Jackie Matubia fans worried as actress stays missing online

Jackie Matubia has been offline for some time and this has her fans worried plus missing her.

It’s been a hot minute since Jackie posted anything and a restless fans tagged her asking why. The Zora actress has not provided an update on her pregnancy fueling speculation.

“@jmatubia today you have not shared stories and I have borrowed bundles to view your stories today …am a very big fans of urs”

Jackie responded to the concerns in a note.

“If youwant to get a hold of me, kindly text text. Thank you. By management,

This has further fueled speculation that she could have already delivered her baby and is keeping it a secret for a later reveal.

Jackie has a huge following on her Instagram and youtube channel.

Before her absence was noted, Matubia had just hit 100k subscribers on her youtube channel. Many noted it is a remarkable achievement as she had just stared it late into her pregnancy.

It took three weeks for her to gain 100k subscribers and while attending the Infinix note 12 launch event Jackie attributed it to her relatable content from Instagram which led to her decision to open a youtube channel.

“I remember the first time I posted that I am on YouTube, I called my best friend and told her that I wanted to tell my fans that I had a target of getting 10K subscribers. She then told me that I would easily hit that target in a matter of hours so she encouraged me to aim for 50,000,” she recalled in an interview.

She also noticed how fast it grew on launching it

“I was skeptical about that target because it seemed too big to achieve. But I went for it and told my fans to help me get to 50K. I got 50K subscribers in about a day or two, and then the numbers kept growing from then on,”

The last video Jackie shared with fans was last week.

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Size 8’s powerful message to Jackie Matubia at baby shower

Moments before her baby shower Jackei Matubia revealed she was experienced heavy mood swings that she was hopeful would dissipate before the baby shower.

On her part 1 of her baby shower, Jackie and Blassings give us a behind the scene of her hair and makeup to venue where he guests awaited the couple.

She spoke about makign a grand entrance with her huge dress designed by |Yvonne Frost.

Singer and minister Size 8 bestowed blessings on Jackie and her man.

Jackie Matubia’s baby shower went down this past weekend and has shared on her youtube page the days events.

Size 8 preached ‘yu’ve entered a season of rest, I dont kniw it but the turmoil you faced yo9ur entrie life yu are entering rest. And god just wantsa to remind you the days you serve him please go back to those days that you used to really pray because he is the one who has doen this for you in unexpected ways even’

The moment made Jackie break down in tears as the crowd encouraged her to be strong.

We await part 2 of the baby shower and the gender reveal

Congratulations to you and blesings.

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Jackie Matubia’s pregnancy is past her due date

Jackie Matubia has addressed fans anxious to know if she has delivered her bundle of joy.

She hasn’t and being overdue is making her have anxiety as well.

Jackie in a video told ‘Eeeh Bado msijali nitazaa tu’

She also added ‘When everyone you were pregnant with gives birth na wewe watotpo wako ni wa 42weeks’

Pregnancy normally lasts about 40 weeks (that’s around 280 days from the first day of your last period). Most women go into labour within a week either side of this date, but some women go overdue. If your labour doesn’t start by the time you are 41 weeks pregnant, it is considered to be overdue.


Babies born before 37 weeks are considered premature and those born after 42 weeks are called postmature.

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Jackie Matubia credits Miss Morgan for Tahidi High stint

Jackie Mutubia disclosed Miss Morgan spotted her in high school and traced her thereafter.

Former Tahidi High and Zora actress Jackie Mutubia recently opened up about his acting career journey in an interview with Diana Marua.

She revealed that she started as an extra in the Tahidi High program.

The Tahidi team was in their school and she got spotted after they did their school play.

Miss Morgan gave her a phone number to reach her after she was done with school since she was in her last year in secondary school.

However, Jackie lost Miss Morgan’s contacts, “kama kitu ni yako, ni yako. (If something is meant for you then it is yours).

And as luck would have it one day Jackie took part in a radio singing competition and Miss Morgan heard, called the station requesting for Mutubia’s number.

“Back in the days in 2008, there was a famous radio station where people would call and sing and you win a thousand shillings, which used to be a lot of money at that time. One day I decided to call and try my luck, and it happens that Miss Morgan was also listening to the station, she called back the station and asked for my contacts. She contacted me and asked me to go for auditions, and that is how I started.”

