Bae Manenos! Meet these Kenyan gospel artistes and their amazing spouses

Marriage is ordained by God and whoever finds a good wife /husband finds favor from above. Married local gospel artistes are enjoying that favor completely.

Although most artistes are in the public limelight, most of them have managed to keep their spouses away from the limelight leaving Kenyans guessing whom the artiste is married to or dating. Most of the artistes are married by laid back spouses who do not enjoy being in the limelight .

Such artistes make such decisions to be able to protect their spouse from public scrutiny, public attack and for privacy purposes which is something most of these artistes do not enjoy.

Below are some of the gospel artistes and their spouses.


The soft spoken gospel artiste is married to the love of her life Jackson Mathu who is a church minister. The two have been married for six years and we must say they look good together.

2.Mercy Masika

Mercy is known for her uplifting music such as ‘Nikupendeze’ ‘Mwema ‘ and’ shule yako’. Apart from being a musician she is also a mother and a wife to a supportive husband David Mugoro.

Although Mugoro is always away from the limelight, the two have been spotted together on different occasions.

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3.Size 8

Mama Wambo as she is known is married to DJ Mo who is also in the gospel industry. The two are considered a power couple given the fact that both of them are in the lime light and are brands by their own rights.

They have a daughter Ladasha Wambui.

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4.Daddy Owen

He who finds a wife finds favour from the Lord so they say and gospel artiste Daddy Owen is a lucky man for being blessed with a beautiful wife Faridah Wambui  who chose him to not only be her husband but father to her kids as well.


The ‘Lingala Ya Yesu’ hit maker is not only talented in music but he is also a good husband and father. He is married to his sweetheart Carol Mwai with whom they have two kids.


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6.Joyce Omondi

Joyce Omondi is loved not only for her beauty but for her musical talent which leaves most of us blessed but what most people do not know is that she is married to TV presenter Waihiga Mwaura.

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‘Not having kids does not make me less human’ kambua shuts haters

Gospel artiste Kambua has come out to shut her haters who have been trolling her for not bearing kids after 6 years in marriage to the love of her life.

Kambua tied the knot to her now hubby Jackson Mathu in 2012 and people have been expressing their concern on why the celebrated singer is not a mother .

Elder Neil L.Anderson once said

“Motherhood is not a hobby ,it is a calling ,it is not something to do if you can squeeze the time in, it is what God gave you time for.”


The celebrated singer-cum-presenter has come out to clear the air  on the motherhood issue saying;

“Motherhood is a calling. A great one. But it’s not the only one. Stop all this kosokoso of making people feel “less than” because they’re not mom’s, by choice or by circumstance.”

This is not the first time the beautiful damsel has touched on the issue of motherhood as during an interview with a local show, The Trend, Kambua said

“it angers me when people keep being intrusive on issues such as when are you getting kids it upsets me because people don’t know what you are struggling with, people don’t even know whether you want to have children or not.

She continues “People don’t know if you can actually get children or not, There are so many women who are fighting infertility and I would wish that people be sensitized on this issue. It’s such a shame that we have become a down shaming society.”

Kambua is among the few local celebrities who have talked about motherhood.

Other celebrities who have been vocal about not being able to conceive is DJ Soxxy who waited for a long time before being a father due to the fact that her wife had complications which made it hard to get pregnant.

DJ Soxxy Opens Up About His Miracle Baby After Wifes Battle With PCOs

He wrote;

Like any relationship, it has not been easy. I remember when we were getting to know each other, she confided in me that she may never be able to have children because of a condition she had, called PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome). At that point, I didn’t even consider what she had just told me because having children or not was not a big deal to me and at that point I hadn’t thought she was going to be my wife. Perhaps it was love that was clouding my judgement, because after all, they say love makes you do and say very foolish things.”

In the beginning of the young marriage, the couple had decided to delay getting kids so that they could at least enjoy each others company. That did not bother DJ Soxxy, but it did bother his wife.

He continued, “Once in a while she would hint that we should start trying for a child but I would be adamant because we had agreed on how long we will wait. Slowly Anne began to get depressed and the roughest season in our marriage began.”


DJ Soxxy and his wife Anne Kamau
DJ Soxxy and his wife Anne Kamau



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‘I celebrate you and love you deeply cupcake,’ Kambua’s hubby gushes

Kambua and her pastor husband Jackson Mathu have managed to stay in their marriage for five years.

The power couple, who are a perfect match made in heaven, recently celebrated their fifth anniversary  and their messages to each other read;

Jackson Mathu wrote: I celebrate you and love you deeply cupcake. Happy Anniversary darling. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ #Fifth #Five #FiveIsTheNumberOfGrace #ToLoveAndToHold #TheOneHeKeptForMe #BeautifulWife #MyCupRunnethOver #MachoKubwa #Macho45

Kambua and Pastor Jackson Mathu

Kambua: Thank you husband!! Happy anniversary ☄

Well, two days ago, Kambua turned a year older and her husband, sent her a heartwarming message just to show her how much he still loves her.

“Happy Birthday to my darling wife Kambua. I love you more each day. ❤️❤️❤️,’ Mathu wrote.

Here are more birthday wishes from Kambua’s followers

Mwaniki: Happy birthday @kambuamuziki ,blessings and favor!

Ruth: Happy birthday @kambua___ May God truly bless you. And honour who for honouring Him in our generation. You’re a great example to many of us.

Michael: HBD @kambuamuziki May you enjoy your life today ,tomorrow and forever more

Naila: Happy birthday kambua….more blessings to you

Stacey: Happy happy birthday 🎊🎁🎂🎉🎈. Blessings, joy and favour for the new year.

Ken: Happy birthday Kambua may you live long to see his mercies n glory over your life.

Francis: Happy birthday. I love pretty humble Queen. God bless you. Cheers

Marie: Happy birthday to you my beautiful twin. May you continue to shine always. God loves you very much and we love you too😘

Beautiful! Meet Singer Kambua’s Stunning And Young-Looking Mother-In-Law (PHOTO)

Celebrated gospel singer and TV host Kambua Manundu is one of the most loved and top female celebrities in Kenya, not only for her stunning looks but for her awesome personality.

Kambua went through the most heartbreaking time of her life when her popular father, Professor Musembi Manundu of Tabibu Ministries passed away back in 2014 after a short illness.


It’s been 3 years down the line and Kambua has found the strength to move on by keeping the beautiful memories she had with him and finds comfort knowing that her mentor and late father is resting in peace.

But one person that has kept her going and given her a shoulder to lean on is her dear husband, Pastor Jackson Mathu.

Love Over Everything! Gorgeous Singer Kambua Is Not Shy To Show Off Her Man (Photos)

Kambua and her beau Mathu walked down the aisle in 2012 at a beautiful wedding ceremony to say “I do” the love of her life, and the lovebirds have been happy since then.


The lovebirds are however very secretive and like to keep their private life off the public radar but once in a while, they take to social media to share sweet photos and messages of each other and I have to say, they make such a cute couple.

In April this year, her down to earth husband shared a beautiful photo of the singer, with a sweet birthday message that read;

Kambua Muziki I celebrate you and love you deeply cupcake. Happy Anniversary darling. #Fifth #Five #FiveIsTheNumberOfGrace #ToLoveAndToHold #TheOneHeKeptForMe #BeautifulWife #MyCupRunnethOver #MachoKubwa #Macho45


Recently, Jackson Mathu shared a photo with his youthful mother, in a post that read; “Mum, #WCW.” His mother looks very young and no doubt, stunning, and I bet Kambua is lucky to have such a pretty mother-in-law.

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Check out Kambua’s Mother-In-Law below. Isn’t she lovely?