Why it’s expected that wives must cook for husbands everyday

Is it still important for your wife to cook for you Maina Kageni asked listeners on Monday morning.

If a woman can’t cook is she even considered wife material?

That was the discussion on Classic 105 on Monday morning as Maina Kageni and Mwalimu debated the merits and demerits.

Mwalimu was of the opinion that men shouldn’t marry a woman who can’t cook because ‘it is the only time a man feels important’.


‘She needs to find way to figure out how she will cook, leave work alone, what comes first is the marriage, and those who say its because of the nails, you need to stop, and cook for your man mwalimu continued’

He added

‘That is not something to argue with, they have to create time and cook, not asking for pizza all the time’

Maina sought to know from Kenyans if it’s important for a woman in 2019 to know how to cook.

‘What were you marrying, a wife or a chef? Prompted Maina adding’ how can it be one of the qualifications for being a wife?

Here are views from fans:

Whether she is a CEO,Minister or even a President and she can’t cook for me, then what is her role as a wife?? a route to a man’s heart is through his stomach! #mainaandkingangi

@athman_melly.. Things a girl should know how to do before she is approved
1. How to milk a cow
2. How to cook (chapoo ikue)
3. How behave like a wife in front of visitors
Slay queen wanajitoa group stages
asks any Luo and they’ll tell you that the Luo term of getting married is “dhi katedo” which simply going to cook. #MainaAndKingangi
There is only ONE special meal a wife should cook and present in a SPECIAL way to Husband, Other meals can be discussed and understood depending on situations. ..
Is this a bit too harsh? Drop us your comments below

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Here’s something you didn’t know about your husband disappearing on weekends

Tonight is the final of AFCON 2019, and he will disappear.

If your mans phone is switched off every weekend, here’s what you need to know, according to Maina Kageni.

‘Ni njama’ he shouted to girls.

What prompted this revelation that may prove embarrassing to Kenyan husbands?

He is fed up of women giving their men second, third, and even fourth chances when they make mistakes.

‘I am so mad at him’ friend speaks at burial of massacred Thome family

Girls, if you have ever been called by a cop on Sunday to go ‘pick up’ your manz, who was ‘arrested’, then hubby is up to no good.

Ladies have you ever given a man a second third, fourth chance and he just doesn’t get it. Do we understand the value of a second chance do we understand the value of forgiveness.

Do men get it? This is the weekend he will disappear and reappear on Sunday/Monday with the same excuse.

This is the secret men use: they’ve got someone at a police station, coz they will switch off their phone and that cop will call you on Sunday to tell you come for your man and you will go and he will come out with one shoe, that’s what a lot of men do.

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I stabbed my husband after he told me to leave our six year marriage

Maina Kageni was caught in a situation and found it so surreal.

A woman over the weekend got into a domestic fight with her husband after he asked her to leave. He actually wanted her to leave her, after six years of marriage and he said ‘I’m done with you, get out of my life’.

So she took it easy and on Sunday when she was supposed to pack and leave, she went absolutely crazy. She stabbed him in the arm, twice. Luckily, the neighbors heard the commotion and came and rescued him. She was taken to the police station where she spent two nights. and is now out on bail.

And when Maina met her he asked her just one question – Why didn’t you just go, he doesn’t want you anymore?

She responded,’I am going nowhere and this relationship is not ending. Siendi mahali.

In her mind the weekend incident did not happen. That man is not leaving her.

Maina sought to know from listeners what they mean when they say they are not leaving regardless.

‘What do you mean by you are not going nowhere ladies?’ Maina continued.


He opened up the discussion to listeners and those online.

Others were of opinion that the guy could have looked for a better way to tell her woman that the relationship was over. Most of the ladies were of opinion that they could not walk out of the relationship without having a place to head to.

How the murder suspect of Parliament cop Helen Kwamboka was tracked down

When they are in a relationship they tend to be settled hence when asked to leave they cannot. One male caller said that when a woman wants to kill you they can without hesitation hence the lady in question should be talked to before killing the husband.

Kenyan woman found dead in Australia a week after her murder

Among the callers were men with different opinions on the same. The comments were;

Women should understand that were are nothing but strangers and if I asked one to leave she should because she is not my mother and I will inform the security not to allow her back to my house.