After being asked to go for the auditions, the producer asked her to get the Tahidi High uniform without doing the auditions. And that is how her acting journey began.

 She however says it was not easy but she was passionate about it.

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Jackie Matubia opens up about failed first marriage


Jackie Matubia told of cyber bullying over her failed first marriage in an interview with Diana Marua.

She also admitted to struggling as a single mother nt able to provide for her daughter because she was broke, being depressed and fortunately levelling up.

‘this is where the downfall comes in because in life you have to have the highs and the lows. so my pregnancy was ok and then I hosted until I think I was 6 or 7 months and then I stopped and so I had to stay home and wait for the child. The child came and so now i’m ready, my child is big she’s four ,months, five months I’m thinking I’m ready I wanna go back to work. wah wah wah I got into some crazy depression, I used to cry on a daily like I used to cry because you go for auditions then on the audition form you are asked where did you work previously and because of where I was working people used to know we used to be paid alot, so people don’t want to pay you that so you are not even qualified, no one came and told us that in our career kunakuanga na take a break. Enda maternity tutakungoja, it’s not…life has to go on. and si kwa ubaya the show has to goon, so you go you come back you are a different person shapewise, nini so it’s really hard for omen and it just hit me, you knolow at that particular point and it got to a point where looking at my child and wondering why did I have you, you know, like my career has stopped etc, . My mum kept on praying for me and telling me you know what one day you will have a breakthrough so when my child turned one year bado, there was a day I was telling my fiends to a point I said you know what I’m ready to work in an office an 8 to 5 job,

i have never worked an 8 to 5 job I’m ready because I don’t want ot stay at home. Coz you see since I ws 18 I have been working I don’t know how to stay in the house so there was that break I decided my bay daddy at the time asked me then what do you want to do? and I told him i think I can venture into business. He was like ok, so what do you want and I told him I was thinking I go to China I bring stuff I sell at that time Instagram haikuwa it wasn’t as big as it is like right nloow. so I ws like I can use this platform and sell stuff etc. I went to China started selling things via my Instagram, . It was crazy nili ibiwa passport, that’s a story for another day I stayed in China for another two weeks, but it was an experience, so I came back and I started now being independent, trying to maker ends met and that’s when some of my friends who we were with in Tahidi cam up and opened a production company. So in this production company we were like si mtuandike? So they did and that’s where I went as a producer, and then in the show they gave me a role. It wasn’t ile ya here is a role, it was like who wants to paly this role? Then i was told si ushike tu hii role? So apparently the role I did people rally liked it, it was hard to continue coz I was feeling like nime last sana coz now it’s been a while sine I been on TV, but if it’s in you, it’s in you, and that’s how now I went and then also on my business side stated growing, started thinking ok I open a shop you know continue growing, .

So another downfall was everyone knows it was about my marriage, my first marriage it was bad, it was in the tabloids, tat was another downfall, but looking back and looking what you’ve gone through I was like shh it will pass. I was As long as my child i not, I will protect my child with everything that i have. I was like attack me, me I have thick skin but when someone decides to attack my child that’s a no. Funny enough it wasn’t my lowest moment, . My lowest moment was not looking for a job. Like when I was not getting a job. That was my lowest moment. Actually funny enough when this story came out i was bad for me ,like you know you imagine God forbid uko hapo you have heaven you have nand then you have this empty house you have zero income you just need to buy a mattress kesho you will find out, so it was very emotional because you cry yourself to sleep at night, and wake up the strongest woman you can evert be because you have a child who is looking at you, wondering mummy what are we going to eat, mummy what are we going to do? It was tough, it was a very tough time, but funny enough I had the strength in me, and I hoped for a brighter future and that’s when I was called to host with akina Kush Tracey. I as able to create a home that my child was looking for because people think oh you are a celebrity, you have never reached rock bottom, that you have never lacked money to buy milk. There is always a process’

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Pregnant Jackie Matubia rushed to hospital

Heavily expectant actress Jackie Matubia was rushed to hospital Wednesday night.

While asking for prayers, Jackie revealed that ‘baby and I are okay’ as her baby daddy looked on very orried.

