Prezzo reveals impact his daughter has had on his behaviour (exclusive)

Prezzo is one of the most eloquent, soft-spoken of rappers that you will ever meet. Yes, even a genre that is known for its brash and lewd disposition has its gentlemen.

El Presidente as he likes to call himself is one of them. I recently spoke to Jackson Ngechu Makini and he revealed some interesting things about his growth and his evolution as a man.

The rapper smiling

One of the most important areas in his life is his relationship with his daughter, 10-year-old Zahrie whom he had with ex-wife Daisy Kiplagat.

Prezzo Opens Up About His Life And The Lessons He’s Learned Along The Way

The singer said that his daughter was fine and that he still has a close relationship with her. The reason we don’t see a lot more of her anymore is that he made a conscious decision to keep her away from social media.

Prezzo holding his daughter
Prezzo holding his daughter

One of the most important things that Jackson has taught his daughter is how she should carry herself.

‘My daughter is to have respect and be outspoken like when she doesn’t like something, she should make sure she gets a respectful way of objecting,’ he said.

Prezzo and Kamene Goro together
The entertainer posing with Kamene Goro

He also added that he encouraged her to be outspoken to help build her confidence later on in life.

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He concluded by revealing the impact been a father had on his character, saying,

‘Prezzo was at time reckless but nowadays, I lay low because of my daughter. I am even cutting out drinking alcohol. I take a glass of wine maybe during dinner and am good. Patience has also improved and the way you put yourself out there.’

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