I regret it, Don’t do it! Huddah tells girls about cosmetic surgery


Socialite Huddah has been an open book when it comes to surgery.

She has fixed her flaws with the help of a Miami doctor, but now in revealing confession says she regrets it.

On her Instagram stories, Huddah advised young girls to not bother, calling it troublesome.

She wrote ‘Surgery is the biggest scam lol! If I could advice lots of young girls: Never do it  We all regret it. Booty surgery. I am yet to see a nice butt surgery. All look a little  weird. Boobs is not hard to achieve. A**?Mhhh!!

Adding about her reconstructive surgery “Surgery will never Make you perfect. Just creates  the illusion of perfect. But once you start. That’s it. Never going back!.

Huddah dropped her candid comments after watching a botched surgery vide on The Shade Room an American blog investigative clip on botched surgery.

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Vera Sidika comes clean on perceived feud between her and Huddah

Vera Sidika is pregnant at the moment. While most of her fans are excited about this fact, they are some who want the dirt on other areas of her life.

One of those areas is her relationship with fellow socialite, Huddah Monroe. For those of you who can’t remember, the two were in competition for a few years there for the title of most popular Kenyan socialite.

Most fans wondered whether they were enemies with some speculating that there was some enmity between the two. During a Q and A session on her Instagram page, one of her fans asked her, “Do You hate Huddah Monroe?”

“I heard rumours that an ex said I aborted. I am obsessed with babies!” Vera clarifies

But Miss Sidika offered a classy response telling the fan that she had never had an issue with Huddah. “Never. Not even once we actually used to be friends in the past. When I was new in Nairobi 2009-2010.”

Vera Screenshots 2

Vera Screenshots

During the session, Vera also explained why she had hidden her pregnancy. “I just didn’t want to ruin the surprise. If I told you all, then there would be no special pregnancy reveal. It would just be a Juakali announcement or if someone just took a random pic of me and leaked, there would be no surprise,” said Vera.

Adding: “Aki my biggest fear was Edgar Obare and his students. Woi. I’m lucky to have great loyal friends, they knew for months. I even shared videos with them of my bump and nothing leaked. Damn!!”

Vera Screenshots 2

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I was anorexic coz of drug abuse, people were waiting for me to die! Huddah narrates

Socialite Huddah Monroe normally goes silent for periods of time where Kenyans even wonder what is going on in her life.

Then at other times she explodes with a stream of posts and messages on her Instagram page where she gives her thoughts on what is going on in her life.

Miss Monroe, whom I consider one of the most beautiful women in Kenya, admitted this week that she also has struggles with her body image.

I can even get married and have kids, I am a changed woman-Huddah confesses

In a Q and A on her Instagram stories, Alhuddah was asked how she had been able to manage to maintain her shape, while others where struggling to lose weight or gain weight.

”There’s a time I was anorexic coz of drug abuse. People were counting days to when I’ll collapse & die. I used everything to help me gain weight. Nothing worked. I know the struggle and the stigma and criticisms.

Weight gain and weight loss is a huge issue. And hard to achieve either.” Huddah continued to say that she was finally able to regain her body back after 3 weeks.

”However, I used a product that helped me gain weight in just 3 weeks. I ate nonstop.”

Huddah screenshot 3
Huddah screenshot 3

Just a few days ago, the rich entrepreneur spoke about her past relationships praising the men in her life saying, ”You attract who you are. Mindset is key. I am a goddess. All my men have been gods.”

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I can even get married and have kids, I am a changed woman-Huddah confesses

Kenyan socialite Huddah Monroe has said that she has cut the random travels across the world and now she could even have a family.

In a post on her Insta-stories, Huddah said that she had been spending a lot of money travelling across the country aimlessly.

“I’ve saved so much money not travelling randomly, my life was basically I doubt my man, I take the next flight to anywhere. I get angry at the government, I take the next flight to anywhere to calm down. Expenditure on expenditure. Money out and no money in. This year and last year all money inside stocks. Covid has really transformed me. At this point, I can even get married and have kids coz if I can actually settle for this long. I’m a changed woman,” Huddah wrote.

