Could He Be Back? Fans Are Demanding To Know Who Is Managing The Late Don Ivan Instagram Account

Ivan ‘Don’ Semwanga, the late ex husband to Zari Hassan, passed away May this year and his send off was very interesting with him being buried with millions of cash. He was a father to three boys.


His death came as a shock to many as his wife described how much she loved him while paying him tribute.

There is no doubt that his sons are well taken care of by their mother and they do not lack anything in life. Being that Ivan is dead, it’s expected by many that his social media accounts would be closed since there is no one managing them. But that seems not to be the case with Ivan’s instagram account. A picture of two of his sons was posted hours ago raising the question who is managing the late’s account or if he is back to life after people witnessed his send off ceremony.


This post has left mixed reactions on the post.

Here are mixed reactions from fans with the picture posted:

Raphy Junior


Newvickjimson: Kumbe ukifa unaendelea kupost Asanteeee

Babyhsn: 😳😳 marehem alienda na sm.?

Oswinking: Technologia imekuwa sana had peponi kuna insta

Jackilenandrew: Hvi mnazani simu ndo roho? simu inarisiwa mtu anaendelea kutumia kama kawaida

Tracyfins: Welcome back

Theshade chamber: Plz close ur fathers Account or change the name plz!U r making us Nostalgic and Sad!!😢

Anne: Naanza kupata mashaka au zilikuwa kiki za bima kweli?????

Mmakonde: Si umekufa baba au siku ile walikuzika na simu yako jamani

Swaisaif:  😆😆😆 nikajua mambo yasiyojulikana ya kuzikana na sm na vifurushi vya kudumu🙈🙈 halafu kwani aliwapa na password.?😉😉 nna maswali yasiyojulikana khaa😩😩

Grace: Ni wewe au kuna watu wasiojulikana ndo wamepost?… zile ela walizokuzikanazo ndo umetumia kununua cm ukalog in tena …teh

Lettynshange: Is there any need to manage that account? That person who manage it why not have his own account? Or if he has permission to manage why not change the name. It’s lack of respect to a dead person. Kiki za kijinga.

Solanjie: No way stop doing this,he died he died leave his accounts he’s gone for good,if you want that open another account just to cherish him but not in his account….

Ebraheem:  acha kufanya watu wajinga weweee.Managing Ivan’s account is that much easy?nani anae manage aseme cridential amezipata wapi?na aonyeshe location ya hiyo post alikua wapi.Msidanganye watu technology sio rahisi kiasi hicho wewee.Mjomba tunajua yupo na anaishi kama kawaa.Thats it

Softena: Iko siku ivan atajisahau ataingia instalive ndo mtashangaa saivi teknolojia ni mpaka peponi mnadhani pepo ya mwaka 47 ndo ya saivi?😄

Wolperbrown:  wewe itakua hujamjua zari halisi basi 😂😂that woman is capable of anything just to have her way. Kaona wabongo washamzoea wanampotezea kaamua aje acheze na akili zenu huku

Bekah: Technology imekua sana, ila ungepiga selfie tukuone huko pakoje mzee, alafu itakua unàtumia tecno mana zile ni imara sana

Jacqueline: 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅 mbavu zangu kiruuu mkwe wangu huyu hatakuwa kaazima simu ya saa godi aje kutusalimia watu tunao julikana 😝😝😝 naona leo ni free day uko mbinguni @aishery_selungwi mbombo ngafu uwiiiii nafwaaaaa 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


Strong Lady: After Losing Her Dear Mother, Zari Hassan Is Back On The Grind (PHOTOS)

Diamond Platnumz’ baby mama Zarinah Hassan has been going through very tough times in the past couple of months, but she’s not letting the challenges and the pain put her down.

Zari’s mother, Halima Hassan, recently passed away after a heart attack and diabetes complication, at Nakasero Hospital in Kampala Uganda, where she was admitted before her sudden and painful death.

RIP! Zari Hassan’s Mother Is Dead


Other than that, the family also revealed that Ivan’s death was a very big blow to Zari’s mother, whose health was never the same again after his death.

Ivan Semwanga was the ex-husband and baby daddy to Zari, who also passed away back in May 2017, which came as a big shock for his Rich Gang crew, family and children.

The two were blessed with three cute sons, Raphael, Quincy, and Pinto and Ivan was living with them in South Africa until his untimely death.


Zari Hassan’s mother Halima, 58, was laid to rest on July 23rd Munyonyo, Uganda where Zari, her siblings, Diamond Platnumz, and his mother turned up to console the family.

So Heartbreaking! Zari Has This To Say To Her Fans And Supporters After Laying Her Dear Mother To Rest

But now, Zari is back to South-Africa to be with her children and get back to work, and she looks like she is getting strong by the day. She shared photos while in her office, and in one, she captions;

Wake up, say a prayer & give thanks, enjoy a cup of tea and get down to business. For what God decided can never be changed neither questioned. Pray for wisdom, strength & direction for each new path God puts you on.
#StayGrateful because others, fight battles worse than yours.


Despite everything, Zari has proved to be a very high-spirited and strong lady, mother and wife. Check out her latest photos below, she still looks ravishing and keeping it going.








