Madam, nitumie fare nikuje! 20 top lies your househelp tells you…

We have all heard tales of nannies and househelps lie to their employers. They do this in the most innocent of ways by pulling on your heartstrings. By the time you find out you have been foxed, it is too late. You have sent them fare and they have moved on to another employer.

Since this is 2018, I’m hoping the lies will be different. But incase they are not, here are some of the best and top excuses and lies by the house help.

They will give you an insight into deciphering your househelp’s mood. If she is still going to work for you or nah!

  1. Mtoto wangu ni mgonjwa.
  2. My grandmother is dying we have been asked to go. Urgently.
  3. Naenda kuvote.
  4. Naenda fellowship.
  5. Nitumie fare, madam. Pesa yangu iliisha yote.
  6. Fare imepanda, madam.
  7. Hakuna magari leo, madam. Nitakuja Kesho.
  8. Mama yangu anasema uniongeze pesa.
  9. Chali yangu anataka kunioa.
  10. Huku kwetu gari hupita mara moja kwa siku.
  11. Gari iliharibikia kwa njia, hata sijui tuko wapi hapa. Na simu haina charge.
  12. Nimepata job ingine, siwezi kuja.
  13. Kwetu sio safe kutravel saa hii, aki, madam, nitakuja kesho.
  14. Tuko na dowry event, wageni watakua wengi lazima nikae. Nitakuja kesho.
  15. Nilikua tao nikaibiwa. A good samaritan anilipeleka kwake hapo ndio niko saa hii. Nitumie fare.
  16. Naenda kurenew ID yangu. Nitarudi kesho.
  17. My uncle needs me to help. Nitaenda, nirudi.
  18. Madam, kusema ukweli tuu, siskii vizuri. Nitakuja next week.
  19. Niko admited hapa kwa clinic. Nitarudi nikiskia vizuri. Unaweza nitumia fare?
  20. Niko kwa njia nakuja. Three days later they have never arrived.

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‘My arrogant house help is pregnant for my husband’ Cries city woman

A city woman has been left in a tight spot after finding out disturbing news about her ex house help.

*Jane* the woman, feels betrayed by both her husband and the help.

I have been married to my husband for some years now, and we have beautiful kids together.

I recently just found out that my ex house-help is pregnant for my husband.

I had to let her go about few months ago, because I wasn’t comfortable with her behavior, she was becoming to comfortable in my home.


After that she and her brother kept on calling me and raining insults on me.

Some days go, I got a text from her, saying I should tell my ”useless husband that has impregnated her, to pick her calls.

Adding that she doesn’t blame me, because I am a good woman, but my husband isn’t.

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Jane adds that she forwarded the message to her husband but she is torn on what to do.

I forwarded the message to my husband, who denied ever having anything to do with her.

I was going to let it slide, not until I got another text from her, which confirms that she is pregnant for my husband.

At this point, I don’t know what action to take, as I  am so broken and hurt. I wouldn’t leave my home because of this.

I wont give her the victory of watching her see my home scattered.

How do I handle the situation?

What would you advice her to do?


Househelp flees after hitting employers child on the head leaving her bleeding

Stories of a ‘househelp from hell’ is now becoming a frequent occurrence in the Kenyan society.

A househelp accused of killing a 16-month-old child in Mbauini village, Lari constituency, Kiambu county last week is still on the loose.

Malep Opisa, 19, hit Nzuki Mutinda with a blunt object on the head at the child’s home last Thursday, left him bleeding on the sofa and fled.

Lari OCPD Isaiah Odhiambo yesterday said police are following reliable information that will help them arrest the house girl for questioning.

Mutinda’s grandmother Lucy Njuguna said Opisa was employed by her daughter Catherine Wanjiru last Monday and she had worked for only three days.

Lucy Njuguna (left) the grandmother of the 1 year and four months Nzuki Mutinda shows neighbours the cloths Mutinda was wearing when he was killed by their househelp.
Lucy Njuguna (left) the grandmother of the 1 year and four months Nzuki Mutinda shows neighbours the cloths Mutinda was wearing when he was killed by their househelp. Photo: George Mugo/ The Star

“My daughter brought her son home from Ruiru town since she didn’t have a househelp to take care of him,” Njuguna said at her home yesterday.

“We started looking for a house girl, and we were connected to Opisa by a friend. I received her last week on Monday from Kakamega.

“My daughter was planning to come and pick her son and the househelp and take them to Ruiru on Saturday last week.”

On Thursday she went to check her farm at 10 am and left her grandson with Opisa.

“I fed him porridge and I asked her to cook and feed him lunch. I left for Kambaa village,” Njuguna said.

She said before she went back home Wanjiru called to ask whether her husband had come to see Mutinda, since he had told her he would pass by the home.

Njuguna told her she had called Opisa but her mobile phone was switched off. So she decided to go home to check on Opisa and Mutinda.

When Njuguna got home it was eerily quiet. She called out to Opisa, but the girl did not respond.

“I pushed the door and started screaming. Mutinda had a bloody face and was unconscious. People came and we called a taxi and rushed him to the AIC Kijabe Hospital,” Njuguna said.
Odhiambo said Mutinda died while receiving treatment.


Family in anguish as 19-year-old househelp kills child

Police are looking for a 19-year-old house help after she allegedly beat her employers one-year-old daughter to death on Friday in Lari constituency.

Malep Opisa beat the infant Lucizia Nzuki with a blunt object on the head, before leaving her bleeding on the sofa set at Bathi village, Kijabe Ward.

According to the police, the suspect had only worked for a week.

The child’s mother works in Nairobi while the deceased was staying with her grandmother.

Lari OCPD Isaiah Odhiambo said the baby was rushed to AIC Kijabe Hospital, but died on arrival.

The grandmother Lucy Njuguna said she left home at 10 am to the farm but when she returned home at 5 pm, she realised no one was in the house.

She knocked at the door and no one answered her. She noticed the door wasn’t closed and she pushed it and saw her granddaughter with blood in the head Odhiambo said.

lari ocpd isiah odhiambo
Lari OCPD Isaiah Odhiambo speaks to the press at his office at Lari police station.

Speaking at his office at Lari police station, Odhiambo said the baby had swollen bruises on the head and had blood in the eyes, an indicator she had been tortured and beaten.

He said police are pursuing the suspect who escaped after the incident.

The child’s body is lying in the hospitals mortuary awaiting an autopsy.

We have seen children being mistreated, beaten and even denied food by house helps. This is very unfortunate since they are innocent. They should have mercy and put themselves in their mother’s shoes, would they want theirs to be killed, tortured or beaten by house girls? Robert Kimani, a resident asked.

Courtesy George Mugo

Househelp fined for stealing sanitary pads

A housemaid who admitted stealing a packet of sanitary towels from her employer was on Tuesday fined Sh1,000 by a Kiambu court.

Millicent Albinayo, before Principal Magistrate Charity Oluoch, accepted that she was found with the packet of pads obtained without her employer’s consent on November 15 at Gwango Baraka estate.

The packet was allegedly among eight that went missing from Florence Tatu Amimu’s wardrobe.

Amimu told the court that several items had gone missing from her house.

She said she intended to donate the eight packets to a children’s home during the Christmas holiday, and that she had decided to send Albinayo away suspecting she had taken them.

She said she frisked Albinayo’s bag before she left and found an open packet inside, prompting her to take her to Karuri police station.

Albinayo asked the court for forgiveness saying that she did not have a choice.

She said she had planned to inform Amimu but didn’t get the chance to: Amimu returned home late and made straight for her room to conduct a search.

Albinayo promised not to repeat the offense.

Source : The Star