Woman narrates how man used and abused her body during s#xual ordeal

Instagram has changed the way people interact but one woman learnt her lesson the hard way after she was almost forced to engage in a 3-some she did not desire.

The woman whom we will call *Racheal says that the need for money pushed her to meet a man despite not knowing him well, a decision she deeply regrets.

“My priest tried to penetrate me from behind,” cries city woman

I met this guy on Instagram and  I was desperate for money so we agreed to have s#x  after which he would pay me Ksh 5000.

On the D day he came to my house and we started  getting intimate, 50 minutes later he had not cum so I told him to stop but he refused.

So I pushed him out.

black couple flirt

He refused to pay because he said he had not cum and he must cum before he pays me,I was tired because I had not eaten.

Since I was counting on his money, I told him to let me rest, after resting I asked him to continue but he said he can’t continue since getting an erection was impossible.”

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She continues to narrate:

He then told me that he would call his friend to come and finish up from where he left, true to his word he called his friend and gave him my address.

 When his friend came I refused because that was not the agreement I refused both of them to touch me again .


They decided to leave my house without paying but I held his trousers and he slapped me, the next thing was that he used razor blade to design my body.

He cut my tummy and most of my skin  before my neighbors came to my recuse .

We had to call my landlord and they forced him to give me the Ksh 5000 and he still threatened me that he will come back to collect the money .

In conclusion, Racheal goes on to say that she was left humiliated yet she was just trying to survive

I am in pains and I don’t even have money to take care of myself plus everything he damaged  my house .

He abused my body and humiliated me. I need justice someone help me I am just a poor orphan trying to survive . I am not a prostitute .


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Julia Roberts FINALLY joins Instagram

It appears as though Julia Roberts has had a change of heart and joined Instagram after she had called social media ‘sticky like cotton candy’ in the past.

Julia made her debut on IG by posting a sunny picture of herself wearing a sweater written ‘Love’ on it and she captioned: ‘Hello’ followed by a sunshine emoji.

julia roberts

She wore minimal make-up and her signature smile and her bio simply read: ‘human’

An article published in the Daily Mail says although Roberts was amassing over 108,000 followers in less than 24 hours, she is yet to follow anyone back.

6 Kenyan male celebrities you didn’t know could definitely cook like this

Other celebs who have recently joined social media include Will Smith.

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‘You have been with me through thick and thin,’ Zari cries to her followers

Zari  is known as The Boss Lady. And like a bausss, she has hit the 4 million mark on Instagram.

She has come out thanking her loyal fans and followers for making her hit that new milestone on instagram taking her up the rank of celebs with the highest followers in Africa.

This comes at a time when company and brands are taking marketing a notch higher by utilizing social media platforms such as Instagram and twitter. Social media has played an important role in helping companies and individuals maintain high  standards when it comes to selling their brands.

Cupid Struck !5 Types of men that drive women crazy and melting like teens

Zari  took to her instagram  to thank her fans with this post

Wapendwa wangu Sina cha Kuwalipa Zaidi ya kusema ASANTENI sana kwa 4M followers.
Ninyi Ni Ma Ndugu kwangu, Mmekua Nami Bega Kwa Bega Kwenye Shida na Raha. Sasa Mnichiangieni $1 kila mtu tujenge clinic ya wanawake sehemu yoyote dar, Najua tukiipata Baba Magufuli atatupa kiwanja….😁😁 #JustSaying

Zari is among the celebs who have reached over a million followers and above. Others include Eric Omondi  1.2 million, Sauti Sol 1million, Diamond Platnumz 4.7 million, Ali Kiba 2.7 million and Jokate Mwegelo 3.1 million.

Mwacheni Mwanangu!! Hamisa Mobetto’s mum warns Diamond’s family

Zari took the chance to ask for donations from her followers to help her build a women clinic in Dar es salaam, Tanzania,to help her reach out to the marginalized women in that country.

As she celebrates this milestone her are some photos of the African Instagram Diva










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Are You An Instagram Boyfriend/Husband?

We all know those people who always have pictures of themselves looking all gorgeous and fine on Instagram, and they usually fill our feed with their pictures.

Most of the pictures are of themselves either eating, drinking, showing off shoes, a new outfit, dancing, waking up you name it …the pictures are not selfies which they would ordinarily take themselves.

Question is who takes these pictures? In most cases it is the boyfriends and husbands of these women who are behind the cameras, or it could be the ‘sponsor’.

These disgruntled men have now set up with a website instagramhusband.com where they share their experiences and sympathize with each other.

They posted a video about what they go through, watch it here:


Instagram Filters Used To Name Babies

In many societies children are named after their grandparents, relatives or according to their religious beliefs. However a new study has found that babies are now being named after instagram filters.

