A list of TV personalities who have been charged with murder

We take a look at prominent TV journalists and TV hosts whose careers went down the drain after they were charged with murder, directly or indirectly.

While some were charged, some jailed, others are still awaiting the ending of their cases.

1. Esther Arunga

Esther Arunga has been in the news the past few days after she admitted to having lied to protect her husband for the death of her 3 year old son.

Esther’s son Sinclair Timberlake died as a result of blunt force trauma to his abdomen in June 2014.
Sinclair suffered fatal injuries at his family home at Kallangur, north of Brisbane.
Esther Arunga
His father and former Kenyan presidential candidate Quincy Timberlake was charged with his murder.
Esther Timberlake on Monday pleaded guilty to being an accessory after the fact to manslaughter.
The 38-year-old admitted misleading police in order to help her husband escape punishment.
Crown prosecutor Danny Boyle told the court Esther called triple zero just before 2am on June 18.
When paramedics and police arrived, she told them her son had fallen down the stairs.
But an autopsy revealed Sinclair died
“As a result of a severe blunt force such as punching or stamping or similar” and his injuries were inconsistent with a fall.

2. Louis Otieno

Former NTV reporter Louis Otieno came into the limelight over his alleged connection in the murder of Careen Chepchumba.

Careen was found dead in her apartment seven years ago and Otieno was one of the suspects. The police cleared him of any wrongdoing.

Louis Otieno
Louis Otieno

After that his career never picked up again.Not much is known about his life.

3. Moses Dola

Former journalist Moses Dola was this year sentenced to 10 years for allegedly killing his wife Wambui Kabiru at their matrimonial home in Umoja Estate on May 1, 2011.

According to Dola the argument arose from the high gospel music which he was playing and which the late Wambui felt would wake up the baby.

Partly giving his testimony Dola says

“Just as I was picking our son, she shot up and charged at me.

She asked where I wanted to take her baby. In her charging she was holding the scissors. It was a split second event.

Unfortunately, it pricked (sic) my hand but I managed to squeeze her hand and she released it,”

Wambui queried

‘Wewe ukiamka kwa hii nyumba kwani kila mtu lazima aamke (If you wake up in this house, must everyone else wake up?).

The judge was told that Wambui reached for the scissors but Dola tackled her, and they both fell on the bed.He testified:

She hit her head on the bed, but because we fell on the mattress I did not realise that she was injured.” According to Dola, his wife’s last words were “ona umeniumiza” (see you have hurt me).

According to Dola, he went to his brother in law’s house in a bid to seek a truce with his wife. After that both Wambui’s brother and Dola went to drink.

Former journalist Dola and his late wife Wambui Kabiru

He testified that he was to take his bother in law to a baby shower later in the evening and thus they parted ways and he headed back to the house to freshen up.

When he got to the house, the court heard, Wambui was still lying in bed and did not respond when he called her name.

4. Jacque Maribe

Former Citizen reporter Jacque Maribe is the latest TV personality to be charged  with aiding murder.

Maribe whose case is still ongoing was arrested alongside her fiancee Joseph Irungu alias Jowie over the murder of business woman Monicah Kimani.

Their case is still ongoing.

Jacque Maribe and Jowie in court


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Symbol of everlasting love? Jackie Maribe engagement ring missing


Jacque Maribe’s addressing her relationship status with ex boo Jowie.

Jowie proposed to Maribe on July 30, 2018, in a surprise moment witnessed by her best friends. They served us couple goals until last September when the devil visited their relationship.

Jacque Maribe

Both Maribe and Jowie were arrested in connection with the murder of businesswoman Monica Kimani and put behind bars. But after several court hearings, Maribe was granted bail while Jowie, the main suspect in Monica’s murder, was taken to Kamiti.

‘I panicked and ran back into my bedroom’ Jacque Maribe narrates how Jowie came home soaked in blood

Jacque Maribe
Jacque Maribe crying at Milimani Law Courts

Before she was even released on bail, Jacque removed her engagement ring, a clear sign that the gloves of love had fallen off. She even went ahead to delete photos from her engagement party from her Instagram page.


Well, the former Citizen TV political affairs journalist, who publicly revealed that Eric Omondi is the father of her son, is a happy soul.

‘I met Jowie at a Jubilee party’ Jacque Maribe narrates

She shared a photo seated next to the comedian in a public area and captioned it,

The king himself @ericomondi comedy is you. You done did it!

