Girls, Here’s How You Can Deal With Stigma Arising From Infertility

This situation plays itself in so many homesteads across Kenya. Whether it’s you, a close friend, or a relative, many couples are unable to conceive. And naturally the strain takes its toll on a relationship.

When a couple is unable to conceive, the man may divorce his wife or take another wife if they live in a culture that permits polygamy.

Childless women suffer discrimination, stigma and ostracism despite the fact that according to WHO male infertility has been found to be the leading cause of a couple’s failure to conceive in about 50% of cases.

It’s also important to note that more than 30% of women aged 25–49 suffer from secondary infertility, the failure to conceive after an initial first pregnancy.

MP Joyce Lay, who also works closely with Merck More than a mother campaign, states how stigmatization can be extreme in some countries, where infertile people are viewed as a burden on the socioeconomic well-being of a community.

Taita Taveta women rep Joyce Lay. Photo/Monicah Mwangi
Taita Taveta women rep Joyce Lay. Photo/Monicah Mwangi

“Stigma extends to the wider family, including siblings, parents and in-laws, who are deeply disappointed for the loss of continuity of their family and contribution to their community. This amplifies the guilt and shame felt by the infertile individual,” she says.

Jackline Mwende, whose husband allegedly chopped her hands and left her with terrible injuries is an example of crazy and criminal things infertile women experience. She is a real life example of why you should overcome infertility stigma as she is now pregnant and her life is taking a new turn.


We need to know that it’s a shared responsibility, not just for the couple but for the society too,” added Hon. Joyce Lay, Member of Parliament and the Ambassador for ‘Merck More than a Mother’.


Flamboyant Orie Rogo Manduli Pledges Help To Jackline Mwende’s Son

Early this year Jackline Mwende captured national attention. This is after she was involved in a domestic dispute that led to her hands being cut off.

Social media went into an uproar, after pictures of a bruised and wounded Jackline emerged online. Several organizations and women leaders came forward to contribute money for surgery abroad, while others donated a shop to help her earn a living and provide for her bundle of joy.

And now she is back in the limelight, courtesy controversial personality Orie Rogo Manduli. The outspoken Kenyan woman is known not to hold back whenever issues affecting women crop up. She has been away from the limelight for a while, but has emerged to address an issue that held our attention back in February.

Orie has offered to open a bank account for  Jackline Mwende’s son.

Jackline Mwende, Whose Hands Were Cut Off By Her Husband For Being Infertile, Is Now Pregnant


Jackline Mwende before and after her hands were chopped.

The new mom is said to be excited at Orie’s offer for her son Gift Savali.

According to The Nairobian,  Manduli said”The account will cater for the baby’s upbringing,adding that she will make it public so that other well wishers can get on board.


If you think that is all then you are wrong. Manduli, who paid a courtesy call to Mwende at her mothers home in Masii, also offered to buy her furniture.

The decision was made after finding only a few plastic chairs. For those who though that this is a publicity stunt then you are wrong. Among the goodies Manduli brought Mwende were sweet potatoes, bananas, maize and rice.


Manduli urged the Machakos County Government to consider Mwende in their disability slot due to her condition. Mwende took that chance to thank her well wishers saying; “Im thankful to those who have helped me, I would also appreciate it if those who made pledges to assist can honour them.”


Source: Nairobian

Kenyan Men Outraged By Jackline Mwende’s Pregnancy and Cheating News, Demand Release Of Her Ex Husband (AUDIO)

Jackline Mwende shocked Kenyans when it was revealed that she was pregnant for another man, months after her ex-husband chopped off her hands in Masii town, Machakos.

This news rubbed a section of Kenyans the wrong way while others were genuinely happy for the 28-year-old, who confessed that she cheated and sired a child with another man to save her marriage.

Mwende was recently gifted with a two bedroomed house, and a fully stocked mini-mart to help her with income when she finally welcomes her child and a monthly stipend of Ksh.25,000.