Do these women understand that at times we are not in love with them. We just marry them to have children and thus all so they should leave.

When someone is not interested in you anymore and asks you to leave there is nothing you do to change their mind.

One caller was of opinion that if you want to leave a woman you should tell her in a more passionate way. When you just wake up one morning and tell someone that you have been staying with you wanna leave them it really breaks their heart.

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The one thing that makes Kenyan women shout at their men in public

Ladies why do you feel the need to shout at your man in public?

An article in a local daily dubbed ‘The angry woman syndrome’ formed the basis of the morning conversation on Classic 105.

On the morning conversation on Tubonge Tuesday, Maina Kageni sought to know why Kenyan wives are always angry and why they don’t care about shouting at their husbands in public.

I wasted away in alcoholism – Chief Justice Maraga confesses

A female caller narrated to Maina why she vents on the streets.

‘I was that good girl until marriage changed me’. revealed Purity.

Another said ‘inatokana na lack of conjugal rights. Nitakwambia kwanini. Mimi nilikuwa fresh form four nikapata kazi ya nymba ambayo nimefanya kwa seven years. Huyu husband na wife wanakosana juu ya bedroom. Mwanamke anaambia mume ni bure, shida si pesa, ni hawa watu wawili kutoka kwa bedroom. Fuatilia Maina shida si pesa. shida ya hawa wanawake si pesa, mimi natimiza zangu na sioni hiyo shida.

Maina responded saying ‘I didn’t even imagine that would even be an issue. Wow. ladies you are not saying that are you? So it’s all there. is that it?

Fashion: Dj Bash’s son adorably steals the show 

Sharon also called in and weighed in on the matter.

‘ukikuta umeshoutiwa know that you have failed as a man, know that you are not man enough for her. you are just a disgrace unajua it is the work of a man to shape the character of his wife, so if he can’t control his woman calm her down, she will get frustrated and shout every corner.’
We ain’t bitter, they just can’t hear us.. How do yu make a man who goes on Friday and shows up on Sunday hear you! How…. They are big babies they only listen that way! @Itsmainakageni @classic105kenya #MainaAndKingangi

Another lambasted men saying
@ItsMainaKageni @Classic105Kenya This is not a ladies wish to ve such a bad temper its the way tormentation has invested in us especially when ur the first born and ur seen like a nobody and being mistreated too…..#MainaAndKingangi

I am not pregnant! – Anerlisa Muigai denies twins rumours

Felix differs warning
Maina most of this drama queens are usually ladies who struggle in academics or were academic dwarfs. I did that research. I had a girl friend like that it pained me more to be shout at by an empty debee.

what is your opinion about angry wives shouting on the streets?

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How to pamper your husband in 12 easy ways


If you were to be honest with yourself, how would you rate your relationship on a scale of one to ten?

We were having a conversation between men and women about this topic in the office and someone shared this tweet that the fellas said was the realest sh*t for men.

how to treat a man tweet(1)(1)

Here are simple things all girls can do to keep the fire burning, as published on pairedlife.com.

1. You can never be too busy to whisper sweet nothings to him. A text a day or better yet a call to check up on him will prove how crazy you are abut him.

2. We all have reasons why we fell in love with and eventually married bae. Put this down in writing and share the list with him. Let him fall in love with you all over again by reading this list to him.

3.  When you were dating, you considered yourselves bestfriends. Be THAT BEST FRIEND you were. Remember how you would drop at a heartbeat whatever you were doing to be with him? Yup, that’s what I’m talking about.

He needs you to be there to listen, Ladies also have a problem with men needing space. Don’t catch a feeling if he wants to be left alone. Be compassionate.

4. Remember back when you made an effort to dress up for him? Be pretty for him. Flaunt your femininity. Dress in clothes he wants you to wear at home. Who knows where this will lead?

5. Pay attention to his needs. Most of us women are guilty of putting our children’s needs first, completely forgetting our husbands. So when this happens what is he supposed to do? Make a conscious effort to take care of your husband and the little things he needs.

