I saw hurt in my mum’s face every time my dad cheated – Huddah

Huddah has for the first time opened up on how her mother was constantly cheated on adding that every time she looked at her she saw the pain in her eyes.

“When I was about 17 my mum would tell me how her husband is cheating on her and I’d see the hurt in her face and also the many fights they had.

That shit makes me wonder if those married women who f#ck married men are normal,Don’t you feel pity?”

Exclusive: J blessing being my baby daddy is just rumors – Avril


The screenshot is below:

Huddah screenshot

The screenshots: Courtesy/Urbannews254

Huddah does not believe that a married man who is broke should be cheating, much less sleeping with young girls. She wrote:

“I am of the opinion that a relationship between a married man and a young girl should be purely transactional.

Broke men should not get p#ssy outside their home,he clearly can’t feed his family.”

She went on to speak about those mistresses who have had kids with married men and how they were unhappy as a result.

Huddah screenshot

Huddah screenshot

Miss Monroe also made it clear that she does not date married men.

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A Man Is Yours When You Are With Him, When He Is Out He Is Ours! Huddah Mocks Zari

Everyone is talking about the confession that Diamond Platnumz gave in the morning while being interviewed on Clouds FM. Many have congratulated Him for his braveness in admitting that Hamisa Mobetto’s son is his flesh and blood.


Over two thousand people were watching the interview live and many of them had different expectations about the issue and he accepted his mistake and asked his two kids and his wife Zari Hassan for forgiveness saying that he would go on his knees to South Africa just to apologize and that he will never leave her.


This confession has raised eyebrows and since they are public figures, many people are expected to talk and give their views concerning the issue including various celebrities.


Huddah Monroe reacted to the news on social media telling Tanzanians that they make her laugh and that people should know that a man is only yours when you are with him and when he is out, he belongs to others.


Huddah said, “Tea is really being served out there and chill! And laugh! Tanzania mtatuuwaa. A man is yours when you are with him. When he is out he is ours! We share.”




Beef Season: Is Huddah Talking About Her Nemesis Vera Sidika In This Cryptic Post?

Kenyan top socialite, Huddah Monroe is not the young, naive and wannabe young girl she was about 6 years back, and to prove it, she’s doing what the big girls do, look for their own money.

Huddah, real name, Alhuda Njoroge has been off the limelight of late because she has been focusing on her new business venture, which seems to be catching up real well, and young girls and women have really embraced it.

Pesa Otas! Huddah Proves She’s In The Big League After Getting a Brand New Range Rover Worth MILLIONS (PHOTOS)


Just to freshen your mind, Huddah started her own line of lipstick line back in 2016, and the business has picked up so well, that she’s now launched a new line of eyeliner and eye shadow palette.

Well, Huddah has one of the biggest beef with her long-term frenemy, Vera Sidika, and over the years, they have been going at each other in interviews and social media, with each saying that the other is disrespectful and a hater.

At some point, Huddah used to be Zari Hassan’s best friend, but the two parted ways after Zari befriended Huddah’s nemesis Vera Sidika, and the two don’t see eye to eye, to date.


She Ain’t Playing! Vera Sidika Brags About Her KSh 520,000 Handbag As She Takes Shots At Her Ex And Female Haters

Recently, Vera has been taking shots on her ex-boyfriend Yommy and it looks like she’s also tagging her female haters on her rants;

My Chanel bag cost me £3,990 – $5,200 Ksh 520,00 10 Million Tanzania shillings, about 1.8 Million Naira – and ul come and tell me some girls r hating. Why won’t they? I’d hate on me too if I were them. 

Now, Huddah has gone ahead to take shots with her cryptic post, which comes just hours after Vera’s post above and it seems to be aiming at the bootylicious socialite;

Some people watch too much reality shows they think they are those women. GTFOH. You are still Africa.

Well, well, this drama is just getting juicier. Let’s see how this turns out.

Did Socialite Huddah Monroe Bed Diamond Platnumz? She Speaks Out




She Ain’t Playing! Vera Sidika Brags About Her KSh 520,000 Handbag As She Takes Shots At Her Ex And Female Haters

Vera Sidika is not done with attacking his Nigerian ex-boyfriend Yommy Johnson after she came out to reveal that he was physically abusing her when they were dating a few months back.

But now, 4 months after their nasty break up, the two are still on each other’s neck more so after Yommy was accused of leaking her nude photos, claims he has vehemently denied.


Recently, Yommy Johns came out to reveal that Vera had aborted his child and had even been unfaithful to him with other Nigerian men, claims that Vera couldn’t help but laugh about, confessing that she can’t get pregnant because she has a family planning implant.

Who’s Fooling Who? Vera Sidika’s Ex Boyfriend Claims She ABORTED His Child And CHEATED With Other Nigerian Men

Vera’s ex also denied rumours that he’s sleeping with Kenyan socialite Bridget Achieng, after they were spotted together in Dubai during her birthday, getting cozy.

kizayomi2 (1)

However, he made it clear that he’s happily dating Tanzanian socialite Lady Kaygee.

