Would she feature on a reality show? Huddah Monroe responds

Huddah Monroe says if she was was to feature on a reality show with fellow celebrities she would need bouncers.

This is because of the many secrets she knows and keeps to herself.

Huddah says if she was to be featured in a reality show with fellow celebrities then it would be a disaster because she would be compelled to spill the beans.

” I have verbal diarrhea and I get everyone’s info because people like to tell me things. So if they put me on a reality show with some of your faves lol! I will need like 10 bouncers because that show will be murderous,” the beauty mogul added on her insta stories.

She went on to add that she would not spare people as all she was saying was factual truth, ” sink them all like the Titanic and with facts!”  She wrote as she finished off her post.

The socialite turned businesswoman says she is not scared by the so-called celebrities as a majority of them live fake lives.

“No African celeb gives me pressure lol that is because 99.9% can not afford a 50,000 dollar Birkin let alone a 2000 thousand dollar Balenciaga.

Most carry fake bags and live a fake life, only oppressing Africans because most do not know the difference between REAL and FAKE.” Part of Huddah’s rant read.

She went on to add, ” ya’all be living a lie Monday to Sunday and your followers and likes are the only things that gives you a LIFE,” accompanying the post with a laughing emoji.

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Why Huddah Monroe is ready to be a housewife

The cold in Nairobi has left Huddah Monroe yearning for a man. The businesswoman took to social media to complain about the cold weather saying that she needed a man close to her as her boyfriend is far away.

“Too cold in this B…” She wrote adding “My boo is too far.”

She went on to say that she is ready to become someone’s housewife.

“Its too cold, I’m ready to be taken care of.”

“I’m ready to be a housewife. I’m just ready. I’m ready. Who wants to take care of me? Who wants to love me? Everybody else is complaining of heat like in Dubai , but look at us, its like we are Eskimos.”

Huddah has in the past made headlines when she said she was attracted to sprinter Ferdinand Omanyala

She said “Omanyala is not so bad looking, hapa Kenya ni kama sitoki. @Mpasho connect hiyo date.”

Responding to Huddah, Omanyala laughed off the question about him meeting Huddah and being friends.

“Shetani ashindwe! Huyo hata akituma nini bana hawezi nipata. Kitu anaweza pata maybe ni jina. Simtaki, nishafunga hiyo safari.

(The devil be defeated. She can never get me, the only thing she can get out of this is fame/infamy. I don’t want her, I’m already taken, that part of my life journey is covered.)”

Huddah is currently rumoured to be dating Tanzanian singer Juma Jux.

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VSharon Mundia weighs in on celebs who go through plastic surgery

Kenyan Vlogger Sharon Mundia says celebs have no moral obligation to tell their fans what they do with their lives. This was after a fan asked if celebrities have any moral obligation to tell their fans they have undergone surgery.

Mundia says telling your fans about something makes them feel entitled to know more even when it’s unnecessary.

“Here are my two cents about it. At first, I thought yes, then because and I think especially if they are a part of a team that’s kind of setting the standards for that industry then you should share if you’ve had work done.”

Sharon Mundia


“Kinda like if I come on here and I’m selling skincare and I have filters that make my skin flawless then there’s something on my skin, but then I thought if you go that route it will never end, we will expect more.”

“I should say that there is something on my skin. but then I thought well if we go that route it will never end we will expect them to share everything so we have them validating everything in their life,” Sharon added.

Mundia says her only problem is with people who use certain products yet lie to the public that they are doing things naturally.

 Such celebs mislead some people by making them feel inadequate.

“And then I thought the real issue here is when we see that image or that video or whatever of that celebrity we feel a certain way and so that’s why we like you should have told us because you make that image made us feel like we aren’t good enough, rich enough because that’s what social media is about.”

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Huddah: New mums shouldn’t go to clubs and leave kids unattended

Huddah Monroe has told off new mums who leave of their newborn kids so that they can go partying. According to the socialite, the only reason you should be in a club early is if you work there.

Have kids when ready! They need you! Coz Chille the way people give birth and run to clubs is shocking. Unless you’re a wh*r* and that’s your way of income – understandable I think.”

