These indoor plants are the best to keep in your house

Do you love plants but don’t know which ones to keep?

We breakdown a list of super easy indoor plants that you will love to keep.

Tokeo la picha la spider plant

They include;

Spider plant

This flower can fit any space in your apartment and especially on windows. It produces white flowers which spread a lot. This plant can survive for many years with minimal sunlight and water.

Begonia plant

This plant does not necessarily need flower to grow. It brings a cool color to the room especially when hanged by the walls or alongside the windows. It has different shapes and colors that include white and pink hence can match with any calm color.

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Maidenhair fern

These are the easiest plants to grow as it requires little attention. It does better in bathrooms or in areas where temperatures are low. You can also place it by the sink at the kitchen.

Red prayer plant

It goes by that name because its leaves tend to curl when there is no light and unfold whenever there is light. They only need a lot of soil beneath them which can keep it alive for a longer period.

Tokeo la picha la red prayer plant

Tropical bromeliad

This flower can fit any space in your apartment. It glows when exposed to light making the room lively. It can stay for a period of more than 4 years without withering without sunlight. It can be found in three different colors.

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This needs a lot of soil and water to grow well. It has different colors including white which comes with green shadings.

Peace Lilly

It has small white beautiful flowers and green leaves. They produce their flowers hence more recommended for the living room as it makes it lively.

Tokeo la picha la peace lily plant

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The mint plant grows fast and it is also edible. They need to be kept moist and can be used as flavors in coffees and tea or even water.

Picha inayohusiana

Snake plant

These need very little water for growth and are hard to die once they grow. They give a beautiful view especially on the windows.

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