Here are six things that attract women to a man

Different women have different tastes when it comes to men, while some sleep with a man for his money others are attracted by something else.

Here are things that attract a woman to a man


There is nothing as sexy as a man who is oozing confidence, a man who knows what they he is capable of and is not scared to go for it.

2. Stamina

Yes you read that right, who would want to go out with a man who cannot keep his erection for more than a minute? So stamina is a plus.

If you have no stamina as a man, kula mrenda, chapa tizi and lets meet behind the tent.


Experience is important maybe it be while looking for a job or not it is paramount. For most women a man who know where to touch and when is a complete turn on.

It would be really uncomfortable and tiring for a woman to keep pointing where her G spot is to a 30 something year old.

As a man just do your homework and then come implement it .

Dressing like a fire fighter to bed kills the mood – shouts Captain Kale

4. Explore

Milan Kundera once said that

“Making love with a woman and sleeping with her are two separate passions not merely different but opposite.”

Every woman loves a man who loves to explore, a man who is ready to find out what parts of my body will make her orgasm.

It would be really annoying for a woman to start counting all the weekends on a calendar just because she is having boring [email protected]

5.Financial stability

Truth be told, no woman wants a broke man for a husband/wife. We all know pesa hutafutwa but how about you make some mullah and then look for a wife.

[email protected] alone is not enough to sustain a relationship, as most women would say

‘Heri nilie kwenye range Rover kuliko ncheke kwenye boda boda’

6. A clean man

People say mwanaume ni jasho but as a lady I will tell you thats a lie.

Women love a man who has his business together, a good cologne, well fitting clothes, shaven beard and well maintained nails.

We wouldn’t want to lose our precious honey pots to filthy nails, eew.

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From tusome katiba to Mombasa raha, here are words used to ask for [email protected]


Intimacy is one of the basic needs for every couple that needs to be fulfilled to keep a relationship going.

Here are words that the youth are using to engage in such.

Asked on how they would ask for [email protected] without sounding needy or asking directly.

Most of them said, currently the best way to say it is by doing so indirectly.

“The best play is to just make a move, not say, ‘Can we have sex?’ Ask if ‘inaweza’.

Sheng is the in thing.

I decided to get the Sheng’ words the youths are using.

Check out the list. Some will use an indirect means to ask.

  • Uko home nikam?’
  • ‘Nataka therapy.’
  • ‘Zinadai mbaya.’
  • ‘Twende Pekejeng.’
  • ‘Kunyanduana.’
  • ‘Kulambana lolo.’

From lamba lolo to rombosa here is what these sheng words mean

Another friend came and joined the conversation and said for him, if the person they are asking for [email protected] from is their spouse, they will go direct.

Kama ni Mpango, ama Team Tangatanga, lazima ukue mjanjez, I mean you have to request like this,

  • ‘Kam tupike supper.’

Other Sheng words for [email protected] include,

  • ‘Mkunaji,
  • kusoma katiba,
  • piga miti,
  • Mombasa raha.’

Just so you know, the best [email protected] is the enthusiastic fun kind that happens naturally.

Now you know how you get your lady to want to sleep with you without ruining the fun that sex demands.

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‘I can’t stand my husband’s touch in bed’ he turns me off’ Women confess why they fell out of love with their men (Audio)

The reason behind lack of intimacy in marriage seems to be the question on most people’s minds, especially after men claimed that women lose interest after getting babies.

During the morning show on Classic 105, a woman confessed how she no longer finds her husband attractive, saying

“I feel like I have gone off my husband completely, I don’t love him anymore and I do not know why despite the fact that we sleep in the same bed.

I keep asking myself what I saw in him,we are a young couple because I am just 28.We have two kids the youngest is three years and I cant even fathom him touching me.”

Young couple in bed, looking away from each other

‘we share a soul. Something deeper than love, a friendship that words can only spell but not explain’Maribe on her relationship with Dennis Itumbi

Fans were given a chance to contribute to the topic and below are some of their responses.

“Sometimes this women are complicated, unajaribu kupenda na hapendek. It has happened to me I had to divorce. I got married in 2012 we had our first born in 2013.

