Huddah loves beefing! Vera says about their contentious past

Vera Sidika and Huddah Monroe have always had a silent intensity between them even during periods when they have a detente’. The reason for that is the claim to who is Kenya’s biggest socialite?

That question might split many Kenyans the same way that the Ronaldo vs Messi comparison normally does, depends on who you ask?

Maina Kageni defends Huddah and Vera Sidika from trolls

The two have been careful not to attack each other recently with each focusing on their burgeoning businesses. Recently in an interview with Wasafi FM, the voluptuous vixen claimed Huddah always tries to ruffle her feathers even when she is minding her own business.

Huddah with long hair
Huddah with long hair

She also claimed that it was Huddah who had a penchant for beefing, ‘Personally, I do not have a problem with her. I once tried to approach her with a business idea but she turned it down. You know people are different,” Miss Sidika said.

Huddah Monroe disses Vera Sidika’s Range Rover :’Mine is more expensive’

She also shocked her listeners when she said that the last time that she had seen Huddah was 6 years ago, not bumping into each other despite the two travelling a lot.

Vera seating on the countertop
Vera seating on the countertop

Miss Sidika was also very forward-thinking and said that she didn’t despise her petite nemesis and hopes that one day the bad blood between them will fizzle away.

Huddah posing on the bed
Huddah posing on the bed

The two have been involved in explosive online altercations to a point they nearly met up with the intention of squaring it up. Huddah even once claimed Vera was a walking, talking bag of diseases which included HIV/AIDS which Vera strenuously denied.

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KOT rally behind Huddah over ‘fat girl’ comments

Whenever Huddah gets into an online spat, fans always say she is about to launch something.

Her latest comments were aimed at an American singer named Lizzo, who describes herself as thick.

But Huddah begs to differ. In several posts in Instagram Huddah goes ahead to fat shame the American celebrity, taking aim at heavy girls with comments about hitting the gym.

But before all this, Huddah posted an absolutely stunning picture showing off tight abs. But forget that nice pic, all KOT noticed was the picture is photoshopped.

Yes, even curvy Huddah has to photoshop her pictures before sharing them with y’all. Is she paranoid about fat int he wrong places? *insert horrified emoji*

So after the picture she shares on her insta stories something about fat girls. Read in the screenshot below.huddah bpdy shames

Here are comments from her followers who somewhat agree with her fat shaming:

Tiles are bending girl 😂😂

Waist went into extinction 😩
Huddah body shaming women to launch a product. You hate to see it
Na Si huddah amepost pic iko na curved tiles juzi ama ni jana?? Anyway, whether you are skinny or fat mimi sioni haja ya kupost naked pics in the name of confidence… Kama unataka kupost wewe post but don’t say it’s confidence… Sijui self realization, sijui coming to birth🙄🙄

Rihanna’s blueprint was there to copy but for reasons I’m unable to understand, Huddah thought shitting on fat women was a better business decision? Why she had to burn her bread like that I’m disappointed with her
Huddah said what I’ve been telling y’all fat hoes, ingieni gym lmfaooo
Youh huddah amesema muanze kuhit gym bana,,,we should not promote obesity in this app and say ni confidence…eat healthy and hit the gym Huddah has spoken
@rosekamau_..Lol Huddah amesema you aren’t thick just fat ….
Huddah is on the loose. Approach her Instagram with caution ⚠

Huddah Monroe is not real. If she was angefanya hizo surgery zote na botox kwa uso ndio afit standard za white society. Men are hyping this woman akiita @lizzo elephant na mama zenyu wako tu the same. She is insulting women who are like your mothers &trying to sell detox tea
Huddah deserves a seat at the table of men hawa watu waende gym
Huddah has spoken what we’re all afraid to say
@Itiswinny..whatever huddah will say, i support her😃
Huddah should know that skinnyshaming is NOWHERE NEAR THE SAME LEVEL as fatshaming.

Lol. Simple way to prove this, ask any skinny person if they’d rather endure fatshaming instead?

