A rare engagement photo-shoot

A couple decided to step away from the normal engagement photo shoots couples have and do something different.

Hunting enthusiast Stevie Beard  and her soon to be husband came up with “The Hunt is Over!” photo idea for their engagement photo shoot.

But she had no idea it would go on to be viewed by 6.4 million people on Facebook, and shared by 162,000 users.

The picture of her future husband hanging upside down, suspended by a tractor, was snapped by photographer Joshua Rainey on the groom’s family’s 150-acre property.

Joshua Rainey Photography
Joshua Rainey Photography

The photographer say “Stevie and Brady came up with the idea and surprised me with it during engagement photos. We worked together to figure out how the image should look and set it up quickly before sunset. It was rather tough to get the shot though, since Brady could only be upside down for a few minutes. Brady tied his own knots and got himself hooked up to the tractor and then his dad lifted him up slowly.”