Huddah had recently revealed that if she gets kids she would never flaunt them on social media.

“My own opinion, My kids, no one will ever see them. That’s on God unless by mistake…They gotta grow up and decide if they want to be in this rat trap or nah! Coz SM is f’d up.”


Before adding,

“But we can protect the children from being in this fake shit… you can show them but create pages, etc. You’ve milked their image dry, they won’t be relevant when they are grown-ups.” 

This is a continuation of an idea that Alhuda started a few ago when she castigated female celebs who expose their kids online for fame and clicks.

”These social media babies be working harder than me an adult. No chance to be a child at all! You must do TikTok for 1 month… give me a break! I need some privacy to grow up.”

She went further by saying,

”Some kids look tired out here on SM and they are barely 5. They’ve been overworked! They are exhausted! And the hustle hasn’t even begun. I am glad I wasn’t born in pandemic times coz I can’t imagine my mom tiring me out @ 2.”

Some who read her comments speculated that Huddah might have been speaking about Rihanna’s behaviour. The billionaire musician and entrepreneur who gave birth less than 2 months ago was recently spotted out and about in a club in Portugal.

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Huddah slams Tiwa Savage for having lose morals

Huddah Monroe calls out Kenyan influencers for ignoring local businesses

Omanyala, don’t fall for a washed-out Huddah! Cess Mutungi

Huddah and Murugi Munyi go HAM on each other

Murugi Munyi alias Yummy Mummy has responded to Huddah Monroe who called out the influencer for negatively reviewing her products.

Huddah had sent Munyi a PR Package and among the things sent was a vagina tightening kit which the mother of 3 refused to use.

Giving a review about Rich Skin, one of Huddah’s products, Murugi Munyi said she took over a month to open the product and the packaging reminded her of success cards.

Murugi went on to talk about the products mentioning that they are not 9 steps but 7 in the package as Huddah claims.

She also noted that they all had the same instructions describing each product- which is kind of a red flag since those purchasing don’t know what ingredients were used.

In her response, Huddah asked Murugi to try the products first before rushing to criticize them.
” Don’t bash things without trying, coz repeated words or typos or spelling mistakes don’t take away the efficiency
of the product. And by the way, you are not in any way forced to post our products. We work hard to get here and people like you make us stronger.” Huddah posted on Instagram.

Huddah Monroe

The socialite went ahead to add that she doesn’t need influencers for her business to grow and she will result in hiring professional models.
Munyi has now responded saying that just because a company has sent a PR kit does not mean the review must be positive.
She however added that she loves and respects Huddah and what she has achieved.
“I just want to respond because I do not love leaving things hanging in the air. I have nothing against Huddah or her products.
Huddah is extremely beautiful she is extremely smart and very successful.
What she has been able to achieve shows she does not need influencers to market her products.”

Murugi added
I do not believe just because you have sent someone a PR package the review has to be positive.
That goes against marketing principles.
I had not used the product so I couldn’t guarantee customers that they would get 100% value for their money.
I was however willing to try and give a review.”

Was Murugi MUnyi wrong in giving a negative review?

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The reason Huddah prefers going commando

Kenyan socialite Huddah Monroe has claimed inner-wear are for women with smelly privates. 

The socialite says she prefers walking around commando style.

Through her socials she said,

“I don’t wear underwear. I own none. My friends, my boyfriend everyone wonders why. But it’s this private part. It’s too fresh to stay wrapped up. Underwear is for people with smelly privates. I think you need it to trap that odor,” Huddah wrote.

Huddah says not even getting her menses can make her wear panties.

“Inner-wear gives me infections too. I’m too fresh to stress to my privates.”

And how is she able to have her periods without having inner wear? She said, 

“I use menstrual cups which I will introduce soon. It doesn’t have any leakages,” Huddah explained.

Just recently Huddah left tongues wagging after advising Kenyans not to get married just because they want intimacy.

She said people should get married for the right reason.

“A lot of people are getting married for the wrong reasons,” she said.