And furthermore, Lizzo was minding her business, Huddah should have to.
@futuristic_dan..I endorse whatever Huddah is saying. Fat ghels should hit the gym bana

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Hajavaa kitu! Huddah roasted after wearing torn stockings(photo)

Huddah is never far away from controversy. The socialite cum business-woman did so yesterday when she posted an image of herself on her Instagram page. The image was a legit thirst-trap with little to cover her family jewels apart from a strategically placed make-up boxset.

Her caption read;

GOD is the KEY 🔑 🔐!  Using my NEW eyeshadow palette to cover unwanted displays 😛…. Get it tomorrow 

The post received a lot of praise and also some flack from her followers. Since I am a man of positive vibes I will focus on the negative things that people said about the image she posted.

Huddah in blue
Huddah in blue

The negative comments largely focused on two issues; her torn stockings and while another felt that she had put too many filters in the photo resulting in her skin tone matching the beige hat she was wearing!

Go sell that nunu-Huddah tells women who are struggling financially

Huddah responded with characteristic fire to the jabs. Some of the comments and her replies are below;

kavuthaimani Stocking imeraruka Madam

huddahthebosschick @stephy_teff thanks for explaining (it is fashion). Ushamba iko hii East Africa 🤣🤣🤣🤣

ndolo.king Be real filter 1000000000000000000000000000000 uko karibu kufanana na kofia Madam 😂💀lmao

huddahthebosschick @ndolo.king but that’s my skin color . What color do you want me to filter myself into Chocolate ? Idiot

marcejohns Ungevaa something better than hiyo yenye imeraruka]

The socialite posing on the bed
Huddah posing on the bed

aggie_moxxie Iyo ni tight design ama kuraruka?mraruko nayo!!!😂😂😂😂😂@hudahbosschick

wakushine_ sema @huddahthebosschick hujaona vile iko na damage 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Ama n fashion but it seems hujaona umevaaa tu 😂😂😂😂😂😂

janeyjunior90567790 Don’t mention God in stupidity things

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‘I miss Raila,’ Huddah Monroe astonishingly proclaims

Huddah Monroe is known for her controversial remarks online. The socialite who has in the past made her political stances known (a very dangerous thing for an entertainer to do) has come out with a very interesting claim.

Maina Kageni defends Huddah and Vera Sidika from trolls

Al Huddah says that she misses ODM party leader Raila Odinga.

First, let’s go down memory lane.

The entrepreneur has had the privilege of meeting one of the most influential men in Kenya’s political history. She posted the image on her Instagram page in 2014.

Huddah posing
Huddah posing on a seat

After the photo received some heat, the provocateur hit back with a scornful caption about dirty minds saying;

Flashback Friday with Kenya’s former Prime Minister Hon. Raila Amollo Odinga! It’s never that serious. I don’t understand why people should call their dads to ask them why he took pics with me! Satanic and demonic thoughts are created by you! I command RESPECT where I go no matter the intensity of your hatred!

The socilaite with Raila-Odinga
Raila-Junior-with Huddah

Since then Miss Monroe and the former Premier seemed to have drifted apart, especially after the 2017 general elections when Raila advocated for mass action from his supporters.

The light-skinned beauty was against Raila’s message to his supporters and called him out at the time.

The socialite doing the duck face
The socialite posing

But it seems that she has forgiven the old man, speaking about him in a post that will surely raise some eyebrows. her post read, ‘I miss Raila.’

She also added, ‘Don’t judge me, I just woke up missing the old man lol! Missing is a feeling we should all embrace ….’

The socialite's screenshot
Huddah’s screenshot

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Huddah Monroe arrested on birthday weekend

Another article about Huddah Monroe!? Yes and because we all need more of the socialite in our lives. The lady who has been celebrating her birthday this week might have gone overboard as she was arrested.

Huddah loves beefing! Vera says about their contentious past

For what! The pretty yellow-skinned owner of her own brand of cosmetics was arrested for drunk driving. She was then taken to Gigiri police station.

Huddah in white
Huddah Monroe

Through her Insta stories, Al Huddah detailed that she had gone out to celebrate her birthday party with her friends and lovers when the ordeal occurred. She wrote,

At the police station at 4 am lol just coz I told the cops I don’t know thm…they might be bandits They are the real bandits anyways. And them niggaz read all my posts. My birthday was filled with love. People I’ve known for years, My lovers and two fans I invited. The after-party was at Gigiri police station for drunk driving. Shame on me endangering my life and others. Thanks to the cops for doing their work. I stayed at the cop station with other drunkards vibing until we sobered up. Then we drove home. The real parte after parte.

