Ladies, here’s why you should take Huddah’s advise with a pinch of salt

Huddah Monroe is arguably the most popular socialite in Kenya. Some might argue that Vera Sidika has her beat on this one but who cares really, the two have carved a niche in the Kenyan entertainment industry and have done well for themselves.

One crucial difference between the two socialites is that Huddah is one person who will share relationship advise with reckless abandon without ever showing the men that she is dating.

Vera meanwhile doesn’t mind showing off the men that she is dating and will do so with reckless abandon. Only thing is that she isn’t the agony auntie that Huddah has molded herself as.

Huddah has gotten so good at it that her statements on Instagram make headlines online, with many Kenyans amazed at her frank opinions.

But while her view-points about relationships normally get the gallery talking (and wonderful engagement even for us bloggers) they shouldn’t be taken as the gospel truth.

“We ain’t texting and wasting each others time” Huddah’s 2021 message

Some of the things that Huddah has said in the past are below:

“If you are a woman, stop borrowing 24-7. Go sell that p***y. Save the money and start selling groceries. Nothing in life is f*****g free. Everyone works hard for their sh*t,” wrote Huddah on her Insta stories.

Or, Alhudah admitted that she would never ever break up with a man she was dating simply because he cheated (such a smart woman!). She added that the only men she wouldn’t deal with were stingy men.

Earlier in 2020, she also disclosed that she would abort the child of a broke man! Her reason? Doing so would be because she would be bringing an idiot into this world knowingly. She wondered why ladies got pregnant for such men.

And there are many more that I can’t name or be bothered to remember right now. Why do I bring that up? Because many Kenyans (especially young impressionable ladies) see Huddah as a role model whose outlook and advice should be taken as sacrosanct, something I believe is foolhardy.

And while I believe her takes are always exciting, I don’t think they are always the right advice. If you want relationship advice would you go to the famous socialite (just a step up from being a slay queen) or to someone who is actually in a successful relationship? Hmmm… Tough question, I know.

I believe that pretty light-skinned socialite revels in giving her controversial advice(whether it works for her audience or not) not to help but to create buzz and fuzz for her and the products she is promoting at that time.

But what do I know? Maybe Huddah is Dr. Phil…

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“We ain’t texting and wasting each others time” Huddah’s 2021 message


Alhuda is back with a bang and spitting facts for all women to hear going forward in 2021.

Huddah wrote “2021 officially starts tomorrow. burn your bad habits, before they burn you,…..say goodbye to anyone who is of no value. change that phone number & wear a mask in public.

“With love Alhuda”

Huddah, who lives in Dubai was quick to point out that she is not he one speaking, but it’s all about 2021 adding “Don’t shoot the messenger”.

The advise she is spitting out is pretty much what many of us are expressing on social media, it’s just that Alhuda is speaking out in CAPS.

Screenshot at 2021-01-04 06-57-28

huddah caps

huddah respect

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‘Stop, we want kids you idi*ts!’ Huddah tells men who choke the monkey


Huddah Monroe isn’t one for the chills. The socialite and businesswoman has been giving her controversial opinions about the effects that the quarantine is having on her and Kenyans in general.

One of those is the dry-spell that some Kenyans are enduring, something that Professor Monroe isn’t afraid to speak about those intimate dynamics.

Huddah Monroe portrait
Huddah Monroe portrait

One of the concerns that she has is that many men and women were resorting to pleasing themselves, something she didn’t agree with since she claims it lowers s3x drive in both men and women!

Sh 100 million for artistes but what about Kenyans with no food!-Huddah complains

Going through most posts on social media, it is evident to see that many men have been sharing memes encouraging each other to choke the monkey; if quarantine remains mandatory!

Huddah chilling
Huddah chilling

According to her, most men who do this are likely to have low spe*m count and will not be able to get their women pregnant.