“You should get married because you want to start a family not because you’re thinking of leaving. How many men are you going to leave for cheating? If your priority is to get married because you want to have intimacy then you’re wrong.”

Huddah Monroe

In an earlier post, Huddah revealed a secret she has always kept to herself.

The socialite said she was in a marriage institution for four years but divorced.

According to Huddah, she divorced her husband as he was a drug addict. Huddah said at the time she was only 19 years and was not famous.

She added that the reason she did not speak about it was that nobody cared as she was not a famous person.

“I was married for four years at 19 years. We did not have a child and I divorced him. This is because the man was a drug addict. I wasn’t famous so I didn’t advertise it,” Huddah revealed. 

She has in the past kept her love life a secret until recently when she paraded her ‘love’ with Tanzanian singer Juma Jux.

In a recent interview while in Tanzania, Huddah said she will get married soon to a Tanzanian man. She, however, denied dating Juma Jux.

“Very soon, I am getting married. I’m dating someone in Tanzania,” she said but refused to reveal who the man is.

“Jux is a very good-looking guy, and I know there are some women from here in Tanzania who are feeling very bad that, ‘Oh, Huddah has come’. Maybe they have a crush on him and have been wanting a chance with him.”

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Huddah slams Tiwa Savage for having lose morals

Huddah Monroe calls out Kenyan influencers for ignoring local businesses

Omanyala, don’t fall for a washed-out Huddah! Cess Mutungi

Huddah Monroe calls out Kenyan influencers for ignoring local businesses

Socialite Huddah Monroe has called out Kenyan influencers for attending Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty product launch in huge numbers while they ignore their own.

Rihanna’s product launch happened on Thursday night and various influencers attended the exclusive event.

In various posts on her Instagram, Huddah said the same influencers ignore Kenyan brands or show less support.
“Good luck y’all with supporting abroad business for free. While your local shea butter seller is asking to pay you 15k for just 30 seconds reel or just a post and you refuse. They are still winning. Keep on guys. The sky is not the limit.

Huddah added that some influencers chose to support foreign businesses for free but charge alot of money to their country people.

“We Africans have a long way to go. We won’t support local businesses for a fee but we will embrace anything foreign for free.

They do it for free or peanut to look busy and booked. Living struggle mode lives and then when Huddah DM’s them coz i am nice like that and i wanna pay…They ask for 200k for a reel..”

She encouraged her fans to empower local business so they can build their people.

“Buy Kenyan made by Kenyans build Kenya. Empower your people. Empower local business.”

Huddah said she will be supporting local businesses on her page to support them for free.

Juma Jux and Huddah release steamy video

Award-winning Tanzania star, Juma Jux and Kenyan socialite Huddah Monroe, have released a steamy video just weeks after the two denied dating.

Huddah is the video vixen to Jux’s new song ‘Simuachi’ meaning I will not leave her.

The song is a declaration towards a woman Jux loves. In the video, the duo is seen getting all cozy with the celebrated Kenyan socialite.

Jux has been rumored to be dating Huddah, something he has continuously denied.

In a recent interview, Jux said hanging out with Huddah doesn’t mean that they were dating.

They were pictured together and at one point, Monroe was also seen wearing his favorite jacket.

Jux now says that his label is very popular and maybe she bought it to promote his brand.

‘I am in a relationship and I know Huddah is dating. So the question of the two of us dating does not arise.

But I will answer this question some more another day. Anything can happen. Who told you I met her in South Africa?’

Despite the interviwers persistence, Jux still denied dating Huddah.

Ati a video showing her wearing my coat? Anyone can buy such a coat. She is my friend and the two of us have met many times inaweza kuwa sio South Africa, kwa nini South Africa?”

Jux says he treats Huddah like he treats all his female friends.

“She is my friend just like others are my friends. If I was spotted with her or met her then it’s nothing extraordinary.

We exchange business ideas, nothing else. If I meet her it’s like meeting my other friends.”

So fond of Huddah is Juma Jux that he has a car named after the socialite. The car is a sleek white 2016 Mercedes Benz AMG.