6. On weekends when we all have time, wake up earlier and make him that special breakfast. On weekends we are not in a rush to beat traffic. It’s true the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

7.  Tell his parents about how good a man your husband is. Praise them for raising him the way they did. This will not only please your husband, it will create a bond between you and his family.

8. Make time for date nights. It is important to keep the romance alive. If this is not possible, find time at home to be alone. Listen to a romantic song together, or just be with each other and be lovers again, when the kids are asleep.

9. ABSOLUTELY STOP whining. Find ways to talk to your husband about your needs without making it sound like you are complaining. Do not make your husband feel inadequate with your grievances, criticism and fault finding.

10. When he makes a mistake or gets insecure about losing his hair, say kind words of encouragement and reassurance. Declare your devotion all over again. Remind him you married him (your wedding vows will come in handy here).

11.  Pray with your husband especially when he is worried about something. He needs to know you are there for him.

12. Find reasons to be together. Run errands with him. Take him to the carwash, or to see the latest gadgets. He doesn’t really need you, but will appreciate the company.


Kevo Wa DVD: HALF of women have a man to fall back on


Do you have a fall-back partner in case your relationship turns sour?

Half of all women have a fall-back partner on call should their current relationship turn sour, it has emerged.

A substantial percentage have kept another man in mind in case they end up single.

And married women are more likely have a Plan B in the background than those who are just in a relationship.

The back-up is likely to be an old friend who has always had feelings for the woman in question.

But other candidates are an ex-boyfriend or ex-husband, a colleague – or someone who they have met at the gym.

The survey of 1,000 women also found Plan B is also likely to be someone whom she has known for around seven years, who will be ‘ready and waiting’ because of ‘unfinished business’.

Furthermore, around one in ten women said their Plan B had already confessed his undying love, while one in five said they were confident he would ‘drop everything’ for her, if she asked him to.

Slightly more than four in ten said they had got to know the man whilst they were with their partner, while a similar percentage said he was ‘on the scene’ long before.

One in five said they were confident he would ‘drop everything’ for her, if she asked him to.

Around one in four women who have a back-up plan have feelings as strong for him as they do for their other half.

Incredibly, 12 per cent went as far as to admit their feelings were ‘stronger’ for Plan B, and close to seven in ten admitted they are currently in contact with him.

But despite the secrecy involved in having a close friend or ex to turn to, around half of the women who took part in the poll said their other half was aware of the ‘third party’.

Of those, one in five said they were able to joke about it, but one in three said their man was ‘uncomfortable’ discussing him.

One in four admitted their current partner had met their Plan B, while one in five admitted he was a friend of the man in her life.

The good news for the nation’s men is that one in three women said they ‘doubted’ anything would ever happen with the man in the background.

Around half had a ‘never say never’ approach, while trouble may lie ahead for one in six who said they were ‘seriously considering’ rekindling their romance with the man in the shadows.


MUST READ: Reasons why more Kenyan women are marrying two husbands

This situation was brought into the spotlight when cases of two Kenyan women with co-husbands was made public.

The term to describe the situation of women with two husbands is polyandry.


No such relationship was public in Kenya until the disclosure by Makueni resident Rael Mukeku that she is married to two men, and the arrest of a Migori woman, Maurine Atieno, and her two husbands following public outrage.

These incidents, both in September, sparked a debate on whether women should be free to marry more than one man.

Mukeku got married to her first husband, then the second man moved into their compound to join that marriage as a second husband.

Atieno and her husbands were rounded up due to public demand after neighbours discovered she was living with the two men in her first husband’s home.

She was first married to Robert Ochieng, siring two children with him before they separated and she got married elsewhere. She later returned to Ochieng’s home with her second husband, John Ochola, and the three continued to stay together as a wife and co-husbands.

Although only Rael and Maureen have opened up to having two husbands, lawyer Jemimah Keli says it is possible there are more women in such unions, despite the risk of public condemnation.


And Keli says there could be many almost similar arrangements, especially in cosmopolitan areas like Nairobi, where women could be with several men supporting them or living with them in certain arrangements, but not in the same house.

The lawyer says polyandry is a social engineering caused by changes in the society over time, and it doesn’t amount to a marital union.