And I don’t know which men/women need to hear this but stop mas**rbating too much! lol! That s**t kills your drive! In both! Ma**urba*ion weakens the hormone responsible for producing spe*ms….we want kids you idiots!

Can it affect your sperm count as the light-skinned lady claimed?

According to, it does not affect the number of sperms you produce, as sperms are continuously produced in the bodies of men.

It does take time, however, after one ejac**ation to ejac**ate again. This is quite normal and in no way is an indication of your sperm count getting depleted.

This isn’t the first interesting post that the socialite has posted during the quarantine. The beauty revealed that she was suffering from a lack of lungula after she had broken up with her boyfriends. She wrote;

Her screenshot
Her screenshot

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I have never been single, I can’t live without cassava – Huddah screams

Huddah Monroe is one of the most controversial women Kenya has ever seen. The socialite doesn’t mind ruffling feathers with her often eyebrow-raising takes in a Kenyan society that heralds itself for its “conservatism”.

What is she up to now? The socialite has revealed the interesting tidbit that she has never been single after a fan sought to know whether she was and why.

Huddah Monroe in white
Huddah Monroe in white

Miss Monroe had asked her fans and followers what they would ask her if they met her on the street, saying that for her, she would only stare at herself. “If you met me for the 1st time what would you ask me? I’d just stare at myself to be honest 🤣,” she wrote.

I’d abort that child! Huddah says about having a broke man’s child

This prompted the question of whether she was single and if yes, then why. “hahaah! Babe I am not single. Never been single. I can’t live without d!*k in my life,” said Huddah.

Huddah chilling

Another follower called Kinyanjui threw shade at the socialite saying that she was broke, “Make sure you get laid. Brokenness is real for you”

Huddah responded saying that brokenness will befall him (Kinyanjui) who was wishing brokenness upon her. Manze, Huddah seems to be one of the few women who it’s “raining men for”, as I can swear many (much more than last year!) ladies were very single this past Valentine’s.

Huddah Monroe doing the duck face
Miss Monroe doing the duck face

I think Huddah should start a course on where to get these men and how to keep them? Oddly enough I have never seen the secretive socialite with a lover.


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I used to sleep with old men for money! Huddah finally comes clean

Huddah Monroe has surprised and captivated Kenyans in equal measure over the years with some of her utterances and opinions. Sometimes the socialite cum businesswoman will also reveal a personal anecdote that touches the hearts of her fans and followers.

Recently the pretty lady confessed that she used to move around having twa twa with wealthy men around the world in order to make ends meets.

Huddah sipping wine
Huddah sipping wine

This rare confession was made via her Insta-stories, with Al Hudah explaining that she made the decision of being independent, operating her own businesses because she was sick and tired of sleeping with old men for money.

“Lungula is therapy” Huddah Monroe teaches

She clarified that she might not be where she wants to be in life but at least, she doesn’t depend on rich men to finance her lifestyle.

“I wanna make one thing clear, I’m not where I wanna be in life, but, thank God I’m not where I used to be. For me to make the decision that I wanna be independent and have seven business that I’m running is because I was sick and tired of dating and f**king all this old rich men, being with them was so disrespectful, the way they treated me was so bad. And now I look back and I know what just because you are wealthy and I didn’t have sh*t, and now even flying me to a city it gonna take a lot of energy to wake up of my room to go and see a guy. By the end of the day, is that being independent gives you so much power. And don’t be fooled that ooh you won’t get a husband, or you won’t get this, you will whatever you want in life as long as you put your mind to it. And I encourage that to every woman” said Huddah Monroe.

The socialite posing on the bed
Huddah posing on the bed

She also added that she has very high standards for the men she chooses to date saying,

“I’m so choosy, 50% of men I meet these days disgust me. Their energy doesn’t drive me. Maybe my soul mate is a woman. Lol shhhh! You all know I love d*ck. So don’t even start Dming me. I’m a D addict. It will take another life to change me” said Ms Monroe.