Cute! Check Out Zari’s Message To Her Munchkins Tiffah And Nillan

Zari Hassan ‘boss lady’ has been going through a difficult time especially after the loss of her ex husband Ivan Semwanga who died while undergoing treatment in Pretoria, South Africa.


Zari sired three children with her late husband and in an interview, she said she’s going to double as a  mother and father to her sons and ensure they never luck.

MUST WATCH: Zari Hassan SPEAKS OUT For The First Time After Ivan’s Death Revealing Juicy Details

She had to fly all the way to Uganda for to bury the man who was once her husband, leaving the young ones behind.

Zari is currently in a relationship with Tanzania’s sensation Diamond Platnumz and together they are blessed with a daughter, Tiffah Dangote and a son Nillan Dangote. It’s still not clear when she will be going back home.


Mother-In-Law Drama!!! 5 INCREDIBLE Reasons Why Diamond Platnumz’s Mother HATES Zari Hassan

However, she took to social media to jot down cute messages to her little ones, considering she hasn’t been home to spend time with them.

She said, “My princess, my heart beats for you. I miss your drama. My shkiki, my one and only💖💕 @princess_tiffah can’t wait to see that cute.

She also had sweet words to shower her youngest one saying, The skwiiiishiest skwiiiishy of all skwiiiishies. You are my skwiiishy, Your missed deeply @princenillan.”

Taking Shots At Zari? Diamond Platnumz Professes Love To The Only “REAL WOMAN” In His Life (PHOTOS)

It’s been an emotional roller coaster at the Chibu family for the last two weeks.

This was after his wife, Zarinah Hassan’s ex-husband and baby daddy Ivan Ssemwanga died after being hospitalized at Steve Biko Hospital in South Africa, after suffering a heart attack.

Ivan was admitted for almost 2 weeks until he was pronounced dead, with Zari sharing the sad news on social media, which came as a shock for to the family, friends and his fans.

TOO TOUCHING! Zari Jots Down Her Final Send Off TRIBUTE To Ivan After His Burial. This One Will Move You To Tears

Zari and Ivan were blessed with three sons, Pinto, Raphael, and Quincy, during their union. Until the time of his death the Rich Gang president had full custody of the three boys.

zari 1

Ivan was buried in his home country in Uganda, where Zari traveled with the sons. She was attacked by his family, who called her an opportunist who’s after the wealth he left behind.

In the midst of all this drama, Diamond Platnumz tried to put a brave face and even managed to give an electric performance during his Nairobi show, where he talked about Zari and Ivan’s death.

Chibu Dangote also revealed that he would attend Ivan’s funeral, but this did not happen, raising eyebrows as to whether there was tension between him and Zari.

Drama! After Promising To ATTEND Ivan’s Funeral, Zari’s Boyfriend Diamond Platnumz Was Nowhere To Be Seen, But Had This To Say


The two have not been posting about each other on social media, and a little bird revealed to us that Diamond Platnumz was drinking himself silly after his performance, more like stress drinking. It’s hard to see your woman cry for her ex-husband for days, and still act like it’s normal, right?

During a recent interview, Zari revealed that she requested Diamond Platnumz not to come to Uganda owing to the family drama, convincing fans that the two are good.

But now, the Nana singer has gone to appreciate the first woman in his life, his mother Kendrah Michael, calling her “the real” woman as if he’s indirectly taking shots at his baby mama Zari.


Wacha! Diamond Platnumz Confesses That He Was a ‘FISI’ Before He Met Hot Wife Zari, As He Reveals What He Loves About Her

He shared two different pics as they celebrated Ramadan, and in one photo, he simply wrote; “Love you Mom…” and in another sweet photo, he put up this cryptic caption;

Me and the Real woman of my Life…

Could this have been meant for Zari, since she hasn’t gone back home to be with her daughter Princess Tiffah and son Prince Nillan? Maybe, maybe not. Time will tell.


Zari Defends Vera Sidika From Haters Who Called Her A Bad Friend

Vera Sidika was bashed by the public a few days ago because she didn’t attend Zari Hassan’s ex husband’s burial yet she claims Zari is her friend.



She did not take it lightely and went ahead to make it clear that she had tried as hard as she could to reach out to her but for some reason Zari’s line wasn’t going through.

Social media never spares these so called celebrities and if they do something at any given time, be sure to hear about it for days if not weeks.

zari 1

Ivan Semwanga was laid to rest a few days ago. It was a sad moment for everyone who was close to Ivan. Reports state that he had suffered a stroke.

Has Vera Sidika Abandoned Her Close Buddy Zari As She Mourns Her Late Baby Daddy Ivan Don?

Zari values her friendship with Vera and she has come out to defend Vera stating that she indeed did reach out as she found several text messages asking how they are fairing.

In an interview with Millard Ayo TV, Zari said Vera had not only once but a number of times contacted her to check on her throughout the entire period.


She said, “Nimeona Vera Sidika was attacked ‘you didn’t even support Zari’ but she has been reaching out to me. Nimekuta a lot of her WhatsApp ‘Hi Zari how you, yani what’s going on I can’t get you. Sio lazima aende social media.”