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Omanyala, don’t fall for a washed-out Huddah! Cess Mutungi

Classic105 presenters Cess Mutungi has called out Huddah Monroe terming her a woman of low morals after she hit on Ferdinand Omanyala.

Cess says it’s a shame that Huddah wants to sow where she did not plant.

The outspoken radio host hailed Omanyala’s wife for having stood by him when he had nothing and when no one believed in him.

Sharing her open with her co-host Mike Mondo, Cess advised,

“Huddah is those women of easy virtues. Omanyala was not always like this. Where was she when he was struggling He was not like this until another woman came in and helped him become who he is.”

Cess went on to advise Omanyala not to lose focus and taint his name over a few seconds of fun. According to Cess , Huddah is not worth losing his career for.

“Your option cannot be a washed-out socialite.”

She went on to advise Huddah to get married like her fellow socialite Vera Sidika.

“We cannot have Omanyala’s reputation tainted.”

Huddah had earlier taken to her social media to lust over Omanyala asking to be connected to him.

“Omanyala is not soo bad looking hapa Kenya ni kama sitoki. @Mpashogram connect hiyo date,” she captioned.

This came contradictory as she had earlier stated she would never date a black man as they are too much work.

“I’ve dated too many nationalities and dating a black man is like going in a maze! It’s too much hard work, you can easily go mental and the reason is their mothers. Y’all women with sons do better for the next generation of black men!”
read part of her post.

Omanyala is engaged to Lavender Omanyala with whom he has a son. The couple met in 2016.
Do you agree with Cess that Huddah is a woman of loose morals?



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Huddah hits on Ferdinand Omanyala

Kenyan socialite Huddah Monroe has shot her shot at Ferdinand Omanyala.

Her sentiment came just days after Omanyala won the Kip Keiyo Classic at Moi Stadium Kasarani.

“Omanyala is not soo bad looking hapa Kenya ni kama sitoki. @Mpashogram connect hiyo date,” she captioned.

Over the weekend Omanyala made Kenyans proud after he set a world lead of 9.85 to win the men’s 100m during the Kip Keino Classic at Moi Stadium, Kasarani on Saturday evening. 

Huddah has in the past revealed she would never date a black man.

She says she has dated too many nationalities and can confirm how stressful it is to date a black man, she adds that one can easily go mental when dating a black man. 

“I’ve dated too many nationalities and dating a black man is like going in a maze! It’s too much hard work, you can easily go mental and the reason is their mothers. Y’all women with sons do better for the next generation of black men!” read part of her post.

On her Instagram stories, the Kenyan socialite also shared that she didn’t entertain lying men in her life while she didn’t mind a cheating man adding that black men are mostly known to be liars.

In her words she said,

“I would never leave a man for cheating. But I’d be quick to leave if he is a liar. I’m not your mother. I won’t beat you up! We are adults keep it 100! Especially black men lie for no reason at all.”

Using her ex-boyfriend as an example, Huddah said believing a liar is a problem even at the point of their death. She says her ex-boyfriend used to tell lies and that she didn’t believe him when he said he was sick.

“My ex used to tell little lies that even when he is sick I wouldn’t believe it for sh*t! I have to see him in ER with a hospital gown to believe it! He could die in front of me and I think he is playing because I need evidence, bro,” Huddah wrote.

She went on to advise couples to stop lying to their partners. Huddah finds lying the biggest deal-breaker.

“Once you lie once, it’s hard for a woman/ man to trust you again. Once you lie to me once even if it’s for a joke that’s it. Everything you say is a lie! you might have to bring a whole cow to believe it’s beef I’m eating! I just can’t!” Huddah said.

Omanyala is engaged to Lavender Omanyala with whom he has a son with. The couple met in 2016.

Omanyala had in the past praised his wife for his success stating that she also supported him when things were not going on well financially.

Huddah and Juma Jux spend time in SA

Huddah Monroe was in South Africa recently. So was Tanzanian singer Juma Jux. Well, the two have been seen enjoying each other’s company at what is seen to be a mall in SA.