Watch the video below;

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Quarantine has humbled me and got me begging for cassava! – Huddah

Huddah Monroe might be offering people advice on how to keenly follow the curfew guidelines put in place by the government.

Does that mean she is enjoying the restrictions that have been put on her and her fellow Kenyans? Nope!

‘Its quarantine not lungula vacation,’ Huddah advices on social distancing

In fact, the socialite has a few recommendations for how the government can manipulate the hours to suit her.

In a series of posts on her socials, the Huddah Cosmetics owner acknowledged that social distancing and isolation has humbled her.

In fact, the famous sex symbol has been humbled to a point of having to beg for ‘horizontal refreshments’.

“I break up. 2 hours later I’m bored and I want him back! Quarantine got me begging for D. They say Humble Yourselves! Quarantine has surely humbled me!” wrote Monroe, adding: “I feel a caged animal or an inmate.”

The light-skin beauty also added that the 10-hour curfew imposed in Kenya, suggesting it should be in effect during the day because she is as nocturnal as a lady of the night.

“This 8 pm to 6 am curfew is dead a**. I am more active at night! I wanna dress up and go disturb people. Can they change the curfew to 8 am to 6 pm?” she posed.

Huddah Monroe in white
The socialite in white

The outspoken Instagram personality spoke about covid-19’s impact on marriages.  “I see why husbands have fallen in love with their wives. And breaking up with their sides. Humble Yourself coz there’s nowhere else to go.” Huddah posted.

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“Monkey behavior” Huddah tells KOT of bad habit leading to Dubai blacklisting Kenya


Our favorite socialite had time and on her mind was that disgusting thing Kenyans do that has now seen citizens blacklisted by Dubai from being given visas.

Kenya has been blacklisted as people who won’t be given a visa to travel to that country because we present fake covid certificates in the application process.

Typical right? Yup and this is what has disgusted Huddah she took time to write a couple notes on Instagram stories telling KOT off for being shameful.

huddah visa 1(1)(1)
Huddah reacts to Dubai visa notice

She is sick of it and added that

“Now we all need visa to everywhere even hell, Now UAE?!!!Honestly Shame”

She finished her thoughts.

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Why Huddah’s controversial viewpoints make her stand out (opinion)

Apart from Akothee, Huddah Monroe is possibly the most controversial female celebrity in Kenya. The list of things she has said in the past is not for the faint of heart, with the socialite letting her opinions rip like the proverbial bullets from a Gatling gun.

Over the years Alhuddah has expressed her controversial standpoint especially as comes the relationship between men and women.

You see the light-skinned socialite isn’t afraid to venture into the controversial topic of women selling their bodies for finances. Many of her opinions deal with the dynamics of a woman’s right to choose how to use/monetise her body.

Like last year, the socialite-cum-business lady, after she advised women to sell their bodies, save some money and open businesses.

“If you are a woman, stop borrowing 24-7. Go sell that p***y. Save the money and start selling groceries. Nothing in life is f*****g free. Everyone works hard for their sh*t,” wrote Huddah on her Insta stories.

Just last month, Alhudah revealed that she would never ever break up with a man she was dating simply because he cheated (such a smart woman!). She added that the only men she wouldn’t deal with were stingy men.

A few months ago Miss Monroe confessed that she had been so humbled by the restrictions placed on her by Covid-19 to the point of having to beg for ‘horizontal refreshments’.

“I break up. 2 hours later I’m bored and I want him back! Quarantine got me begging for D. They say Humble Yourselves! Quarantine has surely humbled me!” wrote Monroe, adding: “I feel a caged animal or an inmate.”

How many women would openly reveal this to the public? Not many, not many. And it doesn’t end there, earlier this year, she also disclosed that she would abort the child of a broke man!

Her reason? Doing so would be because she would be bringing an idiot into this world knowingly. She wondered why ladies got pregnant for such men.

