Late IEBC ICT Manager Chris Msando’s widow’s moving letter about being jobless

The widow of murdered IEBC manager Chris Msando has appealed for help in taking care of her children.

Msando, who was acting ICT manager of the electoral agency, was found dead on July 29 amid preparations for the August 8, 2017general election.

Government pathologist Johansen Oduor reported that he died from strangulation and had incisions on his right arm but that the rest of his body was intact.

Chris Musando

Msando’s widow Eva Buyu made her plea on Wednesday in a moving letter to Kisumu Governor Anyang’ Nyong’o who read it as Kenya Human Rights Commission marked 25 years of operations at a Nairobi hotel.

She wants “any job at any organization” in order to educate her children.

In the letter, Buyu complains that the IEB has abandoned the family.

“I don’t want to submit myself to another man in order to feed my children. I will appreciate any decent job that will enable me cater for my family,'” she said.

In her tribute to Msando during at the funeral on August 19 last year, Buyu noted he loved and cherished his family.

She said her husband’s killers might be on the run but will not hide forever as it is just a matter of time before they are caught. During Msando’s requiem mass, Eva and her children eulogized the IEBC ICT manager as the best man in the world.



Also, read Msando’s children tribute to their father


The Opposition, which blamed Jubilee for the murder, once asked for a probe by the FBI and Scotland Yard.

It noted that Kenya has not included investigations into several high profile cases.

Source: The Star

‘Read The Bible And The Repercussions Of Mocking Widows,’ Blogger Is Reprimanded By Angry Kenyans (Photos)

On Saturday, slain IEBC manager Chris Msando was buried at his Lifunga home at a very emotional burial ceremony attended by the top brass of the NASA political party.

“Viva Chris Msando, viva, viva, rest in peace my husband,” these were the words Eva Buyu, the widow of Msando, uttered as they laid him to rest in Siaya County.

In her glowing tribute to the late husband, Eva said Msando loved and cherished his family.

Eva said the killers of her husband might be on the run but will not hide forever. She said it is just a matter of time before the killers are caught.

“I have peace today not because there are no storms but because the lord is my peace in the midst of them all. Let Chris rest but he will only rest in peace when we see the mark the Lord put on Kenya. Kenyans it is very painful but it is just a matter of time, justice will someday prevail. Rest at peace my husband,” she added.

The burial was followed by many who also sent their condolences on  social media.

Here are photos from the burial.

One microblogger and former journalist, Wahome Thuku found himself at the tail end of numerous reprimands over his Facebook post.

He wrote a cryptic post that read: “Mrs Msando. Aaaaaiiiiiiiii!!!!!!???????”

Various trolls landed on the post writing nasty comments and spinning crazy conspiracy theories. Nothing is sacred anymore. Not with online trolls.

Sober Kenyans joined the conversation and called them out for being insensitive to Msando’s family at their time of grief.

Here are some of the reactions to the post.

Azuri Malaika: You are not a Luo and have no idear how they moan when deeply bereaved. Whatever you and Wahome are getting at should stay at your doorsteps Musando was killed like an animal no other way his wife would mourn him.

Dave Oben: You don’t understand pain, it brings out the inner feelings! Pray it doesn’t happen to you

Kiruga Thuku wrote:
You could be right and you could be wrong…
And when in doubt , some things would rather not be said…
They can even attract severe punishment from God if unjustly insinuated…
Read the Bible and the repercussions of mocking widows….
Which takes me to my initial observation, some things are better left to God and investigators…
Nothing however hidden can escape the ever watchful eye of God…

Philip Malile: Laugh at this widow the much you can,but you should know there’s no formula in grieving.
Chris Musando’s life should mean something to you.
Rejoice in your ignorance.

Gatonye Wa Mbugua: Please let her be. Let her grieve her husband. Its the least decent thing we can give her right now

Kenn Omach: initially, I never really used to understand why people cry so painfully at funerals, wait untill I lost my mum and it dawned to me that my turn for reality check was then, Wahome it hurts, it’s painful it is a feeling you can never explain infact I stopped telling people to stop crying at funerals because I personally know the pain itself, by the time I lost my dad next I could have the audacity to question even God himself why he let such pain on me, I can assure you that for the sake of love she had for her husband, and for the sake of the future of her kids without a father, she can cry and I feel it coz I have been there, there’s nothing unique about it it’s her pain, her loss, her grief that is making her that way. I rest my case.