The socialite fully made up

At least the enterprising socialite learnt a valuable lesson, one that her 1.7 million Instagram followers can emulate. Don’t drink and drive.



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Ati what! Huddah Monroe shockingly reveals her age

Huddah Monroe has been celebrating her birthday week. The socialite decided to go out and celebrate it at a children’s home and even ate at a kibanda showing that she still is one of the ‘people’.

The socialite ate the children's home
The socialite ate the children’s home
The socialite ate the children's home
The socialite ate the children’s home

As with most women who have crossed the grand age of 25, Miss Monroe has been cagey with her age but the entrepreneur is doing new things on her birthday week.

One of those is revealing her age. The petite beauty decided to finally disclose that she is just 27-year old. For long, most netizens were convinced the beauty is well into her 30s and has just mastered the art of aging like fine wine. She wrote;

’10/10/92 a queen was born! A year older. May God grant us all our hearts desires,’ Huddah wrote. While celebrating her birthday like a queen, the socialite turned entrepreneur claimed she was born in 1992.

The socialite posing in white
Huddah posing in white

When one daring follower decided to openly doubt the truth in Huddah’s statement, the socialite quickly tore her a new one and put the doubting Thomas on her place. Some of the comments are below;
tanashadonna Happy belated birthday fine gyal ❤️😍 Take us slowly please
kinyanjuis_daughter Lol huddah is not born 92..😃😃😃😃.
huddahthebosschick @kinyanjuis_daughter coz your Vagina gave birth to me, you must know better. Tell us more……
glaanx Lol. Ati huddah you are 26? Lol.

The socialite with long hair
Huddah with long hair

I also have my doubts. I don’t think she has given us her accurate age. I think that the socialite is much younger than she claims to be. I think she is in her early 20’s. Hahaha! The curious case of Benjamin Button.

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Maina Kageni defends Huddah and Vera Sidika from trolls


Huddah Monroe and Vera Sidika are undoubtedly living the glam life online, and are the envy of many.

Girls want to be like them, and the guys, well…they just want to hit it.

They are also subject to online trolls slam them for a life that seems to be funded by ‘sponsors’ (their words not mine).

Huddah posing in white
Huddah posing in white

The extent of the online trolling they receive has been noticed by Maina Kageni.

Maina Kageni reveals who he would marry between Huddah and Vera Sidika (Audio)

Maina is taking on trolls saying

do you even know what they do for a living? why do people call them names,verasidikainreddress


Vera and Huddah have earned a huge following posting photos wearing designer items, and somehow some of the fans provoke them into responding to all sorts of online abuse.

The two are shamed for their lifestyle which Maina says is no excuse for bullying

Must you assume that there is someone paying for their lifestyle?

Trolls and haters are an unfortunate fact of life on the Internet.

Other celebrities who are constantly forced to defend themselves are Anerlisa Muigai, Akothee, Dj Pierra Makena among others.

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He is waiting for auntie! Tanasha tells Huddah confirming son’s birth

Tanasha Donna and Diamond Platnumz have been very secretive when it comes to the birth of their son. The rumour mill that the two had had a baby was confirmed by Diamond’s father earlier this week.

Diamond touching Tanasha's belly
Diamond touching Tanasha’s belly

This news hasn’t been confirmed by the intimates close to the family; Mama Diamond or Diamond’s sister, Esma. The two have been silent as a grave regarding the birth of their kin’s son.

Diamond Platnumz celebrates son’s birth with Sh13 million watch!

 But thank God for people like Huddah Monroe, the socialite who is currently in Dubai enjoying herself. Miss Monroe let the cat out the bag recently when she publicly commented on Tanasha’s page asking her when she could see the couple’s son?
Diamond and Huddah chilling together
Diamond and Huddah chilling together

Tanasha didn’t shy away from confirming the news of her son’s birth and said that she was waiting for her auntie (Huddah) to come and visit.