Jackline Mwende’s estranged husband Stephen Ngila Nthenge was arrested days after the attack last year, and later released on a Sh200,000 bond for attempted murder. The case continues on February 27.

Jackline Mwende, Whose Hands Were Cut Off By Her Husband For Being Infertile, Is Now Pregnant

Maina Kageni sought to understand why people made such a big deal when Mwende came out to confess that she cheated on her ex-man to save her marriage, after blaming her for a childless marriage.

But while the discussion was going on, Maina noticed that so many fellas were demanding the release of Jackline Mwende’s ex-husband Stephen Ngila.


This truly angered some men who said that Mwende provoked Stephen by cheating on him just so she could prove she wasn’t the one with the issue and also for the urge of having her own child.

GHAI FAFA! Shock As Kenyan Woman Confesses To Siring Children Outside Marriage (AUDIO)

Maina Kageni decided to ask men a very simple question; “Men, why do you want Stephen Ngila to be released yet he committed a crime?”

Listen to the short audio below as Kenyan men defend the man who chopped off Mwende’s hands.




TREAT HER LIKE A LADY! Akothee Urges Kenyan Men To Stop Treating Their Women Like Pieces Of Rugs

Kenya’s wealthiest singer Akothee is known for her flamboyant lifestyle, which she’s never shy to show off on social media.

The celebrated singer is a single mother of five children, and even after revealing that she was engaged and set to wed her Swiss boyfriend, the big day didn’t happen.

Akothee has 5 kids, three girls who are from the same man, and two sons, both of whom are from another mzungu she used to date years back.

Artiste Akothee, Speaks On The Challenges Of Dating As A Single Mother

In 2016, Akothee, real name, Esther Akoth would have become a mother of 7 kids, after revealing that she was expecting twins with her Swiss fiancé, but sadly, she lost her unborn babies after collapsing at a Geneva train station.


Akothee is also enterprising, with a number of side hustles to bring in the money.

The singer is said to be very comfortable with being a single mum and has been able to fend for her kids over the years, with her baby daddies supporting her and visiting the family. Basically, she’s an independent woman who doesn’t believe in men who harass women.

Artiste Akothee Pays Tribute To Her Twins After Tragic Loss

In regards to the news that Jackline Mwende – whose hands were chopped off by ex-husband – is pregnant, Akothee decided to give her take, on the revelation that she cheated on her husband to save the marriage.


The sassy singer has shared a post, urging men to treat their women well, appreciate them and not use them as rugs lest they find someone who will treat them better. According to Akothee, if a woman finds another man who treats her like a queen, that doesn’t mean she cheated.

In fact, she sees nothing wrong when a woman leaves a man who’s harassing her to be with a better man;

You treat your wife like a piece of rug, someone meets her & treat her like a queen , they start seeing each other & you call that cheating ? my friend, you are an enemy of progress! love your wife , appreciate her , give her a listening ear , support her , take her out, hata kwa canteen for a soda , before someone else’s show her the new drink in town Mr Champagne, WOMEN APPRECIATE SMALL THINGS , I love you pals good night





‘Show Your Baby This Video’: Man Sends A Touching Message To Jackline Mwende (Video)

It seems 2017 is going pretty well for one Jackline Mwende. In case you don’t know who she is, let me bring you up to speed.

Late last year, Mwende was trending for weeks after a domestic dispute with her hubby. Well, it was reported that her husband found out that she was cheating on him with another man and so he decided to cut off her hands.


But the story keeps changing, and is leaving Kenyans more confused than ever. Some reports claim that she her hands were cut off because her husband was mad at the fact that she was supposedly infertile and other reports have it that her husband found out she was cheating.

Well, Mwende’s life has changed and she’s by all means one happy lady as she is pregnant with her first child. As if that’s not enough, she now has a band new house and a fully stocked store, which will help her financially.

Jackline Mwende, Whose Hands Were Cut Off By Her Husband For Being Infertile, Is Now Pregnant


Everyone was touched by her story and how she came back a winner even after going through so much pain.