Why Huddah’s relationship advise is for pretty and stunning women only!

Being a businesswoman, Huddah also said that the Coronavirus pandemic has greatly affected her cosmetics business.

“Covid came, so things that were normal never became norm again! You either gonna remain the same or different. You either learnt something new or binge-watched movies while waiting for the pandemic to end. The choice is yours but evolving is a must.”

After staying in Dubai for a year, Huddah flew back to Kenya this month.

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Time to get married! Huddah Monroe declares

Huddah Njoroge is the last remaining Kenyan socialite from her era to still fly the single flag. The pretty lady even insisted a few years ago that she wasn’t planning to get hitched ever.

“Everyone has their preferences and for me, I don’t ever want to get married. And if I do, may God forbid, not to a Naija man. These domestic violence stories and their polygamous ways is a no to me” the beauty wrote in 2017 on her Snapchat.

But it seems that with time and the marriage of fellow socialite like Vera Sidika, she might be having a change of heart. Even in a billionaires playground like Dubai, the petite lady is starting to feel the effects of the constant partying.

Why Huddah’s relationship advise is for pretty and stunning women only!

In a recent post that she made on her Instastories, Alhudah let out her frustrations at the state of her life, claiming that she was tired of her regular life.

She wrote, “I drink and I’m hangover. Time to get married😒.” The lady has everything a woman can dream of; looks, money, smarts, wit, and charm.

Sadly she has something that many women struggle to find in this modern world-a perfect man to be their husband. Methinks that while she might want a hubby RIGHT NOW, that that feeling will soon change depending on her emotions as some of her past contradictory comments show.

But what do I know…

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Why Huddah’s relationship advise is for pretty and stunning women only!

Huddah Monroe is one of the few socialites who doesn’t mind dishing out relationship advice to her horde of social media followers.

Thing is, her advice is normally controversial and can be circumspect if one looks deeply at it (which I normally do and will do so in this article).

If your man cheats on you should also cheat on him and make sure he knows! Huddah

In one of her Instastories this past week, the gorgeous socialite opened up about being in a couple of failed relationships; which she’s getting used to.

Huddah screenshot
Huddah screenshot
Huddah screenshot 1
Huddah screenshot 1

Her second screenshot is very illuminating about the state of mind of the former Big Brother contestant and the current Dubai resident.


Her mindset reflects the way she views her relationships with the other gender-an all out transaction. You see, Huddah’s advice to ladies and young girls has always been about survivalism and taking what you can(and as much as you can) from the men you are with.

Why is this advice problematic?

Because it isn’t meant for long-term relationships which most honest women want. It works very well for short-term relationships with men of worth as those men most times already have wives. They aren’t looking for a second or third, they are just looking for a little fun.

The advice also works well for women who have been blessed with beauty and assets that they can leverage when dealing with these type of man.

Huddah is a woman who has been blessed(and added some more with the help of plastic surgeons) beauty that she has used remarkably in her life.

Her attitude that she never sees a future in her relationships belies an attitude of thorough abundance as far as men and relationships go. They are disposable-Lose one and she will easily replace him/it.

The part I would most like to live with you the reader is the fact above. Huddah has been blessed with pretty privilege, a term coined to theorize that beauty does come with unearned advantages.

Meaning that the things she can get away with in her life and relationships are more than the ordinary woman can, as any honest gorgeous woman can attest to.

For now, Huddah will never lack an abundance of wealthy suitors and her advice mirrors this powerful fact.

The problem is that her solipsistic thinking doesn’t allow her to see that most of her followers don’t enjoy the mega-benefits her beauty gives her. She can keep on picking, choosing, and disposing of men as she sees fit, her beauty be her shield.