Reports via the BabyCentre, which compiles the information on popular baby names each year, has discovered a rise in parents naming their babies after the photo sharing site’s filters.
The name Lux -known to be used as a photo-editing tool was up to 75% on the list of boys’ names, and a little on the list of girls’ names. Filter name Ludwig was at 42% in popularity, Amaro by 26%, Reyes by 10%, Hudson by 4% and Kelvin by 3%.

For girls, filter name Juno Rose was at 30%, Valencia at 26% and Willow by 13%. But there are some Instagram filter names that have dropped in popularity, namely Sierra, Walden and Lark. And some, like Mayfair, Sutro, Rise and Brannan, didn’t even get a mention.

The research also found that Olivia and Muhammed are still the most popular baby names of 2015.

Would you name your child after an instagram filter?

You can now advertise on Instagram

Instagram opened its platform to most advertisers across the globe on Wednesday as the photo-sharing app seeks to make more money and compete with popular rivals such as Snapchat.

Ads, previously available only in eight countries, will debut in more than 20 others including Italy, Spain and India, Instagram said. More than 200 countries will have ads by Sept. 30.

With 300 million monthly active users, Instagram has a key advantage over rivals because parent Facebook Inc’s vast trove of consumer data allows it to target audiences more accurately, a major selling point for advertisers.

“It would have taken us years to build some of this technology without Facebook. We can take advantage of years of experience,” James Quarles, global head of business and brand development at Instagram, said in an interview last week.

But users who have grown comfortable with mostly ad-free Instagram feeds of photos from people they follow may rebel. For the past two years, Instagram has only allowed ads by certain brands, such as Victoria’s Secret and Old Navy.

Until Wednesday, Instagram ads had only been available in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Japan, Australia, Germany, France and Brazil.

A sponsored ad on Instagram over the weekend said more ads would be coming soon, but did not specify when. Many users expressed concern, said Debra Aho Williamson, social media analyst at eMarketer, noting that the changes need to be rolled out slowly.

Advertisers have been clamoring for the chance to get on the increasingly popular app to tap its user base of teenagers to young adults, and its ability to leverage data from Facebook, the world’s largest social network with 1.5 billion users.

Facebook, which bought Instagram in 2012 for $1 billion, dominates mobile advertising, with more than 75 percent of its $3.8 billion ad revenue coming from phones.

Instagram ad revenue is projected to reach $1.5 billion in 2016, according to eMarketer, a research firm, and nearly double by 2017 to $2.8 billion.

Russia Photographer “Follows” His Girlfriend Down The Aisle

If you are on Instagram you must have probably heard or come across Russia photographer  Murad Osmann and his girlfriend Natalia Zakharova who take photos of everywhere they go  around the world under the hashtag #followme.

If not, well the couple usually take photos of places they visit with the Natalia at the front and Murad “following her” to the destination.

Natalia is usually holding her boyfriend’s hand asking him to follow her through the journey. Well they finally got hitched in a fairy tale ceremony and yes he finally followed her down the isle.

Recce plane carried police airwing boss’ daughter in law as Garissa Massacre unfolded

Photos have emerged on Instagram of young girls on the police airplane that should have flown Recce officers to deal with the Garissa attack. The Instagram photos were on the account of Ndanu Munene Mbithi, said to be the daughter of Kenya Police Airwing Commandant Rogers Mbithi.

The photos show Ndanu posing with another girl on two occasions, one marked 10 weeks ago and one 62 weeks ago. Both photos are captioned, “Mombasa ni raha tu” ( Mombasa is just bliss). A third photo of a girl inside the plane is dated 27 weeks ago and captioned, “Hi Mombasa. #birthdayweekend.”

The Instagram account also linked to Twitter and Facebook accounts under the name of Ndanu Mbithi were deactivated Monday when the photos became public. Outraged Kenyans online questioned the abuse of the plane and why the accounts had been deactivated.

Over the weekend, it emerged that the Cessna plane which could have ferried the Recce unit to the Garissa Univeristy was unavailable as it had flown to Mombasa on a private trip without the authorisation of the Inspector General of Police.

IG Joseph Boinet has confirmed receiving a report confirming that the plane was not available as it had flown some private individuals to Mombasa. The Kenya Police Air Wing aircraft left Wilson Airport on April 2 at 7.30am on Thursday, two hours after al Shabaab attacked Garissa University, and arrived at the Mombasa airport at 9.30am.

The plane had reportedly been hired out by senior police officers to a Nairobi businessman and was also under instructions from Mbithi to pick up his daughter-in-law and her child. Police aircraft should not be deployed on private business, except in emergencies and with authorisation from the IG..