Joan Ochola: Until you have walked in her shoes, forever hold your peace. And am speaking from a point of experience, until you have lost a spouse, in this case to murder no less, just keep quiet. If you want to condole with the family, that’s alright, but if you want to throw brickbats at Eve kindly take a walk. There is no template for mourning, the pain is felt individually, no collective feelings, it’s all individual and very personal. Right now some of you are ridiculing her while in the comfort of your homes with your entire family, for her today the hard part begins, the realisation that indeed Chris is gone, for good, she’s stuck with a tombstone and young kids to care for while you are probably nursing a hangover and channel surfing, those days you call easy days, hers will be tough days ahead. If you think the way she’s mourning is not satisfactory, kindly lose a spouse and show us how to do it, while at it bring back Chris so that she can do it your way, ‘the right way’. If your family is intact and your spouse alive, let Eve be, when you eventually lose your spouse, God forbid, we will not judge if you decide to sit and enjoy your barbecue while the rest of the mourners are by the grave side burying your spouse, no we not judge for it is ONLY you who knows what you are feeling and it’s only God who can help you heal. Until you become a widower or widow, hold your peace and wait for your turn then you can show us how its done!

Joseph O. Peron: Someone is mourning her husband who didn’t die a natural death and some of you take the opportunity to smell rats. SMH. If there’s a mourning formular for such in the constitution that she didn’t live up to then you can champion her arrest, any of you shameless people. Msando wasn’t my relative, he didn’t even know I exist but I felt like cursing his murderers, so let the widow be… Silence is usually a good option when you know your thought patterns are beastly.

Felix Lio Lolo: People expect her to mourn in a certain way, forgetting she ain’t even assured of a closure. Let the widow grieve.

Joe Kabuitu: You have become petty nowadays what’s going on?

Joshua Ragang: Now surely boss why should you insight people at this critical moment in her life, nkt, you’re just a devil, even this kingdom you’re protecting through all means will one day crumble, even mobutu and Idi Amins government crumbled

Chiloba Is Bae: Kenyan Girls Thirst Over IEBC Boss And Here Is Proof

Kenyans are patiently waiting for the official 2017 presidential general election  results with baited breath.

During the whole process of tallying the votes, Kenyan women have been following  keenly, but what many might not know is that it’s not even the process that is keeping them glued to the screen. They are actually drooling over one Mr. Ezra Chiloba.

Who is Ezra? Well, Chiloba is the Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) of the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission Kenya. He was elected following the suspension of James Oswago in August last year.

He has been addressing the nation on the developments of the tallying process ahead of the official announcement.

His good looks have driven girls to take to the internet to search for more information about him, much to the amusement of social media users. Chiloba is trending onlne and here is proof of what Kenyan women are searching about the dashing CEO:

Some of the searches recovered so far are,

1. Is Ezra Chiloba married?

2. What is Chiloba’s age?

3. Some are asking for Chiloba’s Curriculum Vitae

4. Who is Chiloba’s Wife?

5. Ezra Chiloba’s salary

6. Where does Ezra Chiloba stay?  Among others.

Ezra has definitely become a favourite to many ladies based on his body and masculine body.

Julie Gichuru has even noticed the thirst and has asked ladies to let the man do his job.

In case you’ve been leaving in a cave or another planet, here are some photos of the hottie:







Wawekeni Kwa Maombi! Meet The Young Family IEBC ICT Manager Musando Has Left Behind (PHOTOS)

Losing a loved one is very painful. They always leave a gap no one else can fill. You can imagine what the late IEBC ICT manager Chris Musando’s family is going through.

Musando, who disappeared last Friday, was found dead after his body was discovered dumped on Saturday morning in a thicket in Kikuyu area, alongside another body of a 21-year-old woman Caroline Ngumbu who was believed to be his longtime friend.

The families of the two and the entire nation are still mourning their death and the mother to the young lady broke her silence, following her daughter’s death.


The sad story has gone viral and many are sympathizing with Musando’s family more so his wife Eva Buyu and his three children; two sons and a daughter.