Can the women she gives advice honestly say the same about their looks or the caliber of men seeking them out for a romantic relationship? Can they view and conduct their relationships the same way Miss Monroe does without repercussion and regret?

I don’t think so.

But I could be wrong…


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Ladies, here’s why you should take Huddah’s advise with a pinch of salt

Huddah Monroe is arguably the most popular socialite in Kenya. Some might argue that Vera Sidika has her beat on this one but who cares really, the two have carved a niche in the Kenyan entertainment industry and have done well for themselves.

One crucial difference between the two socialites is that Huddah is one person who will share relationship advise with reckless abandon without ever showing the men that she is dating.

Vera meanwhile doesn’t mind showing off the men that she is dating and will do so with reckless abandon. Only thing is that she isn’t the agony auntie that Huddah has molded herself as.

Huddah has gotten so good at it that her statements on Instagram make headlines online, with many Kenyans amazed at her frank opinions.

But while her view-points about relationships normally get the gallery talking (and wonderful engagement even for us bloggers) they shouldn’t be taken as the gospel truth.

“We ain’t texting and wasting each others time” Huddah’s 2021 message

Some of the things that Huddah has said in the past are below:

“If you are a woman, stop borrowing 24-7. Go sell that p***y. Save the money and start selling groceries. Nothing in life is f*****g free. Everyone works hard for their sh*t,” wrote Huddah on her Insta stories.

Or, Alhudah admitted that she would never ever break up with a man she was dating simply because he cheated (such a smart woman!). She added that the only men she wouldn’t deal with were stingy men.

Earlier in 2020, she also disclosed that she would abort the child of a broke man! Her reason? Doing so would be because she would be bringing an idiot into this world knowingly. She wondered why ladies got pregnant for such men.

And there are many more that I can’t name or be bothered to remember right now. Why do I bring that up? Because many Kenyans (especially young impressionable ladies) see Huddah as a role model whose outlook and advice should be taken as sacrosanct, something I believe is foolhardy.

And while I believe her takes are always exciting, I don’t think they are always the right advice. If you want relationship advice would you go to the famous socialite (just a step up from being a slay queen) or to someone who is actually in a successful relationship? Hmmm… Tough question, I know.

I believe that pretty light-skinned socialite revels in giving her controversial advice(whether it works for her audience or not) not to help but to create buzz and fuzz for her and the products she is promoting at that time.

But what do I know? Maybe Huddah is Dr. Phil…

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If your man cheats on you should also cheat on him and make sure he knows! Huddah

Socialite and entrepreneur, Huddah Monroe who works and lives in Dubai has not forgotten about her adoring Kenyan female fans.

The beautiful and controversial Huddah isn’t done being thought-provoking and has some new advise for the millions of ladies who follow her.

With a number of posts on her Instagram stories, Huddah championed the phrase, “What a man can do, a woman can do better” and that includes cheating.

Alhudah told the ladies that if they found their men cheating, that they should also cheat and make sure that their man finds out that they cheated.

She also told men that it wasn’t their gender alone that faced temptations everywhere, adding that a man who cheats is greedy and lacks self-control.

She insisted that men cheating should never be accepted because everyone is greedy but the respectful ones know their limits.

Check out the screenshots below:

Huddah screenshot Huddah screenshot Huddah screenshot Huddah screenshot Huddah screenshot

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Huddah surprises with revelation that she is a foster parent

Huddah Monroe is one socialite that I can honestly say can still surprise me. Yep, the woman who has a penchant for making crazy and outlandish statements still has some well-kept secrets.

But her comments this past weekend have many Kenyans shocked as the light-skinned lady revealed a facet of her life that most people could never have imagined.

“If anyone can have it, I don’t want it!” Tanasha says as beef with Huddah escalates

Apparently, Miss Monroe is a foster parent to a girl for whom she pays school fees and caters for her basic needs. The Huddah Cosmetic founder and CEO said the girl has a mother and she only helps out with the finances.