And there many more of these controversial viewpoints that she has shared in the past. While some might shame her like they did when she criticised American singer Lizzo for being overweight, many of her opinions while not being PC have a semblance of out if the box thinking.

Sometimes a differing opinion shouldn’t make one change their mind but at least see something from a different viewpoint, an area the petite socialite specialises in. As Aristotle said, “It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.”

In an age of politically correct celebs who always say the right thing, Huddah goes contrary to that and brings some controversial topics to the Overton Window-something needed for a society to progress socially.

Her opinions also make her a breath of fresh air and Kenyans know that they will most likely get an unfiltered and differing view from what is socially acceptable-a great selling point for the entrepreneur.

What do you think? Do we need more celebs to reveal controversial opinions or to be the perfect PR-made celeb?

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I will never break up with a man for cheating – Huddah Monroe declares

Huddah Monroe and controversial statements go hand in hand. The socialite knows how to stoke and thrive in it. And this week isn’t any different as the light-skinned pretty woman has once again shared her interesting thoughts about relationships.

Alhudah revealed that she would never ever break up with a man she is dating simply because he cheated (such a smart woman!).

Huddah Monroe
Huddah Monroe

She added that the only men she wouldn’t deal with were stingy men. “I will never break up with a man for cheating! LOL! Stingy, yes, I’m done. Day 1! Bye! Bye was nice to meet you” stated Huddah Monroe.

She went further to explore her thoughts on cheating in another post where she challenged the notion that men cheat on good women with girls that are way below their league.

“Men cheat on good women with a girl who got a necklace from the Hair store that say ‘Bossy’. LOL! She is Human too! High time women wake up, men have No Fu**in Type. To a man every woman is beautiful, in her own way! Rich, poor, young, old calm your ti**ies!”

Huddah Monroe

She finished her statement telling her over 2 million Instagram followers to live their lives as they please and not care what people think about them.

‘They ruin peoples marriages’ Huddah on arrest of notorious blogger

This isn’t the first time that Huddah has done her “No romance without finance” talk. Earlier this year, the socialite explained that she would never keep a broke man’s child, no matter the circumstances.

“Deez ni**az can only afford weed and d*** and y’all having babies for dem? Id abort that child with my pinkie! No cap! F*** ya opinion! I’m not about to bring an idiot into this world knowingly! God Forbid! I don’t mind people being broke. I’ve been there and I don’t mind having broke friends. I hate when broke people act rich. Ni**a act your wage”
said Huddah.

Huddah Monroe in Dubai
Huddah Monroe in Dubai

While many men might get upset with what she is saying, science backs up her thought process. Briffault’s law maintains that “the female, not the male, determines all the conditions of the animal family. Where the female can derive no benefit from association with the male, no such association takes place.”

Today we would say “relationship” rather than “association.”

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‘People try to bring me down when I’m ratchet and petty’ Huddah

Socialite Huddah Monroe always faces a ton of criticism whenever she makes comments on her social media,

She hits back at haters and we all assume she is a hard nut to crack. Turns out she is fazed by what we think.

In a rare moment, Huddah got emotional with fans about being judged by people who want to being her down, but also having much love from some people.

She said

People try to bring me down (sighing) but I’m human. People try to so many things to me, but on the other hand I have people who love me so much. When I’m petty, when I’m classy, or you know when I’m being ratchet,or whatever, when I’m jut doing me, people try to bring me down.’


While not mentioning who ‘these people’ are Huddah almost shed tears in her video saying there’s negativity with pretty much everything she does, but she is also aware there are those who simply love her.

‘But then you guys show me so much love and that’s what keeps me going and I just wanna say thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. I really, really appreciate it, I’m so lost for words because you really keep me going’.

