlines when she interviewed President Uhuru Kenyatta after he won the 2013 general election.

The former Citizen TV senior political reporter in an interview with True Love’s Caroline Mandi, said that the president called her to interview him but all didn’t go well with her bosses.

“I was expecting and thinking immediately after we got from campaigns you get some time off and you’re like I’ve worked too hard who am I working for? let me get a baby,” she said.

Jacque added that she was new in the media industry and her bosses did not support her ambition to cover politics.

“It was my last assignment before I proceeded on my maternity leave when I got a call and I’m told “hi, haven’t been seeing you in a while so I hear good things are coming then come interview before you go”‘. He has my mobile number and it was bittersweet. It was good yes because it was a good working relationship but it was difficult because I have bosses and everybody was like, why her?

Jacque said that after sharing the good news, her bosses wanted someone else to handle it and not her.

“It was tough” Jacque Maribe opens up about suffering two miscarriages

“When I went to tell my boss I had been offered the first-ever interview by the president, it was hard. like why you? and I remember being told “its okay, that’s good someone else will do it”. I got angry and I was like why, is it because I’m a woman is it because I’m heavy and so you think I’m not up to the task…why?’ It brought a bit of tension because later I got back to the president and tell him, unfortunately, I’m not the one who’s going to do it and then he said “there’s no interview,” she said.
“It was that bad and what that did for me was getting the maiden interview and so heavy at that point and saying that I can’t do it someone else has to do it and in fact it’s a man who has to do it and him saying “no, if you’re not the one doing it then there’s going to be no interview.’


“That ship has sailed” Jackie Maribe tells Eric Omondi about dating again

“I finally opened up and got to a realisation that wait there are people who recognises us now as strong abled women in a world full of sharks, a pack of wolves which is called politics…you do it. why does it have to be somebody else and especially a man?
Long story cut short, they both went for the interview and little did she know that was going to be her breakthrough.

“I did my part of the interview and my colleague did his and we moved on from there and I kept now doing all the subsequent interviews after that.”

Jacque has since left the mainstream media and is currently running her online political show ‘The Hot Seat’.

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“People I called girl squad deserted me” Jacque Maribe on losing friends


Jacque Maribe went through a terrible friendship breakup with people she always thought had her back during the murder trial of business woman Monica Kiragu together with murder suspect Jowie Irungu.

She spoke about her estranged besties to Carol Mandi on Youtbe where she made it clear she was hurt by it all despite thinking the friendship would last forever.

While she was held in Langata Womens prison for 18 days, she realized she didn’t miss these people whom she thought were friends

“I didn’t miss people, I didn’t miss good food, I just missed my son”

The fact that her friends were missing ‘in action’ was noticed by social media users who also made noise about it, saying they had deserted her in her hour of need. Their absence in the court cases was also highlighted in the media.

Jacque Maribe

Jacque mentioned the falling out saying sometimes friendships run their course
” Alot of people were not supportive especially colleagues”

Who then stood by her?

“My family. I owe them everything, my dad became a beacon of hope, and people told me as much about him and the hope he offered. My friends didn’t want to be associated with me, people I was very close with they disassociated themselves from me, people who I’ve been on holiday with, people I’m told were girl squad goals with. I don’t want to say I lost many friends, I gained true friends”

Kirigo Ngarua in an earlier photo with Jacque Maribe ,Terry Anne Chebet and a friend
Kirigo Ngarua in an earlier photo with Jacque Maribe ,Terry Anne Chebet and Monica

We hope over time, she and these friends whom she didn’t specifically mention but we saw photo s of can mend the fences and we wish all of them well.


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I don’t care about him! Jacque Maribe’s response about Jowie is completely justified

Journalist Jacque Maribe was recently interviewed by True Love magazine and revealed something about her ex-fiance Jowie Irungu.

During the interview, she said that she doesn’t care about him and that she can’t talk about him because of the directives given from court over their case, and that there is no way of talking about him without talking about what happened.

“I don’t talk about that man. One, because we have a court gag and there is no way of speaking about him and not giving details of what happened. And second, I just don’t really care about him at all,” said Jacque Maribe.

A few weeks ago Jowie himself told Jalang’o that they ended their relationship when he was still in prison.

“I decided not to. Ile tu you know we broke up while I was still inside. Being content is the best thing and for me nothing moved because I still had my Jah (God) in me… We don’t talk maybe check up on, once in a blue moon,” said Jowie.

Compared to Jacque’s dismissive answer to True Love about Jowie, his seems tame and very diplomatic. Why could that be?

I have an opinion about that. This all stems from the Monica Kimani murder case that both Jacque and Jowie are prime suspects in.

Jowie is a suspect as he was placed directly at the crime scene by witnesses, while Jacque is a suspect by association after the fact, according to evidence that came out shortly after the murder.

From Jacque Maribe to Betty Kyallo: The troubled love lives of Kenyan screen queens

My theory is that Jacque might see that her past relationship with Jowie cost her more than she had ever bargained for-She lost time to the still-ongoing court case, went to remand prison for some time, lost her lustre as the premier female political journalist.