According to the plane’s authorisation sheet, it left Mombasa at 9.35am, arrived at Wilson at 11.35am, and then left for Garissa at 12.30pm with one team of Recce Unit officers. Another team of Recce officers left Wilson airport seven minutes earlier on a different aircraft to go to Garissa University College.

The plane landed at Garissa at 1.55pm and 10 minutes later returned to Nairobi. It arrived at 3.30pm before going back to Garissa 15 minutes later. The plane spent the night in Garissa, left at 10.40am on Good Friday and landed at Wilson Airport at noon. There has been outrage at the slow pace with which the Recce officers were deployed to Garissa.

The Recce team was on standby from 6am but only arrived at the university in the afternoon when they took around 15 minutes to end the siege. There have been questions on why Recce was not authorised to go in earlier to deal with the attack that left 147 people, mostly students, dead.

Source: The Star Newspaper

Why is Citizen TVs Fashion Watch Panel Under ‘Attack’?

Citizen Tvs fashion segment hosted by Lilian Muli is facing a lot of backlash for what the audience considers bad dress choice from the panelists. Some say that the Fashion Watch panelists should not be giving any tips if their dressing is anything to go by.

The panel comprised  of Annabel Onyango, Carol Odero, Robert Burale and Ian Mbugua may push the bar when it comes to dressing in a society where dress choice is synonymous with your fashion knowledge. Is the validity of the fashion tips the panelists give really defined by what they wear?

According to fashion writer Paul Omondi, creatives have a right to kill fashion. Fashion stylist, Annabel Onyango even responded to those attacking the panelists dress choice saying, Screenshot from 2015-04-14 09:30:58 Screenshot from 2015-04-14 09:31:27

We have compiled a list of 10 outfits that the panelists were wearing on the show. How true is Annabels statement, “Creative people cannot be constrained by mass market fashion ”dos and don’ts”?  Check out the photos





fashion watch5






-Photos courtesy (Annabel Onyango Instagram)

Lady Jaydee specifies the kind of coffin she would love at her invite only funeral

Tanzania music sensation Lady Jay Dee  has got her fans worried after posting casket photos on her Instagram page. The Yahaya hitmaker put up two coffin photos and stating which of the two she would prefer.

She even went ahead to specify that she would love if her funeral was an invite-only affair. Some of her fans are worried that she might be depressed or contemplating suicide. Lady Jay dee is rumoured to have left her long term husband last year over infelity claims.

Check out the conversation that followed.

Screenshot from 2015-03-26 13:13:02


Screenshot from 2015-03-26 13:14:22

Facebook set to reduce page “likes”

Just like Instagram did a while ago, Facebook is set to reduce the number of deactivated or accounts of people who have died by removing them from their database

This is set to reduce the number of likes a page has, hence affecting the follower count.

It’s unclear exactly how many accounts will be caught up in the removal, which will begin in the coming weeks.

In the clean-up, Facebook will remove pages that have been deactivated from the number of total likes every page has.

Only accounts that have been manually deactivated will be caught up in the deletion, rather than ones that have been deactivated as a result of not being used.

Instagram removed followers from many accounts in December, reducing follower counts by as much as 15%  a fact that embarrassed some celebrities into deleting their accounts entirely.

SA doctors dismiss ‘selfie’ plastic surgery trend

Women in the US are flocking to get plastic surgeons to make them look like their filtered Instagram selfies – but South African doctors are turning up their noses at the cutting-edge trend.

Local cosmetic surgeons say they prefer tried-and-tested methods of helping patients achieve the look they want.

In the US, an increasing number of women are taking selfies at flattering angles and using filters to iron out wrinkles, hide blemishes and disguise sagging jowls.

They then ask their plastic surgeons to make the polished image a reality. Sandton plastic surgeon Dr Chetan Patel dismissed the trend as a “fad”.

“This is exactly the thing that we warn and counsel patients about. Surgery is not an exact art where every whim and wish can be catered for with absolute precision,” he said.

Patel, who prefers to take his own before and after pictures to show patients what the surgery has achieved, said altered images rendered surgeons prone to legal problems.


Facebook, Instagram Service Restored Following Outages

Social media sites, including Facebook and Instagram, suffered an outage on Tuesday morning around the world, with both desktop and mobile sites affected.

The issue, which also hit chat app AIM and dating app Tinder, according to reports, lastedfor around an hour. Just after 6 a.m. GMT, attempts to access Facebook brought up an error message telling users that “something went wrong” and the company was working on fixing the problem. The problem was resolved at 7.10 a.m. GMT.

The outage drew people to discuss the situation on Twitter – with #Facebookdown quickly becoming a worldwide trending topic. Some people wrote about their hopes for a Facebook-free world.

There was speculation that the social media sites had been hit by a type of cyberattack called a distributed denial-of-service attack (DDoS), which is designed to slow down a website’s user experience.