NASA flag bearer Raila Odinag was also shocked by the death of Musando and here is what he had to say;

This is a day of shame and sorrow. An assassin is only a coward, not a hero. That is what I will call those who took Chris Musando’s life – they are despicable, inhuman and cowardly beings. Chris is a son, a husband, and, a father. He is the son of a community. Chris is a patriot who sought to use his celebrated ICT genius and skills to enable Kenyans choose their government in a free and fair manner. Someone or some people have seen it fit to take away this dedicated public servant’s life. But my mind is as clear as daylight. There will never be a day when an assassin will ever stop a cause and a dream that is just. My family, and the entire NASA family mourns with his wife and children and his family.What has happened to Chris Musando, is a stain on our conscience as Kenyans. To IEBC Staff with whom Chris worked, I ask you to soldier on and deliver your promise to Kenyans – a free and fair election. Never has the fate of so many, relied on the actions of a few. But as my Pentagon colleagues made clear: We are too many to be intimidated. Rest in peace Chris. Your life will not be in vain. Justice will be done.”
Well, below are photos of the young family Musando has left behind;
Chris Musando
Chris Musando’s wife Eva Buyu
Chris Musando
Chris Musando’s wife and children
Chris Musando
Chris Musando’s wife
Chris Musando
Chris Musando’s wife Eva Buyu at cty mortuary viewing his body

Fallen Cancer Warrior Janet Kanini Tops April Google Search Trends, As The Late Ayeiya Takes 7th Place

Former NTV news anchor and cancer warrior Janet Kanini’s death was the most searched, according to Google Search Trends for April in Kenya.

The renowned media personality passed away on the 1st of April 2017, after battling lung cancer for almost a year, leaving behind two children and a husband.

Coming second on the Google Search was IEBC jobs after thousands of jobs were advertised online as we near the election date on the 8th of August 2017.

janet kanini

Being the football season, the third search was about football. Real Madrid Vs. Barcelona was the trending search under Spanish La Liga while Chelsea Vs. Tottenham, Arsenal Vs. Manchester City, were some of the dominant searches under Barclays Premier and Champions Leagues.

Interestingly, Jubilee nominations where the fourth on the search list.

With May being the month of Burger Festival, top restaurants in Kenya took the fifth place with the culture of eating out becoming popular in the last few months.

Back in April, the government of Kenya launched a web portal, where they have documented all the projects they have launched since 2013;, which took the sixth place on Google Search.

Top comedian Ayeiya real name, Emmanuel Makori, who passed away after a grisly car crush mid April, was also among the most searched, as people went online to find out more about him, taking the seventh spot on the searches.

ayeiya comedian

Other trending searches included the Kiambu Nominations where Ferdinand Waititu defeated the incumbent Governor William Kabogo and TSC Tpad (Teacher Performance Appraisal and Development) a performance appraisal programme for teachers and 30,000 school heads.

On the ‘Trending How to’ category, the most trending search was, “How to download music” while “How to buy Airtel airtime on Mpesa” came second.

Coming third was “How to make slime” which is a safer homemade plasticine-like material that can be made for use as a toy. “How to make Chapati” came fourth while “How to Kiss a Girl” and ‘How to Okoa Stima” took fifth and sixth positions respectively.

Check out the full list of the most searched trends on Google Search below.

Top Ten Trending Searches

Janet Kanini


Football Results (EPL-Arsenal, Man United, Chelsea, Leicester) (La-Liga: Real Madrid,

Jubilee Nominations

Top Restaurants nearby


Anthony Joshua

Karen Nyamu

David Mwiraria

Trending ‘How To’ Searches

How to download music

How to buy Airtel airtime from Mpesa

How to make slime

How to cook Chapati

How to kiss a Girl

How to Okoa Stima

How to write a cover letter

How to pray

IEBC clears 3 candidates for the March 16 Kajiado Central by-election

IEBC has cleared 3 candidates to run for the Kajiado Member of National Assembly seat. The three are Memusi Kanchory (ODM), Patrick Tutui (JAP) and Nkashuma Kuntai an independent Candidate. The exercise continues today, Tuesday 17th.

Cord leaders led a tour of Kajiado Central on Monday after member Elijah Memusi was cleared to vie for the by-election by the IEBC. The tour was led by coalition chief Raila Odinga, co-principals Moses Wetangula and Kalonzo Musyoka and other party members.

They escorted Memusi to Maasai Technical Training Insitutue where he presented his papers ahead of the by-election on March 16.

“Memusi Kanchori was successfully cleared to participate in the upcoming poll. We look forward to yet another victory next month,” said Raila.

“We are not here for a show our might, we are here to sell our policies and request you to elect Memusi to Parliament.”

Cord and Jubilee Alliance Party supporters came face to face during the tour.ODM secretary general Ababu Namwamba told voters that they must replace former Kajiado Central MP Joseph Nkaissery, who was elected on an ODM ticket, with Memusi.

