Photos: These Female Celebrities Look Nothing Like Their On-Screen Characters

The entertainment industry has truly transformed, and it’s no longer just men dominating our screens.
The female celebrities are just as captivating, and have caught our attention not only for their talent but also for their beauty.
While we are used to seeing them take up their respective roles very well, this is how they look off screen. Check out my list of female celebs who will truly turn heads.
Mama Baha
Wanjiku Mburu popularly known as Mama Baha usually portrays herself as a reserved character on Machachari but in real life she’s the opposite of what she does for a living. Away from her mama baha character her beauty is to die for.


Her real name is Aisha Noor and she plays this naive Luhya girl who cracks our ribs with her funny antics. But away from the screens, ‘Truphena’ is very hot and no one can deny that, check her out

Mama Nyagothie

Born Mary Adhiambo Airo, mama Nyagothie is a captivating character in the local Papa Shirandula. She acts as a land lady and with her thick on-screen Kikuyu accent you cannot easily tell she is from the lake side city.



Wilprosa  is the woman who leaves us in stitches whenever she graces the screen. She is the plus size woman who brightens our evenings whenever she is doing what she does best. But her real name is Sandra Anyango Dacha and away from the screens her beauty cannot go unnoticed.



Wilbroda whose real names are Jackie Nyaminde acts in the popular television show known as papa Shirandula, as the wife to papa Shirandula. She is also a co-host at Citizen Radio morning program called Jambo Kenya.



Nice Wanjeri popularly known as Shiru is undoubtedly one of the most talented and hilarious personalities on our TVs thanks to Auntie Boss, the talented girl who plays the role of a househelp and her humour leaves our ribs cracking. She is simply delightful, however she recently revealed she quit the show.



Jacky Vike known to many as Awinja is a celebrated actress on Papa Shirandula playing the role of a mboch. The sexy damsel who is known for her top notch sense of fashion is a true definition of an African beauty.



We all know her as Jemutai for her  character of a typical naive Kalenjin lady. She always leaves us in stitches whenever she’s on screen. But her real name is Stella Bunei Koitie and away from her Chemutai character her beauty can drive any man crazy.


Hotness Galore: Photos of Awinja looking like she is worth a million bucks

Jacky Vike alias Awinja is loved by many for her energy on the screen.

She is loved for her role in ‘Papa Shirandula ‘ which airs in a local TV station.

For her character, Awinja has to dress in clothes that are not appealing to most of us especially team mafisi who as you obviously know love to kula kwa macho.

Well we at Classic 105  went through all the trouble just to show you that off the screen, Awinja is a damsel any man would love to have, but sadly she is taken.


The mother of one has a body to die for. Don’t get it wrong, everyone is beautiful in their own way, howevert a quote from the book Shamba La Wanyama simply states that

“All animals (people)are equal, but some animals (people) are more equal than others.”

While some of us are busy googling flat tummy recipes, check out how Awinja flaunts her snatched body.

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Below are some of her photos which would even confuse the Pope

40808932_307208790057146_7281747569588829483_n  42475276_2489427177757856_2642225958769071610_n





Kenyan celebrity couples who are a match made in heaven (photos)




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‘Let’s support our own’ Awinja tells Kenyans after watching Sarafina the musical

The Kenya National Theatre has been showcasing Sarafina the musical, an adaptation from the original movie that was first created in South Africa in the 90’s.

The show has been showing at the Kenya National Theatre this July, and tells the story of a young black student struggling to fight apartheid in South Africa. The film is centered around students involved in the Soweto riots, opposing the use of Afrikaans as the language of instruction in schools.

Oh my ovaries fans gush over Nick Mutuma’s daughter after posting this cute photo of his daughter

Cover of the original Sarafina Movie created in South Africa

The Kenyan Sarafina version stars MakmzeeMwatela (Mali – NTV), Brenda Wairimu (Mali-NTV, Disconnect), Patrick Oketch (Mother-In-Law), Hellen Mtawali (Tusker Project Fame) and Gilad.

The show has been playing at the Kenya National Theatre from 12th -15th of July and from 20th -22nd of July.