The screenshot is below;

Huddah's message to Tanasha
Huddah’s message to Tanasha. Courtesy/the_originaleast

This confirmation while good will still not satisfy the waiting masses who want a glimpse of what the lovechild of Diamond and Tanasha would look like.

Diamond and Tanasha Donna in the past
Diamond and Tanasha Donna in the past

It is interesting to note that before Tanasha came on the scene, Huddah was great friends with Zari Hassan, Diamond’s baby mama.

Huddah chilling with Zari
Huddah chilling with Zari in the past

Now Zari and Huddah are no longer friends the same way Zari and Tanasha don’t see eye to eye. Buuuuuuut!!!! Huddah and Tanasha are now great friends! Gadem! Life!

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Huddah explains sad reason she can’t live with a man in the same house

Huddah Monroe has a story to tell that many who struggle financially can resonate with. The socialite-cum-entrepreneur knows what it’s like to be poor and dirt poor at that!

Huddah TBT
Huddah TBT

Al Huddah Njoroge as her birth certificate reads has stated in the past that her upbringing wasn’t exactly a bed of roses with a lot of financial struggles in it. She recently explained the harsh realities of her early life in more depth.

‘Sis, secure yourself first. You are the bag’ Huddah advises

Huddah wrote on her Instagram page that her stepdad had been physically abusive towards her mother and that had made her hate men. She even wondered how she was so addicted to those same men as an adult.

Huddah screenshot
Huddah screenshot

‘You don’t need role models to be who you want to be in life! Be yourself! DO YOU! It’s so hard being someone else! Everything I Grew up around was Toxic! I didn’t have anyone I could admire and be like.” she wrote.

‘Like My step-dad Used to beat the sh!t out of my mom like crazy, I can never unsee it! I hated men soooo much, I can’t believe I’m so addicted to them right now. I still don’t think I can live with a man in the same house! SCARY MOVIE!’ she added.

Huddah posing on the bed
Huddah posing on the bed

The woman who best exemplifies the term going from grass to grace then said that one’s past should not hold them back from having a glorious future. She continued,

Also, Nobody liked us , no one wanted to be associated with us coz we were poor and they’d donate their shoes and clothes to us & leave , so we didn’t have anyone AT ALL to look at and even wish to be like one day! LOL! 🤦‍♀️
Long story short, All I wanna say is your past doesn’t determine your future! Your past is what happened to you it’s upto you to make your present what you ever envisioned! 😁You DESERVE EVERYTHING great and more! And never feel bad for it! GOODNIGHT 🌙 🚀

Huddah with long hair
Huddah with long hair

The socialite is lucky that she has been able to turn her life around. Might she be an inspiration for other women out there.

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Huddah Monroe makes it to the September issue of Harpers Bazaar

Huddah Monroe aka the boss chick appears  to exist in perpetual motion.

She is doing it all and she isn’t slowing done just yet.

She is still young, with a bubbly attitude towards life.

Recently she was in the United States of America, for almost five months. Something that looked like the boss lady was on holiday but nope, she was securing the bag.

Being an international businesswoman, Huddah never stops oozing out with bright and sensible ideas to create a business empire.

View this post on Instagram

I'm a big believer that change is good.To me LA is like the world's greatest party,known for its Mediterranean climate, ethnic diversity, Hollywood, the entertainment industry, and it is the “misunderstood city”. . If you're lucky enough to travel anywhere , this is a place you have to go & make the most of it. Have fun, take advantage of the opportunities and meet as many people as you can. . Thank you Harpers Bazaar US Magazine for helping me share this experience on the SEPTEMBER ISSUE . I never in one day imagined I’d be in one of the Worlds biggest fashion magazine ….. CLICK LINK ON BIO to Check out Full story! 🍾🍾 . Magazine: @harpersbazaarus Writer: @kevinkwan Photographer: @dennisleupold Fashion Editor: @menamorado  Hair: @peter.savic Makeup: @valgherman Editor: @alisonssscohn . #AfricanSauce

A post shared by STAR GAL💥 🇰🇪 (@huddahthebosschick) on

In a recent Instagram post, she posted claiming how she is a big believer that change is good.

She wrote, “To me, LA is like the world’s greatest party, known for its Mediterranean climate, ethnic diversity, Hollywood, the entertainment industry, and it is the “misunderstood city”.

