Clutch my pearls! Cute photos of video director J Blessing at 33


Video Director J Blessing recently celebrated his birthday. He turned 33 and his baby mama’s sent him cute messages on Instagram.

He is a father of three.

One baby mama Mwende Macharia, a radio personality, called him a champion in a heartfelt message.

“Mmemaliza Kelele huko Kwa streets, okay let’s wish Baba @jibrilblessing a happy birthday and lots of good wishes on his birthday and also his late mom’s 25th anniversary.

Despite what people keep saying about you,I would like you to know you have DONE WELL.Wewe ni more than a CHAMPION

You are more than a conquerer.

Cant believe its been 10 years of knowing you”

Singer Avril, another supposed baby mama, shared a collage of photos that declared her delight at being close friends with him. She gushed that“Happiest birthday to my voice of reason 😄” she wrote


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‘Something was missing in my life,’ Avril speaks about dating this one person

Singer Avril has for the first time opened up about her love life.

Well, in a recent interview, Avril explained how hard it was for her to accept a man in her life.

Avril says that the death of her father made her not trust anyone and before she accepted her baby daddy into her life, she had to question and be sure that he was the right man for her.

In the interview on Adelle Onyango’s podcast, Legally Clueless, the mother of one says she locked out many who wanted to date her.

Avril posing
Avril posing

“I questioned every person who came into my life claiming to love me. I locked out so many people.

I think grieve gives you so much, it is like a sieve because you are very conscious of anyone coming into your life and the reason they are coming into your life.

She added that she locked herself into a space where she didn’t want any human interaction.

“To a good EXTENT it helped me. its so weird but it fueled me back into the industry and that is when I did so much work and then again,” she said.

‘Yes, we have a great future ahead…” Read Ruth Matete’s last message to her husband

It was then she realised that something else in her life was missing.

 “I wanted something else away from my career. I decided to Date this one person.

I do have someone, I have a love interest in my life right now and we have a beautiful son but still, I go back to questions so much,” she added.

Avril with J Blessing
Avril with J Blessing

Because of the character she developed of questioning, Avril says many are the times she quarrels with her baby daddy.

“I keep on questioning so much about even the love, care, concern, how someone can just be unconditional with you. How does unconditional love works, how does one love without conditions?

I am understanding that through the love that I have for my son, I can say he broke a very expensive vase that I have had since my dad passed on,” she said.

Avril has for long been rumoured to be in a relationship with music video director J Blessing. The two are said to be madly in love.

After months of keeping their relationship a secret, singer Avril came out to publicly declare her love to music director J Blessing, on his birthday this week.

Avril posted on Instagram a series of pictures capturing her and J Blessing.

The pictures were all accompanied by sweet messages.

“Happy Birthday . Thanking God for you ,” wrote Avril.

Avril with J Blessing
Avril with J Blessing

I thank God for you ❤️❤️❤️! Avril’s post reignites rumours that she J Blessing are a couple

Avril and J Blessing have always denied that they are a couple.

Rumour has it that the two started seeing each other shortly after J Blessing and Chantelle parted ways.

Avril with J Blessing
Avril with J Blessing

However, according to Chantelle, they both did not cheat on each other to break off their relationship; but apparently they both decided to end their relationship due to personal reasons.

Chantelle with J Blessing
Chantelle with J Blessing in the past

They however finally walked out on each other after losing their son baby Kyle due to a medical condition they both chose not to reveal.

Yesterday, the fire to the rumours that Avril and Blessing were a couple was sparked again when the singer posted numerous photos and sweet nothings about producer J.

Avril with J Blessing
Avril with J Blessing

What was interesting is that in all the photos Avril posted she and him were the both featured prominently, something that is rather remarkable considering that she was wishing him a happy birthday.

Avril with J Blessing
Avril with J Blessing

The caption that tied all the photos together read, “Happy Birthday ❤️. I thank God for you ❤️❤️❤️”.

J responses itself was very revealing and did nothing to quell the suspicions that they were together, “Asante sana mama M.”

‘Was I supposed to grow young?’ Avril responds to trolls

The way he said “Mama M” was sort of the way many husbands address their wives when they have children together.

It is a very intimate term for an African woman usually used by a man she considers closer than most.

Avril with J Blessing
The singer with J Blessing

Avril has never revealed her son’s name since she gave birth in 2018 nor has she revealed the father’s identity.

Could this be the hint and the introduction for her fans to the identity of her baby daddy?

Only time will tell and we here at Classic105 will try to get more details to find out.

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J Blessing reveals details about painfully losing his son, Kyle

Jibril Blessing is one of the most talented people you will ever meet in this blessed country of Kenya. The entertainer is a TV producer, music video director and cinematographer.

While his professional accomplishments have brought him fame and rightly so, the man also has pedigree when it comes to being gossip fodder for us bloggers.

J Blessing
J Blessing

J Blessing recently spoke to one of my colleagues and opened up about losing a child. He and his ex-lover Chantelle lost a baby four years ago. Kyle was the boy’s name and he was six months old when he passed. He said of the loss;

When he was sick, he was given an immunization injection and a few weeks later he passed on. During that time I was going through a lot in life and I remember when doctors talked to us about his health status, I was like I’m sure God is going to heal him.

J Blessing with Chantelle in the past
J Blessing with Chantelle in the past

He added;

I went home that night and prayed. around 8 am I told God please heal my son, you’ve always been in my life but behind the scenes, whereby things happen but I can really confirm if it’s you. because people talk of God doing miracles in their lives and this was the time I wanted to see him doing something visible.

Sadly, despite his prayers, his son still passed on. Blessing recalls that the hospital called him 5 minutes after he made the prayer telling him that his kid had passed on.