You looking like a snack and I’m horngry fan on dry spell tells Betty Kyallo

Well just like in the 90’s, this show created a lot of buzz and among those who stepped out to watch this play include Jacky Vike known to many as Awinja for her acting role on Papa Shirandula.


She took the chance to call out Kenyans to celebrate local talent, especially plays and movies.

“Happy!! for once I have attended a play and it was totally sold out! Guys who came to buy tickets at the gate went back home, I hope and pray it goes on like this!

Lets bring back the tradition of going to watch plays or Our own Films at the cinemas, in general lets support our own! Our stories our Music and our Entertainment at large We can do it!

I will set an example by attending our Local events not only that but support by Paying to Attend!!! Show support in all ways I can! We all need each other.”

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Awinja quits her presenter job to handle private matters

A few days after celebrating the birthday of her son Mosi celebrated actress and radio presenter Jacky Vike known to many as Awinja has quit her day job.

The damsel announced this decision on her Instagram pages explaining to her followers that she will be back on air once she sorts ‘her stuff’ which she was not willing to divulge.

“I’m sorry to say that May was my last month with Qwetu Radio, it was one of the hardest decision to make but unfortunately I have to leave to go attend to other things, but I promise once i’m through you will definitely hear me back on air, but first I want to take this opportunity to thank one Man Vincent Ateya for believing in me and giving me a chance on Radio, it was my first time and I Loved it!” her statement read in part.


The above announcement that left many wondering maybe she had gotten a new job or if she is quitting radio completely.

We can only be left guessing. Awinja has been a presenter with Qwetu Radio  and also an actress with a local show Papa Shirandula which brought her to the lime light .Among other personalities who left their media jobs to handle personal interests include Janet Mbugua who left her job at Citizen TV.

Awinja of Papa Shirandula unveils her son’s face on his birthday

Janet left at a time where many considered the prime of her career but she is doing well all the same.Others who quit their media carers include Kalyeke Mumo who left her job at Kiss 100 where she hosted Rush Hour with her co host Shaffie Weru.

Janet Mbugua

NTV also went through a double loss after Sheila Mwanyigha left the station to venture into her own thing. She took that leap of faith and ventured into untapped waters and things are looking up for them.

‘Nothing but love for you always’ Awinja celebrates brothers birthday

Left: Sheila Mwanyigha and Kobi Kihara



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A Boy Or a Girl? Find Out The GENDER Of Awinja’s Unborn Baby

Papa Shirandula’s celebrated actress Awinja is with no doubt one of the best actresses in the Kenyan entertainment industry, portraying her hilarious character on the Citizen TV show.

Awinja, real name Jacky Vike is known by her fans as a rugged Luhya lady from the countryside who works for a Nairobi family, Wilbroda and Papa Shirandula, which is one of the funniest TV series.

WOW! Awinja’s Pregnancy Has Come With BLESSINGS Galore, Her Latest DEAL Will Leave You Green With Envy

But off the camera, Awinja is a beautiful and sassy lady who is a lover of fashion and all things style, not forgetting her amazing, toned body.

Jacky Vike recently revealed that she’s expecting a child after unveiling her grown baby bump with amazing photos that became an online sensation for days.


The actress has since been flaunting her pregnancy and I have to say she’s one of the most beautiful female celebrities with baby bumps I have seen in Kenya, and the best part, she has been able to control her weight through the months.

Her fellow actresses and friends recently surprised her with a colorful baby shower, with a white and yellow theme. Some of the film stars that attended included; Naomi Nganga, Damaris Matunda, Chantelle, and radio host Shix Kapyenga.

Papa Shirandula Actress Awinja Celebrates Baby Shower In Style (Photos)

Awinja has not officially revealed the gender of her unborn daughter, but from the gifts, she got at the shower, one can find out.


Jacky Vike received blue-themed gifts, from blankets to baby clothes and also from the blue cake, it looks like she may be expecting a baby boy.

Well, hopefully, it wasn’t just a publicity stunt to get us confused, but sources revealed that her bundle of joy may be a boy. Keep it here as we follow up since she’s due by the end of May.



WOW! Awinja’s Pregnancy Has Come With BLESSINGS Galore, Her Latest DEAL Will Leave You Green With Envy

I have to say out of all the pregnant female celebrities I’ve seen, Papa Shirandula’s Awinja has to be the most blissful and stunning.