Jackie also added ‘third trimester is scary Sometimes I just need a hug and some positive affirmations’

Now that she is doing okay, she thanked the team of Doctors ‘I just want to thank the entire team from @komarockmodern from my Doctor Dr. Nyamu to the staff for taking good care of baby and I…’

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Jackie Matubia and baby daddy leave fans in stitches

Fans reacted with laughter to Jackie Matubia’s video where she told she has a jealous husband and fans saying Luhya men are always jealous.

 In the video, Jackie wanted to wear a racy outfit for a girlfriends date, but baby daddy told her No, instead giving her a dera (a long free dress) to wear.

From her reaction, you could tell that she is not happy with her man‘s choice. Clearly, her boyfriend was jealous and could not let her out in the short se*y looking dress.

‘‘When I want to go out with the girls in my se*y outfit but have a jealous husband @blessinglungaho but why’’ she captioned the video.

Reacting to the post here are some of the comments from fans:

Jackivike: chakula ya mzee ifichwe kabisa. (The old Man’s meal should totally be hidden)

_jessyliv: Wacha achunge mali zake Zile mafisi ziko huku nje wach tu (let him protect his property, there are so thirsty men out here.)

abidebelpretty8; itabidi uzoee waluhya (you’ll have to get used to the luhyas’)

Dela_roxah: ajakosea the way you slay ata mm natamani ukuwe wangu (he is not wrong, from the way you slay I would also love it if you were mine)

Swafekui; alaaar uwes faa hifyo pwana ako amekataa (you can’t dress like that, your husband has refused)

Adikinyi6; hiyo ndio yako Kwa sasa(that is yours for now)

Madiba and Mutubia are expecting their first child anytime soon. They met on the Tv drama Zora on Citizen TV.

Jackie Matubia marks year in salon business, to expand empire

Jackie Matubia marks year in salon business, to expand empire

Jackie Matubia and her business partner are well on their way to becoming moguls.

The two are marking one year in the salon business.

Jackie expressed her excitement at expanding revealing they are opening a new branch next week.

‘On Monday we are opening our doors to our new space and we will be having amazing discounts’

She added ‘Fabulously forward 1st anniversary’

Jackie thanked her business partner adding ‘to the next project. Good news now we’ve expanded and we will open on Monday stay tuned! Vickie Chomba God has been fithful’

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Jackie Matubia’s official photos of baby daddy after unveiling him

Zora actress Jackie Matubia shared a video on Monday February 14th to officially introduce her second baby daddy to her fans.

She unveiled to show he is fellow actor Blessing Lungaho.

The video got lotsa of love and a day later has shared the official pictures together.

She captioned it ‘Double Blessing’ to mean a new man and a baby on the way.

Blessing also shared his own phot captioning it ‘Happy valentine’s morning from the gentleman of’

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Jackie Matubia hilariously sums up how she got pregnant again

Being pregnant is such a beautiful thing.

And actress Jackie Matubi knows this all too well, as she is pregnant with her second child.

And when announcing the pregnancy last week January 5th, she shrugged it off. ‘Blessed! #babynumber2ontheway’ she captioned the post.

‘But now in a reel, Jackie sums up how things went down.

I mean she is growing a whole human, how cool is that? Using Inaya’s song suga daddy, which goes something like this

‘But I took one too many shots to the head
But got back to the room, pop-pop threw me on the bed
And he came alive, I’m surprised he ain’t dead’

The other lyrics would get me banned on Google, so go check out what else she sings.

And the video on her channel has amused many.

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Zora actress Nana aka Jackie Matubia warns of fake Twitter page


Dear Zora fans, and more so those of actress Nana, be warned.

Jackie Matubia has cautioned her fans and followers against a Twitter page bearing her name and images posting all sorts of things.

She urged “attention attention! just to clarify this for the last time all my social media accounts are ‘Jackie Matubia’ and am verified! Never call myself Nana on social media . So kindly help me report this page especially on Twitter!’

Nana aka Jackie has urged fans to be aware of this fake page that’s using her acting name to deceive fans.

This is the fake page below



Lot of men have responded to the comment.

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Zora actress Nana aka Jackie Matubia’s look alike mum turns 50


Zora tv drama series actress Jackie Matubia is helping her mother ring in a major milestone.

Her mother turned 50 years old and on Sunday October 3rd, Jackie lavished praise on her saying ‘I got it from my mama’.

