‘Sis, secure yourself first. You are the bag’ Huddah advises

We are living in a world where women would rather bring children into the world without fathers and be okay with it. In today’s era, most women would rather seduce a rich man, get impregnated by them in order to get financial support from the acclaimed baby daddy.

Thinking its the easiest way out of poverty, many women have opted for this type of arrangement, only for them to be left high and dry. Take the incidence of Bridget Achieng, Nairobi’s socialite who was dumped by her Nigerian boyfriend after she told him she was carrying her child. The man, threatened her with abortion or he would walk away from her life for good. Thinking that she could out smart a Nigerian man, by keeping the baby and ask for child support from the man, that’s where she failed the test.



The man disappeared on her in thin air. There was a point the socialite went to Nigeria and stayed for weeks in the search of her baby daddy for support in bringing up the baby, knowing how having a baby in this tough economic times isn’t easy but her efforts bore no fruits.

Angered and left with no choice, she flew back home to face the reality that she will be a single mother, fending for her baby without the help of her baby daddy.

‘Haven’t had my conjugal rights in 2 months’ – Huddah claims

Hence, why Huddah Monroe advises the ladies, that these days, getting a baby to secure the bag is utter nonsense. She asks, what if the first bag is empty? Will you go out to get 10 children with 10 different men just to get that coin without working for it? Later on, you have 10 children that you can barely take care of only because sweet words were whispered into your ears by these men. Women it’s time you open your eyes and shine them bright.


Huddah Monroes Instagram posts
Huddah Monroes Instagram posts

The petite lass goes on to say that, such reasons is why she is not ready to get kids without a fatherly figure in their lives. She adds and says that the society is messed if you think that bringing up children without a fatherly figure in their lives is a good deed. Ladies, it doesn’t matter whether your man is a cheat or not but your children need a fatherly figure present in the household.

IMG-8841Ladies, do not sell your selves short. As Huddah advises and I conquer with her as a man that y’all are the bag, secure yourselves first!

She writes, ” Sis, secure yourself first. You are the bag.”

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Check out Huddah Monroe cashing out in America


Socialite turned businesswoman Huddah Monroe is rocking the airwaves once again. Having established her empire through controversy, the petite lass doesn’t sleep when it comes to putting food on her table.

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Been thinking HARD on this and how we can HELP small businesses & BIG ones get exposure they want for their products or pages .So My Team and I are offering an opportunity for individuals/brands to #advertise through my platform starting today . . Take advantage of this limited offer time period to get the global exposure you need either for page growth, brand exposure or to reach a new target market. We have made it affordable to be able to accommodate growing brands too. . The great catch is ‘we are accepting payments in multiple currencies, just pay the equivalent of the quote we will send to you in whichever currency that’s applicable in your country and let’s get to work with my creative team . P.S : We accept PayPal, CashApp, direct bank transfers. . 📧 Email [email protected] or Dm @splashoflife to get a quote/book a page slot………. ☎️ . #KingHuddah #StarGal❄️

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Monroe knows and has admitted that she has no competition and no one… absolutely no one, intimidates her. She is a go-getter and works pretty hard for what she has or wants.

Being in the limelight, she attracts attention wherever she goes whether good or bad. The damsel has been in the United States for almost 4 months now, what seems like a never-ending vacation if you ask me.

She has been traveling from one state to another as seen on her snaps but she claims she’s not only on vacation but also working. She has revealed that her Huddah lippies are manufactured in the States and takes time, for she is a woman of perfection when it comes to how she wants her things done.

‘My wealthy ex boyfriend pushed me to breast enlargement surgery’Huddah Admits

The lippies that are targeted for the beautiful, independent, free-spirited African woman started as fun and games for Huddah claiming that she gets real bored easily. What turned out as fun and games are now earning the Boss chic serious chums for she not only sells her makeup locally, but also to an international clientelle.

Monroe goes on to add that she knows how to hustle and that Huddah Cosmetics line is not her cash cow as she has other sources of income.

She says

“I don’t look at Hudddah Cosmetics as my cash cow. I got many other low key businesses that fund my life. I just love bringing out new things. It EXCITES me…


l am VERY impatient and I get bored with things real fast and to be honest, Huddah Cosmetics came in as a FUN thing for me . If I thing bores me, I move to the next. It makes my brain work.”

The bosschick on her snaps, has  been ranting of how she wished her 1.7 million followers would turn to money so as she could cash in on the millions of followers she has generated. But if wishes were horses beggars would ride.

Being in America has opened the lass’s eyes for she’s seen an opportunity where she can cash in some cheques. Recently she took to her Instagram account to announce that she is opening her account for possible advertisements at affordable rates.

I don’t compete coz I have no competition Huddah Monroe proudly boasts

Here’s the catch, all types of currencies are accepted meaning no matter where you are in the world, you are not locked out from advertising your business on her insagram page with over 4 million impressions. The mode of payment is either through Paypal, CashApp and direct bank transfers.