She continues to add, “If you’re lucky enough to travel anywhere, this is a place you have to go & make the most of it. Have fun, take advantage of the opportunities and meet as many people as you can.”


Check out Huddah Monroe cashing out in America

Clearly, she is never shy when any opportunity knocks at her door. She takes every opportunity by the horns and milks everything out of it.

The beautiful African sauce can’t hide her excitement any longer as she is on the September issue of Harpers Bazaar Us Magazine.

She continues by saying, “I never in one day imagined I’d be in one of the Worlds biggest fashion magazine ..”

As she appreciates the magazine for sharing her story just as she would have wanted them to do.

In the magazine issue, the personality claims that she is planning on opening a Huddah Cosmetic U.S flagship stocking her popular liquid lipsticks and eye-shadow palette for the independent dark skin tone girls as LA is like her second home.

It doesn’t hurt how the lass is photogenic, but what’s remarkable is her rise to fame, a girl from the slums of Nairobi. She continues by saying how she loves dressing up and looking good.

You may mistake her for going to an “award show.”

Her beauty is unmatched.

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I am smarter than 99% of graduates – Huddah Monroe declares

Huddah Monroe is one of the most beautiful socialites in a landscape that is cultivating more and more of them at an exponential rate.

While her beauty gets her a lot of fans, it is her interesting and captivating opinions that she posts on her social media page, especially Instagram that keeps them coming back.

Huddah Monroe
The socialite posing

This past week she did what she does best, she stirred the pot after a section of people deigned to call her out on her lack of education credentials. It all started after Huddah promised to answer all the DM’s sent to her by fans and followers alike.

“Stop bragging!” Socialite Huddah shames Kileleshwa and Westlands residents

But what she didn’t anticipate was the types of questions she would get, some of which were downright uncomfortable for her. Miss Monroe, who is known to roll with the punches, showed that even she had some insecurities after the issue of her educational background came up.

Huddah Monroe
The socialite posing

One fan innocently wrote her saying;

Hey Huddah, correct me if I’m wrong but you’re uneducated but very successful and I admire that.

That comment is full of praise but can still be seen as a back-handed compliment. But the business-woman who runs Huddah cosmetics laid down the law and responded with the troll hammer.

Huddah Monroe screenshots/Urbannews254
Huddah Monroe screenshots/Urbannews254

She said that she was both “street and book smart”. “I have brains more than 99% of graduates. You are book smart. I am a book and street smart. You can’t outshine me ever!” she exclaimed.

Huddah Monroe screenshots/Urbannews254
Huddah Monroe screenshots/Urbannews254

I agree with the statement from the Eastleigh-born hustler. She is now one of the most popular and rich young Kenyans. If success is measured by your bank balance (which it most times is), then she has done very well for herself.

Kylie Jenner
Kylie Jenner

Remember that socialite Kylie Jenner has never been to college but as of this year, she is the youngest billionaire (in dollar) terms ever!

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“Stop bragging!” Socialite Huddah shames Kileleshwa and Westlands residents

A running joke has it that the upwardly mobile Nairobian, starts off in East-lands like Umoja, works his/her way to Buruburu or Langata Road and on to Kileleshwa on his/her way up. In the grander scheme of things, Kileleshwa was a posh estate, and it still is relatively well off but all this is going south.

A few years ago, Kileleshwa was one of Kenya’s most affluent neighbourhoods occupied mainly by high-ranking State officials who lived in magnificent bungalows set on one or more acres with compounds boasting well-manicured lawns, exotic trees and flowers. The roads and pavements in and out of the estate were well-maintained and tarmacked. Today, things are very different in this suburb.

Check out Huddah Monroe cashing out in America

 Huddah Monroe who once lived in the affluent neighbourhood, has decided to shame those who brag about living in Kile or Westy, saying that this is where you move to after East Lando.
“Hapa ndio watu wanaanzia ku-upgrade maisha then move over to other places!”
She wrote on her Instragam story.
Huddah has come from grass to grace having come from the ghetto. The international business woman moved out of Kileleshwa, a neighbourhood that faced water shortage and power outbreaks very frequently which frustrated the high-end lass.
A woman who loves her own company and quiet space opted to move out of the highly density area to a more serene and more Lavish neighbourhood to Kitusuru where she said the house that she resides in may be worth over 60 Million Kenya shillings.