Despite many internet trolls assuming she is bad due to her past, Huddah maintains she is a shy girl who likes her own company,

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‘They ruin peoples marriages’ Huddah on arrest of notorious blogger

Our favorite socialite Huddah Monroe is in Dubai, and while on her staycation has time to address the heavy topic of blogger Edgar Obare who was arrested following numerous exposes’ on politicians and their love lives.

She said his arrest is yet another example of how gossipers should be punished for breaking marriages yet what people do in private is none of their business.

Huddah took a swipe at him saying

Such people need to be arrested, seriously beaten up and their hands broken! So they never, ever type again in their live. And give photos, names, pages of HIDE MY ID gang.

I don’t feel safe – Edgar Obare says after being held at Gigiri Police Station

She aimed her heavy online rant at Edgar telling him to also expose those who leak intimate details to him

Huddah in Dubai

Huddah revealed more of these details in a Q&A with her fans where she asked them what they miss about her. She cheekily answered that anyone who exposes anothers tea ‘is on their own’ when arrested.

Huddah on bloggers

Huddah has in the past not been spared inflammatory remarks of bloggers on the type of hustle she does. In a series of comments she also said ‘I hate gossip! Or people who talk about people!’.


You gotta love Huddah, and her lack of chill. She will be back in Kenya in 2021.

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I lost 4 front teeth at age 13 and I was called mapengo – Huddah narrates

Huddah Monroe had been quiet for a bit (more like a month) on social media. Those of you who follow the surgically enhanced beauty know that that amount of time is a lifetime for a lady who lives and dies for the gram.

But now she is back in all her glory; meaning that she is sharing what most celebs would be most likely be queasy about letting the whole world know.

Huddah Monroe in Dubai

Miss Monroe has now come out to reveal that she wasn’t quite the beauty growing up. The entrepreneur shocked fans and followers when she disclosed that she spent her high school years without her 4 front teeth.

“Lol! I lost 4 front teeth at age 13 my nickname was mapengo through out high school always made fun of me.”

Juma Jux reveals secret detail about Huddah’s love life

But thank God for one male admirer who was able to finance the socialite as she was able to spend Ksh 920,000 on her new teeth.

Huddah Monroe portrait
Huddah Monroe portrait

But despite the haters who used to mock her, Miss Monroe was able to spend close to 230k to fix each tooth. She added in her post;

“Not to worry because they all miserable right now and I have teeth…. My veneers have to be customized . I paid $2300 per tooth!And I’m happy!”

In one of the past disclosures, the socialite divulged that a flamboyant city lawyer came to her aid back in 2010 and helped her fix her teeth at a whopping cost of Sh1 million.

Huddah Monroe in Dubai
Huddah Monroe in Dubai

In her confession, she stated that after high school her teeth lowered her self-esteem and she was not able to afford to smile like most of her peers as she was always covering her mouth. She used the post to thank the lawyer calling him a God sent an angel.


Huddah Monroe screenshot
Huddah Monroe screenshot

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Huddah Monroe responds with class to fan going crazy for her

Huddah Monroe is one of the most beautiful female celebrities in Kenya and I daresay East Africa. Yes, even with all the beauty-enhancing surgeries that I believe have helped her manifest all the beauty she was born with.

Inevitably that has caused many men(even myself, I will admit) to have crushes on the famous socialite. And with such admiration and desire will come the odd fan letter.

Huddah Monroe wearing a short skirt
Huddah Monroe wearing a short skirt

This week a certain fan of the light-skinned lady went all out professing his love…uh lust for the very successful owner of Huddah Cosmetics.

And how do you think that exchange went? Did Alhudah return the gesture in kind or did she blast the lovestruck/lust struck fan?

She did neither. The normally loud and proud Miss Monroe responded with one of the most classy one-liners I have ever seen.

Huddah Monroe doing the duck face
Huddah Monroe doing the duck face

One that put the man in his place but without alienating him. The man going by the name of Muddy took to her comment section saying;  “I should have kissed you, I should have told you, told you that how I feel,” commented Mkmuddy on the Bosschick’s post.