“I adopted the baby because I feel like kids are very fragile and the kid’s parents couldn’t afford to pay the school fees. I used to ask this kid ‘do you want to go to school?’ and I saw her dream; she really wanted to go to school. I took her, she’s still with the mother but I pay for school and stuff like that. I love kids. I have my own foundation, Huddah foundation.”

Adding, “I started Huddah Foundation so that half of the money goes to my foundation to help kids, especially those that are disabled.”

Huddah’s wonderful act isn’t rare among Kenyan celebrities. Other famous Kenyans who have adopted kids that they are taking care of are;

Mike Sonko who adopted Gift and Satrine Osinya, singer Bahati who has three adopted kids. Media personality Caroline Mutuko has two adopted kids while Homeboyz radio presenter Shaffie Weru also has two adopted kids.

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Diamond Platnumz’ close friend savagely disses Huddah after beef with Tanasha

I don’t think Huddah Monroe had any idea the hornet’s nest that she was poking when she trolled Tanasha Donna on her impressive feat of becoming the most followed Kenyan female on Instagram.

The beef escalated online with Tanasha getting a lot of support from hardcore fans-most of them from the country her baby daddy Diamond comes from, Tanzania.

Huddah vs Tanasha
Huddah vs Tanasha

With the jealousy so obvious – Ms. Donna’s Tanzanian fans started hitting back on behalf of their ‘queen.’ As usual, they did not hold back from throwing the meanest insults; which again pushed Huddah to make yet another mistake of abusing them.

In the end, I think Huddah realized that she couldn’t win this war and did an apology-non-apology.

“If anyone can have it, I don’t want it!” Tanasha says as beef with Huddah escalates

But it seems that while her little tiff with Tanasha might have ended that doesn’t mean that her Tanzanian in-laws were placated yet.

And all because of an IG post where Huddah referred to Tanzanians on social media as idle robots; who are good at wasting both their data and time investigating other people’s lives.

Juma Lokole, Diamond’s wonderful friend led the charge for our Southern neighbours and came out with a clap back that would make even the most foul-mouthed people blush.

Zari Hassan with Juma Lokole
Zari Hassan with Juma Lokole

Juma Lokole hit back at Huddah’s privates for the major mileage they had covered over the years. In a post shared by blogger Original East, Juma Lokole is seen throwing Huddah shade saying, “Robot K*[email protected] yake inayogusa mchanga mxiiiiiiiu”

Those with long memories will remember that Huddah is disliked by the WCB family, following the 2014 drama where she claimed that she had slept with Diamond who at the time was still involved with Zari.

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“If anyone can have it, I don’t want it!” Tanasha says as beef with Huddah escalates

The Huddah Monroe and Tanasha Donna situation seems to be getting each day. For those of you not apprised of the beef, it all started after Alhuddah threw some shade Tanasha’s way after Diamond’s baby mama celebrated becoming the most followed Kenyan female on Instagram.

Is Huddah right in trolling Tanasha after she became Kenyan’s most followed Instagrammer?

She added that such things no longer matter if there is no money in it. The post read; “Lol! So funny how in 2021 people still fight for who is most followed in Kenya/Africa or has most likes lol!


But what’s your BANK BALANCE? Darliing? In this side of town we evolved! Even companies know followers don’t mean buyers 90% of the time esp in Africa cause most just follow for gossip and lurking! Otherwise we would have small businesses going to the moon outchea.”

And Tanasha was having none of it. True to form she came back with her own fire, by taking a swipe at Huddah’s career by saying, “If anyone can have it, I don’t want it,”

Ouch! Don’t forget that Huddah has previously admitted to sleeping with older men for money. Tanasha’s diss seems to have done the trick as the entrepreneur who spends a lot of time in Dubai tried to distance herself from claims pointing out that her initial post was aimed at Tanasha Donna.

In her passive-aggressive post, the former Big Brother Africa contestant rubbished the claims while also laughing of Tanasha’s response. She wrote, “If you have pus*y, I have. If it’s beauty I have it. So what’s to be envious of? Followers? Lol!”