Like that isn’t enough, the business woman isn’t contented with Kitusuru. On her Instagram story she posts how she wants to move to Limuru and live on top of a mountain.

She never settles for less and always works to outshine herself and those that never believed in her. If you think you can keep up with the bosschick, think again. She moves on her own pace and on her own lane. Catch her if you dare can.

View this post on Instagram

LOL! 🤣

A post shared by STAR GAL💥 🇰🇪 (@huddahthebosschick) on

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Check out Huddah Monroe cashing out in America


Socialite turned businesswoman Huddah Monroe is rocking the airwaves once again. Having established her empire through controversy, the petite lass doesn’t sleep when it comes to putting food on her table.

View this post on Instagram

Been thinking HARD on this and how we can HELP small businesses & BIG ones get exposure they want for their products or pages .So My Team and I are offering an opportunity for individuals/brands to #advertise through my platform starting today . . Take advantage of this limited offer time period to get the global exposure you need either for page growth, brand exposure or to reach a new target market. We have made it affordable to be able to accommodate growing brands too. . The great catch is ‘we are accepting payments in multiple currencies, just pay the equivalent of the quote we will send to you in whichever currency that’s applicable in your country and let’s get to work with my creative team . P.S : We accept PayPal, CashApp, direct bank transfers. . 📧 Email [email protected] or Dm @splashoflife to get a quote/book a page slot………. ☎️ . #KingHuddah #StarGal❄️

A post shared by STAR GAL💥 🇰🇪 (@huddahthebosschick) on

Monroe knows and has admitted that she has no competition and no one… absolutely no one, intimidates her. She is a go-getter and works pretty hard for what she has or wants.

Being in the limelight, she attracts attention wherever she goes whether good or bad. The damsel has been in the United States for almost 4 months now, what seems like a never-ending vacation if you ask me.

She has been traveling from one state to another as seen on her snaps but she claims she’s not only on vacation but also working. She has revealed that her Huddah lippies are manufactured in the States and takes time, for she is a woman of perfection when it comes to how she wants her things done.

‘My wealthy ex boyfriend pushed me to breast enlargement surgery’Huddah Admits

The lippies that are targeted for the beautiful, independent, free-spirited African woman started as fun and games for Huddah claiming that she gets real bored easily. What turned out as fun and games are now earning the Boss chic serious chums for she not only sells her makeup locally, but also to an international clientelle.

Monroe goes on to add that she knows how to hustle and that Huddah Cosmetics line is not her cash cow as she has other sources of income.

She says

“I don’t look at Hudddah Cosmetics as my cash cow. I got many other low key businesses that fund my life. I just love bringing out new things. It EXCITES me…


l am VERY impatient and I get bored with things real fast and to be honest, Huddah Cosmetics came in as a FUN thing for me . If I thing bores me, I move to the next. It makes my brain work.”

The bosschick on her snaps, has  been ranting of how she wished her 1.7 million followers would turn to money so as she could cash in on the millions of followers she has generated. But if wishes were horses beggars would ride.

Being in America has opened the lass’s eyes for she’s seen an opportunity where she can cash in some cheques. Recently she took to her Instagram account to announce that she is opening her account for possible advertisements at affordable rates.

I don’t compete coz I have no competition Huddah Monroe proudly boasts

Here’s the catch, all types of currencies are accepted meaning no matter where you are in the world, you are not locked out from advertising your business on her insagram page with over 4 million impressions. The mode of payment is either through Paypal, CashApp and direct bank transfers.

Her team comprises of a beautiful lady residing in Los Angeles Known only by her instagram handle @splashoflife who also manages Crystalbaby who’s a rapper/singer and song writer back in the States.

I think Huddah has realized that changing her public persona and still making money from it is not a tall order as one may think. Anything she does or touches turns to gold. Clearly she is a force to reckon with. She is clearly the “King.”

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Huddah reveals why she speaks about family jewels a lot

Huddah Monroe can be an enigma to those who follow her. The socialite’s posts on her social media pages are sometimes contradictory and at odds with each other.