But Vera Sidika still insists that the man was violent and is still obsessed with her, that’s why he can’t stop talking about her, and now, she has decided to throw shade on her female haters too.

Wacha Movie Iendelee! Vera Sidika Savagely Attacks Her Nigerian Ex Boyfriend For Giving Out False Information About Her (PHOTOS)


She shared a photo of a new Gucci bag, which costs a whopping KSh 520,000 and she has no apologies, as she attacked girls who hate on her, with this post;

My Chanel bag cost me £3,990 – $5,200 Ksh 520,00 10 Million Tanzania shillings, about 1.8 Million Naira – and ul come and tell me some girls r hating. Why won’t they? I’d hate on me too if I were them. 

Who could she be talking about? Huddah, Bridget Achieng or just those who have been attacking her online. Check out the costly bag below.




The Truth! Rising Female Artiste Reveals Why Kenyan Women Can’t Resist And Love Nigerian Men

In the last couple of years, Nigerian men have become a favorite to a lot of women around Africa, and it looks like this is not going to stop anytime soon.

You can tell that ladies from Kenya are smitten by these West African men by how our socialites are hooking up with them, from Vera Sidika to Huddah and recently, curvy socialite Bridget Achieng.

‘Kenyans Are Lazy And Derailers Unlike Nigerians’ Huddah Blasts Kenyans

Nigerian men are known to be romantic lovers and sweet, but there’s also a negative side to them that is very prevalent, especially for the Yoruba tribe, most of whom are known to be womanisers and wife batterers.


This was evident when Vera Sidika came out to share her nasty experience with her former boyfriend Yommy Johns, who allegedly beat her up and would get violent during the time they dated.

‘Me Too, I Have Being In An Abusive Relationship,’ Kenyan Women Narrate Their Sad Tales After Vera Sidika Exposed Her Abusive Ex

But that doesn’t seem to stop ladies from throwing themselves at them, as they are said to treat their women as queens.

Well, a fast rising female Nigerian artiste by the name Niniola confirmed the love Nigerian men get from girls and even went on to explain why she thinks Kenyan women, in particular, are blown away by men from her country.


The new artiste was recently in Kenya, and after her trip, she gave her experience and revealed that Kenyan women do indeed like Nigerian men, and one of the reasons was because they are big spenders.

According to Niniola, the women she met talked highly of Nigerian men, and how they treat their women well, with love and respect.

While speaking to Punch, she also added that she did not hear any negative comments or hate about Nigerian men from the women here.

On the contrary, Kenyans do not have misconceptions about Nigerians. They love Nigerians. Their women talk so highly about Nigerian men and how they take care of their women. They also call us loud spenders. I didn’t really hear any negatives.

‘I Was NOT In Lagos With My Ex Boyfriend’ Vera Sidika Rubbishes Claims Thats She Hooked Up With VIOLENT Nigerian Ex (PHOTO)

‘I Just Want To Fall In Love And Disappear’ – Huddah Monroe Is Seeking For Love

She has constantly claimed that she’s doesn’t believe in marriage and isn’t ready to get tied down to one man all her life. But Huddah seems to contradict her statements all the damn time. One day she wants a man in her life, the next she claims she can’t be with a guy for too long.

Huddah 1

She has yet again come out to express her yearning desire to fall in love with a guy who will, well, maybe save her from social media madness and give her babies.

Did Socialite Huddah Monroe Bed Diamond Platnumz? She Speaks Out

But we all tend to ask ourselves what kind of a mother she will be, considering she’s a wild one. At the same time, it’s said that babies change people’s lives. Maybe when she gets babies of her own she’ll be the perfect mother for them.

Huddah 2

Well, she went ahead to open up on social media, stating that even though love hurts, she just wants to have a taste of how it feels.

Pesa Otas! Huddah Proves She’s In The Big League After Getting a Brand New Range Rover Worth MILLIONS (PHOTOS)

She said, “I want to feel it…even if it hurts! I just want to fall inlove and disappear . Delete all these social media! Focus on that love! Make 10 babies!🤤😆❤️. But there’s no one worth the fall! So let’s continuuuu with them ONS😔😣.”

Pesa Otas! Huddah Proves She’s In The Big League After Getting a Brand New Range Rover Worth MILLIONS (PHOTOS)

Alhuda Njoroge popularly known by her celebrity name Huddah Monroe is one of the most popular entertainers and socialites in the continent, and her lavish lifestyle is one that sparks a lot of questions.

The beautiful lass has managed to keep relevant over the years and has grown from a naive wannabe to a businesswoman who recently started a cosmetics beauty line which is doing well so far.