“When a society evolves, all manner of dangers will arise, and there is good and bad about it. Women can say they are more empowered now, to the extent they can accommodate two men, while men may feel like they require help. For example, the second man in the Makueni case said he moved in because the other man was weak or was sick,” Keli says.

“So, since traditionally the role of a man is to provide for their family, the question is: could it be that men would want other men to assist them to perform that role? Would it make their burden easier? Those are the questions the society will ask itself.”

However, Kiambu woman representative Gathoni wa Muchomba and Rev Vincent Mulwa of the Christ Pilgrimage Restoration Centre say men in such unions are abnormal and devoid of manliness.

“But there is another problem I’m seeing today. More women are choosing to be single mothers with multiple s3x partners, and that could be the reason men are lacking wives. Not because women are not there, but because they don’t want to get married,” Rev Mulwa said.

“That could be the origin of the situation of two men finding themselves loving the same woman who has been cheating on them. And because no others are interested in being their wives, they agree to keep this one.”

Keli says polyandry is not an arrangement known either by the law or in any customs in the country. The Marriage Act defines all the marriages as a union between a man and a woman or between a man and women. Consequently, she says, polyandry cannot be called a marriage; it can only remain a relationship between several parties.

“Even polygamous marriages are recognised under that law as where a man is married to more than one woman. Maybe in another generation, we may want to recognise that a woman can marry more than one man. Then we will have to change our laws to accommodate that relationship as a marriage,” Keli said.

“But as the society evolves, different challenges will prompt law changes with time to address those challenges, to accommodate the new lifestyles, and then the law will decide whether that lifestyle fits to be a marriage.”

However, Keli rules out any criminal acts in women marrying more men. She says Mukeku, Atieno and other women in polyandry are not committing any offence punishable by the law, because it is just a relationship that is not defined under the penal code, and an offence has to be defined by the law.


Mulwa says it is an inversion of God’s order of nature when a man ceases to be in control and the woman is the one calling the shots in a marriage, with the “subdued men” under her authority.

The cleric says there is no rationale for polyandry, and a woman advancing it is basically full of the notion of equality.

Wa Muchomba says men accepting to be co-husbands are grossly inept because “no cock wants to share”, while Mulwa says only men with severe mental problems can contemplate such unions.

The woman rep says manliness in Kenyan men is getting eroded so much that the boy child is under siege.

“To see a man in such relationships means they have no ego. We need to train our men to be men from when they are young. They are victims of erosion of manliness. The socioeconomic pressure we are exposing men to is what is making the male esteem and male personality get eroded,” she says.

She says the fact that the girl child is more empowered is one of the contributing factors, but it is not the only factor. The legislator called for more emphasis on boy child empowerment, not only financially but also culturally.

“The moment you see a boy child being told to go and cook, that is the beginning of the problem,” Wa Muchomba said.

“Today you will hear mothers assigning their sons domestic chores, like cleaning utensils and preparing vegetables. That boy is being raised as a “male girl” because the things we expect from them are not the male expectations but are for females.”



The MP said the rise of women in control of their homes and society, and the lack of role models in society for the boy child, is also a factor in declining masculinity.

“This is the issue of a matriarchal society, where the woman is in more control of her sons and husbands. The child is growing up with a house girl and is already being taught how to plait hair. When they go to school, most teachers are female. The boy child lacks exposure to manliness,” she said.

“Recently I was at Ndumberi Primary School, where I was celebrating victory of a team that had excelled in dancing competitions at the national level. To my shock, I found only one male teacher at the school, the headmaster. So tell me, who are all the children in that school looking up to? Just the female teachers,” she said.

The MP said the problem is how the boy child in the society is being socialised, “making our men lose their male esteem and behave and act like women”.

Rev Mulwa says the problem started with the discriminate empowerment of girl child, leaving the boy child disadvantaged.

He says it is all about women wanting to be equal to men, doing everything a man is doing.

“The problem is in the continuous empowerment, where women are easily in access of resources and jobs. And because we have made the marriage to be about resources, now women want to command a man who has no resources, and misuse them,” Mulwa says.

“That makes a new challenge to men, and where to get a wife from, and agree that since she has been managing us secretly, let’s continue in it. And all this is out of empowerment of women to make them equal to men, which is very wrong.”

By Joseph Ndunda for the Star