Kanchori was elected by Cord members to contest for the position under the ODM ticket. Party Communications director Philip Etale accused JAP supporters, led by Majority leader Aden Duale, of blocking the road at Ilbisil during the tour.

President Uhuru Kenyatta presented nomination certificates to JAP aspirant Patrick ole Tutui on Friday. Uhuru said the party held democratic nominations, the people picking Tutui as its flag bearer. “Those who lost in the nominations should work with the victor,” he said at JAP headquarters in Lavington.

Nkaissery endorsed Tutui as his successor during the session. Tutui described the JAP nomination as “the most rigorous


Moses Kajwang Wins Homabay Senatorial By-election With a Landslide

ODM’s Moses Kajwang is the new Homabay Senator after winning with a landslide with 100,000 votes to his closest competitor. The final provisional results released by Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission(IEBC) show all the results from 878 polling stations for the 8 candidates.

Here are the final results,

3. FRED RABONGO- NAPK=2,829 Votes
5. MEDO LUKE CALVINS MISAMA- Independent=305 Votes
6. HILARY OCHIENG ONYANGO ALILA- Independent=525 Votes
7. INNOCENT OTIENO MASARA- Independent=275 Votes
8. EDWIN OMONDI MATETE- Independent=302 Votes

Homabay decides, as 8 candidates battle it out

Voters in Homabay have gone to the polls to decide who will replace the late senator Otieno Kajwang who held the position on an ODM ticket. Voting for the senatorial by-election began at exactly 6.00am Thursday. The county has 326,505 registered voters in 878 polling stations.

The 8 candidates battling for the top stop are, Philip Okundi (Maendeleo Democratic Party), Moses Kajwang’ ( ODM), Benard Otieno (National Vision Party), Fred Rabongo (Natonal Agenda Party) : Hillary Alila, Innocent Masara, Edwin Matete and Medo Misama are all vieing on an Independent ticket.

Ezra Chiloba sworn in as IEBC chief

The IEBC will not tolerate misconduct during the Homa Bay and Kajiado Central by-elections, new CEO Ezra Chiloba has said.

“We have come a long way since 2007 and we cannot afford to go back to the dark days,” Chiloba said on Tuesday.

He was speaking at the Supreme Court after he was sworn in by Chief Justice Willy Mutunga.

Saying the IEBC’s aim is to become a symbol of unity, he urged parties to campaign peacefully.

Chiloba, who will serve for five years, is a specialist in electoral governance and political management.

New Chief Executive Officer of the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission, Ezra Chiloba (r) is congratulated by Chief Justice Willy Mutunga after taking his oath of office at the Supreme court on Tuesday

He has a Master’s degree in Public policy from the Central European University in Hungary and a Bachelor of Law degree from the University of Nairobi.

Chiloba replaces James Oswago whose term expired.

Oswago is also on trial for a multi-million-shilling scandal involving the purchase of electronic equipment used in the 2013 general election.


New bill moves general election to December

The constitutional amendment Bill that seeks to change the general election date from August to December will be published today.

If passed by Parliament, the general election will be held every second Monday of December and not every second Tuesday of August every election year, as provided for in the constitution.

The Bill, sponsored by Ugenya MP David Ochieng’, was approved by the National Assembly Justice and Legal Affairs committee in August and forwarded to the Attorney General for onward transmission to the government printer.

The publication potentially opens up legal battles, in the face of a High Court ruling that the next elections be held as per the constitution.

Committee chairman Samuel Chepkonga (Ainabkoi) said that the Bill should be fast tracked, though there are counter-arguments that it will extend the term of the current Parliament.


IEBC appoints Ezra Chiloba Simiyu as Chair

The IEBC on Monday announced that it has appointed Ezra Chiloba Simiyu as the Commission Secretary

Simiyu has been working for a donor – funded programme, Drivers of Accountability Programme, managed by DAI, as the deputy team leader.

“Following a thorough recruitment process the IEBC has today, 12 January 2015 appointed Mr Ezra Chiloba Simiyu as the Commission Secretary/CEO of the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) having emerged as the most successful candidate in the interviews,” IEBC chairman Issack Hassan said in a statement

He is a governance specialist focusing on electoral processes and political management. He is also a former associate at Policy House, a public policy and strategy group. He holds an MA degree in Public Policy from the Central European University.