However, Huddah was not born with a silver spoon in her mouth and before all the fame and money, she was brought up in Mathare slums by a single mother and four step brothers.


The sassy lass once confessed that she was addicted to drugs at some point in her life because of the harsh conditions she faced in the slum, but later on sought help in a rehabilitation center.

Other than her lipstick company, Huddah has landed several endorsement deals in the last couple of months and recently, she revealed that she was expanding her cosmetics line.

Has Diana Marua Seen This? Huddah is coming for her bae

Huddah is eating life with a big spoon, and money is no longer a problem for her. The party lover bought herself a penthouse in Kilimani and recently, she sold her old pink Range Rover, and upgraded to a super expensive Range Rover Evoque 2015.


The flamboyant celebrity has opted to keep the car with its original color, white, and if you know the price of this car, you know that it cost an arm and a leg. Interestingly, the car looks similar to Vera’s ride, her longtime archenememy.

Did Socialite Huddah Monroe Bed Diamond Platnumz? She Speaks Out

I looked up the price of this heavy machine and it costs a whopping $40,000 which is KSh 4,136,000. Wow, Huddah is really balling and it makes sense why she calls herself ‘The Boss Chick’.
Check out photos of her new car below. Lanes!







Bold Is Beautiful! Kenyan Celebrities Who Rock Short Hair Perfectly

Bold is beautiful and there is nothing as sexy as a woman in short hair ask Huddah.

I have put together a list of female celebrities who have  chosen to fore-go the weave and dared to be different.

Patricia Kihoro

The soft spoken beauty is a  Kenyan singer, actress, radio and reality television personality. She came into the limelight after participating in Tusker Project Fame and ever since her star has been shinning bright.  She is among the few local artistes who gracefully rock their short hair.



Known to many as the “Boss Lady” the self made socialite looks hot in short hair. She has on different occasions dyed it different shades and whichever color she puts on, she still rocks.


Lupita Nyong’o

Away from being Dr Anyang Nyongo’s daughter, Lupita is the only Kenyan who has won the much coveted Oscar award. But with all the money and fame, she still likes to keep it simple by rocking her hair short. Isn’t she beautiful?



Akothee is one of the few Kenyan female musicians who look good in short hair. Known to many as “Madam Boss” she has proved that short is indeed beautiful.


Janet Wanja

This volley ball queen rocks her multi colored hair like no one else can. The soft spoken beauty shows us how to keep it short, bold and beautiful.



Neomi Ng’ang’a

The talented fashion designer and blogger  knows how to rock it when it comes to short hair. Neomi, who’s a plus size inspiration can often be spotted rocking this daring look, which she dyes using bright and bold colors that we must admit suits her.




The talented fashion blogger known by many for her beautiful fashion sense, knows how to make herself beautiful. She proves that short hair is not necessarily boring by spicing it up with color. She is among the few who dared to chop their hair.



What do you think? Are they hot or not?

You’re Not Ugly, Just BROKE! These Photos Of Vera Sidika BEFORE The Bleaching And Her Big Behind Will Shock You!

Vera Sidika is one of the most popular socialites in Africa, and her hard work seems to have paid off eventually.

The video vixen also happens to be one of the wealthiest celebrities in the showbiz industry if her multi-million mansion, state of the art cars and lavish lifestyle is anything to do by.

Vera seems to be doing very well financially, as she recently launched a detox product, which comes after her failed weaves and wigs business that she shut down about a year ago.


It was rumored that maintaining the shop become a challenge, adding to the fact that not many women were buying the human and synthetic hairs owing to the high prices.

Vera Sidika’s Driver Accused Of Hitting a Young Lady In Town With Her Expensive Range Rover (PHOTOS)

But now, Vera seems to be back on her feet and is determined to grow her new hustle and is thinking of expanding it to other countries.

Huddah and Vera have been rivals for years now, and now that they have both products to sell (Huddah has a line of lipsticks she’s selling), they seem to be taking shots at each other every time.


Vera recently shared this post, talking about her success and all: “Many have asked, how did you do it? You make it look so easy….Well, Success is not a walk in the park…never rosy…there will be so many challenges; critics, haters, enemies of progress, your girlfriends will envy you, hate on you, the public will try humiliate you, strangers mock you, but such is life. You need to keep pushing!”

Trust me, Vera knows very well where she’s come from, and it was never easy. Before the money and fame, the beauty was just a normal girl living in Mombasa, hoping that one day her dreams will come true.

Has Vera Sidika Abandoned Her Close Buddy Zari As She Mourns Her Late Baby Daddy Ivan Don?

I came across photos of Vera before she transformed her body by bleaching and undergoing plastic surgery. Her before and after pics will make you do a double take as it’s very hard to tell that this is the same lady, so different from the curvy and bootylicious woman we see now.

Check out the photos below, with Vera looking ashy and skinny as she tried out modeling back in the day. Unbelievable.

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