Before she met him everything was flowing smoothly for the high-flying journalist. The sky was the limit for her nut her dalliance with the muscly Jowie Irungu hasn’t turned out the way she wanted.

And all because of one bad relationship. Her answer to True Love reveals someone who has done a lot of soul-searching and reflection-That has led her to completely severe any ties to the man who was at one time the man she would spend the rest of her life with.

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From Jacque Maribe to Betty Kyallo: The troubled love lives of Kenyan screen queens

The T.V landscape has been littered with media beauty after media beauty who have amazed us with their charisma, charm, and chutzpah.

Lillian Muli
Lillian Muli

They have been wonderful captains of their industry drawing us in and making the news more appealing to watch. They make even listening to news about grand corruption more bearable.

Betty Kyallo

But while many of these female stars on our screens may be excelling in their chosen professions, their love lives tell a different story.

Grace Msalame. photo credit: Sowariana

In this article, we take a look at some of the troubled relationships that some of these Kenyan screen queens have had. They are:

Esther Arunga

Her troubles started/continued after she met one Quincy Timberlake. During this period the one-time soft-spoken and very pretty anchor joined the aptly named “Finger of God” church led by a certain brother Hellon.


The scandals that erupted after she joined the church are the stuff of legend. She sued her parents, she quit her job, she married the very shady Quincy and then they went to live in Australia.

Last we heard of the couple, they had a lost one of their children after Quincy threw the child on the wall trying to cure him (?).

Lillian Muli

Lillian was destined to live happily ever after when she married Moses Kanene in September 2009. The wedding was a dream, with the venue being the legendary golf course Windsor Golf and Country Club in Ridgeways.

Lilian Muli wedding
Lillian Muli wedding

But that and the son they got together would most likely be the highlight of their short marriage after she filed for divorce on January 7, 2016.

Lilian Muli

Her reasons for the divorce were shocking, to say the least. That Kanene was adulterous, violent and quick-tempered.

But Lillian is not one to brood over her misfortunes moving on to a new man, wealthy Shabana FC owner Jared Nevaton. In 2018, the couple was blessed with a baby boy called Liam.

As of 2020, subtle signs are that the two might not be in the best place relationship-wise considering the cryptic messages the Citizen TV has been posting lately.

Doreen Gatwiri

The very attractive yellow yellow former Kiswahili news presenter had one of the most scandalous break-ups in 2018.

Doreen Gatwiri
Doreen Gatwiri

But she had got what many slay queens in Kenya would call the ultimate catch? Super-wealthy and super attractive Mwingi Central MP Gideon Mulyungi. She even showed off his huge pink mansion when things between the two were going well.

Doreen-Gatwiri home
Doreen-Gatwiri. photo credit: file

But things fell apart in 2018 when she alleged on her social media pages that the MP was physically abusive towards her. The MP was subsequently arrested.

Doreen Gatwiri and Gideon Mulyungi
Doreen Gatwiri and Gideon Mulyungi

She added that she reported previous incidents to police and sought medical attention from hospitals away from home for fear he would follow her. The two are no longer together.

Betty Kyallo

She got married to colleague Dennis Okari in a much-publicized wedding in late 2015 at Marula Manor. The wedding capped a long and drawn out six-year affair.

Joho, Betty and Okari
Joho, Betty and Okari

But things were not to last in matrimonial bliss as a certain flashy governor also had a place in Betty’s heart. This and allegations that Dennis was also cheating made the marriage last less than one year!

Jacque Maribe

Before Jacque Maribe became entwined in as a suspect in the Monica Kimani murder, the journalist had a high-flying career that was only matched by her stories love life.

Jacque Maribe and Jowie
Jacque Maribe and Jowie in court

Jacque had already been linked with Dennis Itumbi and Eric Omondi who would turn out to be her baby-daddy. Her last love-link was with Jowie Irungu who is the prime suspect in the Monica Kimani murder case.

As of 2020, Jacque isn’t linked to any man after she broke up with Jowie.

Grace Msalame

Grace always has a smile on her face but one thing that she might look back on fondly is the break-down of her relationship with Paul Ndichu.

Grace Msalame
Grace Msalame

The relationship produced a set of twins but it still wasn’t enough to keep the two together.

Grace Msalame twins
Grace Msalame twins

Paul is now married to Maureen Momanyi.

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Jowie Irungu was not with me when he was with Jacque – His wife finally reveals

Jowie Irungu kept a low profile for months after he was released from prison until this past month. And why was that? The prime suspect in the murder of Monica Kimani was on a new journey that entailed him releasing a gospel song.

Jowie who had no entertainment priors before he removed his gospel song went on a media blitz that saw him interviewed by Jalang’o in a wide-ranging interview.