They were pictured together and at on one point, Monroe is seen wearing a jacket that looks like Jux’s. Although the two are back to their country’s, on Thursday night, Huddah shared a video while on a private movie date.

The dinner table was at a cinema with red roses and balloons.

“A private candle lit ,private screening As private as me……. Thanks buddy.” She wrote

It is not clear whether Jux and Monroe have become more than friends but the singer’s Rwandese girlfriend recently shared a heartbreak emoji.

Juma Jux

It is not the first time Jux and Huddah have raised questions on their ‘relationship.’ Jux named one of his cars Huddah.

“Huddah is my friend. She is in the country as well and if she will have time to meet, I will be happy but this time I am here for work.” He said when asked when asked about the car

 Huddah had also shared the luxury ride on her social media with a caption that read “Juma Jux, see ya! I am on my way. Damn! Daddy J.”

In January 2020, they were spotted vacationing at a private villa in Zanzibar.

Huddah Monroe blasts women asking money from her male friends

Socialite Huddah Monroe says women have a habit of thirsting on men she follows.

She said they even DM them to ask for money.

Huddah said this happens mostly when she accepts to follow back a male fan on her Instagram page.

“I followed a guy friend of mine, and next thing, he gets DM’S YOU all thirsty. Happens all the time when I follow a guy. They even ask for money..”

Huddah added that she loves being a women but getting money as a woman is not an easy job unlike men.

“The next life, let me be a man . making money is the easiest job. Whether its scamming or working in a bank. Men don’t get all this sh*t. During pregnancy, its worse, men have only one job. However I love being a woman without the extra shit that comes with it.”

Recently, Huddah said she would quickly dump a man who is not honest, she said.

“We are adults keep it 100! Especially black men lie for no reason at all,” she said.

She advised women with sons to raise them to be honest men.

“I’ve dated too many nationalities and dating a black man is like going in a mase,” she said.

“It’s too much hard work, you can easily go Mental.”

Let people die at their own time-Huddah

Huddah Monroe has asked people to stop ‘killing’ others once they see celebrities are not active on social media.

Monroe shared a post on social media saying she’s part of that circus. She went on to refer to it as a rat trap

“Don’t spread rumors of someone being dead when they actually ain’t dead!
Not posting on Social media don’t mean you ain’t alive or living your life ! Not everyone is obsessed with SM & Not everyone wants to be on this RATTRAP forever! It’s just circumstances that make us stay lol! We got trapped! Stop with that fake sh**! Let people die at their own time respectfully!

She added;

“But this rat trap got y’all thinking this is the life! That’s why you meet people and bcoz they have 200k followers , you can’t even have a conversation coz they walk around like they on a TV show or on Insta stories .They’ve totally forgotten what real life is ! Lool! I’m tired”

Her fans applauded the boss chick for the post. Monroe is currently promoting her skin care products.

Juma Jux speaks about his relationship with Huddah Monroe

Tanzanian singer Juma Jux sparked rumours he was in an ‘entanglement’ with Kenyan socialite Huddah Monroe last year after he gifted himself a brand new sleek white Mercedez Benz, 2016 AMG that he christened ‘Huddah’Monroe.

Socialite Huddah would then post a screenshot of the car with a caption;

“Juma Jux, see ya! I am on my way. Damn! Daddy J”

Speaking during his visit to Kenya, Juma was asked to adress the allegations that the two had a thing.

He told SPM Buzz;

“Huddah is my friend. She is in the country as well and if she will have time to meet, I will be happy but this time I am here for work,” he said.

Juma also spoke about his dream to starting a record label.

“There is a progress of starting a record label but for now working with other artiste is key. I do not have any beef with any artiste and I can work with any of them,” he said.

Lilian Muli to Churchill, here are celebs who were video vixens

Being a video vixen in Kenya has become a serious job. What you might not know is that some celebrities were vixens even before the world knew what it was.

Below is the list

1.Kamene Goro

Kamene is the latest celebrity to be a video vixen in a music video.

She featured in jam ‘Figa’ which is done by Ethic.

Kamene Goro spoke about stalking and other issues

2.Vera Sidika

Vera Sidika has been a video Vixen not once but twice.