The error message users were getting after trying to log in




Your Instagram “privacy” isn’t really private

Millions of ‘private’ photos posted on Instagram have been made available for public viewing due to a loophole on the social media site.

If an Instagram account was set to private but the user posted links to their photos on other social media platforms, those photos became public, meaning they could still be shared by copying their URL.

And the company has appeared to claim that the function was deliberate and not a flaw – though they have been quick to release a patch to resolve the issue.

‘If you choose to share a specific piece of content from your account publicly, that link remains public but the account itself is still private,’ an Instagram spokesman told Quartz.

Another spokesman told MailOnline: ‘In response to feedback, we made an update so that if people change their profile from public to private, web links that are not shared on other services are only viewable to their followers on Instagram.’

Quartz said the loophole was the sort of ‘complexity’ ordinary users had to navigate.

Instagram’s parent company, Facebook, is no stranger privacy issues. It has been fighting lawsuits in recent months over claims it fails to ensure personal data is safeguarded from marketers and third-party apps.


Snoop dogg named the highest celebrity instagram user

 Cordozar Broadus, Jr also known as  Snoop Dogg has been revealed as the most prolific celebrity user of photo sharing app Instagram.

Addiction website Addiction- Treatment.com, says the 43-year-old has posted more images than any other famous person currently using the app, including selfie queens Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton.

The site also revealed that Snoop, posted more references to drugs and alcohol than any other celebrity, with fellow rapper P. Diddy coming a close second.

The data compiled showed that Snoop had posted a total of 686 images which contained a reference to illegal substances or drink – making up just over seven per cent of his Instagram activity – while P. Diddy, had posted 347.

Indeed, it seems rappers in general have a particular fondness for the photo sharing; of the 40 celebrities included on the list of most active users, a whopping 27 were rappers, while just six actors or actresses, four models and three comedians were also included.

But when ranked according to number of illicit images shared on the site, rappers, including Nicki Minaj and Drake, made up the top 15 spots on the list.

Setting an example for his fellow rappers however, is Jay-Z, who has posted just one image which contained  alcohol.

Surprisingly, the Kardashian clan, who are renowned for their seemingly-constant Instagram updates, featured fairly far down on the list, with Khloe, Kim and their younger sister Kendall Jenner placing ninth, tenth and eleventh respectively.





Baloteli’s flirty texts to someone’s girlfriend posted on Instagram

One of the top sports stories in Iceland this week, as per Fotbolti (translation needed), is how Liverpool striker Balotelli, whose name is mb459 on the picture sharing website, flirted with some Icelandic girls on Instagram.

In a rather embarrassing fashion for the controversial strikerr, one of Balotelli’s attempts to woo the Scandinavian beauty was exposed by the girl’s own boyfriend @jonataningi, who posted a screenshot of the chat between the Liverpool man and his missus on Twitter.

@jonataningi tweeted: “The moment when Mario Balotelli tries to steal your girlfriend :(” to his image.

balo gf.JPG

Interestingly, @jonataningi’s girlfriend, who goes by the name margretiriss on Instagram, wasn’t the only female Balotelli chatted up on Instagram, with a second flirty conversation with another Icelandic woman also doing the round of social media.

balo gff.JPG

She is not the only girl that Balotelli has a chat with Instagram by a girl named Margaret Iris also chatted with him.

balo gfff.JPG

Ms Iris said:” It started so I tried to post and wanted to see if he would answer , ” said Ms Iris in conversation with Fótbolta.

“I was very much surprised that he answered . So the day after , he sent me out of the blue what number I’d like . ”

Balotelli seems to be very fond of the Scandinavianl girls . “All the girls there are so beautiful , ” said Balotelli  in a conversation with Margret.

Messi follows Chelsea on instagram

Lionel Messi made waves on Monday when he started following the English club on Instagram.

The move brought hilarious comments and opinions and some even predicted that the star might be moving to Chelsea.

This was especially after he was left out of the game with Real Sociedad.

Mourinho had dismissed the claims in November about having to signing Messi.

messi IG

messi IG2 messi IG 3

Images courtesy of The score


Instagram overtakes Twitter with 300 million users

Instagram has reportedly reached the milestone of 300 million users, putting it ahead of rival social network Twitter.

Twitter’s user base currently stands at 284 million, putting Instagram ahead by a considerable margin.

Facebook-owned Instagram recent introduced advertising in the form of sponsored posts, a move that Systrom insists was essential as the platform continues to expand.

“The reason why we’re doing this is as a growth engine for Instagram,” he said. “When you get to 300m users it’s not cheap to run that service and you need to make sure to be able to hire more people.”

Other recent changes to Instagram include the introduction of blue ticks to show an account has been verified, a policy that has helped it achieve growth and brought it in line with Facebook and Twitter.