Despite her statement, many fans in Tanasha’s comment section said that Miss Monroe was the victim of the green-eyed monster, now that Tanasha had surpassed her with the most followed Instagram account in the country.

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Is Huddah right in trolling Tanasha after she became Kenyan’s most followed Instagrammer?

Tanasha Donna might be celebrating becoming the first Kenyan woman to hit 3 million followers on Instagram. Eric Omondi already is Kenya’s most-followed Instagram celeb with 3.2 million fans.

This was something that she was quick to enthuse about, praising her online family with the caption below,

Thank you for the 3M. Love you guys so much! ❤️❤️


But while many were quick to congratulate her, former friend or should I call her new enemy Huddah Monroe was quick to burst her bubble, with her post coming right after Tanasha’s announcement.

Huddah’s post just came moments after Tanasha’s new win; and you can’t blame us for thinking the two posts could be related.

Miss Monroe is seen trolling those who claim to have huge IG followers; yet the followers do nothing for them.
According to Huddah, times have changed and followers no longer matter unless they help generate money for you.

She wrote; “Lol! So funny how in 2021 people still fight for who is most followed in Kenya/Africa or has most likes lol! Can walk the talk?

She even added, “But what’s your BANK BALANCE? Darling? In this side of town we evolved! Even companies know followers don’t mean buyers 90% of the time esp in Africa cause most just follow for gossip and lurking! Otherwise, we would have small businesses going to the moon outchea.”

Is what Huddah is saying true? Yes, but partially. There is more nuance to that.

Firstly, brands will always want to be associated with a brand influencer with large numbers. Always. This normally translates to reach for a company that uses the influencer to promote the page just like Eric Omondi, Kate Actress and even Huddah herself.

The second thing that brands will look for is engagement by an influencer’s fans on the influencer’s page. There are Instagram pages online that have fewer than 100k followers but have great engagement with their followers. This means that a product that the influencer promotes will most likely have better traction with his/her followers such as Just Ivy and Edgar Obare.

Most companies prefer that the brand influencers they use have both of the above. Examples of entertainers with both reach and engagement are, Eric Omondi, Elsa Majimbo and Jalang’o. Their rate cards reflect the power and clout they have in reaching and influencing a demographic.

Now back to Tanasha. While her engagement might not be great, her numbers reflect an eagerness for the public to engage with her.

This is where professional brand management is critical for her. She needs people who can sell her beyond just being Diamond’s baby mama and a lukewarm singer. That is what will turn her brand from just being popular to being lucrative.

But I could be wrong…

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Ati they are broke!? Huddah’s advice about men with 6-packs is plain dumb (opinion)

Another week, another controversial take from Huddah Monroe. The beautiful socialite is back at it again in a detailed post where the business-woman decided to throw shade at well built-men saying they have no money or any wealth whatsoever.

Why Huddah’s controversial viewpoints make her stand out (opinion)

According to Huddah this is because most tend to spend hours at the gym – forgetting to chase money which is the only currency that can pay up bills.

“Used to wonder why some guys look like Johnny Bravo. Now I understand it’s cause they have nothing in their pockets! 😂😂😂”

In yet another post, the former socialite goes on to add, “The best body a man can have is athlete body! Enough of everything. And as y’all can agree athletes or people who look like. Or people who don’t pull all their energy in the gym lifting have something in the pockets😂😂😂.”

First off, I would take everything that Huddah says with a pinch of salt. The woman who has admitted in the past that she slept with older men for money isn’t exactly a paragon of virtue nor wisdom.

Another thing, her take is an all or nothing, that great bodies are mutually exclusive from a man having money. That anecdote is false. To wit;

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is the world’s richest man who is worth 184.6 billion and has a body that would make most 20-somethings envious.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Jeff Bezos (@jeffbezos)

The former CEO of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), Lorenzo Fertitta is worth more than 2 billion USD and has the body of a Greek God.