She recently disclosed some interesting facets about herself on her Instagram. She said that talking about men’s genitalia is a way for her to deal with gossip and small talk.

Here is the reason Huddah Monroe feels ready for marriage and kids

Apparently, “d**k talks”- as Huddah calls them – cover most of her gossip sessions. She also added that she has intelligent girlfriends who are excelling in their respective professions, such as law and medicine.

Huddah Monroe with blue top
Huddah Monroe with blue top

She added that she doesn’t like talking about other people, especially women. She wrote;

As a woman, I HATE gossip, coz that’s giving life to what you don’t like. I don’t like talking about people esp women coz I have NO COMPETITION. I’m my own competition. If I can’t have an intelligent conversation with you. Let’s talk about d**k. I love d**k talks too much, they cover 99% of my gossip sessions. And helps avoid small talks.

Huddah Monroe
Huddah Monroe

The cosmetics entrepreneur says she rarely makes friends with typical socialites and bimbos who are all face and no brain. Hahaha! isn’t Huddah the premier socialite in Kenya? Whatever…

She additionally wrote;

All my gals are intellectuals. Street smart. They are in Law, medicine, entrepreneurs, business moguls, that’s why I don’t post them. They keep their sh*t low key. They not just pretty faces and hot bodies. They actually have a brain. You can’t sit with me if you just pretty no added sauce coz you’ll start gossiping. And I hate small talks.


Huddah’s transition from socialite to business lady easily matches what Kim Kardashian the godmother of all socialites did herself.

Kim Kardashian at the MET gala
Kim Kardashian at the MET gala

The formula is to get fame and exposure by using your Assets and then when you have the publicity, turn it into a money-making venture. And it works!

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Huddah claims she is selling her 60 million home in Runda

Huddah Monroe is one of the most popular socialites that we have in Kenya. The beauty who became well-known after her stint on Big Brother Africa has been in the USA the last couple of months.

Huddah in Beverley Hills
Huddah in Beverley Hills

But while in the cushy locales like Manhattan and L.A Alhuda can still shock and surprise. She did so on her Instagram page this week.

She revealed that she owned a house in the pricy suburbs of Runda!

And how much does the house cost according to her? A cool 60 million shillings! That was not all, she said that it was on the market if anyone wanted to buy it.

Huddah Monroe in orange
The socialite posing

She also stipulated that only serious buyers were allowed to inbox their bank statements for the past one month – in order for her to give out more details concerning the house.

She also posted that she does not normally post pictures of her house on social media because people with money rarely take photos of their homes and this is why she was not posting any on her timeline.

Huddah Monroe running errands
The socialite posing in the gym

Huddah was in a sharing mood and also dropped some truth bombs to all the girls following and admiring her on social media. She wrote;

You don’t plant seeds and eat the fruits the same day…Instead of Dming me saying you are 18 and envious of my life. First Google my throwbacks and think straight. I didn’t become me in 1 day. I am still trying to figure out myself. If you are tryna be me you will commit suicide half the way.

Huddah in the back of a luxury car
Huddah in the back of a luxury car

What could she mean with that last remark? What could be so tough in her life that suicide could be an option?

Don’t forget Miss Monroe has done well for herself as of now; she has a 1.7 million-strong following on Instagram and owns her own online cosmetic store.

Clearly, everyone has their own demons that they are battling.

Read here for more

Are Kenyan men very stingy? Huddah Monroe says so

Kenyan men are considered to be the stingiest creatures on earth.

They are the type of men who cannot to support a woman financially or help her boost her business, but can buy you alcohol worth millions in a day.

Controversial Kenyan socialite Huddah Monroe is never afraid of speaking out her mind and she has always advised her fellow countrywomen not to date Kenyan men.

Huddah Monroe


In an interview with Wasafi TV, Huddah Monroe revealed that she has dated men from different parts of the world but Kenyan men are the stingiest.

“I wrote on Snapchat that women should not date Kenyan men. Kenyan men have one problem, or should we say it is the way they were raised. I have dated different men from different places but I feel like Kenyan men are very stingy, my problem is their stinginess,” SHE said.