Vera became a sensation for the first time after appearing in the video ‘You Guy’  by P Unit .

The socialite has been accused of lookming lighter than she did before

Fast forward Vera went to become a vixen for her ex boyfriend Otile Brown in his video ‘Baby Love’.

The song was so warmly received by the fans and it has so far garnered  8,580,721 views.

3.Lilian Muli

Believe it or not Citizen TV reporter Lilian Muli was once a video vixen for Kamba artiste Kasolo.

Lilian appeared as a vixen for the first time in the video ‘Kyaa Kya Ngai’

Lilian Muli looking glorious

Check out the posh house of businessman Paul Kobia – Photos

4.Betty Kyallo

Betty Kyallo has also been a vixen in a video for the song Mdogo Mdogo by the musician SKay.

She was doing what most ladies are dying to do now and she did not make a fuss about it.

Betty Kyallo in the dress

5.Huddah Monroe

Back in day when no one knew who Huddah was she featured as a vixen in the song ‘Ukweli’ which was done by Propesa.

Huddah Monrioe

When she later joined the A-list league of video vixens she was one of the main characters in ‘Nimetoka Mbali’ by Jaguar featuring AY.

6.Sabina Chege

The Muranga woman rep was a video vixen.

The famous John De Mathews has hit songs and his famous “Njata Yakwa” has our very own Sabina Chege as his video vixen.


We now know Churchill as a force to be reckoned with in the media industry but few of us know that one of Churchill’s first video was as the ‘ningependa kutuma salamu’ in Rufftone’s hit song ‘Mwikulu’.



In 2004 DJ Mo starred as one of the ‘video vixens’ with the coolest moves in Father Mbuyu’s video ‘Ruo Rwa Korogocho’ (pain of Korogocho slums) shot in Baba Ndogo.

Dj Mo
Gospel Dj Mo

In the video DJ Mo is in a white shirt and a knitted cap because he was such a huge fan of King Kaka formerly Rabbit/Kaka Sungura.

Mwalimu Rachel

Many don’t know that our favourite teacher was once a video vixen in Nonini’s ‘Pole Pole’

Mwalimu Racheal


Stunning female celebrities who we think would make cute babies (photos)

Kenyans have many beautiful female celebrities in the entertainment industry, politics and even sports,They are a representation of Kenya’s population.

This kills the stereotype that Kenya does not produce gorgeous women.

The attractive women in this list are the ones I believe would provide stunning babies if a man was to have children with them.


For the sake of argument, the list looks at two categories which we can look to distinguish for healthy and attractive children. Their facial symmetry (beauty) and physical properties (big posteriors).

Top 20 Africa’s billionaires. Even with all the looting no Kenyan is on it

The women who meet these specifications are below:

Joey Muthengi

The celebrated host works on Citizen’s TV’s 10 over 10 and has become a fan favourite because of her wonderful chemistry with Willis Raburu.

Joey Muthengi
Joey Muthengi

Corazon Kwamboka

The lawyer turned socialite is now dating an Italian man. She also has one of the most curvaceous bodies out there. A true figure 8.

Corazon Kwamboka
Corazon Kwamboka

11 to 21: Here are consent ages to engage in s#xual acts around the world

Lola Hannigan

The socialite is rumoured to be seeing Statehouse operative and Mr. moneybags Jomo Gecaga. And why wouldn’t he? She is a pleasure to look at.

Lola Hannigan
Lola Hannigan

Vera Sidika

Even eligible bachelor Otile Brown was infatuated with this woman! And while I may not like the heavily synthetic Vera of today, she once had the stereotypical body that was curvy and not fat. Yes, a delicate balance that many try and fail at.

Vera Sidika
Before and after of Vera Sidika

Joy Agunjah

This is Corazon’s younger sister and she seems to be following in the same vein as her sister, that of being a socialite. The lady has been blessed with some delicious curves like her sister and she also has the ambition to succeed. Where is her Italian man?