Awinja, real name Jacky Vike, wowed her fans and the public when she revealed that she was expecting a child, with a heart-warming photo showing off her cute, grown baby bump.

The humorous TV girl is known for her rib-cracking character on the popular TV program, Papa Shirandula, with her Luhya accent that portrays her as a naive girl from the countryside.

BLESSINGS! Papa Shirandula’s Actress Awinja Is Pregnant! Check Out Breathtaking Photos Of Her Baby Bum

But away from the glare of the cameras, Jacky Vike is a very witty, elegant and fashionable young woman, and despite the rugged clothes she wears on the TV show, Awinja is a stunning stylista who rocks some of the trendiest clothes, in a toned body.


When the pretty actress shared her pregnancy photos, they went viral instantly, and now, her baby bump is working for her in terms of business deals.

Recently, reports indicated that Jacky Vike had a landed a deal with a local taxi company, as its brand ambassador.

She is also making her pregnancy work for her as her pregnancy style has caught the attention of a clothing brand. The renowned clothing company is widely known for selling clothes catering for plus size women.


Awinja’s pregnancy style is one to be envious of, don’t you think?

REVEALED!!! This Is The Baby Daddy To Papa Shirandula’s Awinja (PHOTOS)

Check out photos of Jacky Vike as she flaunts her baby bump in elegant outfits below. Isn’t she lovely?



Kenyan Female Celebrities Who Will Be Celebrating Mother’s Day As First Time Mums (Photos)

Every year we get the chance to celebrate the women who gave birth to us or who took up the job of bringing us up to be the people we are today.

They say a mother is a mother even if you do something so bad, they still love us because they understand what true love is.

As time goes by we bless our mothers with grandchildren and that makes us mothers too. Ask any woman who’s given birth and they’ll tell you how it feels.

I talked to some new mothers from our office and they revealed that it’s the greatest joy and most of them even regret having given their mothers a hard time, because they now understand how it feels.

Well, some Kenyan female celebrities will be celebrating Mother’s Day for the first time, as they have been blessed with kids or are expecting one pretty soon.

From Pierra Makena to Vanessa Kiuna, here are the female celebrities who will be celebrating Mother’s Day for the first time as mothers;

1. Pierra Makena


She shocked many when she revealed that she was pregnant. We fell in love with her maternity shoot photos and couldn’t wait to see her baby. But after giving birth, she didn’t show her baby’s face until on her birthday when she posted her photos on social media. She is a cute baby.

2. Anne Kiguta

Anne Kiguta

The queen of politics as she calls herself gave birth last year, but she has never shown off her twins faces to the public. It is still being debated who the father of the twins is, but I guess it will take us a while before we know who he is.

3. Vanessa Kiuna

vanessa and baby

Her wedding gown was the talk of town when she got married. It was later discovered that she was pregnant and when she gave birth, the inter-webs could not keep calm. Her family photoshoot was too cute to be true. Vanessa’s parents can’t have enough of their first grandchild.

4. Saumu Mbuvi

saumu baby2

Her break up story with Ben Gatu surprised as they were many people’s ‘couple goals’ and many thought they were inseparable. She got knocked up and she’s now a proud mother even though she chose to hide her baby’s face until recently.

5. Wendy Kimani


She is the new mum in town. She just delivered a bouncing baby boy. Wendy is the calm type of people and she’s look like she will instill the same calmness in her son.

6. Sharon Mundia


Sharon or This Is Ess as many know her, has not yet given birth. Well at least we haven’t heard any news yet. But her maternity photoshoot gave us life. She falls in this category because she’s carrying a special being in her and that makes her a mother already.

7. Jacky Vike

Jacky Vike

Just like Sharon Mundia, Jacky Vike better known as Awinja will also celebrating mother’s day as she’s heavily pregnant. She’s already a mother even though she has not yet given birth. Her pregnancy news was the best news ever after she posted photos of her maternity photoshoot. Most people didn’t know she was pregnant.

