Kenyans in awe after Mariga concedes Kibra race to Imran

Mcdonald Mariga and Imran Okoth had been engaged in a titanic battle for the Kibra MP seat that was left vacant after the death of Ken Okoth.

Blessed Njugush gives his thoughts about late Ken Okoth and Mariga (exclusive)

As you might have heard, Mcdonald lost to Imran and did something that is rarely seen in Kenyan politics (as rare as hen’s teeth) – he conceded defeat. Not only that, but he also called the person who had beaten him to congratulate him.

Raila Odinga raising Imran's hand
Raila Odinga raising Imran’s hand

In a late-night Twitter post, Mariga called Okoth and congratulated him for his win promising to work together after the elections.

‘Hello boss, it’s Mariga and I have called to congratulate you for the win. So far the race has been good and I am ready to work with you to help the people of Kibra. Now after this election, still we will be friends and we will work together,’ said Mariga.

Mariga in Kibra
Mcdonald in Kibra

In return, the ODM candidate said he was humbled by Mariga’s congratulatory call and promised to work with him and any other interested party.

Check out the video;

Kenyans were inevitably impressed with this mature move and proceeded to congratulate him. Check out some of their comments below;

Richard anguche Congrats man, u showed up some maturity karibu khandi papa

Fauzia Mohamed Thats Class…not all kenyans can walk on that lane💥

AnotherKenya But on a serious note, shouldn’t you have conceded from Karen… In the big Tent Ile ya campaigns😂 ama hoteli imefungwa? 😂

Hashim That is class from you bro !! congrats !

James Ochola Congrats Mariga…great maturity. A lesson in political competition. Your time will come.

joseph mwangi Maturity to the next level

What do you think off his concession speech?

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Why not your late lovers brother? Ann Thumbi supports Mariga

Ken Okoth’s death unearthed one of the biggest secrets a politician can ever leave behind. The bombshell was that the late Ken not only had an affair with a woman called Ann Thumbi but that they also had a son together.

Ken Okoth and Anita together with their son
Ken Okoth and Anita together with their son

The paternity of Thumbi’s son was confirmed last week after DNA tests taken proved that Ken had indeed sired Ann’s son. As if that wasn’t enough, Ann shocked many this week after she decided to support Mcdonald Mariga for the Kibra by-election, a seat that her late lover vacated with his death.

Ken Okoth
Ken Okoth

Ann Thumbi was spotted with Mariga when he presented his documents at the IEBC offices. The photos and video, which went viral, had tongues wagging with questions been asked as to why she wasn’t supporting Ken’s brother, Imran Okoth, who is also contesting the Kibra seat on an ODM ticket.

Mariga with Ann Thumbi
Mariga with Ann Thumbi

Observers online argued that since she had been in a relationship with Okoth who was in ODM, there would be no harm in supporting Imran.

In an interview with K24, Ann placed her relationship with the footballer in the proper context saying that considering her position as an MCA allied to Jubilee, it only made political sense for her to support a fellow party member.

I was nominated to the Nairobi County Assembly under the Jubilee Party. I, therefore, am obligated to stick with the party’s choice in the race for Kibra parliamentary seat. Jubilee’s choice, as of today, is Mariga, and I needed to show him my support.

Ann Thumbi with her Jubilee counterparts
Ann Thumbi with her Jubilee counterparts

She, however, declined to answer questions pertaining to her relationship with Ken’s brother and whether she would support his candidature, in the event Mariga is locked out.

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