Eric Omondi and Maribe
Comedian Eric Omondi with his baby mama Jacque

Fans flooded her comment section and one claimed that she had seen her still wearing her engagement ring.

As zoomers association unadhani hatujaona engagement ring ya Jowie? Main husband ni nani?’ the fan wrote.

Maribe responded saying,

Am I still wearing it?

Jacque Maribe ring

The ex-TV girl’s latest photos clearly show that she no longer wears the engagement ring, but normal rings just for fun.

Did Kirigo Ngarua warn her buddy Jacque Maribe that dating Jowie was bad news?Here is the proof

Check out more comments from Jacque’s fans

douglas_kiplagat Who is your friend? then who is f***k mate? then who is husband 😎?… Unatusumbua akili

carol.muturi Lazima child support 😄thou ni itumbi ama ni Eric

ras_abu_msafi Unazunguka kwa wanaume kushinda trolley ya supermarket

marrionfayh What about joe

sandra So it’s not jowie or the other one..it’s now Eric omondi? Si watu wanajua kutafuta😂😂@jacquemaribe

mtelemsiah @jacquemaribe second born tumengoja sana

cllr_junior Please don’t betray our Boy @dennisitumbi kindly…. He made us fall in your wings.


These photos shed light on how Jowie is doing in prison


Joseph Irungu aka Jowie is currently cooling his heels at Kamiti Maximum Prison.

He has been behind bars since September last year. Jowie is the main suspect in the murder of businesswoman Monica Kimani.

Jowie seems to have adapted well to his new environment at Kamiti prison and he was captured on camera singing and dancing at the institution during the filming of Up Close with Betty Kyallo. Reverend Lucy Natasha often referred to as Oracle of God was the guest on Friday’s show.

Kamiti Maximum Prison
Kamiti Maximum Prison

Betty Kyallo, Rev Lucy Natasha and her team [Natasha hand of compassion] were visiting Kamiti for a charity event.

Speaking to Betty, the woman of God christened the s3xiest pastor in Kenya said,

Natasha hand of compassion is something I’ve been doing over time and it’s because I have a strong passion for just giving hope for people who feel rejected. Like where we’re going to Kamiti

These [prisoners] are the people that are on life sentence. Most of them that get out is just by presidential pardon. I always tell them to look at Kamiti not as a prison but as a college.


Natasha and her team spent two hours feeding the prisoners with the word of God and during praise and worship session, Jowie was captured on camera. Jowie looked happy. he was smiling as he talked to a fellow inmate. He was clapping and singing along to a song which goes like;

I have a father who’ll never ever fail me, Jesus is my father who’ll never ever fail me, rock of ages…

He was dressed in a prison uniform, which is grey in color. Below are the photos

Boy child at Kamiti maximum prison

Joseph Irungu aka Jowie

Joseph Irungu aka Jowie

Joseph Irungu aka Jowie
Happy Jowie during a recent service at Kamiti
Joseph Irungu aka Jowie
Happy Jowie during a recent service at Kamiti

Joseph Irungu

Jowie is being charged alongside Citizen Tv’s journalist Jacque Maribe who is already out on bail.

Kenyan celebrity mothers can take a few lessons from Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry welcomed their first child, a son, on Monday 6, May 2019.

The royal couple named their first child Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor.

Unlike many prominent people or celebrities who hide their children’s face until they’re grown, Archie’s parents unveiled his face two days after his birth.

Meghan and Prince Harry
Meghan and Prince Harry with their newborn

Prince Harry’s brother William’s third child’s face was unveiled a few hours after birth.

Well, most of the local celebrity mothers take time to unveil their baby’s face. For some it is borne of a feeling of insecurity, for others, it’s to protect their children from trolls while for others still, it is for religious reasons -like with Muslims.

It’s an Islamic tradition that a baby’s face is only unveiled 40 days after its birth.


Michael Jackson was the first celebrity who kept the face of his children from the limelight and below is a list of Kenyans who’ve done the same.

  1. Janet Mbugua

Janet Mbugua

2. Jacque Maribe


3. Jane Ngoiri

Jane Ngoiri son


4. Brenda Wairimu

Juliani and Brenda Wairimu with their daughter
The couple with their daughter

5. Amina Abdi

Amina Abdi


Others, who also kept their babies faces private include Size 8 and DJ Pierra Makena. In Siz 8’s case, the gospel artiste cum pastor gave birth in November 2015 but hid her daughter’s face until January 2016.