Jackie also shared another picture of her mother and daughter captioning it ‘3 generations of beauty’.

Meet her gorgeous mother.

She also wrote a tribute “Happy birthday to the woman who brought me to this world, brought me the right way and gave me the best that life could offer.”

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Jackie Matubia to Brenda Jons: Here are celebs looking energetic after the gym


These female celebrities have decided to end the year in style and are totally slaying after a work out.

After burning some heavy calories, we thought it fair to share their photos. Not only are their outfits super cute and matching but we have never seem them looking so good and excited after an intense gym session.

If you want to feel good about yourself and your workouts, having clothes that are comfortable and cute can make a worl d of difference.

Want proof of how the photos taken after their workouts are flattering? See below

  1. Comedian Brenda Jons who plays Mama Plezident Kingston has recently began this journey. she shares with her 178k fans how flattering her body now seems and the effort is worth it.

2. Yummy Mummy: I thnk she has the most stylish workout gear. The vlogger has invited fans to get snatched by Christmas in several motivational messages. Check out her page here. Joan has been very vocal about how much training she is doing and her body transformation.


Kate Actress also does it in style


4. Our fav girl Wahu is also hitting teh gym hard and let me tell you Maina, her body is banging


View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Wahu (@wahukagwi)

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My mother had a tough time accepting me – Jackie Matubia painfully reveals

Jackie Matubia, the former TV host and Tahidi High actress has revealed something deep and disturbing about herself – That her mother rejected her while growing up.

This was revealed during an interview with Massawe Japanni, where the Jackie said that the rejection came after her mother separated with her father.

Jackie Matubia
Jackie Matubia

That separation was a bad time for her because she had no stable home where she stayed. Her parents kept moving her from one home to another.

“My mum was married to my biological dad and the she had me. So the first time I had an issue with my marriage nikaenda nikamwambia she was like ‘I hope history doesn’t repeat itself’ mama na baba waliachana and it really messed me up because nilikuwa namovishwa from one family to another, before you trust someone ushatolewa,” she said.

Jackie Matubia
Jackie Matubia

The reason her mom had a hard time accepting her was that she had already gotten married to another man and back then it was a big issue getting married with a kid.

“Tatizo ilikuwa kuniaccept. Back in the day ukiolewa ukiwa na mtoto ilikuwa shida it’s not like today. It was really tough for me,” Matubia stated.

Jackie Matubia with her daughter
Jackie Matubia with her daughter

Matubia said that that rejection affected her and it resulted in her acting weird on a person if she thought she would get rejected. But that is all in the past as she and her mother have gotten closer since she gave birth to her daughter

  “We can hang out and talk. I love my mum na nilimsamehea,” she said.

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My mother left me behind after separating with my dad, says Jackie Matubia

Former Tahidi High actress and Switch TV host Jackie Matubia has opened up on how her mother left her behind when she got remarried for fear of rejection.

According to Matubia her mum was scared of how her in-laws to be would react if she carried her along.

In a recent interview, she said her mother did that so that her new family would accept her.

“She used to tell me that my uncle was my dad I only learnt of the truth later, and I really got angry with my mum but I later forgave her,” she recounted.

Jackie Matubia
Jackie Matubia


“After my marriage broke up I told my mum and she had nothing to say about it and her only fear would be that history would repeat itself.

This is because she had divorced my dad, who is currently living in the UK.”

“I grew up with the fear of rejection after dad rejected me,” She added

Matubia, however, denied cheating on her pilot baby daddy stating they had already broken up when claims of her unfaithfulness surfaced.

“How is it cheating when we are separated?” she posed.

She however admitted that she misses him because they had taken vows.

“Whether I do good or bad people will always talk. I still talk to my ex because of our child.

My mother advised me to live it to god. My step dad is an amazing dad and he supports me.

I am more close to my step-dad than i am to my biological dad,” she said.


Was she fired or did she quit? Jackie Matubia no longer at Switch TV

We recently wrote about Jackie Matubia confirming that her marriage to Captain Nyogz was over as they had separated in March last year.

It seems that the bad news isn’t stopping there as the actress has now announced that she had resigned from Switch TV. The mother of one, who ventured into her journalism career in 2019, explained that she had had a good run at the station but it was time for her to take a bow.