Her team comprises of a beautiful lady residing in Los Angeles Known only by her instagram handle @splashoflife who also manages Crystalbaby who’s a rapper/singer and song writer back in the States.

I think Huddah has realized that changing her public persona and still making money from it is not a tall order as one may think. Anything she does or touches turns to gold. Clearly she is a force to reckon with. She is clearly the “King.”

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Huddah is in love. Read her cute confession

She has gone missing from the public scene for a pretty long and people have questioned what Huddah Monroe has been upto.

A while back, it was rumoured that Huddah is married to an Arab man, claims she hasn’t addressed yet.

Well, Huddah has finally revealed that she’s so in love to a point it’s scaring her because she has so much she wants to accomplish.

She also revealed that love makes her lose focus. So with this new phase, will she be the Huddah the public knows or will she change?

She wrote, “DAMN’ im so In love…. it’s driving me crazy guys. I forgot RULE 1. Pray for me and Bare with me as I go through this phase of my life. Love makes me lose focus… I just woke up today and I was like WTF! What you doin B? I got a lot to accomplish . And this Love is about to confuse me . Lord have mercy.”

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Here’s What You Didn’t Know About Huddah

Socialite Huddah Monroe aka Alhuda Njoroge has not always had it easy according to her.

While she flaunts her wealth and lavish lifestyle, she revealed she was born in Eastlands, Huruma. Yup from grass to grace.



Huddah Monroe rose to fame in 2004 after she clinched the coveted slot of representing Kenya in the Big Brother Africa-BBA reality show in South Africa.

Speaking to K24, Huddah narrated how she was brought up.

She grew up both in Huruma then later in Kitengela away from the city. Her life in Huruma was not hard because she had her cousins and relatives who were very protective of her which made it easier for her to get to know other people. After leaving for Kitengela, she used to go back to Huruma because her  grandmother still stays there. Huddah grew up in a home where domestic violence was prevalent and that’s where she got her thick skin plus having four step brothers. Sadly she also revealed how her step father would drink, and come back home, kick the door and start beating up her mum.

Huddah had to be confident going to school, knowing things are home were not well. Unfortunately she would be mocked by fellow students, and when she came from school she would tell her mum about it. Her mum was very supportive, giving her advice that such was life and she should not care whatever people say as much as she was going through a tough time and this was how she became stronger.

This has strengthened Huddah so much that she is able to handle whatever her haters said. She said “Haters are the best people because they help you grow. They pay more attention to you”. 


School was everything for her and after high school she decided to do a Diploma in programming because she was so much into IT. Plus she saw how her mum was struggling to get money to pay for her college. But she didn’t stay long in school and dropped out to allow her younger siblings to continue with their education.

She decided to be a video vixen with her friends as part of having fun. Her first video was with Jaguar in the song Vuka Boda. Huddah met so many people, some of whom were into drugs and influenced her to use drugs.


She was just 18 when she picked the habit. But at 21 years, Huddah quit drugs upon realising the effect it had on her friends some of who died from overdosing..

How did she change her life? She moved out, changed her phone number and the rest is history.


Pesa Otas! Huddah Proves She’s In The Big League After Getting a Brand New Range Rover Worth MILLIONS (PHOTOS)

Alhuda Njoroge popularly known by her celebrity name Huddah Monroe is one of the most popular entertainers and socialites in the continent, and her lavish lifestyle is one that sparks a lot of questions.

The beautiful lass has managed to keep relevant over the years and has grown from a naive wannabe to a businesswoman who recently started a cosmetics beauty line which is doing well so far.

However, Huddah was not born with a silver spoon in her mouth and before all the fame and money, she was brought up in Mathare slums by a single mother and four step brothers.


The sassy lass once confessed that she was addicted to drugs at some point in her life because of the harsh conditions she faced in the slum, but later on sought help in a rehabilitation center.

Other than her lipstick company, Huddah has landed several endorsement deals in the last couple of months and recently, she revealed that she was expanding her cosmetics line.

Has Diana Marua Seen This? Huddah is coming for her bae

Huddah is eating life with a big spoon, and money is no longer a problem for her. The party lover bought herself a penthouse in Kilimani and recently, she sold her old pink Range Rover, and upgraded to a super expensive Range Rover Evoque 2015.


The flamboyant celebrity has opted to keep the car with its original color, white, and if you know the price of this car, you know that it cost an arm and a leg. Interestingly, the car looks similar to Vera’s ride, her longtime archenememy.

Did Socialite Huddah Monroe Bed Diamond Platnumz? She Speaks Out

I looked up the price of this heavy machine and it costs a whopping $40,000 which is KSh 4,136,000. Wow, Huddah is really balling and it makes sense why she calls herself ‘The Boss Chick’.
Check out photos of her new car below. Lanes!