Jowie Irungu

That wasn’t all, Mr. Irungu revealed that not only was he married but that he had a daughter. And Kenyans were amazed as they wondered which woman had shacked up with the Jacque Maribe’s ex-fiance’.

Ni mrembo kuruka! Meet murder suspect Jowie’s baby mama (photos)

It emerged that the woman was a pretty model called Eleanor Musangi popularly known as Ella. The tall model divulged that she had never been a threat to her boyfriend’s ex-Jacque Maribe.

Jowie Irungu proposing to Jacque Maribe
Jowie Irungu proposing to Jacque Maribe

She explained that she and Jowie weren’t together when he was dating Jacque.

“Jowie was not with me when he was with Jacque. I’ve never been a threat to Jacque and Jacque has never been a threat to me now that’s what you need to understand,” said Ella.

During the same interview, Radio Jambo’s Massawe Japanni asked if Jowie would still be together with Maribe had he not gone to jail for the murder of business woman Monica Kimani.

Jowie Irungu
Jowie Irungu

He then responded saying that he wouldn’t give his thoughts on that, because everything that happened is God’s will.

“I don’t think so. Its God’s will mimi siwezi kupatia thought yangu. Hii yote ni God’s will. God amewill ifanyike hivo na iwe hivo,” said Jowie Irungu.

Jowie Irungu with his baby mama
Jowie Irungu with his baby mama

His clarification comes a few days after Jowie explained that he no longer talks to Ms. Maribe but went on to say that they only talk once in a while when checking up on her.

“I decided not to. Ile tu you know we broke up while I was still inside. Being content is the best thing and for me nothing moved because I still had my Jah (God) in me… We don’t talk maybe check up on, once in a blue moon,” said Jowie.

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Political journalism isn’t for you! Jacque Maribe reveals what boss once told her

Jacque Maribe’s life might have taken a nasty turn in 2018 but that shouldn’t detract and diminish the exceptional grit and tenacity she showed in becoming a household name.

Despite the cloud hanging over her head as she is still a murder suspect over the death of Monica Kimani, she has been speaking about how she made it and became the most recognisable female political journalist for a time.


Jacque studied at the University of Nairobi pursuing Journalism and Media Studies before Mediamax gave her a job as an intern.

During her stint there, her boss recognised her talents and asked her, “What exactly is your passion?”. She had a soft spot for politics. But her answer wasn’t what the boss was expecting, forcing him to discourage her by telling her that politics was a man’s world.

“No! Politics is literally a man’s world. That is not something you should be thinking of getting into.”

Jacque Maribe
Jacque Maribe

But her fierce tenacity was not thwarted as this challenged her even further to succeed in this male-dominated field. “That literally became the driving force that took me into the world of politics, not just as a reporter, but as a female reporter.”

2018 was a year of extreme highs and lows for me – Jacque Maribe

She was eventually able to get a promotion as a senior political reporter before getting poached by Kiss TV for the same position but a shorter period.

Jacque Maribe
Jacque Maribe

Her career really took of when she got the opportunity to work at Citizen TV (the most popular news station in Kenya). It was a dream job but it was still very challenging.

As a woman in the political space was a dream come true but also a lot of work. You have to push yourself beyond the limits prove yourself and it paid off.

At the pinnacle of her career, she became the first ever female political reporter to exclusively interview President Uhuru Kenyatta within State House grounds, at a time she was heavily pregnant with Zahari.

Jacque Maribe with her son, Zahari
Jacque Maribe with her son, Zahari

That right there is grit.


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Jacque Maribe introduces new video show as she fights back tears

Jacque Maribe hasn’t been on our TV screens for the past one year after she left Citizen TV. But even before that, her life had taken a drastic turn after she became a suspect in the murder of businesswoman Monica Kimani that took place in September 2018. The case is still in court.



And for close to two years, the media personality has been silent on that trying time in her life, not speaking about it in interviews or even to fans.

Jacque Maribe
Jacque Maribe

But it seems that she finally wants to let people in on what she went through during that dark time in her life. She revealed this information on her Instagram page in a show she dubbed The Hot Seat.

In the promo video of the show, Maribe can be seeing fighting tears as she narrates her turbulent life in the last year.

From Jacque Maribe to Betty Kyallo: The troubled love lives of Kenyan screen queens

Maribe said her life came to a standstill after she was arrested for the murder and later released on bail,

“You feel like everything is falling into place and everything makes so much sense until one day you have no idea what the world just decides to do, like literary, a standstill.”

Jacque Maribe in a red top
Jacque Maribe in a red top

She added that her career and her aspirations all vanished into thin air.

“Something that you love doing so much it’s…I don’t know. It has been a roller coaster ride this past year. Just trying to take it all in, trying to smile when you know you can’t (deep sigh).”

Maribe continued, “But instead of allowing yourself to be down, you know what you do? Get back up and you take it by the horns.”

Jacque Maribe smiling
Jacque Maribe smiling

She announced that the show will be airing on Sunday at 8 PM and invited her fans to embark on this journey with her. Check out the video below;

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