One young man by the name Charles Nguru has come out to send a special message to Mwende and her unborn child. He posted a video on Youtube applauding Mwende for what she did, and telling her unborn baby to ask Mwende to show this video 18 years from now.

Listen to the full message below;



“Huyu Ni Binadamu Pia Na Alichoka Kusemwa” Singer Nyota Ndogo Defends Jackline Mwende Over Cheating

Jackline Mwende has elicited both positive and negative reactions about her pregnancy. Joining the furore is Coast-based artiste, Nyota Ndogo who has also had to deal with condemnation and ridicule from Kenyans online.

Joining the furore is Mombasa based artiste, Nyota Ndogo who has also had to deal with condemnation and ridicule from Kenyans online.

Nyota Ndogo has had to deal with insensitive stories and posts about getting married to an ancestor, but she doesn’t let that weigh her down.


The Watu na Viatu star still shares photos of her mzungu husband on social media and shows him off.

Jackline Mwende, Whose Hands Were Cut Off By Her Husband For Being Infertile, Is Now Pregnant

Today, she has taken Jackline Mwende’s side and said, societal pressure and an unrelenting male ego lead to her loosing her limbs in an alleged brutal domestic violence attack.

Nyota took to social media and wrote,

“Wanawake hupitia mambo mengi katika ndoa zao. Wengine usema tosha wacha naondoke. Wengine usema wacha tu nivumilie kwasababu ya watoto ntafanyaje? Wengine ukaa tu kwa ajili hawana pakwenda ama familia zao zimewaambia baki uko uko ndio uvumilivu wa ndoa. TASA..nani alisema tasa iliumbiwa mwanamke? Pia waume kuna ambao hawakujaaliwa kupewa mayai na wengine wanasema huyu mama sijui ndio mwenye makosa oh sijui angeondoka tu kwa hio ndoa mbona amefanya hivyo nje ya ndoa? Watu hasa wakenya wanajua kukashifu wenzao sana. Nani anajua huyu mama alipitia mangapi kwa huyu mwanamume? Kwa familia ya huyu mwanamume?”

GHAI FAFA! Shock As Kenyan Woman Confesses To Siring Children Outside Marriage (AUDIO)


Nyota Ndogo went on to add;

Hata mybe alikua akitukanwa WEWE TASA UZAI ONDOKA.wengine hawaondoki kwakua WANAPENDA.huyu nashuku alimpenda sana bwanake akaona the only way ni mimi nifanye hivi couse alijua shida sio yeye na hakutaka kumuaibisha mume wake kwakumtangaza mume HAZAI.MUSHALIFIKIRIA HIO?.kiupande wangu huyu ni binadamu pia na alichoka kusemwa.ila waume wengi hata wakiitwa hospitali kuangaliwa kama tatizo ni yeye hawataki wanaona aibu kwaivyo anaficha aibu yake kwa kumpigia mtoto wawatu kumtukana hadharani ili pia iwe nyimbo kule nje Kua mke wangu hazai.ndio kafanya makosa kutembea nje ya ndoa but mybe alimpenda mume wake sana mbali na aliokua anapitia.NYIE MUNAONAJE? TUSILEMEE UPANDE MOJA.@mainawakageni hii swala muimu

GHAI FAFA! Shock As Kenyan Woman Confesses To Siring Children Outside Marriage (AUDIO)

Yesterday Tuesday February 21st we broke the story of Jackline Mwende being pregnant, months after her hands were cut off by her estranged husband for supposedly being infertile. The news caught many Kenyans by surprise.

The Machakos-native revealed that she was expecting her first child, 7 months after he ex-husband, Stephen Ngila Nthenge, carried out the atrocious act on her for failing to conceive ever since their wedding.

Below is a group of women including members from a German NGO who offered her a two-bedroomed house and a mini-mart in Kathama village, Machakos County.


Mwende apparently conceived the day before the attack, revealing that she cheated on her husband to save the marriage and also because of her deep rooted desire to have children.

