This is how men can avoid being broke, according to Papa Shirandula’s Awinja

Actress-cum-radio presenter Jacky Vike popularly referred to as Awinja is a true definition of beauty and brains.

Awinja, who recently gave birth is among the few women who value their dignity. Despite fame and money, Awinja has managed to keep her life under wraps, unlike her counterparts who always thrive on controversy. From posing naked for the camera to fighting over men.

Awinja Papa Shirandula

Well, Awinja has offered some sisterly advice to men out there on the importance of saving and investing, dating women who will support you and not socialites/slay queens among other important things. Here’s what she shared on her Facebook account


1. Leave Naked Women Alone: 

Yes, those women who dress like they are in the process of undressing but they have not finished. Leave them alone. Most of them are up to no good and will only cost you a whole fortune in one weekend. Instead, get yourself a real woman:-There is strength in a real woman.. Not these tuma chics without brain….Get a woman who will not only support your vision but will also push you to achieve more. A woman who will inspire you to work hard and not a woman who just makes you hard. He who finds a real woman finds a good thing and obtains favour and power to create wealth.

2. Stop Taking Cheap Food

I have no problem with you having your tea or food over the social interaction and networking. However, when you drink cheap tea or drink in cheap places you hang out with cheap people who have cheap ideas and a cheap future. Big business opportunities are found in places where the drinks and food are expensive. In fact, in places where they sell cheap tea, the only people you will find there are people who will be asking you for money. They even clap when you come knowing ‘big buyer’ has come… Lol

3. Stop being Lazy

“Man ooh Man, why art thou Lazy?” You are too lazy for your own good. You sleep the whole day and blame the govt for your poverty. “A Little Sleep, a Little Slumber, poverty shall overtake you like a political cadre in overalls”. A lot of men are just lazy when it comes to making money. They have enough energy to give a woman five orgasms, but have no energy to start one organization, hmmm that’s why it is so easy for men to manufacture children than it is to make even pegs for putting children’s clothes on the line..

4. Know Productive Things

If you keep too much junk in your head, you get a junk life. I know a lot of men who are so sharp when you are talking about girls, about soccer and about street politics, Who is Rich who is not, Who has a good house 🏡 but you can’t bring a topic about investment, innovation and business, they start looking at their phone, busy on social media doing nonsense and busy informing other idlers about his whereabouts, yawning or saying bye.. Useless things, videos and memes go viral fast than constructive things.. A man must know how to do at least one productive thing (have one skill) even without having gone to school/college…

5. Get Connected to Big Men Who are better than you

A lot of men are failing because they are not mentored. They don’t have anyone to whom they can sit down and listen, with obedience. In the old days, old men would sit young men down and show them how to hunt and kill animals… and no man was considered man enough until he has personally killed an animal… now these men of nowadays are not mentored and can’t even kill a bird.. There are men out there who have made it in life, find a way to get mentored by big men who are making waves and impacting people in our community.

6. Prayer is good…. disclaimer however

Spending your time all day just praying and fasting and doing nothing, yet you know that the Bible tells you that God will bless the works of your hands!!!!! yes yes! The blessing finds you on your way doing something, stop using prayer as an excuse not to work…..unless it is a divine (Mandate)…..not everybody is called to be a man or woman of cloth. Stop it and work!!!!

Don’t get an attitude!!! You will thank me later. We need to call out this nonsense.

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Awinja Shows Off Her Smokin Hot Figure 4 Months After Giving Birth

Even as a mother, Awinja still managed to turn heads with her post baby bod.

Awinja – real name Jacky Vike – welcomed her first child a son on June 2017 at 6:55 am.


“God Blessed Me with the Greatest Gift in my Life ever! Nothing can Beat the Joy my son has Brought in My Life,” Awinja gushed when she announced the arrival of her child, “It’s Been an awesome learning experience for me and my Partner and we are Looking forward to More, and I know through God’s Guidance all shall be Well, THANK YOU
Remember : #MunguSioRikaYaMtu😊”

A little over four months now, she is back to work and has snapped back to her original body shape, before her pregnancy.


HESHIMU KITAMBI: Angry Kenyans React To Migori Woman Who Destroyed Cheating Husband’s Expensive Car

Nairobi women don’t understand how that happened.

deejay_janis: Why you already got a flat tummy and me with no baby Nina kitambi nkt,nerd to do sum’n about it….anyway nakuenzi jackie

millychebby: But why do you have a flat belly hun why???😭😭😭😭😭😭 sisi tulikosea wapi haki

amagovemeroka: The tummy….wow

rebb_mbele: Wow….no potie aki

Here are some of her photos showing off her flat tummy.



‘I Had Died For Six Hours…What If I Never Returned?’ Whispers KTN’s Dennis Onsarigo From His Hospital Bed





Papa Shirandula actress Awinja shows off post baby body in first public appearance since giving birth

Months after welcoming her son into the world actor Awinja is back in public, well sort of.