Blessing holding his departed son
Blessing holding his departed son in a file photo


Blessing said that the weeks before Kyle passed that they had resorted to praying to God through mediators as they felt like God wasn’t hearing their prayers.

Exclusive: J blessing being my baby daddy is just rumors – Avril

He said that Kyle’s death was a lesson for him as a person, with some even telling him that God wanted to teach him a lesson. It also affected him so much because he said that he loved kids. The entertainer was brought up alone and he went through a lot.

J Blessing
J Blessing

Blessing, however, had a powerful message after learning to come to terms with the death. He summarised;

Kyle was a message of reconciliation so if someone tells me I lost my son, I don’t feel like I lost him because right now I’m full of reconciliation.

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From Grass to Grace! Never before seen video of J blessing before riches

J Blessing is currently making headlines after he brought out his throw back video of when he was an artiste. The now celebrity music producer released the song Rise, something he says is a prayer answered.

“Few years ago this was my prayer and God has done more than I prayed for. Believe and have faith in God, not man. #risejblessing” Blessing wrote on social media

J Blessing
J Blessing TBT

In the video, Blessing is in the character of a hustler who working in the ghetto with his Mkokoteni. He also goes ahead to translate what he says in French.

Watch the video:

J Blessing’s Ex Wife Spotted Chewing On ‘Mashakura’ At A Local Kibanda (Video)

Check out what fans had to say:


  • kennedykrezi: I  still know all the lyrics to this song lolYou just made me believe in the glow up and that everyone has their timings
  • bushydaprincea wise person the other day told me . one day youll have a story to tell. but tell your story when you are a millionaire.
  • betty_kwamboka02: God’s timing is the best yes God above everything 🙏🏼
  • djgazaking: Hii ngoma uliperfrom pumu sana nikikuwa hadi na cd yake noma sana
  • nixx_o.n  remember watching ths pale gospel hour😂😂😂😂
  • francis_voxin I’m very sure despise and rejection from people hit u really hard during those days. True or false.
  • seinletema Yes HE HAS. All glory to HIM.
  • kriserroh Kesho post my favorite. You rock man…been a journey.
  • b4mpictures Kweli umetoka far
  • brazah_254 Heeee watu utoka mbali
  • innocentgke Haiya! Didn’t know you used to sing @jibrilblessing
  • jbeejura Wow this is incredibly inspiring
  • kezikezaya Awwwwww I feel like crying…. May God continue blessing u….
  • simormusic Now it’s Evident you come from far….. Bless bro @jibrilblessing
  • shirogititu Wow!!see God…. He never disappoints… He says align yourself with me… I’m the vine…ask whatever you shall need and I’ll give…. He’s faithful… Kwa kweli umerise ☺ 👏… And it’s all 4 God… @jibrilblessing
  • chris_zanoti Hii song inafaa kupigwa remix… Itainspire wengi zaidi.
  • redemptionmusiq I respect you baba umetoka mbali
  • directorritchie Nilipo kuona kabinti nilitenda dhambi zaidi
  • signature_kenya bro si hii song ulitusumbua nayo.. Hapa ndio @steaisha aliacha kudance @jibrilblessing but @m4jmusiq254 aliniambia hii song uliibia @bahatikenya…. Sijataja MTU hapa
  • jibrilblessing @signature_kenya 😐 nikiimba @bahatikenya was not even thinking of music. @m4jmusiq254 kuja ujibu mashtaka
  • steaisha @signature_kenya hapa was starting dance🙏😂
  • kevnericsofly @jibrilblessing hii ngoma #Rise naikumbuka sana back in the days n it truly inspired me. Your life now is inspirational
  • patience humbledJibril Blessings umetoka mbali sana aki🙏
J Blessing
J Blessing TBT


Avril’s sweet message to J blessing on his birthday

J Blessing and Avril have been rumored to be lovers for the longest time despite them denying. We know she is now heavily pregnant especially from her recent photoshoot she had of her baby bump and yes the first thought was it is J Blessing’s baby.

He celebrated his birthday during the weekend and the fact that he is a big deal in the music world, he got a lot of wishes. One particular wish caught our eye when Avril posted a picture of him with the caption:

Happy birthday, J … ❤️ …

Of course, the wish is very casual but the love heart emoji, everything changes. To make their situation even more suspicious, Avril edited her post hours after and removed the love heart emoji and left the post. If nothing was going on then she should have just let the caption be as intended.

Avril has been known to say she does not like associating herself with controversy but funny enough, she finds her self deep in it. She has denied being pregnant but it looks like she was tired if hiding it and finally decided to accept and show off her baby bump. One thing about pregnancy, you cannot hide it, it is a growing human that we will see with every step of the trimesters. We must say her photoshoot is beautiful though!

J Blessing took up the sweet post and reposted it on his page, let’s call it a sign of acknowledgment of their hidden love.

Photocopy: Meet J Blessing’s Son With Radio Presenter And Ex-Girlfriend Mwende

J Blessing and Radio Maisha presenter Mwende Macharia were once sweethearts. The two are blessed with an amazingly cute son whom Mwende has decided to introduce to the world.

J Blessing broke up with the radio personality after he left her for singer Chantelle, who is now his ex.

Last week, Mwende held an interview with the video director and even offered to hook him up now that he is single and was dumped by Toklezea one hit wonder.

The two have since then moved on.

j blessings and mwende(1)

Recently, Mwende shared a photo of herself and the father of her son and fans wanted them to ‘Rekindle their Love’

Meet their son;


mwende macharia(1)

Here are fans’ reactions;

edwincasnow: Same looks mwende,,,no difference,,,sem smile

mzeesifunji: Kamefika katika hali ya kukataftia bro or siz

victorroma8457: Mwende huyo mtoi anafanana na Wewe aje?kapatie high5✋✋

dicksondefox597: The boy looks almost like the mother