Grant Cardone who is worth more than 300 million dollars, is a bestselling author, a renowned speaker, international social media influencer, and a real estate mogul.

Lastly, producer Dr. Dre is a man whose body can compete at international bodybuilding tournaments and is worth close to 820 Million dollars.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Dr. Dre (@drdre)

And that’s just to name a few. Her contention isn’t true, it just reflects poorly on some of the choices in men that Miss Monroe has made in the past.

But what do I know?

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Huddah Monroe finally comes clean on having children and her breast implants

Socialite Huddah Monroe has excited Kenyans over the years with her hot and unadulterated takes on life in general. The lady has no chills and will give her truth no matter the repercussions.

Why Huddah’s controversial viewpoints make her stand out (opinion)

One thing I like about her is that she can also be very open and frank about her own life; the lessons she has learnt and the regrets she might have.

The former Big Brother contestant recently opened up about something that most women will have to face in life-the important decision of whether and when to have kids.

In a Q&A session with her fans, Ms. Monroe made it clear that her goals are not geared towards starting a family and having kids.

“When are you planning to have a baby…I mean Kuzaa?” asked a fan. “I have seen this question a million times. Is this y’all biggest dream in life? No achievements? No goals. Babies. Lol! They all came at their own time. No rush,” she replied.

That wasn’t all, the beautiful and petite senorita also explained the reason why she had got rid of her breast implants.

“Ooh but why are you regretting your breast augmentation? Your bobbies look?” Asked a fan. “I no longer have the implants. These are my real ones… I regret doing it coz it’s of a lot of things. I will speak on it when I have time on my Onlyfans.”

Previously, Huddah Monroe had mentioned that her first cosmetic surgery did not go down well and she had to re-do it.

She added, “If there’s one thing I have told my 20-year-old self is ‘don’t do your boObs’ I did my boObs for a man who didn’t even end up marrying me! he funded that sh*t, gave me $35,000 (ksh3,500,000) plus flight, hotel, shopping. Motherf***er! God forgive you.”

That’s not the only cosmetic surgery that she has had. Prominent lawyer Donald Kipkorir funded Al Huddah to fix her teeth to the tune of nearly 1 million shillings!

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“We ain’t texting and wasting each others time” Huddah’s 2021 message


Alhuda is back with a bang and spitting facts for all women to hear going forward in 2021.

Huddah wrote “2021 officially starts tomorrow. burn your bad habits, before they burn you,…..say goodbye to anyone who is of no value. change that phone number & wear a mask in public.

“With love Alhuda”

Huddah, who lives in Dubai was quick to point out that she is not he one speaking, but it’s all about 2021 adding “Don’t shoot the messenger”.

The advise she is spitting out is pretty much what many of us are expressing on social media, it’s just that Alhuda is speaking out in CAPS.

Screenshot at 2021-01-04 06-57-28

huddah caps

huddah respect

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‘Stop, we want kids you idi*ts!’ Huddah tells men who choke the monkey


Huddah Monroe isn’t one for the chills. The socialite and businesswoman has been giving her controversial opinions about the effects that the quarantine is having on her and Kenyans in general.

One of those is the dry-spell that some Kenyans are enduring, something that Professor Monroe isn’t afraid to speak about those intimate dynamics.

Huddah Monroe portrait
Huddah Monroe portrait

One of the concerns that she has is that many men and women were resorting to pleasing themselves, something she didn’t agree with since she claims it lowers s3x drive in both men and women!

Sh 100 million for artistes but what about Kenyans with no food!-Huddah complains

Going through most posts on social media, it is evident to see that many men have been sharing memes encouraging each other to choke the monkey; if quarantine remains mandatory!

Huddah chilling
Huddah chilling

According to her, most men who do this are likely to have low spe*m count and will not be able to get their women pregnant.