Soon-to-be mommy Jacky Vike blooms on the cover of a magazine With Lynda Nyangweso and DJ Pierra Makena

Who better to feature on the cover of a family magazine than soon-to-be mommy Jacky Vike and new moms Dj Pierra Makena and Kiss Fm’s Lynda Nyangweso?

Dj Pierra and Lynda became first time moms recently while Jacky is yet to deliver her bundle of joy. The three celebrities open up about motherhood in the latest cover of True Love magazine, in a heart-warming interview that will make you want your own bundle of joy.

Lynda and Pierra have been documenting their journey and experiences as new moms on their social media, showing off their babies. Lynda welcomed her baby in June 2016, while Pierra delivered her bundle of joy the following month in July.

Lynda and Pierra have both publicly revealed that motherhood has not been easy, and it will be interesting to see what Jacky has to say once she welcomes her baby into the world.

Here is the amazing cover of the three beauties, that will certainly leave you in awe;






REVEALED!!! This Is The Baby Daddy To Papa Shirandula’s Awinja (PHOTOS)

She made the Internet go wild with her pregnancy photos but then she did not say who the baby daddy was.

I must start by saying Papa Shirandula’s Awinja – real name Jackie Vike – looks stunning with her baby pump.

That said, it is time you know that it is not Churchill show’s Sleepy David who is responsible for the pregnancy.

BLESSINGS! Papa Shirandula’s Actress Awinja Is Pregnant! Check Out Breathtaking Photos Of Her Baby Bump

Awinja, has been rumoured to have dated Churchill Show’s comedian Sleepy David which for the longest time has been dismissed as mere rumours.

So, when her pregnancy photos went viral on social media, the first person to come to mind was Sleepy David. This was caused by a photo Mpasho exclusively exposed them kissing.


The comedian would later say it was a cheap publicity stunt.

Now, that that is settled, it turns out Awinja has been dating Alfred Ngachi.

According to Buzzcentral, the actress has been in a 3 year relationship with the executive creative director of sync media.

Papa Shirandula’s Awinja Does The Sweetest Thing For Her Fans After Her Surprise Pregnancy Announcement

Here are photos of the lucky man;


BLESSINGS! Papa Shirandula’s Actress Awinja Is Pregnant! Check Out Breathtaking Photos Of Her Baby Bump

You may recognize Awinja from her funny antics and dramatic role on Papa Shirandula, not forgetting her hilarious luhya accent that gives her a cutting edge and uniqueness in the film industry in Kenya.

The celebrated actress, real name Jacky Vike, knows how to bring out humour and more so with her rugged acting costumes that give her a full look for her character.

Awinja plays the role of a house nanny, who works for Papa Shirandula and his theatrical wife, Wilbroda and there’s no doubt that this is one of the most loved and popular comedy shows in the Kenyan entertainment scene.


But away from the cameras, Awinja is a very fashionable and trendy lady who knows how to dress her body and the minute she puts on a little makeup, you might pass her on the streets, because, trust me, she’s unrecognizable.

Jacky Vike is a totally gorgeous off the character on Papa Shirandula and her beauty is just on another level. And though she has kept her love life off the public radar, it looks like she’s actually in a very happy relationship.


Awinja has revealed that she is expecting her first child by sharing heart-warming photos of her  baby bump, and oh my, she sure looks incredible.

She revealed the great news on her social media with an adorable photo showing her growing pregnancy with this caption; “Just the Two of Us, thank you, Lord, for this Gift, I can’t be Grateful enough!! ❤❤❤❤❤ #MotherhoodJourneyWithJackyVike”.

Congratulations are in order for the mother to be. Check out the amazing photos below.





Is This The Most Stylish Top Kenyan Actress?

Jacky Vike is mostly known to many as Awinja, the mshamba house help on local TV programme Papa Shirandula. The third born in a family of five is also a professional dancer and yoga instructor.

She began her professional acting career in 2008 re-enacting high school set books with Theatrix Arts Ensemble. She later went on to audition for Papa Shirandula where Charles Bukeko recognized her talent and the role she played was created one year after her audition. Some may also recognize Jacky from popular film Nairobi Half Life where she acted as a prostitute.

Away from acting, Jacky loves to play dress up and she knows what works especially at red carpet events. We have evidence to prove it. Check out some of her top outfit posts.



Jackie (1)