The Papa Shirandula actress has been seen for the first time since giving birth to her bundle of joy back in June. Just like other celebrity mums, Jacky Vyke has been keeping a low profile, bonding with her  baby.

Awinja as she is popularly known as, has shed the pounds and is looking better than ever. In the photo, the new mom is spotted wearing jeans that snuggly fit over her body, with a red top.

Jacky was celebrating turning a year older on Friday and posted a photo expressing her gratitude for her birthday and what it means to her now that she is a mother.

Wohoo!! Its MY #Birthday and this calls for a Celebration Because I get to Celebrate it with my Greatest Gift Ever! My son who also turned 3 months old😂, I Thank God. 🎊

Happy belated birthday Jacky. Here are photos of the new proud mum.



muscort_hope..Congrats to your new born and happy birthday to you jacy vike,,have a blast

maureen_mutukuI… wanna see this body after 3 months @jantokigen

angiebaiby..Happy birthday darling and congratulations

matildatrhk..Happy birthday Jacky dear 😗😗😗😗

isthatsusanjonge…Ur shape is back…lovely Awinja.

beckymbaja…My best dressed celeb.. Love your style. Happy one!

emmanuelakalimunda..Happy birthday Jacky

puritykadenyi..Happy birthday pretty one n a happy 3rd month to the little Prince

annkuhora…Happy birthday girlfriend many more years.


[email protected]_mutuku… sure will do…that am certain

winniebosire3054…HBD jaqie say hi to our son

periswawa..Happy bornday

caroo_caroo…Happy birthday dear


aras_kenya…hbd jacky


rachealyrimu..Happy Birthday pretty, cheers to many more

joycengethe…Happy birthday n many more 😍

Papa Shirandula Actress Awinja Celebrates Baby Shower In Style (Photos)

Papa Shirandula actress Jacky Vike, popularly known as Awinja was thrown a grand baby shower by her friends on Saturday. Since she’s in the media industry, most of her friends in attendance were actresses. The likes of Chantelle, Neomi Nganga and Shix Kapyenga graced the shower, giving her all the support she needs.

The party was a yellow themed shower and all the ladies came in style to celebrate her milestone.


Awinja shocked the inter-webs when she posted photos on social media of her pregnancy. Many did not know she was pregnant as she kept the news hash hash.

She’s looking lovely than ever as the glow makes her look radiant like a goddess.

Check out these cute photos of her baby shower below;

A List Of Celebrity Babies We Are Looking Forward To Meeting (Photos)

Mtoto ni baraka, and kila mtoto hukuja na sahani yake are some of the popular Kiswahili sayings Kenyans use to refer to newborns.

This year several female celebrities have revealed they are expecting bundles of joy. From Papa Shirandula’s actress Awinja to Fashionistas’ This Is Ess and Annabel Onyango, here is a list of female celebs whom we’re excited are preggas and we simply can’t wait to see their bundle of joys.

1.Jacky Vyke, popularly known as Awinja on the TV hit show Papa Shirandula. While it’s not known how far along she is. it’s safe to say it’s anytime soon. She has been winning the hearts of many on social media, with her cute pregnancy photos.


2. Sharon Mundia, also known as This Is Ess. This popular fashionista has a blog that team mafisi cannot get enough of. News of her engagement to her fiancé, and eventual nuptials created a frenzy and many hearts were also broken at the same time.


3. Annabel Onyango. This fashion stylist did her best to hide her pregnancy for a while after a little bird whispered to us that she could be pregnant, months after her wedding to Sauti Sol’s manager Marek. Well I guess it’s hard to hide good news and she did post a photo displaying her cute baby bump.


4. Chimami, the beautiful girlfriend to singer VicMass LuoDollar, the popular ‘Pesa Otas’ singer. The two lovebirds confessed their relationship to us a while back when he was in our offices to release a new song. The two also flaunted her baby bump, but they have gone silence since then.



Papa Shirandula’s Awinja Proves That Being Pregnant Is The Easiest Thing On Earth (PHOTOS)

Having a baby for the fist time is always a great joy; an unexplainable source of happiness to married ccouples especially women. Many are always filled with excitement about carrying a child inside their womb for nine months, a task that can also be quite challenging.

To some, pregnancy comes with mood swings, cravings and others even get sick during the pregnancy period with vomiting and swollen legs being the most common problems (70%). Well, celebrated Papa Shirandula actress and radio host Jacky Vike alias Awinja alias Nyamwalo is among the few lucky women who haven’t experienced pregnancy problems.


The heavily pregnant lass who is due soon, makes pregnancy look easy. Awinja has been attending different events without facing any problems. Awinja also has no problem when it comes to dressing and she wears anything comfortable, unlike many pregnant women who have to ditch their sexy clothes for oversized maternity dresses.

Well, below are photos which prove that Awinja is the sexiest pregnant mother and pregnancy is easy