“I want a man who can help me, you know. A relationship is like a business partnership, if I have my business, I expect my man to help me financially but if he can’t then what his purpose in my life? Kenyan men don’t help their women. They would rather buy you expensive alcohol but will never give you money to help yourself.”


The socialite, who is currently in a relationship with a mysterious man, seems to be happy and we hope the lad is not Kenyan.



Huddah Monroe’s cheeky caption on “Go out and be a hoe,”

Huddah Monroe is arguably the prettiest socialite to strut her goods on this here Kenyan streets. The yellow-yellow who is a mixture of Somali and Kikuyu ethnicities has been able to keep a sizable following of men thirsty for her goodies.

The petite beauty once stated most men dream of getting the chance to roll in the sheets with her just for a night.

As this writer was scrolling through her Instagram post on, we were astounded by one of her captions. What did it read?

“Go out and be a hoe! It’s a beautiful day!”

Huddah Monroe

Hehehe! Only Al Huddah can pull off this type of ballsy move in a society predominated by perceived conservative tastes. What is however shocking is the backtracking that she has done with her brand.

She had vowed to change into a more safe for work socialite who goes about selling her cosmetic products but it seems that that trajectory could not be sustained.


So what did the lovely Monroe do? She has gone back to posting the head-turning and salacious content that made her famous. The famous phrase goes like this:

“If it aint broke don’t fix it.”

Huddah Monroe
Huddah Monroe screenshot. photo credit: instagram/Huddah Monroe

And I think Huddah has realized that changing her public persona and still making money from it is a tall order.

Many socialites gain fame by being ratchet. When they reach a certain age, many want to transition into selling a clean image but struggle to.

Paris Hilton
Paris Hilton, one of the first socialites

Why? Most of their fans are male. What are you going to sell to thirsty and hungry ninjas that does not involve sex and nudity?

Kim Kardashian success
Kim Kardashian success

Only Kim Kardashian has been able to transcend the socialite tag and become a successful business woman. Now that is a true boss-lady!

Kim Kardashian success
Kim Kardashian success

Hata ngotha unaona! Huddah Monroe excites thirsty ninjas as she goes out in see-through dress

Huddah Monroe is one lady who has seen her fair share of controversy. A lot of it she causes as she is not afraid to lay her neck on the line based on an opinion she has.

Zari and Huddah in the past
Zari and Huddah in the past while still friends

She is arguably Kenya’s most attractive socialite at the moment and that says a lot. We are not producing new socialites. Where have we gone wrong as a country? Where? This is a crisis!

Sorry, I digress. The lady who also has no qualms showing of her beautiful bounty….ah booty has again given fans plenty to work with. If you get my drift, you with the dirty minds, you know yourselves.

In an Instagram photo on Sunday, May 27, Huddah paraded her assets in a sheer, sparkly grey dress while on vacation.

Huddah Monroe
In the thirst-trap dress

She stood with her back facing the camera and her bum peeking through her revealing dress. Her inner clothing was not a secret that night as her dress left nothing to imagination.

Huddah Monroe
Parched fisis and fisilets were present as usual and none of them missed a moment to thirst over the petite beauty. Some stared as others bombarded her comment section with emojis and compliments on her perfectly toned body.

  • oscarkymso Sexy
  • sama_edim Nice dress
  • elsie_shamzah 😍😍😍😍
  • ivyjean_9495 Eeiiishh…. 😍😍
  • shanyisacaren Damn!😂

Celebs will sometimes flirt with sheer dresses. Even on the red carpet. While tongues may wag in hate or consternation over the indecency, the publicity the celeb gets more than makes up for the disdain for the haters.

As Brendan Behan once said:

“All publicity is good publicity, as long as they spell your name right.” 

Take the examples below:

Bella Hadid

The model was basically naked at the 2017 amfAR Gala at Cannes in a sheer one-shoulder dress with a bejeweled bodice and a dramatic train.

Bella Hadid
Bella Hadid

Lady Gaga

Gaga stunned at the 2018 Grammys in a sheer lace Armani Privé jumpsuit with a detachable skirt.

Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga


She was seen in a black see-through fishnet and leather skirt creation, which gave a glimpse of her front and stud on her bust. She sported the risky look for the Balmain fashion show after party held in Paris.