For all those who were throwing stones, you now have proof that Vera did check up on Zari.

‘I Loved Ivan So Much!’ Read Zari’s Tribute To The Late Ivan Semwanga

The requiem mass of Ugandan tycoon Ivan Semwanga has just ended.

The mass was held at Namirembe Cathedral in Kampala and the body leaves for Nakaliro village in Kayunga district where he will be laid to rest tomorrow.

Many attended Ivan’s mass and praised him for being a good man who transformed the world and for his charity works that saw the needy benefit from it.


Zari, the widow, was given a chance to say a word about Ivan Semwanga and here is what she had to say;


” I have cried since he was hospitalized. Iam now strong. My mother raised me single-handedly and taught me to be strong. I will do the right thing for him and the boys.”


Unearthing Facts You Didn’t Know About Ivan Semwanga As Body Arrives In Uganda (PHOTOS)

The body of Ivan Semwanga finally arrived in Uganda on Sunday afternoon ahead of the burial on Tuesday. Ivan died last week while undergoing treatment at Steve Biko hospital in South Africa. 

On Friday 12th May, while in his master bedroom, Ivan suffered a stroke and was rescued by his maid who heard him shout asking for help and he was rushed to the hospital where he was operated on and remained in a comma for 12 days before he passed away.

Hundreds lined up along Kampala streets to welcome the body of Ivan back home and here are some of the photos.

Well, apart from that, here are the six facts or rather things people didn’t know about Ivan ‘Don’ Semwanga. Go through;

1. Legally married to Zari Hassan

He got married to the sexy Zari in a traditional Baganda wedding (Kwanjula ceremony) on December 24 2011. Their wedding was the talk of the town for days. Their union was the envy of the town and they were blessed with three sons namely; Pinto, Raphael and Quincy.

The pair separated in 2014 and Zari moved on with life and she got married to Tanzania’s sensational singer Diamond Platnumz who they have two children together. Ivan did not re-marry though reports indicate that he was set to marry another woman who is said to be heavily pregnant with his child but suddenly he passed away.


2. Best dad
Just like other loving and caring celebrity fathers, Ivan was a great father to his three sons. From taking them to exotic holidays, buying them some of the most expensive designer shoes and clothing to pampering them with gifts all the time and even giving them the best education. Ivan was indeed a great father.

Despite his tight schedule, Ivan always created time to be with his cubs and his death is a major blow to the younglings. Will they ever accept that he is no more?


3. Businessman
Ivan Semwanga was a smart-minded man. He left Uganda back in 1999 and settled in South Africa, where he went to campus and later started business after hustling for so long.

He owned the famous Brooklyn chain of colleges spread across South Africa. He was also a real estate manager and he owned several properties both at home (back in Uganda) and abroad.


4. Wealth

Ivan was living proof that indeed hard work pays. He owned expensive mansions in South Africa and Uganda. Apart from the palatial homes, Ivan owned a fleet of super expensive machines among them Lamborghini, Range rovers, Hummers and Audi. Ivan rocked some of the most expensive watches, designer shoes and clothes.


5. Lifestyle

Work hard party harder… that was Ivan Don’s slogan. From showering party revelers with money, bathing in bottles of champagne worth millions to flaunting stacks of cash on social media, the son of Matoke land left many wagging tongues.

Blankets and Wines Uganda and any other party in the country was not complete without Ivan’s presence. He hosted all the white parties at club Guvnor every December whenever he traveled to Uganda. He painted Kampala city white every December.

ivan-7 (1)

7. Cheerful giver
Ivan Don Semwanga was known for his charity works. He cared for the poor. Ivan used to give back to the society and did not discriminate. He always created time to dish out money to needy women and children both in Uganda and South Africa. The world has indeed lost a great person, a hero.


First Love Never Dies: Diamond’s Wife Zari Appreciates Her Ex-Husband In a Touching Post

Diamond Platnumz’s baby mama, Zarinah Hassan is a beauty to behold and even after giving birth to her fourth child, she still looks super hot and stunning.

Zari’s baby girl with the Bongo star, Princess Tiffah is her first daughter but their first child together. She has three sons: Pinto, Diddy and Quincy from her previous marriage with South African based Uganda tycoon, Ivan Semwanga.

Ivan Semwanga and Zari Hassan

There have been rumours going around that Zari is pregnant with her second child from Diamond, who has demanded she aborts because he is not ready for another kid since Tiffah is not even 1-year-old, but none of them has yet to comment on this allegations. Read HERE in case you missed on this story.

But despite all this, Zari took time to appreciate Diamond during Father’s Day celebrations and in the same post, she tagged her ex-husband and father to her sons, Ivan; “and to the rest of the dads playing a great role in their kids’ lives.”

Zari and her 4 children, with Diamond

This came as a surprise since she snubbed Ivan during last year’s Father’s Day and only acknowledged Diamond on social media. Could this be because of the rumoured strife between her and Diamond Platnumz?

Zari, who lives with her children in South Africa still co-parents with her ex-hubby and still manage businesses they have together in the same country. This was the post that Zari send out. Note where she has tagged Ivan (@ivandon):