Joy Agunja
Joy Agunja

Revealed: Here is where Betty Kyallo got money to start her salon

Lupita Nyong’o

The darker the berry the sweeter the juice is a phrase that best encapsulates the first African woman to win an Oscar. She did so by playing the role of a slave. In the movie, you couldn’t tell that a pretty woman lay underneath all the scars and tears but there was one.

Lupita Ny'ongo
Lupita Ny’ongo

Sanaipei Tande

The radio presenter started out as with the musical group called SEMA and has since flourished and branched out onto a somewhat successful solo career.

Huddah Monroe

The socialite who started out on Big Brother is now an established “boss woman” and is still as beautiful to look at as she was when in her early twenties.

Huddah Monroe
Huddah Monroe

Everyone has their opinions but mine are always right!

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Kenyan female celebrities with an amazing shoe-game (Photos)

Some women obsess over handbags, while others would sell a kidney for a pair of shoes. From Louboutins to Giuseppe Zanotti to Manolo Blahnik, women want it all and one is just never enough.

Christian Dior was right when he said that too many women think that they are unimportant, but the real proof of an elegant woman is what is on her feet.

Here are some female Kenyan celebrities whose footwear undoubtedly seem to fetch quite a fortune!

  1. Victoria Kimani

Forget all things expensive, the finest shoes are Miss Kimani’s best friends for life! If you invite her to your wedding, be ready to suffer the humiliation of her banging body and stunner shoes.


2. Sharon Mundia

From flats to ankle boots to heels, this fashion and lifestyle blogger leaves nothing to chance.

Can we just agree Sharon looks spectacular always?

13395002_630338957116623_471890400_n 10311322_1141695882541462_990453229_n 11022792_423500244498816_1314869630_n

3. Huddah Monroe

From designer wears to her exquisite pairs, her shoe collection is indeed the envy of many girls!

56918283_168118294195272_2583025642858696524_nezgif.com-resize (1)ezgif.com-resize (2)

4. Nancie Mwai

Doesn’t she already give you goosebumps with her incredible taste for juicy makeup photos? Well, this fashion blogger is absolutely doing the most with her shoe vogue to make sure she doesn’t go unnoticed

49482205_159659051666053_5483921387055449085_nezgif.com-resize (3)13722230_282178822148513_1430662211_n

5. Anerlisa Mungai

This curvaceous lass seems to have a fetish for classy and expensive shoes as she always steps out looking radiant. Manolo Blahnik should crown their newly found brand ambassador already!


6. Joy Kendi

Her style is best described as funky and unique and phenomenally seems to pay close attention to her shoes!


7. Diana Marua

Signora Bahati as she best describes herself on Instagram always steps out in beautiful footwear. Her shoes can only be put into one word: breathtaking


8. Pendo (The Ghetto Princess)

If you ever need motivation not only to breaking barriers preferentially in business with what to wear with what kind of shoes, she’s your go to girl to turn heads for a date and office day.


9. Risper Faith

Risper is mounting pressure on new mothers for her beautiful home and her shoes every day with her seemingly new shoes in the kitchen!


10. Brenda Wairimu

This profound actress always knows what shoe to wear with what outfit especially when it comes to flats and high heels.

This just goes to show how much attention girls pay to their footwear!


So honey, keep slaying your dragons as it not only reveals a lot about your personality and body language but also your attitude!



Why Huddah Monroe may stop giving us major travel goals for a GOOD REASON

Who doesn’t like traveling?

Hop onto a plane and head over to your chosen destination either for holiday or business.

Huddah Monroe never lacks anything to say on her social media platforms. This time around, the lass is tired of traveling. You heard that right. The wealth acquired from multiple businesses she claims to own, have enabled the socialite to travel across the Globe.


Why would a socialite known for her jet setting life, now want to quit  travelling?

Huddah puts it down to age, and wanting to accomplish other things too.

‘You get more educated when you travel’- Huddah Monroe speaks out

Alhuda is tired of globetrotting and wants to settle down and have a family of her own.


Despite being exhausted of constantly flying, she has admitted to loving her work and businesses that have enabled her to fly on a daily.

She may need a representative, she wrote.

Above ground is a blessing, and she is living her best life.

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