‘Stop, we want kids you idi*ts!’ Huddah tells men who choke the monkey

Her hilarious response read; “@mkmuddy LOL! Easiest way to kiss me is through your girlfriends lips. Get her @huddahcosmetics lippie,” she responded.

View this post on Instagram

@huddahthebosschick Vs Fan

A post shared by Urban News (@urbannews254) on

Huddah has a knack for retorting with oomph to comments from her fans that show she isn’t one to be played with. And it makes sense, she is such a character that she allegedly made Sh. 1.7 million in the month of May from OnlyFans(a site that is known for its s3xual content creators) without even posting any nudity!

Huddah chilling
Huddah chilling

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I made Sh1.7 million on OnlyFans in one month! Huddah Monroe claims

Huddah Monroe has done a lot for herself since she emerged on the scene on Big Brother Africa almost a decade ago. Since then she has become a socialite whose influence is seen in her huge Instagram following.

That fame has parlayed into a well-received online beauty products business with her Huddah Cosmetics being one of the most well-sought after in Kenya.

Huddah Monroe

And that’s not all, the celeb is a well-known social provocateur who speaks about her experiences and delivers her opinions without fear or shame.

‘Stop, we want kids you idi*ts!’ Huddah tells men who choke the monkey

In that same vein, a few weeks ago the light-skinned beauty revealed that she would be joining OnlyFans. What is that you ask? It is a website where OnlyFans is a subscription content service where creators can earn money from users who subscribe to their content—the “fans”.

Huddah Monroe doing the duck face
Huddah Monroe doing the duck face

It is popular in the adult entertainment industry but also hosts content creators from other genres such as physical fitness experts and other creators who post regularly online. It allows content creators to receive funding directly from their fans on a monthly basis as well as on tips and the pay-per-view (PPV) feature.

Now that we have got that out of the way, Huddah said she was offering her fans who would be paying her Sh. 1000 a month, access to her personal life for 30 days that will see them see her never seen photos, one on one personal talk and more. She also said she won’t be sharing her nvdes though, as much as the platform is known for doing just that.

“I joined only fans. They say it’s a pxxn site. But I wanna use it for my real fans. Somewhere we talk. Connect like real-life friends. Ask me anything, business ideas. Unlocks the thirst on how to win life apart from my nvdes …”

Huddah Monroe in white
The socialite in white

And how has that experiment turned out for her? Apparently, she has earned $17,000 dollars in one month! That is 1.7 million shillings during this Corona period!

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Sh 100 million for artistes but what about Kenyans with no food!-Huddah complains

Trust Huddah to have an opinion when it comes to the current ongoings in the country. The beautiful socialite and entrepreneur joined other Kenyans in wondering why President Uhuru Kenyatta was allocating money to artistes while most Kenyans don’t have food.

Ms Monroe argued that the Head of State should have considered providing food for Kenyans living in slums before directing authorities to pay entertainers.

Huddah Monroe in white
Huddah Monroe in white

“Almost $1 million directed to entertainers while people don’t even know where to get their next meal with the lock down! I pity my country PEOPLE Kenya is HELL. Can you imagine not even directed to healthcare or food for those in slums,” reads Huddah’s message to President Uhuru.

Huddah Monroe in white
The socialite in white

Ms Monroe’s public outcry comes hours after President Kenyatta announced that all Kenyan artistes will be earning a total of Sh200 Million starting this month.

Quarantine has humbled me and got me begging for cassava! – Huddah

He added that over Sh2 Billion will being going into to the pockets of Kenyan artists this year. President Kenyatta further directed the Ministry of Sports, Culture, & Heritage to avail additional Sh100 Million for artists, actors and musicians during the period of the covid-19 pandemic.

Willy Paul with a group of girls 1
Willy Paul with a group of girls

Musician Willy Paul had been one of the musicians to make his appeal heard to the president asking the head of state to allow artistes to perform as the covid-19 lockdown had affected their wallets as they couldn’t perform.