Jackline Mwende, Whose Hands Were Cut Off By Her Husband For Being Infertile, Is Now Pregnant

This is the part that shocked Maina Kageni, whose morning conversation dwelt on this topic asking, “How many other men are being helped in their marriage because they cannot conceive together?”

Female callers really opened up to Maina.


The callers revealed that those who have extra-marital affairs keep this information a closely guarded secret, and it’s only in a few cases, like Mwende, where the husband finds out.

Ladies, How Many Of You Have Cheated To Save Your Marriage?

In a twist of events, a married woman called in and confessed that her husband in not the biological father of all her children and he has no idea that she sired outside the marriage.

If you don’t believe me, listen to the shocking revelation below.





Jackline Mwende, Whose Hands Were Cut Off By Her Husband For Being Infertile, Is Now Pregnant

Talk about a blessing in disguise.
Remember Jackline Mwende, whose hands were cut off by her husband last year in a domestic row following claims that she was infertile…?

The Machakos-based resident is currently expectant, and the blessings keep coming. Jackline has been handed a new lease of life, and is now the proud owner of a house, plus a fully stocked mini-mart to help boost her family income.


Her story captured national attention, after pictures of her mutilated hands emerged online, prompting outcry from Kenyans.

Well-wishers and others came together to contribute towards her medical expenses. She now has fully fitted prosthetic limbs to assist her in regaining functionality.


The house built for her by a German pharmaceutical organization will serve as her home and the home of her unborn child as she is currently expecting.

mwnede 1

Mwende who has since the incident moved on, clarified that in as much as the experience was painful, she has since forgiven her husband but he should face the full wrath of the law.

Jackline will also be a beneficiary of a monthly stipend of Sh 25,000 from the same organization.


Stephen Ngila, her husband who is out on bond is facing murder charges with the hearing set to continue on the 27th of this month.

Woman Whose Hands Were Chopped Off For Not Bearing Children Finally Gets Artificial Hands (Photo)

Battered woman Jackeline Mwende, whose hands were chopped off, has finally been fitted with myoelectric prosthetics hands.

The 27-year old flew to South Korea aboard a Swiss airline on September 26, for the operation.

Jackline Mwende was attacked by her husband Stephen Ngila, 34, with a panga where she also suffered multiple injuries on neck and head back in August.

Machakos man chops off wife’s hand for not bearing children

Mwende, a shopkeeper, said before the attack, she had separated with her husband for three months after failing to get pregnant.

Well, after the physical and mental trauma, Mwende has finally been fitted with artificial limbs and will be trained on how to use the limbs before she is flown back to the country.


Mwende is expected to have returned to an 80 per cent level of normal activity by then and from the picture taken back in South Korea, she seems happy and content.

Mwende said she was surprised by the attack as doctors told the couple she was fertile while Ngila was impotent. The two had not lived together for a year, as living at their home while her husband had rented a bedsitter in Masii town.

The woman has received assistance from various quarters including the Machakos government and women’s rights activists.

Here is Mwende with her fitted myoelectric prosthetics hands.

Jackeline Mwende


‘Why Do Women In Childless Marriages Get So Much Pressure To Have Kids?’ – Nick Odhiambo

During the morning conversation with Nick Odhiamno and Mwalimu King’ang’i, the two discussed a feature in a local daily about the crazy things women in childless marriages go through.

We all remember the story of Jackline Mwende, whose hands were chopped off by her husband because she did not bear children in their seven-year marriage, yet it turned out he is the one with a medical problem.

According to the article, being in a childless marriage in Africa, unlike the Western world, is a very big issue. Women in such unions or marriages, even where it’s the husband who is infertile, go through hell. They are either chased away, beaten or co-wifed for the inability to give birth.

Nick Odhiambo could not understand why Africans or Kenyans are so paranoid when it comes to children, yet there are people in the West who go for years without getting children and either adopt or find other means of having kids.

Listen to the audio below as men and women talked about the agony of being in a childless marriage.