Jackie Matubia with her daughter
Jackie Matubia with her daughter

The beauty said this in an Instagram post that has since been deleted, where she thanked her fans for sticking with her through her short stint at the station.

We separated 8 months ago – Actress Jackie Matubia says about marriage

Jackie said that time at Switch was an honour and hoped that soon enough she will move to greater experiences, adding she’s set to return to our Tv screens soon.

“Good morning lovely people it was an honour gracing your screen, serving you tea and interacting with you guys…. Thank you Switch TV for the platform. To my fans I love you guys and will be gracing the screens soon bigger and better,” she said.

Jackie Matubia looking good in nice dress
Jackie Matubia looking good in nice dress

That wasn’t all, it seems that Jackie still had a lot to say, releasing a tongue in cheek video where she thanked the Godhead; mentioning them one after the other! That is; The father, the Son and the Holy Spirit) for those who don’t know the Christian Godhead.

The actress looking good in pink
Jackie Matubia looking good in pink

The actress then thanked herself mentioning her self-esteem and even her ego! This might be a response to the rumour doing the rounds that she didn’t quit but was fired by the struggling station. Whatever the case, the video is hilarious and is below;

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We separated 8 months ago – Actress Jackie Matubia says about marriage

Jackie Matubia, the former Tahidi High actress, has come clean on the state of her marriage, saying that it is no more.

Jackie Matubia
Jackie Matubia

The curvy beauty who now works as a TV presenter at Switch TV revealed she parted way with her hubby Captain Mogz in March 2019.

I needed to heal – Former Tahidi High actress Jackie Matubia says about weight loss

The information regarding her rumoured split had first been mooted by vlogger Edgar Obare who claimed that the two went their separate ways because of infidelity from both parties.

Jackie Matubia
Jackie Matubia

Matubia, however, denied cheating on her pilot baby daddy stating they had already broken up when claims of her unfaithfulness surfaced. ”How is it cheating when we are separated?” she posed.

Jackie Matubia screenshots
Jackie Matubia screenshots.Courtesy/Urbannews254

Matubia was very open about the break-up even cheekily urging the interviewer to use good photos of her. Mogz on his part explained that he and Jackie had a normal breakup just like any other couple.

”I do not know, there is nothing to say really. People come together, people separate, people heal. I really do not get what the fuss is about. You should probably talk to Matubia. She is the celeb and more talkative. She might give you more info. I am not involved with anyone, your people can say what they want. I told you all I need to,” he added.

Jackie Matubia with her daughter
Jackie Matubia with her daughter

The couple who started dating in 2014 had been blessed with a lovely daughter called Zari.

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I needed to heal – Former Tahidi High actress Jackie Matubia says about weight loss

Stories of losing weight and improving one’s life are something that we love covering on Classic105. This one you are about to read is no different.

Former Tahidi High actress Jackie Matubia has come out to speak out about the girl she was when she was overweight and the one she became after her amazing physical transformation.

Jackie Matubia looking good in nice dress
Jackie Matubia looking good in nice dress

Using her Instagram page, she confessed the change and shift of mind that she had had before she undertook the process of shedding the extra layers of fat.

‘I will always be by your side’ Former Tahidi High actress Jolene showers her BFF with love on her birthday

The actress who is popularly known as Jolene wrote,

The girl on the left had so much going through… So much happened to her that she forgot who she was and where she wanted to go… But one day she woke up and remembered who she was as she decided to HEAL so that the girl on the right can be born ☺️☺️☺️… Trust me the girl on the right knows who she is where she is going so NOTHING can stop her… She’s coming to buy that building b***tches 

Jackie Matubia looking good in pink
Jackie Matubia looking good in pink

Jackie’s weight loss plan included waist training, doing a lot of outdoor activities, including road trips. She isn’t the only Kenyan female celebrity who has lost a lot of weight.

Kalekye Mumo
Kalekye Mumo

Kalekye Mumo lost 40Kgs after weighing 124 Kgs at her heaviest. Kalekye’s weight loss regime did not involve visiting the gym. Instead, the program was properly crafted with regards to what she ate and how often she did it. Her diet-based weight loss regime relied on the concept that 80 percent of a person’s weight is determined by what they eat.

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