Now that the president had responded to his appeal, Willy still had the bit in his teeth as he pointed out that the Head of State had directed money meant for Kenyan artistes to the same people who have been paying them peanuts.

“Fortunately, or unfortunately, you’ve just directed the money to the same people that’ have been paying us peanuts. What we want now is transparency, they should tell us how they intend to distribute the money…what system are these boards using to pay us?? They should know that we have our eyes on them. And this time tutakua nao Kwa hio meza tukifanya maamuzi pamoja,” reads part of Willy’s post.

Willy Paul wearing shades
Willy Paul wearing shades


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‘Its quarantine not lungula vacation,’ Huddah advices on social distancing

Huddah Monroe has reacted to the reported condom shortage.

Well, The world’s biggest condom maker Malaysia-based Karex Bhd warned consumers that the global supply may run out in two months, igniting mixed reactions on social media.

Some Kenyans weren’t happy with the news and Huddah took to social media to advice on self-quarantine.

She wrote;

“You’ve been told to self quarantine, not sex vacation”


While people are quarantining many have opted to create games,challenges, go live on social media but Huddah said in a post that she would rather make a sex tape than be on tiktok.

“On God! Here she cum – a Hudz Short film” She wrote

Huddah explains why she sent her mum a photo of her vajayjay

At first it looked like a joke, I am now paranoid – Huddah on coronavirus

Huddah Monroe might generate a lot of controversy on her social media page frequently. Just this past week she threatened to deal with Khaligraph Jones by giving him her guava.

The comment excited many Kenyans during this time period when many are concerned with the consequences of the recent coronavirus pandemic.

Huddah in white
Miss Monroe in white

But is Huddah herself concerned about the pandemic even as she jokes online? She is. And very. Alhuddah Njoroge has said that the Coronavirus (COVID-19) infection reports looked like a joke at the beginning.

Huddah explains why she sent her mum a photo of my vajayjay

In a post on her insta-stories, Huddah stated that the seriousness of it is now hitting home for her and it’s already scary.

“Leaving social media for a while. All this news daily is weighing so much on me and my spirit. At first, it looked like a joke. But now it’s really hitting home! And the more I see it: the more paranoid I get!” she said.

Huddah chilling

In another post, Alhuddah called on people to stay indoors and pray for the best. She also urged them to stay educated and keep a positive thinking and all will be well.

“Stay home. Stay prayed up! Stay educated. Keep a positive mindset. And hope for the best!” she added. Huddah Monroe who is currently in Dubai made the remarks on Tuesday night.

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Huddah threatens to manhandle Khaligraph Jones in bed

It seems the beef between Huddah Monroe and Khaligraph Jones will not be dying anytime soon. Why? The two are at each others throats after Khaligraph Jones released a freestyle diss track where he called out the socialite.

His fans from left, right and center couldn’t help but hype the rapper; forgetting that Huddah is a don’t care who probably fears the coronavirus if not death!

Huddah chilling

In the diss track Khaligraph is heard referencing Huddah calling her a slay queen and saying that despite the coronavirus quarantine, the light-skinned lady is still going out partying.

Huddah: Why I Don’t Pick Khaligraph Jones’ Calls

He even says that he wouldn’t want to get with her and that she had already dated another rapper in the industry. Watcht the video below:

After listening to the song, Huddah has not thrown any shade or called the rapper any insulting names! Her threat was one that most men would dream of considering that it came from the very beautiful Huddah – that she would have lungula with the real O.G until he left her alone! The way she says it comes off as a threat and not something the real O.G should look forward to.

Huddah Monroe portrait
Miss Monroe portrait

The origin of this beef started when Miss Monroe claimed that she didn’t know any music by the burly rapper and Khaligraph took that confession as a slight from her, even posing it on his Instagram page.

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