He is currently pursuing his PhD in political science at the University of Nairobi; his research focusing on electoral institutions and democratisation. Professionally, Chiloba has acquired 10 years of experience in the democratic governance field.

As a governance policy specialist, he has a bias for elections, constitutional development, human rights and public sector management.

Until December 2013, he worked as the democratic governance programme analyst with the UNDP Kenya for about five years where he oversaw a programme on electoral reforms and processes in Kenya.

Other organisations he has worked for include: Kenya National Commission on Human Rights, Oxfam Novib, South Consulting Africa (Kenya National Dialogue Monitoring Project).

IEBC extends nomination period for Homa Bay senatorial by election

Political parties now have until the 27th of December to conduct their nomination of candidates for the Homa Bay senatorial by-election set for February 12, 2015.

The extension follows a High Court order requiring that IEBC extends the political party primaries by ten days.

ODM had sought the extension after the party’s botched nomination exercise.

The delivery of nomination papers to the IEBC will take place between January 15th and 16th, 2015.

Official campaigns will then kick off on 17th January 2015 and end by 10th February 2015 – 48 Hours to the date of the by-election.

The Homa Bay senatorial seat fell vacant following the death of Otieno Kajwang.

ODM blames IEBC for botched nomination exercise, demands extension

ODM has written to the IEBC seeking an extension of the Homa Bay by election nomination exercise by two weeks.

This follows botched nominations for the senatorial by-elections held by ODM at the County Assembly after Homa Bay youths disrupted the exercise protesting the imposition of candidates. The youths destroyed ballot boxes and warned exercise coordinator Peter Adoyo of dire consequences if a candidate was imposed on them. Three people have been arrested so far following the chaos.

ODM has blamed the IEBC for the abortive exercise.

The party’s director of communication Philip Etale said the IEBC failed in its mandate to assist political parties to carry out a proper nominations exercise for the vacate Homa Bay Senate seat.

Citing a statement signed by Betty Nyabuto, the commission’s acting CEO, Etale said parties were given only two weeks to carry out the exercise. He said, in the past political parties have been given ample time to prepare for the nominations.

“Good examples are Makueni, Bungoma and Siaya by-elections last year. parties are given a 21-day notice to prepare for a by-election during which they can invite aspirants to apply, fill the forms, pay the requisite amount of money, ballot papers printed, clerks, presiding officers and returning officer recruited and trained then nomination exercise is conducted across the county by universal suffrage. The time given by the IEBC for the Homa Bay Senatorial seat was short and untenable by the Commission.” Etale said.

Etale further said that going by the IEBC’s letter, the Commission has treated the Homa Bay exercise “so casually and unprofessionally.”


IEBC starts recruiting Oswago’s replacement

The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) has started the process of recruiting a replacement for the commission’s Secretary/CEO James Oswago.

In a statement, the commission says Oswago’s contract is due to expire in three months time.

The statement signed by IEBC’s Manager, Communications & Corporate Affairs Tabitha Mutemi, is however categorical that the process has nothing to do with the fact that Oswago and other senior IEBC officials currently face court charges.

Oswago is eligible to reapply for the position.

Mathare parliamentary By-election underway

Voting is already underway at 115 polling stations in today’s parliamentary By-election in Mathare.

Polling stations opened as early as 6am although the voter turnout is still low. This is the first by-election being held in Nairobi since the 2013 elections and nine candidates are taking part.

The candidates are; George Wanjohi of TNA, Steven Kariuki of ODM, Billian Okoth Ojiwa (Nationa Labour Party), Sammy Jentruo Mudanya (Progressive Party of Kenya), Fwamba Nyangangali Crispus (Maendeleo Democratic Party). Barack Obat Blasto, Nixon Kavai Inziria, Mariam Muthoni Macharia and William Omondi are independent candidates.

Mathare constituency has more than 88, 000 registered voters.

Moses Kuria to be Gatundu South MP unopposed

Moses Kuria is set to be declared the MP elect for Gatundu South constituency unopposed.

The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission has today resolved to cancel a by-election that had been set for this Thursday as there is no other candidate apart from TNA’s Kuria.

The only other candidate who had declared interest in the seat, New Democrats Party’s Joakim Kiarie Kamere wrote to the IEBC this week withdrawing his candidature.

Kamere’s party further announced that it would not be fielding any other candidate.

The seat fell vacant following the death of former MP Jossy Ngugi  Nyumu in May.