And I don’t know which men/women need to hear this but stop mas**rbating too much! lol! That s**t kills your drive! In both! Ma**urba*ion weakens the hormone responsible for producing spe*ms….we want kids you idiots!

Can it affect your sperm count as the light-skinned lady claimed?

According to Practo.com, it does not affect the number of sperms you produce, as sperms are continuously produced in the bodies of men.

It does take time, however, after one ejac**ation to ejac**ate again. This is quite normal and in no way is an indication of your sperm count getting depleted.

This isn’t the first interesting post that the socialite has posted during the quarantine. The beauty revealed that she was suffering from a lack of lungula after she had broken up with her boyfriends. She wrote;

Her screenshot
Her screenshot

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I have never been single, I can’t live without cassava – Huddah screams

Huddah Monroe is one of the most controversial women Kenya has ever seen. The socialite doesn’t mind ruffling feathers with her often eyebrow-raising takes in a Kenyan society that heralds itself for its “conservatism”.

What is she up to now? The socialite has revealed the interesting tidbit that she has never been single after a fan sought to know whether she was and why.

Huddah Monroe in white
Huddah Monroe in white

Miss Monroe had asked her fans and followers what they would ask her if they met her on the street, saying that for her, she would only stare at herself. “If you met me for the 1st time what would you ask me? I’d just stare at myself to be honest 🤣,” she wrote.

I’d abort that child! Huddah says about having a broke man’s child

This prompted the question of whether she was single and if yes, then why. “hahaah! Babe I am not single. Never been single. I can’t live without d!*k in my life,” said Huddah.

Huddah chilling

Another follower called Kinyanjui threw shade at the socialite saying that she was broke, “Make sure you get laid. Brokenness is real for you”

Huddah responded saying that brokenness will befall him (Kinyanjui) who was wishing brokenness upon her. Manze, Huddah seems to be one of the few women who it’s “raining men for”, as I can swear many (much more than last year!) ladies were very single this past Valentine’s.

Huddah Monroe doing the duck face
Miss Monroe doing the duck face

I think Huddah should start a course on where to get these men and how to keep them? Oddly enough I have never seen the secretive socialite with a lover.


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I used to sleep with old men for money! Huddah finally comes clean

Huddah Monroe has surprised and captivated Kenyans in equal measure over the years with some of her utterances and opinions. Sometimes the socialite cum businesswoman will also reveal a personal anecdote that touches the hearts of her fans and followers.

Recently the pretty lady confessed that she used to move around having twa twa with wealthy men around the world in order to make ends meets.

Huddah sipping wine
Huddah sipping wine

This rare confession was made via her Insta-stories, with Al Hudah explaining that she made the decision of being independent, operating her own businesses because she was sick and tired of sleeping with old men for money.

“Lungula is therapy” Huddah Monroe teaches

She clarified that she might not be where she wants to be in life but at least, she doesn’t depend on rich men to finance her lifestyle.

“I wanna make one thing clear, I’m not where I wanna be in life, but, thank God I’m not where I used to be. For me to make the decision that I wanna be independent and have seven business that I’m running is because I was sick and tired of dating and f**king all this old rich men, being with them was so disrespectful, the way they treated me was so bad. And now I look back and I know what just because you are wealthy and I didn’t have sh*t, and now even flying me to a city it gonna take a lot of energy to wake up of my room to go and see a guy. By the end of the day, is that being independent gives you so much power. And don’t be fooled that ooh you won’t get a husband, or you won’t get this, you will whatever you want in life as long as you put your mind to it. And I encourage that to every woman” said Huddah Monroe.

The socialite posing on the bed
Huddah posing on the bed

She also added that she has very high standards for the men she chooses to date saying,

“I’m so choosy, 50% of men I meet these days disgust me. Their energy doesn’t drive me. Maybe my soul mate is a woman. Lol shhhh! You all know I love d*ck. So don’t even start Dming me. I’m a D addict. It will take another life to change me” said Ms Monroe.

Watch the video below;

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