After  2 years she completely changed to a point that she could even go out when I try talking to her. When I come in to the house she goes out when I go out she comes back.

Even when I tried initiating intimacy she would turn the other way. The problem was that she would not even tell me what the problem is, and hatukukosana.

After two years I told her that I needed another baby but to my surprise she answered back retorting that hata huyo mmoja nimeshindwa kulea.

I could not understand her given the fact that I was working and we never lacked anything. I ended up divorcing her. My marriage was so young.”

‘There is no way I could have aborted his child. I just made sure I could get not get pregnant from him’Vera Sidika spills the beans on why mbegu ya Otile haikumea


black-couple-in-bed (3)

Another adds

“Love diminishes mainly because men stop trying to be romantic, you find her there and before she has even had a chance to get aroused you jump on her like a bicycle.

No romance and before she even realizes what is happening you are done, you do the same for a few more days and she reaches a point and starts getting ‘bored’

Nowadays more men are taking alcohol thus the poor performance between the sheets,the solution is to satisfy your woman that way she will be calling you each and everyday.”

Just when you think things can’t get any worse, another fan  disclosed

“Most women don’t get support from their men during pregnancy, the men prefer going and getting a mpango wa kando, most women do not forgive this thus they find comfort in their kids.”

Listen for more interesting confessions on the audio below


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Kenyans, Including 13 Year Olds, Are Extremely Sexually Active According To a New Reasearch

Remember Project X?

The controversial event was outed when a concerned parent found the poster in her child’s phone and proceeded to share it online, asking what it was about.

It created a lot of outcry and condemnation from the public. But the truth was, that was just one of the many events that had taken place where kids met, had a good time, messed around and went back home.

The parents were none the wiser. The teenagers still have these kinds of private house parties but the info is shared with a small and intimate circle.

Meet the ‘120-year-old virgin’ who credits lack of sex for his long life

They communicate via apps like Telegram where the administrator of the channel can detect if someone has taken a screenshot of the conversations, thus keeping it secure.


With the help of technology – and other factors, the age that teenagers are engaging in sexual activity is getting younger, fuelled by each phone upgrade or the emergence of new, exciting apps.

The innocence once attributed to a 13-year-old is long gone with the proverbial romp in the hay.

According to the consumer insight WAKENYA report, Kenyans are extremely sexually active. Many may idealise sex as an act of adult maturity, but 7 out of 10 Kenyan women confess to having sex under the age of 16, with 1 out of every 2 Kenyan men also admitting to the same.

The research highlights that 28% of females interviewed had their first sexual encounter before they were 13 years old. This is higher than the men who lost their virginity at that age, who came in at 18%.


At the age of 13-15 years old, only 36% of the males got intimate for the first time while 39% of the females interviewed had their first encounter at that age.

The research doesn’t, however, state whether the sexual encounter was with peers or partners older than them.

That begs the question… Isn’t it about time we all put down the pitchforks and take a seat? It is clearly time to let the sex educators into schools to give advise to our youth before it’s too late.

It’s a fact, whether we like it or not, teenagers are indulging themselves while still very young, regardless of what the law says.


Three Tips To Increase Intimacy

Intimacy is more than just sex and foreplay; it involves other things that we do on a day to day basis. Some of these things we may take for granted but we could use them to build our relationships.

Which things could this be? And what other ways could we build intimacy with our partners?

Here are three simple things that you could do daily to increase intimacy in your relationship.

  1. Communication – Ask your partner the right questions like what they need, what they are feeling, what they are comfortable with, what they like etc. It’s not enough to only talk about work, finances, bills etc but find out what new things they have discovered. Be honest with each other about any issues you may be having and don’t shy away from talking about what you want in the sack, both before and after.
  2. Selflessness – It’s not always about you, so think about what your partner wants and try as much as you can to fulfill their needs. It’s not something that will be immediate so be patient about it. It will help build both physical and emotional connection and you will both get better “returns” in the bedroom.
  3. More respect and patience – Quick fixes are useful and appropriate in solving minor issues but not intimacy. Treat your partner with respect and when making love, do it with feelings and connection don’t just rush through it. Making love is something that you have to work through slowly. It’s an art so let it build slowly organically.