MEN TAKE NOTE! This Has To Be The Most Romantic Kenyan Man, Listen To How He Thinks Women Should Be Treated (AUDIO)

There has been a discussion going on about trust in marriages and how women have issues with their husbands to the point where they trust their pastors more than their spouses.

According to a new online poll, women trust their pastors more, followed by their children, and then their male supervisors at work and at number four, their husbands, results that shocked Kenyan men.

Maina Kageni decided that it would be nice to go to the root of the problem and find out what the main issue is and how often men take the time to have deep, intimate talks with their wives.

Basically, the popular radio presenter had this one question to the men; “When is the last time you had a deep, decent and honest conversation with your better half? And I’m not talking about a conversation about rent, school fees, money, gas, and electricity.”

As it turns out, a lot of men were offended by the online poll which revealed that they were number four when it comes to the trust scale from their wives, with some even telling Maina Kageni that’s why they even cheat on them.

Most men called in ranting about how their women are not loyal, and how they have guts to go talk to other men, with others saying their role in the family is to look for money and pay for bills and not engage in lovely dovey and personal talks.

But in the midst of all the negative comments, there was this particular man who was saddened by how Kenyan men blame their women for everything, even when they know at times it’s their fault and they don’t even put any effort to make things work, like talking to them.

He described how a real man is the one who treats his woman right, spends time with her, gets romantic, compliments her and that way, she will trust him and open up more.

Listen to the sweet, loving man below, this is one romantic Kenyan man who knows how to treat a lady.